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Alpina BMW B6 - 2006

500 horsepower, 700 Nm – absurd in an open-topped sports car? Far from it. The V8’s beguiling ound and opulent torque entice the driver to glide along in a relaxed fashion, any and all red-line orgies far afield, much like cruising on a Harley Davidson. This provides the time to drink in the top-down melànge of breezes, scents and sounds
ALPINA present the B6 Cabrio – a viable alternative – combining performance and luxury with a high degree of everyday usability.

The acceleration of ALPINA’s new B6 Coupé suggests a super-sports car: 100 kph from a standing start is reached in 4.6 seconds, with speeds in excess of 300kph less than a minute away – the only short interruptions undertaken by the 6-speed ZF automatic’s smooth upshifts

B6 is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine, which is charged using a Nautilus-type radial compressor... 200 horsepower (147kW) are already available from 2,500rpm. Peak horsepower of 500 (368 kW) is reached at 5,500rpm, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The power doesn’t drop off, as is common in other engines, but remains at its peak up to maximum revs of 6,000rpm. This provides a very broad band across which the B6 offers optimal thrust

The powertrain impresses with its massive torque from the minute you pull away. The torque really takes on the form of a table mountain. At 1,000rpm, just above idle, the V8 is already producing 300 Newton metres of torque (221lbs-ft). Between 4,250rpm and 5,250rpm there are 700 Nm on tap 
B6 Performance and Torque Diagramme

...requires no high driving art. Stepping on the pedal is enough, as the BMW ALPINA B6 possesses a ZF six-speed automatic transmission with torque converter, known for its especially smooth shifts and quick response. The driver may operate the transmission in Drive mode, letting the automatic do the shifting, or may manually select the gear desired. ALPINA developed SWITCH-TRONIC many years ago for just this purpose. Two buttons on the back side of the steering wheel make removing one’s hands from the wheel when shifting redundant. The right button shifts up, the left button down – enriching the driving experience, and difficult to describe in w