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BMW M8 Gran Coupe - Geneva 2018

 BMW is having a rather interesting line-up at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Along with the X4 and the announcement for the i4, BMWshowcased the M8 Gran Coupe at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. BMW says that the 8-Series will take over the 7-Series as the new flagship range of the company and the M8 Gran Coupe is right in the thick of things. The M8 Gran Coupe gets a broad stance, with the signature kidney grille up front. This time around, the kidney grille is done in gold and has pointed ends which look even cooler. Matching the gold grille are the yellow headlamps, which add to the overall looks of the car. Rounding up the front end are the huge air intakes done in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP).View it in profile and the long wheelbase is evident. The overhangs are short and the silhouette sporty, looking like a coupe and not exactly a 4-door model. The sloping roof is also made of CFRP and ends at the rear in an attached spoiler of sorts. BMW continues the gold theme with the rims, exhaust tail-pipes, brake callipers and the window border. The rear carries on the sporty theme with the sleek tail lamps and the sculpted bumper.This of course is a
concept model but BMW has not given any indication about the possible engine options or performance details. The company will be looking to unveil the production models of the 8-Series Gran Coupe and the M8 Gran Coupe sometime in 2019. This could mean that these cars hit the roads only in 2020.Seriously, that’s not me saying that. That’s BMW saying it in the very first line of their press release for the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, which is a four-door sedan based off of the new M8:
Munich. The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe illustrates the meaning behind the letter “M” at BMW in impressive style: it stands for “more”, more of everything. As well as dynamic excellence, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe embodies a new facet of luxury for the BMW brand – ultra-sporty, extrovert and polarising.
Yes, more of those sentences are completely gibberish from a grammatical standpoint. The BMW M8 is somehow ultra-sporty, polarizing, AND extrovert [sic]???
But the word salad and the green color are really all that this BMW should have in common with vegetables (sorry, Kristen, it’s still a Gran Coupethough). As the new 2019 BMW 8 Series is essentially a replacement for the old 6 Series, and the 6 Series was essentially supposed to be a coupe version of the 5 Series (stay with me now), we can reasonably infer from the 2018 BMW M5 that this new 2020

BMW M8 Gran Not-A-Coupe will pump out roughly 600 horsepower, give or take.