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Seat Ateca Cupra 2019 Review

The CUPRA brand, created from SEAT's award-winning motorsport division, is the ultimate expression of uniqueness, sophistication and performance, born from passion and designed to captivate car enthusiasts around the world, creating vehicles that aren't founded in nostalgia but rooted in the present.
Some of the most experienced, engaged and obsessed staff within the motorsport division decided to create a new dimension of the company - an alternative outlet for its competences and capabilities as an organisation.
CUPRA will create an even livelier range of products focusing on SEAT models. They will leverage the Volkswagen Group's powerful technological toolkit and access the huge array of possibilities it gives them, but they will also be open to cooperating with people and companies which talk the same language and share the same understanding of how to create experiences: merchandising, accessories, events and, of course, motorsport.

As CUPRA diversifies its business and develops new models that offer the perfect mix of performance, driveability and usability, the brand will leverage the existing infrastructure that SEAT benefits from, with dedicated floor space in 277 specially selected dealerships across Europe.
The start of this journey began last February with the introduction of the new Brand and its first model, the CUPRA Ateca, a high-performance SUV that marks the beginning of a new era, and the perfect car to launch the CUPRA brand into the market.
In a segment dominated by premium brands, the launch of the CUPRA Ateca disrupts the status quo, moving people away from the conventional and vanilla, to the most contemporary vision of what sportiness is: you don't need to go luxury to feel unique.

CUPRA is the definitive expression of uniqueness, sophistication and performance, and the CUPRA Ateca perfectly encapsulates the brand's values. A vehicle born from the passion of engineers and designers; it is developed for people who appreciate the purity of its execution.
The CUPRA Ateca is an SUV that marks the birth of a new brand and is the perfect launch car for the CUPRA brand; a unique model in its segment and perfectly aligned to customers' needs.
The CUPRA Ateca offers a striking exterior look, a stylish interior and accessible performance, created from a powerful engineering toolkit, incorporating the essential technological ingredients to achieve its targets, without overcomplicating or obscuring the vehicle's raison d'etre.
"SUVs are still growing massively in popularity, but there is no car like the CUPRA Ateca on the market. That is why we are confident that it is going to be a success and a great first pillar of the brand, expressing perfectly the CUPRA key brand values of sophistication, uniqueness and performance," said Wayne Griffiths, Vice-President for Sales and Marketing. "Moreover we are very optimistic that we will attract new customers who are looking for such a unique car, positioned between the mass and the classical premium segment."
The beating heart and soul of the CUPRA Ateca is one of the most technologically advanced engines on the market - a turbocharged, direct-injection, four-cylinder 2-litre TSI petrol engine that produces a remarkable 300PS and 400Nm of torque. Linked to a smoother, more precise seven-speed DSG transmission and 4Drive all-wheel drive system, the CUPRA Ateca exudes confidence, coolness and self-assurance.
The CUPRA Ateca's stirring performance is matched by its arresting exterior design. At the front, the upper grille features a honeycomb effect, with the new CUPRA logo at its centre. Glossy black details are a constant feature, while at the rear four exhaust pipes sit on the edge of the rear diffuser and exclusive 19" diamond cut alloy wheels enhance the SUV's elegant appearance.

The essence of every CUPRA is its power, performance and driveability, and to meet these demands under the Ateca's bonnet is one of the most advanced four-cylinder petrol engines on the market today.
The 1,984cc direct-injection, turbocharged unit has a bore and stroke of 82.5mm and 92.8mm respectively with a compression ratio of 9.3:1 helping it to produce its impressive power output of 300PS between 5,300rpm and 6,500rpm. Add to this a huge 400Nm of torque available at a wide range of 2,000-5,200rpm and the CUPRA Ateca can reach a maximum speed of 247km/h.
And because of the CUPRA Ateca's mix of low weight, (it tips the scales at only 1,540kg w/o driver), and high output engine, the SUV can reach 100km/h from a standing start in just 5.2 seconds.
That rapid acceleration is helped by the integration of the newly developed seven-speed DSG transmission, engineered to offer a sportier feel with faster, smoother and more precise changes.The CUPRA Ateca also features a launch control function for even greater acceleration from a standing start.
"The CUPRA Ateca offers outstanding driving performance and agility due to its low center of gravity, chassis setup with DCC, optional Brembo Brakes and a sporty engine delivering 300 PS and 400 Nm combined with the DSG 7-speed transmission and the 4Drive system." said SEAT Executive Vice-President for Research and Development Dr Matthias Rabe. "It offers the performance of premium segment vehicles and has no competitors in its price segment."

Combined with the four exhausts at the rear, the CUPRA Ateca's on-road performance is matched by a powerful sound, helping to amplify the sense of drama from the driver's seat.
But developments aren't solely about absolute performance; the CUPRA Ateca also incorporates technologies to improve efficiency so that the SUV delivers as an everyday car, too.
To this end, the seven-speed gearbox has been modified to combine excellent performance with low levels of fuel consumption, while the 2.0 litre TSI engine works with a newly designed Otto Particulate Filter System to fulfil the latest emissions legislation.
These developments mean that carbon emissions for the CUPRA Ateca sit in the range of 192 g/km - 201 g/km with fuel efficiency figures of 8.5litres/100km - 8.9litres/100km on the WLTP cycle.

Controlling the output of the CUPRA Ateca's engine and turning it into usable performance relies on a chasis setup that can adapt to differing requirements.
The CUPRA Ateca benefits from an independent front suspension setup using MacPherson struts and a multilink rear, but also integrates the adaptive suspension system - Dynamic Chassis Control - to provide a setup that can be adjusted to the driver's needs, helping deliver the CUPRA Ateca's enormous performance to the tarmac.
Additionally, the CUPRA Ateca integrates the 4Drive traction system, one of the safest, most advanced integrated traction systems in the world. The all-wheel drive 4Drive technology analyses road conditions in real time, including the speed of the car, speed of each wheel, the steering wheel position, and the driving style or mode to quickly and progressively deliver power at each moment to the wheels that need it. The 4Drive system is designed to enhance the driveability of the CUPRA Ateca no matter what the conditions.
Optimised to work together with all the available driving modes, Comfort, Sport, Individual, Snow, Off-Road and, of course, the CUPRA mode.
When selecting the CUPRA mode in the Drive Profile, drivers will hear the engine react immediately with a refined yet natural sound coming from the exhaust. They will also notice the adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control setup adjust to give a sportier edge to the car. Chosing any of the other driving modes will also present a discernable change to the CUPRA Ateca's character.
With so much performance at the driver's fingertips, engineers have upgraded the CUPRA Ateca's braking system. The SUV now benefits from larger front and rear discs, at 340mm and 310mm respectively, giving greater confidence in the SUV. As an option, the Performance Pack adds 18" Brembo performance brakes in black.
Thanks to the combination of chassis technologies and a progressive steering system, the setup guarantees not only a superlative drive but an intuitive connection between vehicle and driver.
Exterior Design
The CUPRA Ateca offers a striking exterior look that instantly distinguishes it as a high-performance vehicle. It exudes confidence and leaves no doubt that the the CUPRA Ateca is an extremely dynamic SUV.
At the front, its upper grille features a honeycomb effect on the inside with the new CUPRA logo at its centre, reinforcing its lineage. On the lower grille the CUPRA name sits subtely and is finished in matt aluminium, just above the exclusively designed bumper.
The CUPRA Ateca's highly sculptured front end continues with the signature full-LED headlights, which not only offer tremendous luminance but also underscore the SUV's broad, muscular stance and purposeful appearance. As soon as you unlock the doors, LEDs in the exterior mirrors illuminate the area close to the door sills, projecting the CUPRA's logo and lettering onto the ground.
"The CUPRA Ateca is the ultimate evolution of the Ateca, combining every aspect of our design language with the dynamic credentials that a high-performance vehicle needs, from its dominant front-end design, the flow over the entire body to the highly sculpted rear end," said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Director of Design.
The CUPRA Ateca's glossy black trim details appear throughout the exterior design: the roof rails, wing mirrors, window frames, side mouldings, wheels, front grille and front and rear diffusers, as well as the spoilers that frame the rear window, all benefit from this design touch.

Black brake callipers, a sporty rear bumper, the copper CUPRA logo on the boot, the four exhaust pipes on the edge of the rear diffuser and exclusive 19" diamond cut alloy wheels with the CUPRA logo underline the sportiness and elegance of this unique and dynamic SUV.
And no matter which of the six exterior body colours are used: Energy Blue, Velvet Red, Brilliant Silver, Rodium Grey, Magic Black or Nevada White, the CUPRA's high-performance credentials remain apparent.
Even before opening the door the exclusive personality of the CUPRA Ateca becomes clear as the welcome light shines the CUPRA name and logo onto the ground.
Interior Design
Once inside, the CUPRA Ateca's interior exudes a combination of driver-focus, comfort and refinement, and the perception of a vehicle designed to meet the highest performance targets, while at the same time is able to carry its occupants in complete comfort.
The CUPRA logo is embossed on the floor mats, the key and the multimedia system touchscreen when the engine is started.
The door panels are upholstered in Alcantara®, with the CUPRA lettering illuminated on an aluminium plaque, standing proud on the door sills. The sports seats are also upholstered in Alcantara®, in black with copper stitching, with a carbon fibre effect covering the sides.
When cocooned in the driver's seat, the driver will also see the copper stitching continue on the sports leather steering wheel, which also houses the CUPRA logo embossed at its centre, and gear knob. The pedals are finished in aluminium to complete the feeling of being in control of a special vehicle.
Elsewhere in the cabin, the high-end feel continues with the climate control air vent frames finished in silver or gloss black as an optional, as is the central console which houses the drive select control system and gear shifter.
Directly in front of the driver is the digital cockpit that provides information in the clearest of forms thanks to its crisp, high-resolution display, supported by the 8-inch touchscreen navigation system plus. Both of which help affirm the sense of refinement.
Infotainment and connectivity
The CUPRA Ateca merges the highest levels of on-road performance with exceptional levels of infotainment and connectivity, offering the latest generation of Full Link (Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto) and the SEAT DriveApp, as well as the most advanced digital displays in the segment.

Standard equipment in the CUPRA Ateca is biased towards three basic principles: technology, design and safety. That is why systems such as keyless entry and start, wireless charger, GSM signal booster, 360ยบ top view camera, 8" touchscreen navigation system plus, digital cockpit, and park assist all come as standard.
The pixel-dense Digital Cockpit not only offers greater levels of functionality but allows the driver to view all information that is relevant to them, from classic analogue dials such as speedometer and tachometer to full-colour maps and navigation in a more focused way.
As well as this, its more modern and versatile functionality seamlessly integrates into the CUPRA Ateca's overall interior design. Transitions between the available information on the 133dpi, 1280 x 480 pixel TFT display are smooth, thanks to its 75Hz refresh rate.
An exclusive, sporty display within the Digital Cockpit has been specifically developed for the CUPRA Ateca, giving the rev-counter greater prominence so that it can be viewed with greater clarity, creating a greater sense of occasion.
The Digital Cockpit is augmented by the 8" touchscreen which can display every day functions such as navigation information and entertainment as well as supply important performance related information such as oil temperature and G-forces during more spirited driving.
Integrating the SEAT Full Link and DriveApp connectivity suite, the CUPRA Ateca brings a host of functionality into the high-performance SUV's cabin from customers' smartphones. Content is mirrored in the vehicle's display, giving access to apps and information, but in safe way to minimise distractions, allowing the driver to keep both eyes on the road.
CUPRA epitomises the modern-day interpretation of what a high-performance vehicle should be, and with the introduction of CUPRA Ateca, the brand has fused the elements intrinsic in this class of vehicle. The Ateca is iconic and powerful but usable and practical.
In a segment dominated by premium brands, the CUPRA Ateca will disrupt the market, offering drivers a vehicle that isn't narrowly focused on lap times but that offers true driver involvement, taking them away from the conventional, to the most contemporary vision of what performance is.

Whether it is the advanced 2.0 litre TSI engine, the low centre of gravity or the advanced chassis, the CUPRA Ateca offers one of the most dynamic driving experiences in the segment.
The striking exterior design highlights the sportiness and dynamisim of the CUPRA Ateca, projecting confidence and conviction, from the dominant grille design to the intricate rear shape.
The cabin projects a sense of a high-performance vehicle through the materials used and quality of finish as well as the inclusion of state-of-the-art technologies.
The performance-centric appearance and quality can be increased further with the optional 18" Brembo brakes in black, the Carbon Fibre exterior mirror caps. The exclusive CUPRA bucket seats will be available from late 2018.
There is no brand like CUPRA in the market today, and the Ateca represents the birth of something different, where those developing the vehicles share the same values, ambition and passion for the pinnacle of automotive performance.

The CUPRA Ateca will be introduced into the market by the end of 2018, and to mark its introduction, the first 7,000 customers will receive a limited-edition welcome gift as they help build the CUPRA tribe. Each person will be given a CUPRA Member Box made from real carbon fibre and embossed with the CUPRA logo in copper. Inside customers will find a high-quality carbon fibre CUPRA key cover and carbon fibre CUPRA bracelet. A token of appreciation and memento of CUPRA ownership.