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Skoda Kodiaq RS 2019

The Škoda Kodiaq RS is the primary SUV in Škoda's energetic RS family and furthermore the new initiate of the Czech vehicle producer's SUV battle. The execution show is controlled by the most dominant creation diesel motor in Škoda history with a power yield of 176 kW (240 PS). It showed its capacities with a record lap time of 9 minutes 29.84 seconds on the hardest race track on the planet - the Nürburgring's Nordschleife. The execution SUV is the first Škoda to likewise include Dynamic Sound Boost for an especially emotive motor note. 

The Škoda Kodiaq RS accompanies all-wheel drive as standard. It gives everything the regularly developing target aggregate for incredible SUVs could want for gratitude to its remarkable elements both on and off the street just as its especially striking appearance. It exceptionally consolidates a cutting edge way of life with energy; the proficient and amazing diesel motor awes with its supportability. With the ideal blend of a dynamic driving knowledge and brilliant appropriateness for every day use, the Kodiaq RS is the main SUV to consolidate the separating characteristics of all the Škoda RS models. 
Energy meets appropriateness for day by day use From a major shopping trip or a family excursion to lively use on-and rough terrain, the Škoda Kodiaq RS is all around prepared for nearly whatever regular day to day existence can toss at it. The Czech brand's first execution SUV is gone for dynamic and configuration centered clients. With the Škoda Kodiaq RS, they can develop their cutting edge way of life and feature it with the vehicle's energetic appearance. The SUV offers energetic and charming driving out and about gratitude to its incredible motor. Furthermore, it can transport trail blazing bicycles to a remote downhill mountain track in its extensive boot and can without much of a stretch adapt to moving house on a little scale. More or less: the Škoda Kodiaq RS consolidates the characteristics of an energetic, long-separate vehicle with those of a vigorous and exceptionally safe family vehicle. 

Škoda Kodiaq RS with selective subtleties 
It isn't only the brand's most dominant diesel creation motor and Dynamic Sound Boost, which gives an especially striking sound, that are making their introductions in the new Škoda Kodiaq RS. It is additionally the first run through a Škoda highlights 20-inch Xtreme combination wheels as standard. Moreover, the scope of standard hardware incorporates full-LED headlights and LED tail lights. Chosen body components in shine dark support the energetic appearance of the Škoda Kodiaq RS. Notwithstanding the motor, the 7-speed DSG and savvy all-wheel drive likewise add to the dynamic driving qualities; dynamic controlling as standard guarantees especially sheltered and nimble taking care of. 
Moreover, the energetic RS likewise offers every one of the benefits of the vast Škoda SUV. Notwithstanding its open boot, the Škoda Kodiaq RS gives a lot of space to five or seven inhabitants, contingent upon the picked adaptation. It offers the most recent innovation for infotainment and network. The vehicle includes a Wi-Fi hotspot and empowers access to the Škoda Connect administrations. Furthermore, in Škoda-run of the mill style, the Kodiaq RS additionally makes regular driving that tad less demanding with various Simply Clever highlights. 
Motor: Kodiaq RS includes the most dominant diesel motor in Škoda history 
The motor of the Škoda Kodiaq RS is another achievement in the historical backdrop of the brand from Mladá Boleslav, which traverses over 120 years. With its capacity yield of 176 kW (240 PS) and greatest torque of 500 Nm, the motor only accessible in the new execution SUV is the most dominant diesel motor utilized in a Škoda generation vehicle to date. 
The center of the Škoda Kodiaq RS's incredible 2.0 TDI is its two-arrange biturbo innovation. The 2-liter motor highlights two reciprocal turbochargers associated in arrangement. The first is a high-weight fumes gas turbocharger with a little turbine, a little blower haggle turbine sharp edge modification. This structure considers a quick reaction, even at lower motor velocities. The second turbo is a low-weight charger. With its extensive turbine and blower wheel, it accomplishes a significantly higher lift weight of up to 3.8 bar at high motor rates, which builds the motor yield impressively. At lower motor speeds, the chargers work in two phases. The low-weight charger is in charge of the pre-pressure of the air attracted; the high-weight charger is in charge of the fundamental pressure. At high motor paces, just the low-weight charger is utilized in single-arrange activity. Organized along these lines, the turbo framework ensures constant power yield with a short response time and high pinnacle esteems. 

Extraordinary driving execution with low utilization 
On account of the biturbo innovation, the 2.0 TDI as of now conveys its greatest torque of 500 Nm somewhere in the range of 1,750 and 2,500 rpm; the pinnacle control yield is 176 kW (240 PS). This gives the Škoda Kodiaq RS incredible driving execution. The all-wheel-drive SUV quickens from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds (five-seater) and has a best speed of 221 km/h. 
The 2.0 TDI is amazing, yet very productive. Normal fuel utilization is simply 6.4 liters of diesel per 100 km, which likens to CO2 emanations of 167 g/km. The Škoda Kodiaq RS is fitted with an oxidation exhaust system and a diesel particulate channel specifically on the motor just as a SCR exhaust system for fumes gas treatment and satisfies the Euro 6d-TEMP emanation guidelines. So as to accomplish these figures, Škoda AUTO has actualized various specialized measures, utilized direct infusion in the biturbo and has coordinated a Stop-Start framework just as brake vitality recuperation. The expand thermo-the executives framework with a switchable coolant siphon additionally has an utilization diminishing impact. The framework rapidly conveys the motor to the ideal working temperature after the motor has begun. 
Škoda's choice to utilize a diesel motor for a superior vehicle, for example, the Kodiaq RS is supported by its various favorable circumstances. The objective gathering for expansive SUVs, for example, the Škoda Kodiaq is cost-cognizant. On account of the low utilization of 6.4 liters per 100 km, running expenses stay underneath those of a similar oil motor in spite of the abnormal state of driving execution, and CO2 outflows are significantly lower. 
Also, on account of its higher torque, the diesel is more qualified to towing a pony box or vessel trailer, for instance. Altogether, 57 percent of the motors in the Kodiaq demonstrate extend worldwide are diesels.A dynamic vehicle needs a lively stable. That is the reason, in the Kodiaq RS; Dynamic Sound Boost is utilized without precedent for a Škoda. Dynamic Sound Boost is a framework that adjusts the sound of the vehicle. The committed control unit for this framework peruses CAN transport flags, for example, the motor speed, torque, chose rigging and speed. It ascertains a particular flag utilizing complex calculations. The actuator, which is situated near the fumes tailpipe, delivers a 'counterfeit' sound dependent on these signs, and meddles with and supplements the first note of the fumes framework to make an emotive and lively stable. 
This implies diverse sounds can be produced relying upon the driving mode or the driver's inclinations. The range thusly runs from calm to especially energetic. Much the same as the Dynamic Chassis Control, the three sounds accessible in the Škoda Kodiaq RS are combined with Driving Mode Select. In Comfort mode, the Kodiaq RS has a delicate and held sound; in Normal and Snow mode it is impressively increasingly unique. By picking Sport mode, the SUV's execution goes up against an especially amazing note as needs be. In Individual mode, the driver can pick the tone to suit their individual inclinations. In Eco mode, Dynamic Sound Boost creates no extra stable, and the vehicle sounds calm. 
Innovation: Well-furnished for any test with all wheel drive and a 7-speed DSG 
With its keen all-wheel drive as standard, the Škoda Kodiaq RS is superbly prepared for a wide assortment of requirements on-and go dirt road romping just as for every single climate condition. The SUV has a yield of 176 kW (240 PS) and the power is exchanged fluidly to every one of the four wheels by means of a 7-speed double grip transmission (DSG). The settings for the dampers are naturally changed in accordance with suit the driving conditions or the individual territory whenever utilizing Dynamic Chassis Control, which additionally comes as standard. 

With its liberally estimated double grasp, the 7-speed DSG has been extraordinarily intended for use with ground-breaking motors, for example, the Škoda Kodiaq RS's biturbo diesel and its most extreme torque of 500 Nm. It exchanges the power delicately and serenely or with the exceptionally quick speed of a sportscar without losing any footing and to suit the conditions and the chose driving mode. The driver can enable the gearbox to naturally switch gear or they can choose the apparatuses physically - likewise utilizing directing wheel paddles.
All-wheel drive reacts within milliseconds
Thanks to its all-wheel drive, the Škoda Kodiaq RS automatically has the best-possible traction at all times, providing excellent driving dynamics when driving in a sporty manner, good off-road capabilities and more safety in bad weather such as rain or snow. A fifth-generation electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, which is more compact and 1.4 kg lighter than its predecessor, distributes the power variably to all four wheels within milliseconds and virtually without the driver noticing. It does this depending on the driving situation detected by the car's sensors - and even in anticipation. Up to 85 per cent of the torque can go to a specific wheel; with small loads, only the front wheels are powered to save fuel. EDS electronic differential locks at the front and rear also prevent individual wheels from spinning on the same axle. The spinning wheel is slowed down automatically and more torque is transferred to the second wheel with better traction.
Dynamic Chassis Control specially adjusted for the RS
The Škoda Kodiaq RS comes equipped with Dynamic Chassis Control as standard, which provides optimal shock absorption to suit the surface and driving style. The system, which is also used in other Kodiaq models, was specially adapted to the sporty potential of the Škoda Kodiaq RS. Driving Mode Select allows the driver to choose from Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport, Individual and Snow modes with correspondingly electronically adjusted settings for the dampers, and to activate an Off-Road mode using a button in the centre console.
Hill-Descent Control is then available at speeds of up to 30 km/h and the ABS, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), EDS electronic differential locks and Traction Control System (TCS) all operate with special off-road settings. The ESC features two stages in the Škoda Kodiaq RS. If the Sport mode is selected, the ESC becomes less restrictive and even allows a small amount of drifting in corners when the system recognises that the driver has the vehicle under control.
Progressive steering combines sportiness and ease of use
The Škoda Kodiaq RS is equipped with progressive steering as standard. To do justice to the performance SUV's sporty capabilities and to enhance the dynamic driving experience, progressive steering provides a steering configuration that has been developed specifically for the Kodiaq RS. With this setup, the steering angle remains small, allowing the driver to control the car perfectly without having to move their hands on the steering wheel - even at higher speeds. In contrast, for larger steering angles - such as when turning at low speeds in the city - the steering forces are considerably reduced, making the car easier to manoeuvre. Progressive steering is therefore the perfect solution for all situations.
Design: Dynamic appearance and premiere of new RS logo
The Škoda Kodiaq RS presents itself as a member of the RS family, which is specifically designed for sportiness, with a bold and dynamic design as well as with the RS logo. Adorning the sporty lifestyle SUV, it features for the first time in a new version with red highlights. The bodywork emphasises the car's performance aspirations with gloss-black details. For the first time at Škoda, the new Xtreme 20-inch alloy wheels are included in the standard equipment.

The redesigned RS logo that adorns the radiator grille and back of the Škoda Kodiaq RS is even more modern and fresh. It marks the SUV as the youngest member of the RS family. The logo features the 'v' for victory; the red colour symbolises sportiness and power. The latest version of the Kodiaq is immediately recognisable as an RS model: The bumpers at the front and rear have been redesigned, and - as with all RS models - the rear features a reflector that spans the entire width of the vehicle. The exhaust system's decorative tailpipes with chrome effect are visible below the rear apron.
Black accents and red brake callipers
The radiator grille's vertical slats and frame, window frames and wing mirror housings, as well as the Škoda Kodiaq RS's roof rails all come in gloss black and emphasise the SUV's sporty appearance. The Xtreme 20-inch alloy wheels come in anthracite as standard. The Kodiaq RS is the first Škoda to offer wheels of this size as standard.
The bright red brake callipers, which signify high performance even under heavy strain, are clearly visible through the wheels. The Škoda Kodiaq RS is equipped with 17-inch brakes on all wheels compared to the standard Kodiaq's 16-inch brakes at the rear. For the Škoda Kodiaq RS, the diameter of the rear brake discs was increased to 310 mm. They are 22 mm thick, ventilated and are slowed down using pistons with a diameter of 42 mm. Single-piston brake callipers with a piston diameter of 60 mm are used for the front wheels. The discs, which are also ventilated, are 30 mm thick and have a diameter of 340 mm.
LED technology for the headlights and tail lights as standard
The Škoda Kodiaq RS makes use of state-of-the-art LED technology for its headlights and tail lights. At the front, it features full-LED headlights. The tail lights with bright LEDs that illuminate almost immediately also come as standard.
Race Blue metallic paintwork for the first time on an SUV
The first SUV in the sporty RS family is also the first to offer the metallic Race Blue finish. At the start of 2019, Crystal Black will be added to the range of colours available for the Škoda Kodiaq RS, which, in addition to red and white, also includes various shades of grey and black.
Interior: Sporty interior with Virtual Cockpit as standard
Even as the performance variant, the Škoda Kodiaq RS remains a true Kodiaq and perfectly combines its sporty lifestyle with a high degree of comfort, a generous amount of space for up to seven people and the brand-typical level of practicality. The sporty flair is emphasised by Alcantara® upholstery with contrasting stitching for both the seat covers and door trims, the instrument panel with carbon decor and the new RS logo. The freely programmable Virtual Cockpit, which comes as standard, blends in nicely with its dynamic appearance thanks to its carbon-effect background and offers an additional Sport view. The Škoda Kodiaq RS also offers numerous Simply Clever features that make everyday life easier, including the umbrella compartment in the front door and misfuel protection as standard.
The Škoda Kodiaq RS also confidently bears the new RS logo in the interior - featuring it on the multifunction sports steering wheel, the 7-speed DSG's gearstick knob as well as on the front and two outer seats in the second row. Furthermore, refined materials, subtle contrasting stitching and red features create sporty accents. The sport seats with integrated headrests in the first row are covered with Alcantara®, carbon-leather and leather, and are adorned with RS-specific red contrasting stitching in a diamond-cross design. Alcantara® is a material frequently used in motorsport due to its low weight and good grip; it is also used in the Škoda Kodiaq RS's door trims. Here, it is finished with black, diamond-cross stitching. Red stitching features again on the steering wheel and the armrests in the doors.
Carbon decor on the instrument panel, a black roof lining and pedal covers made from stainless steel complete the SUV's sporty appearance. The door sills featuring the Kodiaq logo and the LED package with ambient lighting come as standard. This can be set to one of ten colours: Cool White, Fire Orange, Cinnamon, RS Red, Pink, Purple, Dusk Blue, Azure, Škoda Green and Acid Green.

New Sport view for the standard Virtual Cockpit
The new Škoda Kodiaq RS's freely programmable Virtual Cockpit, which comes as standard, features a sporty, carbon-fibre effect and offers an additional fifth display mode. This Sport view positions the speedometer and rev counter in the centre, allowing the driver to clearly see their speed and rpm even when driving in a very dynamic style. In contrast, the radio station or navigational information is displayed smaller. Alongside all this sportiness, however, there is still plenty of room for comfort. A tinted rear window and rear side windows (SunSet) and an electrically adjustable driver's seat with memory function feature as part of the standard equipment. Along with the driver's preferred driving mode, the selected seating position can be saved in the optional personalisable key. Upon opening the car, these settings are then automatically applied. As an option, the child safety locks for the rear doors can be operated electrically.
Available with the option of seven seats
As with every Kodiaq, the sporty RS model comes with five seats as standard which can be increased to seven as an optional extra. The five-seater offers an impressive 725-litre boot with the seats in position and 1,960 l when the seats are folded down. With all of its seats occupied, the seven-seater has a boot capacity of 230 l; this increases to 715 l with the third row of seats folded down and 1,950 l with the second and third row of seats folded down. As standard, Škoda equips the Kodiaq RS with the Bolero infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity as well as SmartLink+ technology. With an integrated Internet connection, the optional Amundsen and Columbus systems allow access to Škoda Connect's mobile online services. In combination with Škoda Media Command 2.0, the free Škoda app enables the functions of the Amundsen and Columbus infotainment systems to be controlled on up to two paired tablets.
A Phonebox with inductive charging for mobile phones is available as an option. This wirelessly connects a smartphone to the car's aerial and charges it inductively in line with the Qi standard, providing the device is technically compatible. An optional package includes an additional front USB port, the Jumbo Box's rear USB port and a 230-V socket between the front seats for the rear passengers. The In-Car-Communication (ICC) makes communicating with each other in the car easier by using a microphone to capture what is said by the occupants of the front seats and amplifying it in real time through speakers in the rear.

Simply Clever features for the Škoda Kodiaq RS
In typical Škoda style, the Škoda Kodiaq RS offers numerous Simply Clever features that make everyday life easier. The standard equipment includes the removable and retractable boot cover and boot nets. Classics such as the umbrella compartment in the front door and ice scraper in the fuel filler flap (for selected countries) are also standard, as is a ticket holder on the A-pillar on the driver's side. The virtual pedal, electric tailgate incl. tip-to-close function and the removable LED torch in the boot are available as an option.