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BMW 524td 1983

The BMW E28 automobile platform was the basis for the 1981 through 1987 BMW 5-Series automobiles. It replaced the BMW E12 in 1981 and was replaced by the BMW E34 in 1988. The E28 was the second 5-Series which BMW offered in an M version.
The following models were sold in Europe:

+ 518
+ 518i
+ 520i
+ 524d
+ 524td
+ 525i
+ 525e (or 528e in the US)
+ 528i
+ 535i
+ M535i
+ M5

The following models were sold in America:
+ 524td - Baby six Turbo Diesel 2.4 L Straight-6, 114 hp (85 kW) at about 4,500 RPM
+ 528e - Baby six 2.7 L Straight-6 designed for fuel efficiency and high torque output - 121 hp (90 kW) at about 4,750 RPM
+ 533i - Big six 3.2 L Straight-6, high revving - 182 hp (135 kW) at about 6,000 RPM
+ 535i - Big six 3.4 L Straight-6, a revised 3.2 L motor with more torque and equal power - 182 hp (135 kW) at about 5,000 RPM
+ 535is - 535i Straight-6 with a sport suspension interior modifications - 182 hp (135 kW)
+ M5 - High performance 5-Series - 24 valve DOHC, 3.5 L Straight-6, individual throttle bodies, sport suspension, oversize brakes, fully optioned from the factory - US Spec: 256 hp (190 kW) at about 6,500 RPM.
All Gas engine e28's sold in the US came with electronic port fuel injection, oxygen sensor feedback systems, catalytic converters, air conditioning and a power sunroof. Common options include power windows, central locking, fog lights and an on board computer. Some e28's came with electrically adjustable seats, electrically adjustable sport seats and a high fidelity sound system.
The baby six motor found in the 524td and 528e models is known as the "M20". The M20 is a 12 valve SOHC inline six cylinder design. It had seven main bearings and seven cam shaft bearings, a rocker arm type valvetrain driven by a composite rubber timing belt. US market M20's came with cast aluminum acoustically tuned, common plenum intake manifolds and a single throttle body. This motor was first available in the european market for model year 1976 in a 2.0 L carbureted version. It later grew to 2.3 L in the E21 323i, then 2.5 L in the E30 325i and also 2.7 L in the 325 and 528e models. It is also very similar to the later 24 valve motors as in the E36 and E46 three series models, with the same basic block dimensions.
The big six motor found in the 533i and 535i models is known as the "M30". The M30 is also a 12 valve SOHC inline six cylinder design. It has seven main bearings, four camshaft bearings and a rocker arm type valvetrain. US M30's also came equipped with cast aluminum acoustically tuned common plenum intake manifolds and single throttle bodies. Unlike the M20 it has a chain driven valvetrain. Its larger dimensions allow for a longer stroke and larger bore, which makes for almost 3.5 L displacement in later motors.
The M5 came with a big six motor known as the "S38". This motor is similar to the M30, but has a 24 valve cylinder head, duplex timing chain, dual overhead cam layout and shim and bucket style valvetrain. In addition to the top end revisions, the S38 also had six individual throttle bodies and intake trumpets fed by a cast aluminum intake plenum. This motor was designed for high power and durability at very high engine speeds. In the E28 chassis it was one of the fastest sedans in the world for its time, and it remains legendary among enthusiasts today.[citation needed][1]

+ Ford purchased BMW 524td diesel engines and used them in their Lincoln LSC coupe for about three years. The same engines were also used in the Vixen 21TD motorhome.
+ The letter 'e' in 528e stands for the Greek letter 'eta' and implies 'efficiency'
+ The US M5 was only available in black, with tan interior. Canadian vehicles were optioned with a black interior.