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BMW 525i - 2001

The Bmw E39 automobile platform was the basis for the 1996 through 2004 BMW 5 Series. It was the successor of the BMW E34 in 1996 (UK) but was replaced by the BMW E60 in 2004. The basic model was the 520i, which develops 150 hp (112 kW). The BMW E39 M5 was introduced in 1998, with a 4.9 L V8 engine.

The E39 was sold in the UK starting in 1995, followed by the rest of Europe and finally on other continents. Various engine sizes and types have been available. Of the full range available, the USA saw the 528i, 540i and M5. The European BMW range saw the 520, 523, 528, 530, 535, 540, 525tds, 520d, 525d, 530d and M5. All but the M5 (sedan only) are available as either a touring (estate / wagon) or sedan. The 520, 523 and 528 were powered by 150, 170 and 190 hp versions of the BMW M52 engine, which is a gasoline inline-6 design. The 540i was powered by the 282 horsepower (210 kW) 4.4L V8 seen in the E38 (7-Series) and the X5.
For the 2001 model year, BMW updated the E39 with newer, clear-lens headlights which first displayed the now-popular "angel eyes". (Note: this technology is called "celis" by the OEM - Hella.) Also, the rear lights were converted to being LED-based. Other options changed: for example, the 528i was replaced by the 530i which had a new 225 horsepower (168 kW) M54 3.0L inline-6. Also, a new 525i was introduced featuring a 184 hp (137 kW) M54 2.5L inline-6 and a slightly cheaper price. Meanwhile, the 540i was given more power, totalling 290 hp (216 kW).
For the 2002 model year, BMW Steptronic-equipped E39s had their manual shift direction switched to match BMW's SMG cars. Now to upshift, you had to pull back the lever, instead of pushing forward as in the pre-2002 models. From 2001-03, the E39 model range sold in the USA consisted of the 525i, 530i, 540i and M5. The 2002 E39s bore no external differences to the 2001 model year.

The 2003 model year was the last year for the E39 sedans; they were differentiated by the addition of extra chrome trim on the trunk (boot) and on the sides of the body. The E39 wagon (touring / estate) was continued into the 2004 model year, per the usual practice at BMW, until the touring version of the new E60 5 Series was released. Engine and transmission choices remained unchanged for 2002, 2003 and 2004 models.