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Audi A7 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattro 2020

Audi is consistently following its electrification strategy and is currently giving its giant four-door automobile as a strong and economical PHEV. Intelligent drive management with a prognostic operative strategy allows high kitchen range, low fuel consumption and dynamic performance. The new Audi A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e quattro combines all of that with a system output of 270 kilowatt (367 PS). A comprehensive list of normal instrumentation with S line exterior package and sport suspension spherical out the flashy look.
The drivetrain of the new plug-in hybrid Audi A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e quattro contains a turbocharged 2-liter, four-cylinder internal-combustion engine with AN output of 185 kilowatt (252 PS) and 370 Nm (272.9 lb-ft) of force and an electrical motor. The for good excited electric motor (PSM) includes a peak output of one hundred and five kilowatt and peak force of 350 Nm (258.1 lb-ft). along side the separating clutch, it's integrated into the seven-speed S tronic, that uses extremist technology to transfer the drive force to a quattro ultra drivetrain. Total system output is 270 kilowatt (367 PS); the utmost force of five hundred Nm (368.8 lb-ft) is already offered at simply one,250 rpm. The A7 PHEV accelerates from zero to one hundred km/h (62.1 mph) in five.7 seconds and reaches a high speed of 250 km/h (155.3 mph). As a corporation automotive, the plug-in hybrid model is subject to a lower rate in Federal Republic of Germany as a result of its kitchen range within the WLTP cycle is quite forty kilometers (24.9 mi). The A7 Sportback will drive at up to one hundred thirty five km/h (83.9 mph) in electric-only mode, creating emissions-free road driving simple.

Comprising 104 pouch cells, the lithium-ion battery stores fourteen.1 kWh of energy at a rated voltage of 381 volts at a lower place the bags compartment floor. For optimum temperature management, its cooling loop is connected to each the fluid loop for the climate system and therefore the low-temperature cooling loop into that the electrical motor and power physics also are integrated.

The lithium-ion battery is integrated into the rear of the vehicle below the bags compartment floor in like means that there's no step within the trunkmost usable stowage capability with the rear seat accordion down is so one,235 liters (43.6 cu ft).

quattro all-wheel drive in a very plug-in hybrid

Typically Audi, the A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e is additionally equipped with quattro all-wheel drive with extremist technology. The rear shaft is activated lightning quick and predictively pro re natarecovery of power is usually via the front shaft. The quattro all-wheel drive construct and therefore the overall concept of the A7 PHEV so stand equally for performance and potency. With the four-door grandmother Turismo, Audi is that the solely premium manufacturer within the direct competitive atmosphere to supply a plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive.

Easy operation with 3 driving modes

The drive construct of the A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e quattro is meant so customers will do the foremost of their daily driving electrically. whether or not with zero native emissions within the town or with high vary on long journeysthe mixture of electrical motor and burning engine provides for a sportily dynamic driving expertise. With its 3 totally different driving modes, the plug-in hybrid is straightforward to work in everyday use.

The A7 PHEV starts by default in heat unit mode. this implies the automotive is driven solely electrically as long because the driver doesn't depress the accelerator past a variable, perceptible pointheat unit mode is that the base setting on every occasion the vehicle is started. within the second driving mode, Battery Hold mode, the drive management system holds battery capability at the present level so an outlined distance will later be lined totally electrically, for example.

The Hybrid mode is activated either mechanically along side route steering within the navigation system or by the motive force exploitation the operative mode button. during this mode, the A7 PHEV uses the interaction between the electrical motor and therefore the burning engine to finish as several driving segments as attainable electrically so overall fuel consumption at the tip of the trip is as low as possible. for example, stop-and-go traffic in cities may be driven electrically for the foremost halfbetting on things, the system chooses between freewheeling with the engine transitioned and coasting recovery. Up to thirty five kilowatt of power may be recovered with the latter. the electrical motor is liable for all light-weight braking up to zero.1 g, i.e. the bulk of braking in everyday driving. A most of eighty kilowatt of power are generated via braking recovery at a swiftness of up to 0.2 g.

Predictive operative strategy and prognostic potency assist

For maximum potency the A7 uses prognostic drive management - the predictive operative strategy. It uses info from the prognostic potency assist conjointly found in alternative Audi mid- and large category models to regulate the electrical motor, lithium-ion battery and therefore the burning engine.

If route steering is active within the MMI navigation system, the prognostic operative strategy controls the drivetrain so the last urban section of the route may be driven solely electrically and therefore the Audi A7 PHEV arrives at the destination with the drive battery nearly empty. If the A7 Sportback TFSI e approaches a city, the drive management charges the battery so the last urban section may be driven electrically. the motive force will so use all of the electrical energy to drive with zero native emissions upon getting into a city.

Drive management is controlled on the idea of an oversized quantity of knowledge. The prognostic operative strategy uses 2 sorts of knowledgeclose to field and route info, for rough and exactitude coming up with of the route. The rough coming up with relies on on-line traffic info, distance to the destination, the route profile of the chosen route, precise info concerning immediate surroundings from the navigation knowledgelike speed limits, sorts of roads, uphill and downhill slopes and therefore the latest knowledge from the aboard sensors. The drive controller's rough coming up with is so based mostly totally on route info on the driven route, like traffic flow, topography and road sortexactitude coming up with, with that the A7 manages the drive controller within the current driving scenario, is performed by the prognostic potency assistant (PEA) found in alternative Audi mid- and large-size category models.

The prognostic potency assistant adjusts coasting recovery behavior to the driving scenario at hand. It uses the inevitable route knowledge from the navigation info and monitors the gap to the vehicle ahead exploitation signals from the camera and measuring instrumentbetting on things, the system chooses predictively between freewheeling with the engine transitioned and coasting recovery, i.e. the recovery of mechanical energy and its conversion into poweronce the adaptive controller (ACC) is active, the PEA supports the motive force by mechanically braking and fast with the aim of enhancing potency and luxury.

exteroception pulse from the active foot lever ANd an optical signal within the driver system show also because the nonobligatory head-up display offer extra support for the best attainable potency. The active foot lever has each a exteroception point that signals the tip of electric-only driving and haptic feedback that signals the motive force to require their foot off of the accelerator.

Convenient: quick charging in a very short time

The charging system compact comes commonplace with the Audi A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e quattro. A Mode three cable with sort a pair of plug to be used at public charging terminals is offered as AN possibility. The charging system compact contains cables for house and industrial retailers and a bearing unit. The system options AN LED standing show and safety functions like temperature and residual current observance. Audi offers the clip wall mount, a lockable holder for the charging system, as AN possibility.

A full charge at a three-phase CEE industrial outlet with four hundred volts and sixteen amperes per part takes simply close to a pair of.5 hours. The vehicle charges with a most of seven.4 kW. Even a 230 V house outlet will recharge an empty battery totally and handily long in close to seven hours. Convenient recharging is additionally attainable on the road. The proprietary Audi e-tron Charging Service provides access to quite one hundred,000 charging points in Europe. one card is ample to start out charging, no matter the supplier.

A constant eye on the state of charge: the myAudi app

The myAudi app permits customers to use the services from the Audi connect portfolio on their smartphones, that is especially sensible with electrified models. The app may be wont to check the battery and vary standingbegin the charging method, program the charge timer and think about the charge and consumption statistics. what is more, the route planners in each the app and therefore the MMI navigation within the automotive show charging stations.

Another perform of the myAudi app is pre-entry climate management before setting off. The air-con mechanical device and therefore the auxiliary heater within the automotive are electrically powered . The client will confirm specifically however the inside ought to be heated or cooled whereas the battery is being charged. betting on the nonobligatory instrumentation chosen, an equivalent applies to the seat and handwheel heating, heating of the windscreencar window and mirrors, and therefore the seat cooling.

Clever thermal management
The air-con works along side a extremely economical apparatussanctioning the automotive to create smart use of the waste heat from the electrical drive train. this can be notably economical and not solely allows the inside to be heated or cooled quickly, however conjointly a high kitchen range even at notably high or low outside temperatures.

Sporty look and comprehensively equipped
The Audi A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e not solely scores points against its direct competitors with flashy performance, however conjointly with a correspondingly dynamic look package and comprehensive list of normal instrumentationthe quality S line exterior package combined with the black styling package and therefore the privacy glazing underscore the flashy overall impression of the four-door grandmother Turismo even once standing still.

HD Matrix LED headlights, sport seats, four-zone automatic air-con, convenience key, Audi virtual cockpit, PHEV-specific displays, 19-inch, multi-spoke wheels and red brake calipers front and rear are commonplace.

Orders are currently being accepted for the Audi A7 Sportback fifty five TFSI e quattro at a base worth in Federal Republic of Germany of seventy seven.850 euros. Market introduction begins within the third quarter of 2019.