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BMW 5-Series (1983) and BMW 5-Series (1975)

The second-generation BMW 5-Series was launched on the market in 1981 and many improvements were introduced particularly in the area of engineering. BMW launched innovations like the anti-lock braking system, check control and digital engine electronics to the 5-Series. In 1983, BMW presented a diesel powered vehicle for the first time with the 524td and immediately defined new benchmarks.
The new 6-cylinder was impressive right from the start with high levels of driving performance, exceptional smooth running and low petrol consumption. BMW presented the fastest series turbo diesel in the world and provided an impressive demonstration that the sheer driving pleasure so typical of BMW and diesel technology were not mutually exclusive.

BMW 5-Series (1975)

In 1972, the New Class was replaced by the first BMW 5-Series (E12). The designation of the BMW model series still used today was introduced here and this model also launched a new stylistic era for BMW. This was to give the BMW brand its unmistakable countenance. The BMW 528 was presented as the provisional model to top the range of the 5-Series in January 1975. This carburettor version of the 2.8 litre engine was replaced from 1977 by the injector 528i but remained in the range for the South African market until 1981.