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BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition 2020

BMW M GmbH is expanding the choice of models at the top end of its range with the addition of two four-door high-performance sports cars for the luxury segment. Both combine a distinctive vehicle concept and flamboyant styling with the most powerful engine ever developed for a BMW M model and bespoke chassis technology. The high-revving V8 unit with M TwinPower Turbo technology teams up with an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic, M xDrive all-wheel drive and the Active M Differential to channel its power - 441 kW/600 hp in the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and 460 kW/625 hp in the new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe - onto the road with masterful assurance at all times.

The 4.4-litre eight-cylinder engine impresses with its instant response to the slightest press of the accelerator, vast appetite for revs and uninterrupted power development over a wide rev band. These trademark M performance characteristics translate into a driving experience of standout dynamism. The BMW M8 Gran Coupe takes just 3.3 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) from rest and 11.2 seconds to hit 200 km/h (124 mph). The increased output of the unit fitted in the new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe warrants a model-specific engine mounting, resulting in even better responsiveness. Consequently, the sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) and 200 km/h (124 mph) are completed in an even faster 3.2 seconds and 11.0 seconds respectively. The top speed of both models is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph), rising to 305 km/h (190 mph) if the optional M Driver's Package is selected.
The V8 engine boasts an array of high-tech features, including a pair of turbochargers, High Precision Injection direct petrol injection (operating at pressures of up to 350 bar) and the latest update of VALVETRONIC variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft control. The turbochargers nestled in the "V" between the banks of cylinders come with indirect charge air cooling and are propelled by the cross-bank exhaust manifold. The consistent transmission of energy from the exhaust gas flows to the turbine wheels enhances both turbocharger response and the gas-exchange cycle.

The engine under the bonnet of the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe serves up peak torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) between 1,800 and 5,600 rpm. Maximum output of 441 kW/600 hp is reached at 6,000 rpm, while the engine speed tops out at 7,200 rpm. The high-revving blueprint for the new cars is revealed even more vividly in the new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe. Here, the engine's peak torque remains on tap all the way to 5,800 rpm, while maximum output (at 6,000 rpm) climbs to 460 kW/625 hp. The V8's more rigid connection to the vehicle structure results in remarkably direct transmission of engine power to the drivetrain. This also sharpens the car's responses on turn-in and transmits engine noise to the cabin to even more satisfying effect.
A model-specific exhaust system featuring large silencers, electrically controlled flaps and two pairs of 100 mm tailpipes positioned - in customary M fashion - either side of the rear apron generates a thrilling drive sound to accompany the V8's free-revving performance and unrelenting power development. The engine note varies depending on the mode selected for the engine characteristics, while drivers can also soften the acoustic delivery at any time by pressing the M Sound Control button on the centre console. The M Sport exhaust system fitted as standard in the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe summons an even more dramatic timbre. Meanwhile, gasoline particulate filters have been incorporated into the two branches of both exhaust systems to keep a lid on pollutant emissions.

Cooling and oil supply systems developed for the race track
To maintain an optimum operating temperature in any situation - from short journeys and urban driving to outings on the race track - the BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe are equipped with a highly efficient cooling system whose central cooling module is complemented by two remote high-temperature coolers at either side. The low-temperature circuit incorporates the indirect charge air coolers, while the high-temperature circuit supplies coolant to both the engine blocks and the turbochargers. The system also comprises an additional engine oil cooler and a dedicated transmission oil cooler.
The oil supply system has also been geared towards the specific demands of track use. To this end, the oil sump includes a smaller front sump that steps in when extra capacity is needed. This ensures a reliable supply of oil at all times, even when the car is subject to extreme rates of lateral and longitudinal acceleration.
Eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic and three shift modes
The latest version of the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic is tuned perfectly to the V8's performance characteristics. The direct connection to the engine, optimum ratio spacing and incredibly short shift times mean that drive power is relayed with huge urgency. The transmission can be operated using the restyled gear selector complete with Drivelogic button or the M shift paddles on the steering wheel.
The Drivelogic function makes it possible to adjust the transmission's shift characteristics in both automatic and manual modes by activating one of three clearly distinguishable settings. Drivers can choose from gear change setups specially configured for a more comfortable ride, sporty driving or track use respectively.
M xDrive all-wheel drive and Active M Differential: optimised traction for outstanding performance

The M xDrive all-wheel-drive system and the Active M Differential once again provide the BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe with all the necessary tools to turn standout engine power into sublime performance. The engine's torque is distributed between the front and rear wheels with creamy smoothness and fully variably by means of the transfer case's electronically controlled multi-plate clutch - and the Active M Differential then splits it again between the two rear wheels, as the situation demands. This ensures a notable increase in traction, agility and directional stability when the car is driven with sporting intent or on roads with differing levels of grip - i.e. exactly when it is needed. The DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system only needs to intervene in extreme situations. In the vast majority of situations, this means the engine's power is converted into propulsive force with zero losses.
The M xDrive system blends the traction-related benefits of sending power to all four wheels with the proven dynamic qualities of classical rear-wheel drive. The Setup menu gives drivers the option of configuring the distribution of power between the front and rear wheels to suit their requirements. The system's rear-wheel bias is clearly noticeable even in the default 4WD setting. Handling agility becomes even sharper in 4WD Sport mode, when the system directs a greater proportion of the engine's torque to the rear wheels. This makes it possible to execute controlled drifts while staying effortlessly in control of the car, thanks to a linear build-up of lateral forces characteristic of M models. Drivers can also switch off the DSC system altogether and engage 2WD mode.

Sending the engine's power solely to the rear wheels and suppressing any intervention from the control systems allows experienced drivers to enjoy an unadulterated driving experience.
The new leaders of the BMW M GmbH pack lay on a driving experience defined by unsurpassed dynamics, agility and precision. And these gifts can now be enjoyed in a pair of four-door high-performance sports cars as well. Underpinning it all is chassis technology whose design and setup provide the perfect showcase for the engine's immense power and the standalone vehicle concept at the core of the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe.
The four-door high-performance models were derived directly from the new BMW M8 Coupe and developed alongside the BMW M8 GTE endurance racing car. Minimised weight (the duo are just 95 kilograms heavier than the BMW M8 Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Coupe), a low centre of gravity, wide tracks, superb aerodynamic balance and a familiar M approach to increasing the stiffness of the body structure and suspension mountings all serve to maximise performance. The models are able to combine their high-performance instincts with outstanding long-distance capabilities thanks to an extra 200 millimetres of wheelbase compared with their two-door counterparts. The extra wheelbase enables all chassis and control systems to be adjusted for individual levels of comfort without having to compromise their extremely sporty character. The precisely orchestrated interaction between powertrain, chassis and aerodynamics was honed as part of intensive testing at the BMW Group's test centre in Miramas, southern France, the winter testing facility in Arjeplog, Sweden, plus the Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit and other racing venues.
Signature M performance rooted in bespoke chassis technology and extremely stiff mountings

The bespoke kinematics and elastokinematics of the front and rear axle on the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe benefit both wheel location and directional stability. The double-wishbone front axle has specially designed swivel bearings, torque arms and control arms. Newly developed elastomer bearings are used to channel the chassis forces acting via the control arms and wishbones into the axle subframe and the body structure. The result is enhanced agility and precision in dynamic handling situations without compromising ride comfort in everyday driving. Not only do the M-specific forged links and the extremely stiff setup of the anti-roll bars on the five-link rear axle lend themselves to fleet-footed agility, they are a factor in the precise responses of the suspension and damping elements.
A newly developed, exceptionally rigid shear panel with integrated side sill connection combines with a tower-to-bulkhead strut to optimise the front end's torsional strength. A steel X-brace and an aluminium transverse strut are fitted for an even more stable connection between the rear axle and the body.
Specific chassis tuning for Competition model
The chassis technology and body structure have been designed with the express purpose of maximising handling stability even in dynamically extreme situations, a linear build-up of transverse loads across the full range of lateral acceleration and neutral steering behaviour even when pushed to the limit. The chassis of the new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe has been specially tuned to give its handling characteristics an even more pronounced track focus. The stiffer engine mounting, the increased camber at the front wheels and the use of ball joints instead of rubber mounts for the rear axle's toe links all have a positive impact on steering precision, transitional responses and cornering dynamics.
M Servotronic steering and Adaptive suspension
The M Servotronic steering on both variants of the four-door high-performance sports car adds to the time-honoured M driving experience. The Electric Power Steering combines speed-sensitive power assistance and a variable steering ratio. Whatever the driving situation, M Servotronic delivers exactly the right amount of steering torque. The driver is able to activate two settings for steering response at the push of a button to enhance either steering comfort or precision in dynamic handling situations. The variable ratio adjusts to changes in the steering angle, helping to give the car superb straight-line poise while also delivering sharp turn-in response and excellent directional accuracy through corners. In addition, the car can also be manoeuvred into and out of parking spaces with far less steering effort.

The M-specific adaptive suspension features electronically controlled dampers, whose setup can also be varied at the touch of a button. COMFORT mode smooths out imperfections in the road surface, while switching to SPORT mode activates significantly firmer damper settings, fine-tuned on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit. Activating SPORT PLUS mode produces an even tauter setup to achieve maximum longitudinal and lateral acceleration on smooth stretches of asphalt, such as race tracks.
M-specific version of the integrated braking system
The M compound brakes fitted as standard deliver outstanding stopping power. The optional M carbon-ceramic brakes stand out with their even greater braking power, even higher fade resistance and thermal stability, and an extraordinary ability to fend off the onset of wear. Both brake variants are fitted in conjunction with an M-specific version of the integrated braking system, which brings together the brake activation, brake booster and braking control functions within a compact module. The brake pressure required is triggered by an electric actuator, which allows pressure to be generated more dynamically, maintains superb pedal feel even when driving in the wet and regardless of lateral acceleration or brake temperature, and also ensures significantly faster and more precise interventions from the driving stability control system.
The version of the integrated braking system developed for BMW M models also presents the driver with two pedal feel settings. COMFORT and SPORT modes alter the amount of pressure on the brake pedal required to slow the car. This allows the driver to choose between more comfort-oriented or particularly direct, instantaneous response when braking.
M Dynamic mode for an exceptionally sporty drive
The DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system is interlinked with both the M xDrive all-wheel drive and the Active M Differential, meaning that it only needs to intervene with the brakes and engine output to stabilise the car in extreme situations. The M Dynamic mode engaged at the push of a button allows a greater degree of wheel slip and combines with the M xDrive system's rear-biased setup to deliver an exceptionally sporty drive complete with controlled drifts through corners. DSC Off mode can also be selected at the push of a button.
20-inch M light-alloy wheels in twin-spoke design shod with mixed-size tyres measuring 275/35 R 20 at the front and 285/35 R 20 at the rear are part of standard specification for the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe. A number of other 20-inch cast and forged M light-alloy wheels are available as optional extras. The M-specific high-performance tyres ensure particularly effective transmission of lateral control forces when cornering.

All the models in the BMW M8 line-up have sporting prowess and a sense of luxurious elegance at the heart of their design. And the styling of the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe also incorporates visual cues spotlighting their flamboyance and spatial opulence. Their imposing appearance is a product of distinctive proportions, a dynamically stretched silhouette and model-specific contouring around the rear doors and tail.
The four-door high-performance sports cars follow the lead of the new BMW M8 Coupe and BMW M8 Convertible by hosting signature M design features that meet their technical brief in fulfilling cooling requirements and ensuring aerodynamic balance. These include not just the large air intakes and M-specific BMW kidney grille with black double bars at the front, but also the M gills on the front side panels, the aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors and the two pairs of exhaust tailpipes integrated into the rear apron.
Distinctive design features create a standalone character
The front section of the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe is identical to that of the two-door model variants up to the A-pillars. The windscreen is positioned at a more upright angle, resulting in increased headroom for the occupants in the front of the four-door sports cars. Their standalone character also stems from the long roofline - flowing smoothly into the rear end with eye-catching fins for added impact - as well as the rear doors, the elaborately sculpted shoulders and the wide spoiler atop the muscular tailgate. As on the BMW M8 Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Coupe, the roof is made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP).
Measuring 5,098 millimetres from nose to tail, the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe are 231 millimetres longer than their two-door siblings. Their distinct proportions are lent further emphasis by a width of 1,943 millimetres and height of 1,423 millimetres. Track widths are 1,626 millimetres at the front and 1,660 millimetres at the rear. The entire 200-millimetre increase in wheelbase length (to 3,027 millimetres) has been used to improve spaciousness in the rear compartment, where passengers can savour sports-car performance in two full-size individual seats. There is also a third seat suitable for use on short journeys. The boot has a capacity of 440 litres.
The ultimate in exclusiveness: BMW M8 Gran Coupe First Edition
A BMW kidney grille surround and model badging in High-gloss Black, forged M light-alloy wheels with a high-sheen milled 3D pattern and bi-colour paint finish, a black rear spoiler and an M Sport exhaust system with Black Chrome tailpipes clearly identify the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe and leave no doubt as to its particular character. The optional M Carbon exterior package, comprising inserts for the front air intakes, exterior mirror caps, M gills on the flanks, a rear diffuser and a rear spoiler all made from CFRP, provides further scope for customising the two models.
A BMW M8 Gran Coupe First Edition model capped at just 400 units will be available at the launch of the four-door high-performance sports cars. Among its ultra-exclusive design cues is a paint finish in BMW Individual Aurora Diamond Green metallic with Gold Bronze accents for the M8 badging, side window surrounds and M gills. Door sill plates also sporting a Gold Bronze finish and exclusive M light-alloy wheels with special colour highlights add to the sense of prestige. The Edition model's interior appointments include Merino full-leather trim in Taruma Brown.
Interior: M-style cockpit, roomy and luxurious feel
The interior of the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe successfully blends the characteristic racing flavour of M models with a feeling of abundant space and luxury. Carbon Fibre interior trim strips and red splashes of colour on the steering wheel's M buttons and the Start/Stop button on the centre console set the tone for the cockpit, helped by the new-look gear selector lever with Drivelogic switch. Trimmed in leather with an M logo and stitching in M GmbH colours, the selector lever also incorporates a distinctive cut-out with integral lighting for added emphasis.
The sports seats with perforated 3D quilting and integral head restraints are upholstered in either Merino leather (BMW M8 Gran Coupe) or full leather (BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe). Bi-colour leather and Alcantara appointments are offered as an exclusive option for the Competition version.
Track-focused performance qualities combine with lavish spaciousness to deliver dynamic prowess, exclusivity and luxury in unprecedented form in the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe. The individual character of the four-door high-performance sports cars is also clearly apparent from their standard specification and the array of optional extras. The M-style cockpit with M Sport seats, M leather steering wheel and M-specific read-outs for the instrument cluster and Head-Up Display (also included as standard) give the driver all the tools to enjoy an exhilarating driving experience and precisely controllable handling at the dynamic limits. The inimitable M feeling also spills over into the rear compartment, where the Gran Coupes' substantial increase in legroom, headroom and shoulder room over the two-door BMW M8 variants emphasises their superior everyday practicality and remarkable long-distance comfort, and adds a further dimension to the cabin's luxurious ambience.
The M Sport seats in the front come as standard with electric adjustment for the fore/aft position, backrest angle, backrest width, thigh support and head restraint height, and also include a memory function. The rear backrest has a 40 : 20 : 40 split/folding design and its individual sections can also be released from the boot. Automatic boot lid operation is part of standard specification, as is the Comfort Access feature, which includes hands-free opening and closing of the boot lid. Other highlights on the standard equipment list for the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe include the BMW Display Key, telephony with wireless charging, ambient lighting and Adaptive LED headlights. There is also the option of BMW Laserlight with BMW Selective Beam (standard in Germany), which generates a high-beam range of up to 600 metres.
Setup button allows direct access to the configuration of all powertrain and chassis systems
BMW M models are traditionally equipped with controls that make it possible to program individual powertrain and chassis configurations - and thereby tailor the car's setup to personal preferences and the driving situation at hand. The Setup button on the centre console of the BMW M8 Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe provides direct access to the settings for the engine, chassis, steering, M xDrive all-wheel drive and braking system.
Pressing the button brings up a Setup menu in the Control Display that shows the vehicle settings currently engaged and allows the driver to change the mode of the individual systems in a single step, using either the touchscreen or the iDrive Controller.
The engine characteristics can be adjusted by means of the EFFICIENT, SPORT and SPORT PLUS settings, while the COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT PLUS chassis options give access to the three profiles for the electronically controlled dampers. The driver can also choose between COMFORT and SPORT for both the M-specific electromechanical steering and the new braking system. When DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is deactivated, the 4WD, 4WD SPORT and 2WD (for pure rear-wheel drive) settings for the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system also come into play.
Two individually composed variants of this M setup can be stored permanently with the driver's preferred settings for the engine sound, the gearshift characteristics of the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission, the driving stability control and the Auto Start Stop function. The overall vehicle configuration can then be called up at any time by pressing one of the two M buttons on the steering wheel.
BMW Live Cockpit Professional: fully digital screen grouping with M-specific content and graphics
The BMW Live Cockpit Professional also fitted as standard features a fully digital screen grouping. This comprises a high-resolution instrument cluster behind the steering wheel with a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches and a Control Display measuring 10.25 inches across. It incorporates a navigation system and additionally allows customers to use the entire range of digital services from BMW Connected and BMW ConnectedDrive. To ensure they enjoy intuitive, multimodal interaction with their vehicle, drivers can choose to access functions using the Control Display's touchscreen, the familiar iDrive Touch Controller, the controls on the steering wheel, voice control or gesture control.
The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is another element of the operating system. This digital companion can be activated with the spoken prompt "Hey BMW" and helps the driver to use vehicle functions. Functions and information can be accessed with the greatest of ease using naturally formulated spoken instructions.
Driver assistance systems: comfort and safety à la carte
The Driving Assistant is fitted as standard in the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe, while a wide choice of additional driver assistance systems can also be specified that ease the driver's workload in monotonous driving situations and enhance both comfort and safety. Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and the Night Vision system are both available as optional extras. And customers can also opt for the Driving Assistant Professional package, which adds features such as the Steering and lane control assistant, the Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection, the Evasion Assistant, and the Crossroads warning, Wrong-way warning and Front Cross Traffic Alert systems.
The standard Parking Assistant also includes a rear view camera, while upgrading to the optional Parking Assistant Plus adds the Top View, Panorama View and 3D Top View functions to the mix.
Unadulterated driving pleasure at your fingertips: the M Mode button
The M Mode button on the centre console can be used to alter both the responses of the driver assistance systems and the information shown in the instrument cluster and Head-Up Display. The driver can choose from ROAD and SPORT settings, while the new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe also comes with a TRACK setting designed exclusively for use on race circuits. Changing mode alters the information presented to the driver in the displays, while the safety-enhancing interventions by the driver assistance systems - such as active braking or steering inputs - are reduced to a bare minimum or deactivated altogether.
Exclusive options for a luxurious driving experience
A number of other exclusive comfort features for the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe have likewise been designed to combine the intense feeling of an M car with a luxurious driving experience. Seat ventilation, four-zone automatic climate control, sun protection glass, electrically operated sun blinds for the rear side windows and a Heat Comfort package (featuring heated armrests in the doors and on the centre console for the driver and front passenger plus a heated steering wheel) create the ultimate feel-good factor. And a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System with fully active 16-channel amplifier and 16 partly illuminated speakers lays on a feast for the ears.