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Sony Vision-S Concept 2020

Sony's efforts inside the vicinity of mobility - which includes pursuing safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment - are being positioned as a brand new initiative, named "VISION-S."
The first prototype car to end result from "VISION-S" turned into showcased at the Sony sales space at 2020 CES in Las Vegas. This prototype contains Sony's imaging and sensing technologyin addition to on-board software regulated the usage of Sony's AI, telecommunication and cloud technologyfor you to constantly replace and evolve its features.

general of 33 sensors which include CMOS photo sensors and ToF sensors are embedded within the caron the way to come across and recognize human beings and gadgets inside and outside the car, and provide highly superior riding support. Sony's "360 Reality Audio" offers a deep and immersive audio revel in via audio system built into every seat to encapsulate passengers in sound. The front seats face a panoramic display on which rich and numerous content can be enjoyed thru an intuitive user interface. Sony will continue to mix its advanced technologies to supply greater safety and reliability, at the same time as additionally striving to inspire new emotion via progressive in-car leisure experiences.