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Citroen C3 - 2020

The C3 is Citroën's smash hit model, in the main five in the B section in Europe, as of the finish of December 2019. The magnetic and beguiling C3 is proceeding with its hostile in its exceptionally serious fragment, by reinforcing its interesting plan, its beautiful character and its unmatched solace. The model that gave new drive and vitality to the brand in 2016 has since engaged more than 750,000 clients around the globe. A "Propelled By You" equation for progress, C3 expects to proceed with its development by focusing on urban and rural youngsters who are imaginative, hopeful and who are continually in a hurry. The model additionally has solid intrigue for armada and business clients. Inside this section, C3 saw its enrollments increment by 12.6% in 2019. 

With this change, Citroën's longing to stand apart from the group is much progressively exceptional. New C3 is the most customisable and agreeable incubate in the section. 
New plan to develop the distinction 
With its emphatic style and novel shape inside a bustling portion, New Citroën C3 keeps on stirring up the market. The intense style of its new front end, which exhibits the new brand signature, was enlivened by the CXPERIENCE Concept. New C3 additionally increases new LED headlights, new 17-inch compound haggles Airbump® plans giving a great new look. 

Expanded customisation potential "Motivated By You", Citroën permits everybody to tailor their vehicle to their ideal style. New C3's customisation run stretches out to 97 mixes, offering a decision of facilitated shading packs revolved around four bi-tone rooftop hues, alongside new body hues (Elixir Red and Spring Blue), new outside trims and the spic and span 'Techwood' inside ambiance.New Citroën C3 has been intended to make each travel an unwinding and lovely experience. 
A sentiment of prosperity on-board improved by new Citroën Advanced Comfort seats, enhancing a smooth ride and exceptional driving habits (ride quality, directing). 
A nice model, with present day advancements consolidating quietness and innovation. New C3 offers front stopping sensors (new) and associated administrations meaning to improve the driver and traveler experience (Connect Assist, Connect Nav, Connect Play). Hardware that supplements the effectively not insignificant rundown of 11 driving guides for included solace - including slope start help, dynamic security brake, street sign acknowledgment and programmed exchanging of principle bar headlights - giving key wellbeing advances and true serenity for clients. 

An adaptable city vehicle, the third era Citroën C3 has numerous favorable circumstances that have prevailed upon 750,000 clients worldwide since its dispatch. Quickly unmistakable since 2016, New C3's complex language is reestablished for 2020. C3 has another mentality, an alternate realistic mark, and a one of a kind shape in a swarmed and profoundly serious market. 
Citroën C3's new front end denotes another phase of styling inside the Citroën run. 
This new front end, propelled straightforwardly by the CXPERIENCE, the idea vehicle introduced at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, is unmistakable right from the principal look. It gives New C3 another strong, raised look and improves its character. The new signature, mirroring the Citroën character, changes here to complement the impression of the tallness of the hood. The chevrons and the chrome stretch out to the LED daytime running lights (contingent upon the trim levels) and features the width of the vehicle. The new headlamps offer a mechanical look and are outfitted with LEDson every single trim level. Besides, a bit of shading is given by the supplements encompassing the haze lights. 
New back quarter board designs - a shape suggestive of the structure of the Airbump® containers - underline the realistic consistency of the vehicle and set up its profile. 
The rear of the vehicle holds smooth surfaces featuring the back lights, whose 3D impact innovative light mark carries a characterized look to New Citroën C3. At the focal point of the back end, sparkle dark chevrons with a chrome encompass highlight to give a contemporary look to the back. 
New Citroën C3's style is developing, with a striking outline, giving an all the more impressive position to the vehicle. 
A conspicuous front end plan. Surely charming, it gives New C3 a totally sure search for a conservative size, estimating 3.99m long. The side view features the skimming rooftop upheld by dark windscreen columns, while the lines of the flat window climate strips are in accordance with the purposely high cap. 
Side Airbump® (subject to form). A genuine realistic mark, they ensure the bodywork while underlining the vehicle's style. Overhauled, they are comprised of a lot of three containers situated at the base of the entryways, highlighting a vivid addition as indicated by the Color Pack picked by the client. 
Huge breadth wheels (subject to rendition). Up to 17-inches, fortify the vehicle's novel character. 
Wheel curve expansions (reliant on form). The wide wheel curves accentuate the liberally bended front and back wings of the vehicle, further adding to the street nearness of New C3. 

At its dispatch in 2016, C3 offered its clients an exhaustive and rational customisation offer at the core of the standard market. An element that turned into a marker of Citroën's situating over the remainder of the range. New C3 further builds the opportunities for the client to customize their vehicle. 
Devoted to the "Enlivened By You" signature, customisation makes it workable for everybody to completely declare their character and style, with an outside look that can differ from watchful to stylish, and the chance to energize an exemplary tint with a differentiated rooftop shading and hued embeds. The entryway mirrors and quarter board trims are a similar shading as the rooftop board for a lucid look to the New Citroën C3. 
Reliable with the Citroën "Roused by You" brand message, NewC3 expands its customisation potential, expanding from 36 to 97 mixes. This incorporates new body hues, new bi-tone decisions (fusing the rooftop, entryway mirrors and the back quarter board trim), new shaded embeds around the haze lights and the Airbump® boards, just as new realistic trims finishing the rooftop for a perpetually particular introduction. 
So, New C3 strengthens its situation as one of the most customisable vehicle in its section, because of its: 
Seven body hues: including two brilliant new hues - Elixir Red and Spring Blue - notwithstanding the hues that are as of now notable (Perla Nera Black, Cumulus Gray, Platinum Gray, Soft Sand, Polar White). 
Four Color Packs: shaded additions including haze light and Airbump®Emerald is added to Black, White and Red. The Color Packs are facilitated with the four rooftop hues: including one new Emerald shading (notwithstanding Opal White, Onyx Black, Aden Red). Rooftop hues are correspondingly planned with the shade of the wing mirrors and the quarter board trim. 

Three rooftop stylistic layouts: with the presentation of new realistic subjects (Red, Techwood, Emerald) as decals on the rooftop container and the quarter board trim. 
Citroën C3 likewise presents the new 17-inch 'Vector' amalgam wheels (contingent upon the renditions) that fortify its character in profile. 
The customisation program is likewise highlighted inside New C3, a space offering significant serenity, with a gesture to the universe of La Maison Citroën (Techwood shading plan) and Scandinavian furnishings. 
New Citroën C3's inside goes upmarket and drenches the tenants in a 'comfortable' bubble. New C3 has a keenly structured dashboard that makes a sentiment of warmth from its shading and materials treatment, in concordance with the entryways or seats for a steady by and large look. 
Techwood feel (NEW):high-end shading mood with delicate touch materials and unique sewing. The marriage of an exquisite dashboard strip with a 'lightwood' appearance (connections to the CXPERIENCE Concept) and a light hued trim on the upper piece of the seats (texture strip enlivened by the dashboard trim with topstitching) gives polish and warmth in the traveler compartment. 
To make its blockbuster perpetually appealing, and to permit clients to feel 'at home' in the driver's seat, the architects of New C3 have made no trade offs to comfort ready, applying Citroën Advanced Comfort® ability to the inside plan. 
A genuine living space, ready to oblige up to five individuals, New C3 has changed for much more noteworthy on-board prosperity and benefits from its qualities. 
Spry, smaller and flexible, this five-entryway bring forth, which profits by a conservative length (3.99 m), attests its driving style because of its suspension, which is a highest quality level in the fragment, and with the consideration taken with the acoustic treatment. A blend of an extraordinarily quieted environment and a normal Citroën signature in the driver's seat. New C3 additionally profits by a cover impact that channels the outside world and protects travelers from the street. 
What makes New Citroën C3 stick out? It is the brand's particular type of solace. Bringing solace into another measurement. The wide and liberal seats of New C3 have been painstakingly created. Like its kin C5 Aircross SUV and C4 Cactus Hatch, New C3 highlights Advanced Comfort situates: a genuine Citroën development. 
These liberal seats - which feel practically like a rocker - give improved solace, both outwardly and as far as stance with a cushioning realistic impact and lumbar help (movable on the driver's side). 
From the main contact, the solace approach is felt with an exceptional froth superficially and thickened texture (the froth changes from 2mm to 15mm) for unmatched delicateness.