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Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro 2020

Audi is growing its portfolio in the fair size to the extravagance class: The Four Rings will likewise be offering module cross breeds in the A7, A8, Q5 and Q7 model lines. They all bear the "TFSI e" logo. The Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro is presently proceeding with this arrangement. Like all Audi module half and half models, it additionally joins two exceptionally productive drives to accomplish a framework yield of 270 kW (367 PS). 
Its four-chamber gas motor, a 2.0 TFSI, conveys 185 kW (252 PS). The electric engine, which is coordinated into the seven-speed S tronic, has a pinnacle yield of 105 kW. The framework torque as of now arrives at its limit of 500 Nm (368.8 lb-ft) at a speed of 1,250 rpm. The lithium-particle battery, which is situated in the vehicle back, stores 14.1 kWh of vitality. It is incorporated with the end goal that the baggage compartment offers level and helpful gear space. 

The A6 TFSI e 55 quattro is an energetic vehicle that is profoundly effective simultaneously. It quickens from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 5.6 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km/h (155.3 mph). On simply electric force, it arrives at a top speed of 135 km/h (83.9 mph). Its electric range, estimated by the WLTP system, is as much as 53 kilometers (32.9 mi). In this manner the duty rate forced on it when utilized as an organization vehicle in Germany is sliced down the middle. The incredible module crossover model is the main premium vehicle in the direct serious condition that has quattro all-wheel drive ready.

The drive idea of the Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro is structured so clients can do the vast majority of their every day driving electrically and in this way with zero nearby emanations and almost without sound. They can pick between the three drive modes "EV" for all-electric driving, "Cross breed" for the proficient mix of both drive types and "Hold" to save the electrical vitality accessible at some random time. 
In "Cross breed" mode the prescient working methodology guarantees greatest effectiveness and the most extreme conceivable measure of electric driving. It controls the drivetrain with the goal that the last phase of the excursion before getting to the goal can be shrouded on the whole electric mode and the battery is energized in advance through the ignition motor where important. Fine anticipating a phase of the excursion is performed by the prescient effectiveness help. It likewise utilizes a lot of data, including route, online traffic occasions, the driver's style and the vehicle sensors, for example, the camera and radar. It designs the administration of the drives and settles on freewheeling with the motor deactivated and drifting recovery. 
Clients can charge the Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro at open energizing stations to a yield of 7.4 kW utilizing the mode 3 link provided. This implies it takes approximately more than two hours to energize a vacant high-voltage battery. While out and about, the Audi e-tron Charging Service offers access to more than 110,000 charging focuses in Europe. The myAudi application is outfitted with a course organizer that shows where the terminals are. Clients can utilize the application to oversee charging and pre-section atmosphere control even before they set off. The cooling framework works together with a profoundly effective warmth siphon that utilizes the waste warmth from the electrical drive parts. 
The Audi A6 55 TFSI e quattro has an unmistakably lively character. The S line outside bundle, the dark styling bundle, dark outside mirror lodgings and security coating upgrade the outside. Lattice LED headlights, sport seats, four-zone programmed cooling, the Audi virtual cockpit, sport suspension, 19-inch haggles brake calipers include further accents. The module mixture car would now be able to be requested at a base cost of EUR 68,850 and is presently coming to vendors in Germany.