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Dodge Ram SRT10 - 2004

The third-age Ram was disclosed on February 7, 2001 at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show, and appeared for 2002 model year on 1500 models and 2003 on 2500 and 3500 models. This was a significant update including an all new edge, suspension, powertrains, insides, and sheet metal. The group taxi models for this age were really Quad Cab trucks that had regular opening back entryways. The four-wheel-drive light trucks (1500 arrangement) lost their live axles for an autonomous front suspension, yet the 2500 and 3500 arrangement held the live axles for most extreme life span and solidness. This body style drew intensely from the past age. 

The overhauled trucks supported deals, with 400,000 sold during 2001-2002 and almost 450,000 sold during 2002-2003, another high point for the Ram name. Simultaneously, both Ford and GM trucks were expanding in deals from a 2001 top more than 850,000 to the 900,000 territory. Be that as it may, with 400,543 Rams sold that year, the Ram's deals couldn't stay aware of the eleventh-age F-150 out of 2004. The essential explanation was that Dodge didn't produce a genuine team taxi to rival Ford and different makers. 
2006 Facelift 
The Dodge Ram was refreshed for the 2006 model year. One outstanding expansion was the "Super Cab", including a 6.25-foot (2 m) freight box and 22 inches (560 mm) of additional taxi space, permitting seating for six with back chairs, a full screen mapping in-run route framework turned into a choice, and the headlamps were overhauled for better execution. 

For 2006, the directing wheel configuration was changed to one from the Dodge Dakota and Dodge Durango. Bluetooth U Connect was presently accessible as a choice, and a front facelift was given to all Ram models. SIRIUS Satellite Radio was accessible, too was a back seat DVD theater setup with remote earphones. The SRT model, with the 8.3 L V10 motor from the Dodge Viper SRT/10, was stopped after the 2006 model year. 
Case Cab 
In 2007, a 3500 Chassis Cab model was presented with industry-standard back casing width and wiring to oblige suppliers. Notwithstanding the 5.7 L (345 cu in), a Cummins 6.7 L (408 cu in) diesel evaluated at 350 hp (260 kW) and 650 lb·ft (880 N·m) was additionally accessible. Programmed transmissions utilized were the 545RFE with the 5.7 L (345 cu in) the AS68RC with the 6.7 L (408 cu in). The G56 transmission was the main manual transmission advertised. 
For 2008, Dodge presented two more Chassis Cab models, the 4500 and 5500. These were Class-4 and Class-5 trucks with a gross load of 16,500 lb (7,500 kg) and 19,500 lb (8,800 kg), separately. The two trucks came outfitted with a similar form of the Cummins 6.7 L (408 cu in) diesel as the 3500 skeleton taxi model. Real, who worked with Dodge being developed, had their own variant, called the Sterling Bullet with a one of a kind grille. Real is a division of Freightliner LLC which, similar to Dodge, was possessed by the previous DaimlerChrysler. Real Trucks was authorized to sell Dodge Ram 4500 arrangement trucks as the Sterling Bullet. At the point when the Sterling brand was eliminated by Chrysler Corporation, the Bullet was stopped. 

Models worked after January 1, 2007 offered another 6.7 L Cummins turbo diesel presented as a choice in 2500/3500 models supplanting the 5.9 L. It delivered 350 hp (260 kW) and 650 lb·ft (881 N·m). Not at all like the 5.9 L which was upheld by the 4-speed 48RE Transmission, the 6.7 L was outfitted with the new 6-speed 68RFE transmission. 
2005 was the latest year for the principal form of the 5.7 L (345 cu in) Hemi V8. 2006 half-ton models offered the Multi-Displacement System Hemi V8 motor that likewise opened up in Chrysler and Dodge cars. This motor highlighted a similar exhibition however had a chamber deactivating highlight empowered under light loads to expand mileage by 3 MPG city and 4 MPG hwy. This new Hemi still conveyed 345 hp (257 kW) and 375 lb·ft (508 N·m). 
For the 2003 model year, AAM axles supplanted the Dana Corp axles. In the front every one of the 2500 and 3500 trucks got the 9.25" with 33 spline axles. The back choices for the 2500 and 3500 were the AAM (frequently alluded to as "corporate") 10.5" and 11.5". Back hub shafts are 30 spline. The back 11.5" has a rigging proportion "transporter split" at 3.73 and numerically higher, yet the General Motors AAM axles utilized an alternate bearer dispersing forestalling establishment of a Chrysler bearer into some GM axles, yet the GM bearer can be introduced in the Chrysler pivot if a ring gear spacer is introduced. Quality is like their prior Dana 70 and 80 partners. Direct examinations are troublesome as the axles are made with totally extraordinary metallurgy. 
Uncommon Edition Rams 
Avoid Ram SRT 10 otherwise known as Viper Ram - This is an ordinary or quad-taxi body with the Dodge Viper's V10 motor 8.3L, 22" haggles tires, brought down suspension, can seats, body alterations, and a spoiler. The 2004 variant was accessible just in a solitary taxi with a 6-speed manual transmission and a Hurst shifter. For 2005, Dodge discharged a Quad Cab adaptation of the Viper-V10-fueled truck with an altered 48RE four-speed programmed transmission from the Ram with the Cummins turbodiesel motor. In 2004, the truck held the Guinness World Record for "World's Fastest Production Pickup Truck" with a speed of 154.587 mph (247.3 km/h). This record remained until overwhelmed by the Australian HSV Maloo R8, a game utility car, in May 2006. SRT-10 creation finished on June 30, 2006. 

Force Wagon - This model, presented for 2005, is a rough terrain centered variant of the Ram. The name is drawn from Dodge's line of 4-wheel-drive trucks produced using the mid 1940s through the 1980s. It accompanies the 5.7 L (345 cu in) Hemi motor, electronic locking differentials, electronic detaching front influence bar, 33" rough terrain tires, handlebar, bumper flares, "Force Wagon" nameplates rather than the standard Ram badging, and a 12,000 pound winch. This truck was based on the 2500 stage.