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Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD LTZ Crew Cab 2007

"GM's hard core pickup legacy is based on the guarantees of capacity and constancy," said White. "The new Silverado HD and Sierra HD trucks offer excellent capacity, while expanding on the notoriety that has put GM full-size pickups at the highest point of various quality reviews." 
Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD models will show up in the primary quarter of 2007. Creation of the new trucks is shared among a few get together plants, including Fort Wayne , Ind. , and Pontiac and Flint , Mich. 
Strong and unmistakable outside structures The new Silverado and Sierra substantial models have bolder, solid structures that are separated from their light-obligation kin. This incorporates new grilles, headlamps, hoods and front bumpers - all passing on wide carried, prepared for-anything quality. The trucks likewise highlight more unmistakable brand separation than any past age. 
Chevy Silverado has a more extensive and taller double port grille, with a noticeable gold necktie insignia at the inside. Enormous, reflector-optic headlamps and corner lights fold over the front end and stream into flared front bumpers, upgrading the truck's expansive position. The bumper flares have an etched, made right appearance and supplement the solid force vault hood plan. 

GMC Sierra has an unmistakable front end with a conspicuous GMC image set in a huge, chrome-ringed grille (dark grille encompass on work truck models). The grille is flanked by enormous, jeweled-appearance headlamps. Chrome guards with body-shading top and end tops are standard. SLE models include huge foglamps set into the guard, making an upscale appearance that further mirrors GMC's image personality. 
The trucks' entryway handles include enormous, snatch style plans that are anything but difficult to open with gloves. Different subtleties additionally improve the solid appearance and usefulness incorporates bigger front recuperation snares. A quicker, 57-degree windshield point decreases wind clamor and improves eco-friendliness. 
The trucks are increasingly refined looking, as well, with entryways that stretch out over the rockers for a smooth, continuous look, and lights that have a jeweled appearance. Resiliences between boards are enormously diminished - remembering a 50-percent decrease for the space between the taxi and freight box. 
Taxi and payload box arrangements 
Silverado and Sierra rock solid trucks are offered in normal, broadened and group taxi setups, which are supplemented with standard (6-foot 6-inch) and long (8-foot) load box lengths. Silverado and Sierra 3500HD models likewise are accessible with the Dually double back wheel setup on a long (8-foot) box. New highlights, for example, 170-degree-opening back access entryways with completely retractable force windows on broadened taxi models, offer expanded adaptability. 

The pickup boxes have been updated with upgraded adaptability, expanded quality and more prominent limit. A one-piece wheelhouse and internal box side include quality and a smoother, increasingly coordinated appearance. The cases are 1.18 inches (30 mm) more profound in the front and 1.57 inches (40 mm) more profound at the back, with more grounded inward dividers that offer improved presentation when fitted with stepping stool racks, tool stash and different adornments. Load bed volume is 60.7 cubic feet (1,718 L) with the normal box and 75.5 cubic feet (2,138 L) with the long box. 
Dually payload boxes are made of all steel, including new, hydroformed sheet metal external bumpers. They have a smooth, incorporated appearance and improved quality. All Dually models highlight marker lights on the bumpers and new, smooth taxi rooftop lights that are efficiently coordinated into the highest point of the taxi. 
New rear end plans incorporate a lock and an accessible EZ Lift include, with torque-bar help. Notwithstanding being bigger than past models, the new back ends are simpler to utilize, on account of overhauled development that lessens in general mass. The back ends are effectively expelled by basically opening to 45 degrees and hauling straight out and away from the vehicle. 
Another, inventive payload the board framework is accessible on all Silverado and Sierra models and is supplemented by a scope of vendor requested extra bundles. Three rails that run the length of the crate sides and the forward box divider are made sure about with high-quality grapples and, in contrast to contenders' frameworks, consolidate upper and lower tracks. Four movable strap sections are incorporated with every framework and can be found anyplace on the tracks, each evaluated for a heap purpose of 500 pounds (227 kg). 

At the core of a thorough embellishments portfolio for the new pickups is a gathering of explicit extra items intended to coordinate into the load the board framework. The rails empower the utilization of an overhead utility rack appraised at 500 pounds (227 kg) stacking limit, a sliding jewel plate tool kit, a sliding bed divider, precious stone plate side stockpiling boxes or a bike mount. These frill use either the upper or lower rails, permitting various blends that can undoubtedly fit together or sidestep each other as they slide along the rails. The tool stash and bike mount utilize a codeable lock, empowering the vehicle key to be utilized for locking and opening these embellishments.
Fragment driving inside structures with unrivaled craftsmanship 

Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups are calmer, increasingly roomy and refined inside, with expanded traveler solace and extra room. They each element two new and particular inside plans that mirror their separate image personalities, including explicit trim, arrangements and measure bunch appearance. 

Silverado and Sierra HD base and midlevel trim models incorporate an utilitarian unadulterated pickup inside structure topic with a contemporary adjustment of GM's ergonomic cockpit instrument board plan. Moreover, this inside incorporates explicit entryway boards with enormous entryway pull and discharge handles, new seat development and designs, one of a kind place comfort and underseat stockpiling frameworks, and two glove boxes (a customary lower glove box and a secured upper stockpiling compartment). 

New extravagance propelled premium insides are standard on Silverado LTZ and Sierra SLT. They offer luxuriously delegated highlights, including a particular instrument board plan, enormous limit place comfort (20.1 L), explicit entryway boards, seats and other trim components. Highlights on the excellent insides incorporate force flexible warmed container seats, calfskin surface seats, cowhide secured directing haggle chrome trim. 

Openness in every inside trim level is improved with new, "low and forward" instrument boards that give a progressively vaporous feel to the lodge just as an all encompassing field of vision. The instrument boards are mounted roughly 3.5 inches (90 mm) down and forward on the unadulterated pickup insides, while the exceptional inside instrument board is found 5 inches (127 mm) down and forward. Both instrument board plans are incorporated into their particular entryway boards to make a cleared appearance. 

The extensive inside and upgraded field of vision make a domain that empowers better outward vision. Legroom, headroom and hip room likewise have expanded. The lean back edge and front/rearward travel of the front seat have been expanded. 

All insides are refined and craftsmanship is featured by flush surfaces, tight holes and resiliences on the instrument board, focus stack, groups and different parts. Most holes on the instrument boards and bunches have been limited to 0.5 mm or less. Scrupulousness was given to disguising clasp and metal basic parts all things considered. There is no uncovered equipment in the inside or entryway ledges. New, delicate touch and low-sparkle completes for the instrument boards and other trim pieces are utilized all through. The shading and grain of the materials were painstakingly chosen to give an exceptional look. Etched main events of new woven texture and entryway trim, just as etched seat backs, upgrade the impression of accuracy in the new insides. 

Supplementing the insides' finely made look and feel is portion driving quietness. Every single trim level - even base work truck models - advantage from a thorough framework that conveys a traveler domain practically without commotion. This is accomplished with the utilization of deliberately positioned sound-stifling and sound-engrossing material in the body structure - including fluid applied dampener on the floor and front-of-run - just as the characteristic, vibration-limiting qualities of the stiffer edge and calmer properties of the efficiently tuned outside. Likewise, improved entryway fixing and an entryways over-rockers configuration help dispense with street and wind clamor. 

Extra features of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra insides include: 

+ another, arena style back seat with a 60/40-split structure and collapsing focus arm rest can be effectively collapsed up to give a continuous burden floor. Or on the other hand, either segment of the split seat can be stowed freely, permitting space for both load and a back seat traveler. 

+ A "twofold" glove box, which incorporates an enormous limit, conventional glove box and another, secured capacity compartment above it, with a 3.4-liter stockpiling limit. 

+ Models outfitted with the extravagance propelled premium inside accompany a solitary huge glove box that offers around 25 percent more stockpiling limit. 

+ The exceptional insides incorporate enormous focus comforts with the section's biggest stockpiling limit: 20.1 liters of unified volume. 

+ The unadulterated pickup insides include a 6.1-liter armrest stockpiling console and another underseat stockpiling canister incorporated with another 40/20/40-split seat. This 9.1-liter lockable stockpiling canister, which incorporates an embellishment electrical plug, is situated under the middle seat pad and is sufficiently huge to store a PC. 

+ The measures have a simple showcase, with huge, simple to-understand illustrations. They are lit with ice-blue LED lighting, which gives fresh, brilliant brightening and a progressively upscale look. A driver data focus is joined on the instrument board. 

+ A manual-control atmosphere control framework is standard on all models, with a double zone programmed framework accessible. The double zone framework takes into account up to a 30-degree F distinction in temperature settings between the driver and front travelers. 

+ Power-worked back side glass is included on broadened taxi models. The windows lower totally into the back access entryways. 

+ Power-worked back glass is accessible on broadened and group taxi models. The window works with the pinch of a catch situated on the overhead support. 

+ A huge, power-worked sunroof is accessible on broadened and team taxi models. The team taxi sunroof has a tilt/slide structure, with a sliding sun shade and express open/close component. The all-inclusive taxi sunroof utilizes a spoiler-type sunroof plan that slides back over the rooftop surface. 

+ Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist gives discernible alerts of items behind the vehicle. 

+ A warmed windshield washer liquid framework all the more adequately expels bug scatter and meager layers of ice and ice. At the point when the framework is enacted, washer liquid is warmed to 150 degrees F (60 C) or more. 

+ A differing scope of radio frameworks, including single-CD, six-plate, MP3-and DVD-fit frameworks, is accessible. A few radios highlight RDS innovation, which gives improved data to partaking FM stations. 

+ XM Satellite Radio is accessible. 

+ A back seat theater setup isavailable on group taxi models; it consolidates a double play radio framework, back seat sound controls and a bigger, eight-inch flip-down screen. 

+ Two touch-screen DVD-based route radio frameworks are offered; one is explicit for frameworks furnished with the back seat theater setup. 

+ another age OnStar include that gives Turn-by-Turn Navigation orders is consequently downloaded into the driver data focus.Driving experience and capacity 

Another, Gen-IV 6.0L gas V-8 motor with variable valve timing and an improved, all the more impressive rendition of the Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel are the motor decisions for the Silverado and Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD models. The two motors offer section driving force and torque appraisals. The gas motor is supported by another, Hydra-Matic 6L90 six-speed programmed transmission, which highlights grade slowing down capacity. Duramax-fueled trucks are supported by the reknown six-speed Allison 1000 programmed transmission. 

The standard motor is the new, 6.0L gas V-8. It is evaluated at a top tier 353 pull (233 kW) and 373 lb.- ft. of torque (506 Nm) on single back wheel configurations.* Variable valve timing improves execution and mileage. Another, Hydra-Matic 6L90 six-speed programmed transmission is combined with the motor. This powertrain mix offers a higher greatest gross joined weight rating (GCWR) - 18,500 pounds (8,392 kg) - than past gas-fueled blends and is the section chief for vehicles with a little square V-8 gas motor. The 6L90 has a wide, 6.04:1 in general proportion - including two overdrive gears - that conveys a superb parity of execution and mileage. It additionally offers manual range choice and tap up/tap down control. 

A cleaner, all the more impressive Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel motor is accessible. It keeps on driving the fragment in force and torque, with power evaluations expanded to 365 strength (272 kW) and 660 lb.- ft. of torque (895 Nm). Moves up to the motor and another diesel particulate channel framework help give a 90-percent decrease in particulate issue and a 50-percent decrease in NOx (contrasted and current gauges), meeting another national government command. All diesel makers are required to fulfill the new emanations guideline, beginning in schedule year 2007. 

The prestigious Allison 1000 six-speed programmed transmission is banded together with the Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel motor. It conveys great mileage, quietness and control. It includes a class-first range choice capacity, which permits the driver to effectively choose the ideal apparatuses to coordinate driving conditions, for example, towing a trailer on a precarious evaluation. 

Working together with the powertrains are a solid skeleton and responsive suspension frameworks. The vehicle outline is involved a durable stepping stool plan that is strengthened with cross supports. It includes a divided plan that empowers simple and exact adjustment of various lengths to suit the trucks' five wheelbase lengths. The casing areas are gotten together with solid, covering sections that support generally quality and inflexibility. 

The quality of the edge and upgraded abilities empowered by the powertrain frameworks permit the 2007 Silverado and Sierra rock solid trucks to offer a bigger, 2.5-inch trailer hitch beneficiary stage. This empowers the trucks to pull a section driving limit of 13,000 pounds (5,897 kg) with ordinary trailers. Trucks with fifth-wheel hitches can tow as much as 16,700 pounds (7,575 kg), when appropriately prepared. 

Extra highlights: 

+ All 2500HD and 3500HD models ride on a wide, 68.6-inch (1,742 mm) front track. The back track on 2500HD trucks is 66 inches (1,676 mm); the back track on 3500HD models is 74.7 inches (1,897 mm), giving Silverado and Sierra uncompromising models an immovably planted feel. 

+ Two suspension bundles: Z85 and Z71. The Z85 suspension is standard on 2WD and 4WD models; the Z71 Off Road suspension is discretionary and incorporates extra skeleton and suspension gear, including slip plates. 

+ another directing control box is utilized with the recycling ball controlling framework, conveying improved returnability for a more noteworthy sentiment of control and on-focus feel. 

+ A high limit, four-wheel plate slowing mechanism with Hydroboost and four-wheel ABS is standard on all models. The stopping mechanism incorporates enormous width front and back plate rotors and hardened brake calipers. 

All uncompromising models are accessible with an incorporated trailer brake controller. It is coordinated with the ABS framework and gives quick and estimated brake power motioning to electric-controlled trailer stopping mechanisms. There is no necessity for outer and additionally secondary selling brake control frameworks. The brake controller switch is advantageously mounted on the lower-left segment of the instrument board. 

Wellbeing subtleties 

Silverado and Sierra hard core models are intended to assist drivers with keeping away from crashes and ensure travelers in the occasion one happens. The powerful stepping stool outline and solid body structure give inhabitant insurance. The edge is planned with smash zones that fold to assimilate crash vitality, while the new body structure fuses the vital utilization of high-quality steel and basic cements intended to help keep up traveler compartment respectability and oversee vitality in an accident. 

Extra security highlights include: 

+ Dual-stage frontal air packs are standard on all models. 

+ Segment-first front seat strap pretensioners with both front and back accident detecting. 

+ A norm, high limit four-wheel circle slowing mechanism with four-channel ABS framework gives prevalent halting ability. 

+ another Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist framework is accessible and gives visual (LED lights) and discernible alerts of items behind the vehicle. 

+ Tire pressure observing framework is standard on all models aside from Dually. 

+ Segment-select plant introduced remote vehicle beginning framework is accessible on most models. 

+ Power-movable pedals supplement expanded front seat front/rearward travel to empower littler height drivers to discover an improved driving position.All retail models come standard with the OnStar Generation 7 framework, including a one-year membership to the Safe and Sound arrangement. The OnStar administration incorporates the General Motors Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN) framework, making crash information accessible to crisis administrations to possibly dispatch the proper life-sparing work force and hardware to crash scenes quicker. On the off chance that the vehicle is in an accident that actuates an air sack, the OnStar framework consequently informs an OnStar counsel, who will keep an eye on the tenants or call crisis help if important. OnStar additionally can help experts in finding a vehicle in the event that it is accounted for taken and gives remote entryway opening assistance (when the vehicle is furnished with power locks).