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Volkswagen Nivus 2021

The Volkswagen Nivus shows up to leave a mark on the world. With a creative plan and new availability and spilling ideas, the Nivus comes out now in an absolutely advanced world introduction, from Brazil to the world. The new model has been created by Volkswagen South America and will be made at first at the Anchieta processing plant, in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, to be popularized in the South American market. In a subsequent second, the model will be made additionally in Europe. 
The Volkswagen Nivus will be authoritatively propelled in the Brazilian market in mid-2020. In Argentina, the model will be in the businesses toward the finish of the second 50% of 2020. The principal semester of 2021 will be the ideal opportunity for the staying South American markets to get the Nivus. The model will be additionally propelled in Europe, during the second 50% of 2021. 
Inventive, alluring and practical structure 
With striking lines and a solid character, the Volkswagen Nivus bears in its plan one of the qualities that make it one of a kind in the market. "Since the start of the task, we have characterized that the Nivus' structure ought to be inventive, appealing and, simultaneously, practical", uncovers José Carlos Pavone, Volkswagen's Head of Design for Latin America. 
The 'C' column's quick and liquid slant is one of the plan features. "From the side, the Nivus has an unequivocally impossible to miss roadster profile. Its extents and volumes characterize an athletic and present day character. The selective structure 17-inch light combination haggles articulated bumper defenders likewise add to make an amicable solidarity, with a lively and energetic mentality. 
Pavone, who followed the Nivus' first draws around four years back, clarifies that the Nivus' front end conveys the normal Volkswagen's plan DNA. "The headlights are associated with an extremely prevailing grille and the striking hood lines, characterizing the vehicle's powerful character." The LED headlights, the LED DRL (daytime running lights) and the mist lights, likewise in LED, give the Nivus a special visual personality, with an exact and productive lighting execution for all utilization conditions. On the grille, the new Volkswagen's logo is less difficult and bidimensional. It is appearing in the Nivus, the primary model to show it in the South American locale. 

The Volkswagen Nivus' backside is a show without anyone else: a level component joins together and incredibly exquisite piece, deserving of premium-fragment models. The stretch into part of the side, in a one of a kind intersection of feel and usefulness. In the upper side, a spoiler coordinated into the back cover creates extending impact in the rooftop, a fundamental detail to characterize the Nivus' energetic roadster style. 
New reference in network 
The VW Play is a mechanical imprint in the business and brings a progression of advantages for the clients. The VW Play is one of the principle Nivus' advancements. The media focal, completely created in Brazil, gives a natural ease of use experience phenomenal in the Brazilian market. With an incredibly high goals 10-inch screen, contact delicate, hostile to scratch and 'virtual catches', this stage the most present day availability assets, yet in addition gives a progression of administrations and spilling. 
Related with the computerized board (Active Info Display), it makes two enormous advanced islands in the Volkswagen Nivus' dashboard. There are two interconnected 10-inch screens(the size of a tablet), giving extraordinary availability and amusement to a vehicle in this portion. This computerized cockpit checks with an instinctive, legitimate, clever and current interface, which can be worked through the new controlling wheel, the equivalent utilized in the New Golf. 
All the while with the Nivus makes a big appearance likewise the VW Play APPs, a virtual store made only for the Volkswagen client, to download applications legitimately through the VW Play as simple as downloading an application in a memory (enough space to store multiple times the size of the Waze application, for example) to download a progression of applications, a select association with Volkswagen. Estapar (stopping), 12 min(audiobooks), Ubook (book recordings), Porto Seguro (protection), Deezer (music),Waze (route) and IFood (food conveyance) are only a portion of the accomplices in a rundown that will continue developing to convey increasingly more accommodation to the Nivus' clients. 

The VW Play likewise offers the Cognitive Manual incorporated to the vehicle (the Nivus is the primary vehicle to give this asset), ability to peruse for all intents and purposes all media designs, brilliant sound quality and an unfathomable network limit with cell phones Android and Apple - in this perspective, it is the main Brazilian vehicle with cordless reflecting. 
Computer generated reality and increased reality 
Other than the utilization of man-made consciousness of the Cognitive Manual, another Volkswagen Nivus' differential is the huge utilization of expanded reality, from the model improvement procedure to the vendors' showrooms. "The Nivus has truly shown up to initiate another computerized age for Volkswagen, with bunches of innovation. We will utilize augmented reality to demonstrate the Nivus to our clients. Through the DDX (Digital Dealer Experience), the client will have the option to see all vehicle subtleties in 3D, all them in a completely virtual way", says Gustavo Schmidt, Volkswagen do Brasil's Marketing and Sales VP. "Over 85% of the businesses in Brazil will be outfitted with this total computer generated experience structure." 
And then some: the client will be capable likewise to know the Volkswagen Nivus firsthand from his own home, utilizing an application created by Volkswagen with increased reality innovation. With a cell phone or a tablet, the client will have the option to 'travel' between the genuine and virtual universes. He will see all subtleties, turn the vehicle around, open the entryways, windows, or even the baggage trunk. Coincidentally, a brilliant gear compartment, with 415 liter and simple access. 

Security first 
Utilizing the DDX it is likewise conceivable to know the Nivus' principle security highlights. Because of the MQB Modular Strategy, additionally utilized in the models Polo, Virtus and T-Cross, it is conceivable to embrace hardware so far accessible just in upper section vehicles. 
Exhaustion Detector, ISOFIX and top-tie to fix kid situates in the back seat, Kessy (keyless entryways opening and motor turn over), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), HHC(Hill Hold Assist), and rearview camera are other security and solace things present in the Nivus. Headlights and back lights use LED, just as the DRL (Daytime Running Light). 
The ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is one of the Nivus' most progressive highlights. It permits the driver to alter the speed and the separation he needs to keep from the vehicle ahead. The framework can naturally quicken and slow down. It is the main model in the reduced section in Brazil to check with it. The Volkswagen Nivus is additionally outfitted with Emergency Brake, a framework that, when it distinguishes the up and coming danger of a frontal impact, slows down the vehicle self-sufficiently, totally keeping away from a crash, in certain circumstances. 
Blessed structure, extensive inside and elite 
Amassed on the adaptable MQB Modula Strategy - which permits high development adaptability on account of its variable boundaries (among them, the wheelbase) - the Nivus offers inside space perfect to convey up to five inhabitants with comfort. 

It is 4,266 mm long, 1,757 mm wide, 1,493 mm high and has a 2,566 mm wheelbase. The gear compartment is a reference among reduced brings forth and even market minimized game utes (SUVs), with a 415-liter limit. This advantage is because of a very useful structure, with a roadster style body and profited by a more extended shade. The storage compartment top can be opened through one of VW Play's 'virtual catches'. 
Superior, low fuel utilization and driving delight are the principle attributes of the Volkswagen Nivus' powertrain. The motor is the commended flex-fuel three-chamber 200 TSI, with direct fuel infusion. This motor conveys a greatest catalyst to 128 cv (94 kW) and 20.4 m.kgf of torque, when energized with ethanol. The transmission is a six-speed programmed. The 200 TSI motor is produced in the São Carlos (SP) plant and at present prepares the models Polo, Virtus and T-Cross, with phenomenal consumer loyalty.