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Citroen C4 - 2021

Following on from its fruitful SUV hostile with the dispatch of C3 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV - with 300,000 and 200,000 deals separately - Citroën is prepared for the following stage in the rollout of its item system, concentrating solidly on the hatchback market. With in excess of 1,700,000 vehicles sold in Europe in 2019 - about 11% of all out traveler vehicle deals - the conservative hatchback fragment is huge inside the European market. New ë-C4 and New C4 speak to Citroën's new-age smaller hatchback, motivated by clients and their different methods of driving. 100% electric, petroleum or Diesel controlled, outperforming desires for the section, while offering an advanced idea that is loaded with character, New ë-C4 and New C4 have everything the characteristics required to stir up principles in a fragment that is as of now during the time spent rehashing itself. 
The tenth era of Citroën conservative vehicles 
Citroën's line of conservative vehicles has been an example of overcoming adversity for a long time, covering ten ages since the absolute first C4 in 1928. A history that incorporates the GS - casted a ballot European Car of the Year in 1971 - which praises its 50th commemoration this year. A run of models representing almost 12.5 million deals, each recognized for their character, comfort and consistent ride consistently: C4 (1928), Ami 6/Ami 8, GS/GSA, BX, ZX, Xsara, C4 (2004 and 2010) and C4 Cactus.An imaginative position and decisive style 
With an extraordinary and strong personality,

New ë-C4 and New C4 present another idea at the core of the minimal hatchback portion. With its raised and confident stance, the new body shape joins the style and dynamism of a hatchback, while quietly embracing certain SUV configuration structures for included quality and character. Streamlined and liquid, the structure includes new LED V-molded front and back lighting marks, and another declaration of style that is more emphatic, strong and dynamic. The warm and innovative insides quickly express prosperity, solace and advancement. Every client will have the option to arrange their vehicle to suit their inclinations, with 31 outside shading blends and six ambiences inside the lodge. 
Decision of powertrain: 100% electric, petroleum or Diesel 
New ë-C4 is the fifth vehicle in the brand's electric hostile. Essentially, New C4 offers clients the solace of picking between three kinds of proficient and superior powertrain: 100% electric 100 kW (136 hp) with a WLTP scope of 217 miles (350 km), Euro 6d petroleum motors from 100 hp to 155 hp and Diesel power from 110 hp to 130 hp. 
Another statement of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program 
New ë-C4 and New C4 messenger another phase for the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, offering all-round solace with an attention on each part of on-board prosperity. Suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort seats convey driving solace. Voyaging solace is improved by liberal inside space, including "Top tier" back knee room, astute capacity compartments and Smart Pad Support Citroën™. Solace of the brain emerges through a mitigating and radiant environment with warm materials and the electric all encompassing sunroof. Solace of utilization originates from the 20 driving help advances, including Highway Driver Assist - a level two semi-independent driving framework - and six availability innovations. The peacefulness is intensified further on New ë-C4, which includes all the advantages of ë-Comfort: quietness, perfection, straightforwardness and delight of utilization. 
"With New ë-C4 - 100% Electric and New C4, Citroën is making a solid rebound in the C-Hatch fragment, a significant section in Europe. Communicating the entirety of Citroën's DNA through its imaginative stance and outstanding solace, this new model offers clients a decision of 100% electric, petroleum or Diesel powertrains to address the issues of however many individuals as could be allowed." Vincent Cobée, Citroën 
New ë-C4 - 100% Electric and New C4 draw on Citroën's long and rich involvement with the smaller vehicle portion, with about 12,500,000 deals more than 92 years: original of C4 (1928), Ami 6 and Ami 8, GS and GSA, BX, ZX, Xsara, C4 (2004 and 2010) and C4 Cactus. A line of vehicles that has positively influenced car history by reacting to the necessities of clients searching for vehicles with incredible solace and remunerating street habits. Vehicles that have consistently been conservative outwardly and open within, exquisite and strong. New C4 and New ë-C4 speak to the tenth era of Citroën conservative vehicles. 
These new models bring all the components that make up Citroën to life. The motivation originates from the soul of André Citroën in the C4 of 1928, the strong structure of Ami 6 and Ami 8, the incredible solace of GS and GSA, the advancement of BX, the tireless treatment of ZX, the liberal largeness of Xsara, the innovation and adaptability of C4 (2004 and 2010), and the emphatic character of C4 Cactus. 

CITROËN C4 (1928) 
This original C4 was the absolute first minimal vehicle from the brand. Agreeable and rich, exactly 243,000 models were sold. 
Divulged in 1961, Ami 6 stands apart through its atypical plan for its time and its extraordinary solace in the portion. In 1969, Ami 8 was presented - a modernized adaptation of Ami 6 with a more liquid roofline. A genuine accomplishment for the brand, Ami 6 and Ami 8 sold 882,000 units. 
Citroën GS and GSA 
Presented in 1970 - and casted a ballot European Car of the Year in 1971 - GS was applauded by the press for its limousine-like solace, its streamlined and exquisite structure, and its ergonomic controls, which were progressive during the 70s. Much obliged, specifically, to its hydropneumatic suspension, GS offered a "flying floor covering" ride and quickly stood apart as the most agreeable vehicle in its group. GSA was the refreshed form of GS, incorporating a back end for simpler stacking. GS and GSA forms together sold 1,994,000 units. 
Citroën BX 
Presented in 1982, BX offered an advanced and unique structure, just as extraordinary solace for every one of its travelers. Another example of overcoming adversity, BX hatchback forms sold 2,150,000 units.
Citroën ZX 
Propelled in 1991, ZX stood apart from the opposition with its extraordinary taking care of and self-guiding back pivot that wiped out backside dormancy in corners. Its suspension solace and inside space were significant factors as well. ZX sold in excess of 2,465,000 units in its different body shapes during its creation run: three-entryway Coupé, five-entryway and four-entryway (a global body shape sold in China). 
Citroën Xsara 
Introduced in 1997, Xsara supplanted ZX, bringing considerably more wellbeing, adaptability and solace in a rich body shape that is common of Citroën. It sold 1,343,000 units in its five-entryway and three-entryway Coupé renditions. 
Citroën C4 (2004 and 2010) 
The age of C4 propelled in 2004 epitomized Citroën's strength as far as plan and innovation. Imaginative and present day, it was accessible in various body shapes: five-entryway, four-entryway and as a profoundly unique Coupé with a two-section back window overcomed by a streamlined spoiler. Notwithstanding the cutting edge dashboard, the vehicle's hardware incorporated various solace developments, for example, a fixed-center guiding wheel. 
The age of C4 propelled in 2010 was accessible as five-entryway and four-entryway renditions. It spoke to the most agreeable methodology in the section, joined with cutting edge gear, exquisite structure and effective motors. 
These two ages of C4 exemplified all the flexibility expected in a minimized vehicle. They sold more than 2,941,000 units. 
Citroën C4 Cactus 
C4 Cactus, presented in 2014, offered a solid expression as a striking option in contrast to standard conservative hatchbacks of the time. C4 Cactus offered an alternate way of thinking: a hearty, smooth and natural style, interspersed by practical realistic components, for example, the Airbump® boards or wheel curve assurance. It had a smoothed out cutting edge inside and an elevated level of solace. 
Progressed comfort was the unmistakable advantage of the second era C4 Cactus. Propelled in 2018, comfort was upgraded by two significant developments: suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort situates that invite travelers into a delicate and comfortable casing. With more than 440,000 units offered to date, C4 Cactus has made ready for the structure of the Citroën models of today and tomorrow, and has denoted the brand's history by solidifying all the components that make a Citroën a Citroën. 
An interesting raised stance 
Commonly Citroën, the plan of New ë-C4 and New C4 separates itself by consolidating: 
Class, ease and dynamism of a minimized hatchback with refined lines and brand name realistic subtleties. 
Quality, character and power of a SUV because of the huge wheels, the liberal and solid shapes, and the 360° insurance around the body. 
The short front and back shades, joined with enormous width haggles mm of ground freedom (more than the opposition), give the vehicle a remarkable, self-assured and sure raised stance - and a "prepared to jump" disposition. New ë-C4 and New C4 break liberated from show and set smaller hatchback vehicles back up for life. With a long wheelbase (2,670 mm) the vehicles are at the core of the smaller hatchback fragment as far as measurements: 4,360 mm long, 1,800 mm wide, 1,525 mm high. On account of its raised height, it offers a higher "eye-point" than the opposition (1.22 m), giving expanded perceivability while driving. 
An advanced, cutting edge front end 
The front end, with its V-molded mark lighting, consolidates Citroën's new stylish plan, as saw on CXperience, Ami One and 19_19 Concept vehicles, and as highlighted on New C3 propelled before in 2020. The styling is a characteristic advancement of Citroën's past front mark with its twofold stage headlights and chrome chevrons extended over the whole width of the vehicle. In this new and interesting emphasis, the chevrons reach out to the daytime running lights at the top and now to the headlights at the base. This serves to feature the 100% LED "Citroën LED Vision" lighting innovation with LED daytime running lights and headlights with three LED modules. Driven mist lights, joined with vivid encompasses, total this imaginative and cutting edge front end. 
The cap is high and level - and highlights same curved shapes as C5 Aircross SUV - contributing force, quality and strength. New ë-C4 and New C4 has a lively and decisive disposition. The front guard has a matt dark lower skirt for sturdiness in case of minor effects. The air admission grilles utilize a "full scale chevron" design like that utilized on the Ami One and 19_19 Concepts, showing the scrupulousness on these new models. 
A smooth and streamlined profile 
The streamlined profile offers liberal volumes underscored by delicate and strong lines to give the impression of intensity, seen strength and character. The enormous 690 mm measurement haggles especially stand apart gratitude to the detailed plan on the 18-inch composites that are accessible at the core of the range. Very much situated at the four corners of the vehicle, they give consolation and support the body's stance. Matt dark wheel curves - connected to the front and back guard skirts, and Airbump® trim with shaded additions - stimulate the body shape and propose assurance and power. Chrome window climate strips, and new entryway mirrors with a cutting edge and rich plan, include balance and refinement. 
The one of a kind roofline and the inclining back window plainly express the streamlined features of the vehicle, joined by a spoiler that improves the imperativeness of the body shape. This tenderly slanting rooftop is a gesture to the famous Citroën GS.A rear end expressing strength and dynamism
The rear design gives the vehicle dynamism and robustness, while suggesting a generous boot volume (380-litres) that is easy to load. With its sloping rear window and spoiler, the rear end draws its inspiration from the 2004 C4 Coupé with its original two-piece rear window topped by an aerodynamic spoiler.
Again, at the rear, New ë-C4 and New C4 instigate the V-shaped LED rear signature lighting that appeared on the Ami One and 19_19 Concepts, offering real consistency with the front end.
The bumper skirt - matt black for protection and durability - has gloss black decoration and chrome exhaust pipes for the petrol and Diesel versions, or unique inserts for the BEV versions, expressing power and dynamism. The two outer air scoops on the rear bumper pick up the design language of C5 Aircross SUV.
The interior inspires confidence at first glance through its perceived quality and modernity. An expression of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, it suggests comfort with its clean, modern dashboard, softly shaped door panels, multiple storage compartments, soft materials and seats inviting passengers to relax on-board. The wide, horizontal dashboard gives a feeling of space and volume, while offering numerous storage compartments built into the design. The intelligence applied to the layout is evidenced by the Dashboard tray, Smart Pad Support Citroën™ and mobile phone storage. Extending naturally into the door panels, the dashboard creates a wrap-around effect that amplifies the impression of protection and serenity on-board, while the high and wide centre console enhances the status of this compact hatchback.
Occupants are immersed in a comfortable and cosy atmosphere: there is a new chevron grain pattern on the dashboard, new patterns on the Advanced Comfort seats and the interior colour schemes coordinate the seats with the new door panels. The materials add value and are soft to the touch in contact areas: notably the moulded dashboard top, wrapped front door panel strips and soft armrest trim. Satin chrome or high-gloss black accents on the vents, steering wheel, instrument panel, air-conditioning and infotainment controls, centre console and Dashboard tray add refinement to the passenger compartment and serve to identify useful functions.
The steering wheel has a wide bottom spoke that incorporates the driver assistance controls on the left and the infotainment controls on the right. New, gloss black automatic transmission paddles are integrated into the steering wheel for instantaneous gear changes, whatever the angle of the steering wheel.
The HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) bring technology and modernity into the cabin. The frameless HD digital instrument panel features an original and easily readable Citroën identity graphic. It is highlighted with white mood lighting for a floating effect. The large colour head-up display is easy to use and keeps the driver focused on the road ahead by displaying essential driving information in a legible and intuitive way. In the centre, at the top of the dashboard, the ultra-thin borderless 10-inch touchscreen is the nerve centre of the vehicle's controls. It has a gloss black finish and a physical chrome dial with a chevron motif. The controls of the dual-zone automatic climate control - also physical for immediate access to change the settings - have been treated with the same care: chrome dials decorated with the same motif and gloss black push buttons.
New ë-C4 and New C4 have a new and elegant guilloché metal automatic gear lever. It has the three usual positions (R, N and D) that are backlit for clarity. There are also two backlit push buttons: P to activate Parking mode, M to activate manual driving mode (for conventional engine versions) or B to activate the "Brake" energy recovery mode for the electric version. The console also incorporates the electric parking brake and a driving mode selector that has three settings on automatic transmission versions: Eco, Normal, Sport.
In line with the status expectations of compact hatchback customers, New ë-C4 and New C4 offer a choice of 31 colour combinations and "Colour Packs" for the exterior and six different interior ambiences, allowing customers to drive in the car that suits them best.
31 exterior combinations to create a car that suits your image
The exterior customisations on offer on New ë-C4 and New C4 allows 31 different combinations to be created, combining:

Seven body colours: Polar White, Obsidian Black, Steel Grey, Platinum Grey, Elixir Red, Caramel Brown, Iceland Blue.
Five Colour Packs: Glossy Black, Metallic Sand, Textured Grey, Anodised Deep Red, Anodised Blue. Anodised Blue is exclusive to New ë-C4 and is identical to that offered on C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid to reinforce the family spirit of Citroën's electrified vehicles. These Colour Packs are made up from coloured inserts around the front fog lights and on the Airbump® panels. Each colour choice allows discreet, refined or more dynamic combinations to be created.
A large choice of wheels and wheel trims
To take customisation even further, New ë-C4 and New C4 have a wide choice of unique alloy wheels and wheel trims that highlight the large diameter wheels (690 mm):
16-inch "Spring" wheel covers,
16-inch "Steel & Style" wheels,
17-inch Diamond cut "Upstream" alloy wheels - for international market only,
18-inch "Aerotech" wheel covers,
18-inch Diamond cut "Aeroblade" alloy wheels, exclusive to New C4,
18-inch "Aeroblade Dark" alloy wheels, exclusive to New C4,
18-inch Diamond cut "Crosslight" alloy wheels, exclusive to New ë-C4 - 100% ëlectric.
Six original and refined interior colour schemes
Thanks to warm, soft-touch materials in simple or more vivid tones, the interior colour schemes on offer across the entire passenger car range have become signatures of Citroën's cabins. The padding and topstitching on the new cars' Advanced Comfort seats echoes that previously introduced on New C3 and enhances the width of the seats. The contrasting colour band at the top of the backrests echoes the coloured inserts on the door panels and reinforces the feeling of space in the passenger compartment. So that everyone can drive in the surroundings that suit them best, six different interior ambiences are available:
Standard ambience: timeless and simple, with black cloth combined with a grey band.
Urban Grey with Advanced Comfort seats: the comfort and discretion of padded grey "Chevrons" cloth combined with a black leather-effect textile and a grey cloth band with a graphic screen-printed chevron pattern.
Metropolitan Grey with Advanced Comfort seats: the chic and trendy combination of a padded black leather-effect textile, grey cloth and a grey cloth band with a graphic screen-printed chevron pattern.
Metropolitan Blue with Advanced Comfort seats: the refinement and originality of a colour scheme combining padded "Saphyr" leather-effect textile, blue cloth and a metallic silver cloth band.
Hype Black with Advanced Comfort seats: the universal distinction of padded black "Siena" grained leather combined with a black leather-effect textile and a grey cloth band with a chevron screen-printed graphic pattern.
Hype Red with Advanced Comfort seats: the dynamism and status of padded red "Siena" grained leather combined with black leather effect-textile on the seats and door panels. Grey Alcantara bands on the seat backrests and grey film decoration with a chevron pattern on the doors are matched with a unique chevron embroidery.
The bands on the front and rear door panels can be replaced on New ë-C4 - at the customer's discretion - by a blue-green film decoration with a chevron graphic motif - designed to wake up the simplest of colour schemes and enhance the atmosphere with a touch of electrifying colour in line with the electric drive mode.
New ë-C4 embodies high-tech and modern electric mobility - a new ë-Comfort class. After C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid, Ami, ë-Dispatch and ë-SpaceTourer, New ë-C4 lets you drive in electric mode on a daily basis, perfectly insulated from the road and the outside world, in a hushed, cocoon-like setting - so all outside stresses are filtered out. With electric mode, all passengers are enveloped in an aura of calm. The silent operation, the smoothness of the vehicle's movement, the pleasure of driving, the gentle suspension, the soft Advanced Comfort seats, the removal of vibrations on-board, the ergonomics and ease of use of the interfaces and dedicated services - everything contributes to enhanced comfort, for all occupants.
ë-Comfort means being able to drive in 100% electric mode, with:
Zero CO2 emissions to satisfy customers' environmental and ecological requirements,
Zero noise and zero odour, electric mode ensures optimum comfort in terms of noise and odours,
Zero vibrations, zero jolts, zero gear changes, for perfectly smooth driving,
Immediately available torque for stimulating driving sensations,
Remotely programmable services for peace-of-mind every day,
Reduced maintenance costs.SMOOTH 100% ELECTRIC DRIVING 
New ë-C4 has an effective electric powertrain with zero CO2 outflows and a WLTP scope of 217 miles (350 km). Notwithstanding the joy of driving 100% electric, with no CO2 discharges and genuine productivity in ordinary use, New ë-C4 likewise permits admittance to the low-emanation traffic zones in certain urban areas, which are progressively untouchable to customary vehicles. 
The 100% electric engine is amazing and lively whatever the conditions. It has 136 hp, 260 Nm of force that is quickly accessible, a 0-62 mph season of 9.7 seconds when in Sport mode and a maximum velocity of 93 mph (150 km/h). The 50 kWh battery pack is evaluated as high-voltage 400 V Li-particle. 
New ë-C4 has a "Brake" highlight to intensify the deceleration of the vehicle without squeezing the brake pedal. The framework takes into account the recuperation of vitality when easing back the vehicle, in contrast to customary petroleum and Diesel adaptations. This activity lets the driver incompletely energize the battery and increment go. 
A few driving modes are accessible, enacted by the mode selector on the inside comfort: Eco, Normal or Sport. The framework permits the driver to pick among execution and ideal eco-driving. 
For genuine feelings of serenity, the battery guarantee is eight years or 100,000 miles for 70% of charge limit. 
Upgraded charging time for simple reviving 
Charge time is improved: 
In mode 4, at an open charging station utilizing a 100 kW charger, the battery renews at a pace of around 6.2 miles/min (10 km/min), which is best in the fragment. 80% of charge is finished shortly. 
In mode 3, at home utilizing a 32 A Wallbox, energizing takes as meager as 7.5 hours with single-stage flexibly or even 5 hours with three-stage gracefully and a discretionary 11 kW on-board charger. 
In mode 2, at home and for incidental needs, the battery can be revived utilizing a standard household attachment. 
To make life simpler for clients and to empower them to make the most of their electric vehicle with quicker charging occasions consistently, Citroën deals with everything and offers a "one-stop shop" answer for introducing a Wallbox at home. 
Charging is basic and can be pre-modified or conceded to profit by more worthwhile off-top power costs. Clients can pre-set the charging times utilizing the touchscreen tablet in the traveler compartment or by utilizing the MyCitroën application. Charging is simple gratitude to the ergonomics of the charging port and the openness of the cable(s), which are put away under the boot floor. The charging port highlights a hued pointer so the client can screen the charging cycle. Charging can likewise be followed on the MyCitroën application. 
Natural interfaces for more prominent genuine feelings of serenity 
With the dispatch of its new scope of jolted vehicles, Citroën upholds the driver by offering clear and natural working interfaces that are anything but difficult to peruse, straightforward and simple to utilize. The point is straightforward: to reinforce the association between the driver and their vehicle, upgrade the innovation of the drivetrain, rearrange all collaborations consistently, and to make New ë-C4 an expansion of the home - in a fun, natural and compensating way. The driver has a devoted readout on the advanced instrument board to see the battery status or range, just as a decision of three showcases: power pointer (power meter), vitality stream or warmth comfort utilization. The last makes it conceivable to see the effect of in-vehicle warming and temperature comfort on vitality use. 
Open straightforwardly by means of a catch on the inside comfort, explicit pages on the touchscreen show the framework's working status or the settings for deferred battery charging. At the point when the vehicle is charging, the screen can show the rest of an opportunity to accomplish a full charge (in hours and minutes), the range recuperated (in miles/km) or the recouped battery charge as a rate. 
Together, New ë-C4 and New C4 offer a total scope of proficient and superior powertrains that are fit to everybody's needs: 
New ë-C4 
- 100% ëlectric: One 100% electric motor: 136 hp (100 kW) - Battery 50 kWh. 
New C4: 
- Five Euro 6d petroleum motors: PureTech 100 S&S 6-speed manual, PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed manual, PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 Auto, PureTech 155 S&S EAT8 Auto and PureTech 155 EAT8 Auto - International business sectors as it were, 
- Two Euro 6d Diesel motors: BlueHDi 110 S&S 6-speed manual and BlueHDi 130 S&S EAT8 Auto. 
A genuine Citroën trademark that supports the structure and improvement its vehicles, the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program is a cutting edge and reasonable way to deal with comfort. New ë-C4 and New C4 offer solid arrangements on the four mainstays of this program to meet the numerous and worldwide desires for clients regarding solace. 
Driving solace: to shield tenants from outside aggravation, as far as both vibration and clamor, so sitting on-board wants to be in a casing. 
Voyaging solace: to make life simpler, through liberal space, reasonable capacity compartments and a sharp format. 
Solace of the brain: giving true serenity to the driver, lessening their psychological outstanding burden by arranging and organizing just the data required. Making a mitigating inside air. 
Solace of utilization: to improve the utilization of the vehicle and its gear with instinctive innovation, valuable regular help highlights and computerized progression between the tenants and the vehicle itself. 
New ë-C4 and New C4 are prepared, as standard, with the Citroën brand's creative suspension framework including Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®, which was first presented on C4 Cactus and C5 Aircross SUV. The suspension arrangement offers preeminent solace and an "enchantment cover ride" impact - to advance on-board prosperity for everybody. 
This significant advancement - elite to Citroën - expects to streamline the nature of the ride, which is so dear to the hearts of the brand's clients. It is the perfection of Citroën's mastery in the field of suspension innovation: suspension comfort has been in the brand's qualities for over 100 years. 
Twenty licenses were recorded in the improvement of this suspension framework. Its working guideline is straightforward. While traditional suspension frameworks have a safeguard, spring and mechanical knock stops at each corner, the Citroën Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® framework includes two pressure driven stops - one for pressure, the other for decompression. The suspension works in two phases relying upon the burdens applied: 
For light pressure and decompression, the spring and safeguard control vertical developments along with no help required from the water driven stops. Notwithstanding, the nearness of the pressure driven stops implies the specialists have more prominent opportunity to tune the arrangement to accomplish the mythical "enchantment cover ride" impact, which gives the feeling that the vehicle is floating over lopsided ground. 
With significant effects, the spring and safeguard cooperate with the water powered pressure or decompression stops, which steadily moderate the development to keep away from shocks toward the finish of the range. In contrast to a customary mechanical stop, which ingests vitality, however then returns part of it as a stun, the pressure driven stop assimilates and disperses this vitality.ADVANCED COMFORT SEATS
The wide and welcoming seats in New ë-C4 and New C4 instantly invite passengers to climb inside. They provide a pleasant feeling of comfort, well-being and support, giving everyone on-board the impression that they are sitting in an armchair that is isolated from the road. Sitting higher than the competition - thanks to the raised ride height - all occupants can see further and can face the road with peace-of-mind.
Another innovation - also exclusive to Citroën - Advanced Comfort seats are available right across the range. They were introduced to the Citroën range on C4 Cactus and C5 Aircross SUV. They are available on New ë-C4 and New C4 as part of the Urban Grey, Metropolitan Grey, Metropolitan Blue, Hype Black and Hype Red ambiences.
Advanced Comfort seats work in four dimensions to offer the very best in terms of comfort:
Visual comfort: immediately visible padding, an undeniable visual signature reinforced by stitching forming graphic elements typical of the brand's previous models, such as GS or BX.
Welcoming comfort: the special foam on the surface of the seat, thickened by 15 mm, offers softness and support from the first contact.
Dynamic comfort: the new high-density foam at the core of the seats holds the occupants in place during long journeys, guaranteeing optimum comfort over time by avoiding any settling effect after long hours of driving and preventing the seats from ageing after several years of use.
Postural comfort: the design of the seats contributes to optimum driving comfort, with wide seats and backrests, reinforced support, lumbar and height adjustment of the front seats, electric front seat adjustment, plus wide and comfortable side and central armrests at the front and in the rear.
To enhance the feeling of well-being on-board, the front seats can be heated and fitted with a massage function.
Special attention has been paid to storage, everywhere around the car. The vehicle's design has freed up as many storage spaces as possible. No less than 16 open or closed storage compartments provide a total volume of 39-litres of storage compartments for greater practicality on a daily basis. This innovative and practical equipment meets the ever-increasing expectations of passengers, both front and rear.
Unique storage and equipment for the front passenger:
Smart Pad Support Citroën™ is a World Premiere on New ë-C4 and New C4. It is a retractable system designed to hold a tablet computer. It is solid, functional and directly built into the dashboard. It enables the front passenger to make the most of the time spent on-board.
The Dashboard tray is a large sliding drawer with a cushioned action, positioned in front of the front passenger. It has a special anti-slip surface to store personal items or hold a tablet in place in complete safety.
A large glovebox under the Dashboard tray also has a soft action.
The high and wide centre console has been designed to offer maximum storage space:
A large storage area in front of the console has an anti-slip dividing flap so that some objects are hidden and others can be kept within easy reach on top of the flap.
An open wireless charging area for smartphones comes combined with two USB sockets, one of which is Type C.
A storage slot in front of the gear lever for various small items.
A large central storage compartment with sliding closure, concealing two cup holders.
Ample storage space under the front centre sliding armrest.
For rear passengers:
Cup holders and a storage space in the rear seat foldaway armrest for items such as pens.
Map pockets on the back of the front seats.
All passengers also benefit from wide and deep front and rear door bins.
A compact hatchback must be a multi-purpose car, capable of doing everything. New ë-C4 and New C4 offer both compact exterior dimensions to maintain agility and generous interior space, thanks in particular to a wheelbase measuring 2,670 mm - one of the longest in the segment - that underpins the "Best in Class" knee room in the rear at 198 mm. The 1,800 mm exterior width easily accommodates three people in the rear - providing 1,380 mm of width at the shoulders and 1,440 mm at the elbows.
With a generous 380-litre boot and a low, flat loading sill (715 mm), New ë-C4 and New C4 are positioned at the heart of the segment and can be adapted to suit individual needs. For added convenience, a two-position floor allows the boot to be divided into compartments and provides a flat floor when the rear seating is folded down. For even more practicality in everyday life, hooks are present to hang bags, while a ski hatch allows particularly long objects to extend into the cabin.
Particular attention has been paid to acoustic insulation, with a focus on running and aerodynamic noise, providing passengers with exceptional sound insulation. Special attention has been paid to the insulation around the engine block. Inside New ë-C4 the silence is exceptional, with no vibrations to disturb the peace and quiet on-board.
The 18-inch diamond cut "Crosslight" alloy wheels on New ë-C4 have been specifically developed to enhance vibration comfort.
In addition to Arkamys digital sound processing, New ë-C4 and New C4 also offer an eight speaker Hi-Fi system. One speaker on top of the dashboard, woofers in the front and rear doors, tweeters in the windscreen pillars and a subwoofer under the boot floor - allowing music lovers to enjoy their music just as they do in their living room.
On-board light is one of the pillars of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. Passengers are immersed in a tranquil and positive atmosphere thanks to a generous 4.3 m² glass area and warm materials. Light-coloured roof lining and interior pillar trim ensures clarity and warmth, while some interior ambiences feature brighter hues, which are unusual in the automotive environment, such as the Metropolitan Blue or the Hype Red ambiences.
In addition to the side windows and quarter-lights, New ë-C4 and New C4 also have a large electric panoramic sunroof, bathing the passenger compartment in light. Its design preserves headroom at the rear and comes complete with a sunblind to adjust the desired level of brightness in the cabin. The interior is light and comfortable, with the sunroof open or closed, so that every journey is an experience in itself.
At night the atmosphere is pleasant and reassuring, thanks in particular to the LED ambient lighting on the digital instrument panel, which is matched to the white backlighting of the driving and on-board comfort functions and the front and rear lights.
Providing comfort in terms of temperature, even in the most extreme conditions, New ë-C4 and New C4 offer:
Heated windscreen and steering wheel - for selected markets, new in the Citroën range,
Heated seats, front and rear,
A dual-zone automatic climate control system with dual controls for ease of use: physical controls on the central front panel and digital controls on the touchscreen,
Air vents in the rear centre console for the rear passengers
New ë-C4 and New C4 are packed with driving aids - no less than 20 latest-generation technologies in all. That is as many as on C5 Aircross SUV, which is the benchmark for driving aids at Citroën. With New ë-C4 and New C4 the customer is well and truly on the road to autonomous driving.
Technologies to improve safety while driving
Active Safety Brake: This system automatically brakes the vehicle if there is the risk of a collision, by detecting and analysing obstacles, whether fixed or moving, pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles, including at night.
Collision Risk Alert and Post Collision Safety Brake: Warns the driver that the vehicle is in danger of colliding with the vehicle in front, from 19 mph (30 km/h) upwards. Post Collision Safety Brake activates automatically after a collision to avoid further movement.
Blind Spot Monitoring System: Lights in the door mirrors warn the driver if there is a car in their blind spot.
Active Lane Departure Warning System: The system alerts the driver and corrects the vehicle's trajectory as soon as it detects a risk of unintentional lane departure without the driver indicating. The driver can prevent this correction, if they hold the steering wheel firmly.
Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function: The system adapts to the speed of the vehicle in front by automatically maintaining the safe distance previously selected by the driver. If necessary, the system also has the ability to stop the vehicle and restart it automatically without the driver having to touch the brake or accelerator.Roadway Driver Assist: This Level two semi-self-ruling driving gadget consolidates Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go capacity and Active Lane Departure Warning. The driver can assign driving somewhat to the vehicle, the main imperative being to continue focusing out and about, with the driver's hands on the wheel, as indicated by the enactment in power. They can assume control over driving whenever. 
Short breather Alert: The driver is cautioned with a marker on the dashboard that the time has come to take a break following a two-hour drive at speeds over 43 mph (70 km/h). 
Driver Attention Alert: The framework assesses the driver's condition of readiness by recognizing deviations in direction from the street markings and cautions them if their degree of sharpness is diminished. 
Expanded traffic sign acknowledgment and suggestion: This framework shows as far as possible on the instrument board, just as certain other traffic signs (stop, single direction road, and so forth.). The ideal speed is set with a solitary activity by the driver. 
Insightful shaft headlights: The gadget permits programmed changing from primary to plunged pillar (and the other way around). 
Advancements to upgrade solace and serenity ready 
Closeness keyless passage and start: Simply convey the key with you to open your vehicle when moving toward it, and to begin it and lock it again thereafter. 
Shading head-up show: The primary driving data (speed, route and so forth.), is extended in shading, into the driver's immediate field of vision, permitting them to concentrate out and about ahead. 
Programmed electric leaving brake: This framework naturally applies the leaving brake when the motor is turned off, and delivers it again when the vehicle is gotten under way. The driver can intercede whenever to apply or deliver the stopping brake through the control on the middle support. 
Parallel leaving sensors: This framework gives data on the closeness of hindrances in the flanks of the moving vehicle by remembering the information gathered by sensors situated on the front and back guards coupled to the vehicle's direction. 
Switching camera with Top Rear vision: As soon as opposite apparatus is chosen, a camera shows a back view from the vehicle onto the touchscreen, with shaded markings as per the closeness of any obstructions. A 180° picture of the zone behind the vehicle is shown, as seen from above. 
360° vision: Activated naturally when the vehicle is backward rigging, or physically by the driver, this component gives video help to all low-speed moves, giving a 360° view from the head of the vehicle and its environmental factors. The view is refreshed as the vehicle moves. 
Park Assist: This framework is a functioning stopping help, for equal stopping (passage and exit) or parking spots (section), making moves smoother, simpler and more secure. 
Slope Start Assist: The framework forestalls undesirable vehicle development to help with slope begins when the brake pedal is delivered. This capacity follows up on inclines more prominent than 3% by balancing out the vehicle for two seconds. 
Static cornering light capacity: The privilege or left haze light goes ahead, notwithstanding the fundamental front lamp pillars, to enlighten up to 75° to one side or left corner of the vehicle, contingent upon the point of the guiding wheel. 
Trailer Stability Control: This is a trailer stabilizer on vehicles outfitted with a plant discretionary tow hitch gadget. It recognizes the trailer when its electrical connector is appended to the vehicle and diminishes influencing by methods for individual and substituting slowing down activities on each wheel on the front pivot. In the event that there is more critical development of the trailer, the framework lessens motor force and brakes the vehicle at all four wheels all together right the speed as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. 
Devoted associated administrations offer the client comfort unbounded, smooth and consistently, for straightforward excursions. Enveloping specifically the whole jolt biological system explicit to New ë-C4, these administrations utilize the vehicle less difficult and more quiet, offering coherence between the advanced world and the vehicle, permitting tenants to remain associated and unwind. 
The 10-inch touchscreen, with a capacitive screen that needs just be contacted with the tip of a finger, is the genuine operational hub of the vehicle. It permits the driver to design the vehicle, access the mixed media framework, phone, cooling and route. It additionally includes voice acknowledgment. 
Remote charging for cell phones permits a wide scope of Qi-viable gadgets to be enlistment charged utilizing a charging mat joined into the inside support. The remote transmission of electrical vitality depends on the guideline of attractive enlistment. 
ConnectedCAM Citroën® is a free camera framework coordinated into the base of the back view reflect. It utilizes full HD and GPS innovation. The camera permits you to snap a picture or video of the external scene before your vehicle, with the comparing information put away on the coordinated 16 GB memory card. Because of the WiFi association, the information recorded by the camera can be moved to a cell phone to be shared through email or interpersonal organizations. ConnectedCAM Citroën® ceaselessly films the street before the windscreen and consequently spares the chronicles in case of a mishap. This framework is for both fun and security. Normally Citroën, this framework is as of now accessible on New C3 and C5 Aircross SUV. 
Associate Assist, a free, no-membership, day in and day out, area based crisis call and help administration, which permits the fitting assistance to be sent to the client, either naturally or by squeezing the crisis or help catches. There is additionally an e-controller framework for controlling the vehicle from a good ways utilizing the MyCitroën application (New ë-C4 offers programming, charging and pre-warming or pre-cooling to improve electrical self-governance, checking battery limit and remaining reach, mileage and vehicle area). 
Interface Nav is the most recent age 3D associated route framework, which is joined with associated administrations, for example, TomTom Traffic for constant traffic data, area and costs of gas stations and vehicle leaves, climate data and nearby quest for focal points. Clients will likewise welcome the Danger Zone cautions. This framework is upgraded still further on New ë-C4 with POI incorporating electric charging zones notwithstanding fuel stations and a realistic demonstrating the span of range as indicated by battery charge level. 
Associate Play, utilizing the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay™ viable Mirror Screen work, permits inhabitants to appreciate applications from your cell phone on the touchscreen in complete wellbeing. New ë-C4 and New C4 have four USB attachments permitting everybody to revive their cell phones: two attachments at the base of the inside comfort (one USB type An and one USB type C), and two at the back of the middle reassure (one USB type An and one USB type C). 
Specialized determinations 
Length: 4,360 mm 
Width: 1,800 mm/2,032 mm mirrors broadened/1,834 mm mirrors collapsed 
Stature: 1,525 mm 
Wheelbase: 2,670 mm 
Wheel breadth: 690 mm 
Turning circle: 10.9 m 
Ground leeway: 156 mm 
Boot volume: 380-liters 
Stacking ledge stature: 715 mm 
New ë-C4 - 100% ëlectric: 
Force: 136 hp (100 kW) 
Battery: High Voltage 400 V Li-particle 50 kWh 
Force: 260 Nm 
Range: 217 miles (350 km) - WLTP cycle 
Greatest speed: 93 mph (150 km/h) 
0-62 mph (0-100 km/h): 9.7 seconds (sport mode) 
Charging times: 
100 kW open charging station: battery energized to 80% in 30 min. 
32 A Wallbox: between 5 hours (three-stage with the discretionary 11 kW charger) and 7 hours 30 min (single-stage). 
Residential attachment: Charging conceivable.