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Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2021

The Range Rover Velar is currently significantly more attractive, practical and wise with the presentation of an electric module half and half alternative, progressed new infotainment innovation and rich new plan highlights. 
The moderate size extravagance SUV, which sits between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport in the family line-up, offers clients the ideal parity of plan and innovation - presently with electric force. The new 2.0-liter four-chamber P400e module cross breed offers a smooth and refined drive, creating a consolidated 404PS and 640Nm of force from its 300PS petroleum motor and 105kW electric engine, with a great 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds).
A 17.1Wh lithium-particle battery, situated under the boot floor, can be charged to 80 percent in only 30 minutes utilizing a quick DC charge point, or 1 hour 40 minutes utilizing a standard 7kW wallbox. With zero tailpipe outflows in electric mode, a great certifiable all-electric scope of 33 miles (53km), mileage of up to 130.2mpg (2.2 liters/100km) and CO2 emanations from simply 49g/km, the Range Rover Velar is currently much more manageable by plan. 

Another group of 3.0-liter straight-six Ingenium motors is additionally acquainted with the Range Rover Velar unexpectedly.

The most recent age of smooth and productive petroleum and diesel motors are accessible with 48-volt mellow mixture electric vehicle (MHEV) innovation for diminished fuel utilization and uplifted refinement. The new straight-six motors, created in-house, are accessible as D300 (300PS diesel) and P400 (400PS) petroleum all-wheel drive variations, each fitted with air suspension as standard for signature Range Rover comfort.The new motors are accessible with gentle half and half electric vehicle innovation (MHEV) notwithstanding the most recent motor advances, for productive execution. The MHEV framework utilizes a Belt coordinated Starter Generator (BiSG) in the motor straight to gather vitality typically lost under deceleration, which is then put away in a 48V lithium-particle battery situated underneath the back loadspace. It can redeploy the put away vitality to help the motor while quickening endlessly, while likewise conveying a more refined and responsive stop/start framework. 

The new P400 straight-six motor creates 550Nm force and conveys a noteworthy 0-60mph season of 5.2 seconds (0-100km in 5.5 seconds.) The motor highlights an electric supercharger upheld by a twin parchment turbocharger and Continuous Variable Valve Lift (CVVL), for refined execution. 
The D300 diesel produces 650Nm force, offering 0-60mph in 6.1 seconds (0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds) with mileage of up to 37.2mpg (6.3litres/100km) and CO2 from 199g/km. Arrangement successive turbos and a serious after-treatment framework make it one of the world's driving clean diesel motors. 
The new in-line Ingenium diesel motor plans meet Real Driving Emissions Step 2 (RDE2) guidelines and Euro 6d-last genuine driving consistence with 48V Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) innovation boosting reactions and mileage. Subsequently, the new Ingenium diesel unit - additionally now accessible in the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport - is one of the world's driving clean diesel motors. 
Also, the cutting edge four-chamber Ingenium D200 (204PS diesel) is presented on the Range Rover Velar, offering more force, lower CO2 and improved efficiency. The motor is offered with a similar 48-volt mellow crossover innovation as the remainder of the range, with CO2 from 165g/km and efficiency of up to 44.9mpg (6.3 liters/100km). 
Velar highlights a reductive plan, accentuated with wonderfully coordinated advanced screens that are presently fitted with Land Rover's cutting edge infotainment framework, Pivi and Pivi Pro. The wise and natural framework, offered as Pivi Pro from a S-particular pack, changes the computerized understanding inside Velar. 
Pivi is planned around usability, with a straightforward interface diminishing the quantity of communications to upgrade security. Fresh new designs and super-quick responsiveness are empowered with another electrical engineering under the surface, guaranteeing the screens and route framework are all set like a flash, on account of a devoted force source. Clients can get to programming refreshes 'over-the-air' diminishing the need to visit a retailer. An implanted information association implies clients approach the most recent guides, applications and vehicle programming modules with refreshes booked by means of the touchscreen at once to suit them. 
Streaming music and media has never been less complex. Spotify is coordinated straightforwardly inside the infotainment menu unexpectedly, with information included, while there's Bluetooth network for two telephones immediately. 
Scratch Rogers, Executive Director, Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, stated: "The Range Rover Velar's name and bloodline goes back to the code name of the first Range Rover models. It has been a long time since the presentation of the spearheading Range Rover in 1970, and now every relative is zapped with our marvelous module cross breed innovation. Jolted powertrains and cleaner mellow crossover diesel motors mean the Velar is a considerably more proficient and practical choice for our clients. Puma Land Rover's new Electrical Vehicle Architecture - EVA 2.0 - upholds the new Pivi and Pivi Pro infotainment, just as Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA), and an entire set-up of cutting edge driver help frameworks, cameras and clean-air innovation, making the Range Rover Velar cleaner, more secure and more astute than any time in recent memory and one of the most innovatively progressed extravagance SUVs on the planet." 
The experience inside the Range Rover Velar is presently a significantly more quiet safe-haven with the expansion of Active Road Noise Cancellation. The insightful innovation works like a couple of top of the line commotion wiping out earphones, continually checking vibrations from the street surface and figuring the contrary stage sound wave expected to eliminate the clamor heard by the tenants. The impact is unpretentious, yet the base decrease of 4 decibels guarantees a significantly more refined and quieting inside space. The framework is even ready to change the level and position of sounds played into the lodge dependent on the quantity of travelers and their situation inside the vehicle by utilizing the safety belt sensors. This serious framework conveys a more quiet encounter inside Velar, in any event, lessening driver sleepiness, which can be achieved by stretched out introduction to low-recurrence sound on long excursions. 
Another Cabin Air Filtration framework upgrades the unwinding and clean safe-haven inside Velar, decreasing degrees of hurtful particulates, dust and even smells. The new framework - acquainted likewise with the current Cabin Air Ionization highlight - sift through fine particulate issue, allergens, dust and even solid scents. Initiated through a 'Clean' button in the lower touchscreen, it is equipped for sifting ultrafine particulates (up to and even underneath PM2.5). Drivers and travelers can be guaranteed the air they inhale inside the Range Rover Velar is cleaner than the air outside. 

Additionally accessible is the new second-age wearable Activity Key, which can thoroughly supplant the conventional key coxcomb when vital. The water-safe and stun confirmation wrist gadget currently fuses a LCD watch and permits clients to begin, stop, bolt and open the vehicle, with no compelling reason to take a customary key dandy out with them.Additional new plan highlights presented on Velar incorporate another guiding wheel plan which has coordinated savvy catches prepared to get the most recent ADAS programming refreshes over-the-air. A material new Drive Selector additionally replaces the revolving gear selector. 
The 'Range Rover Velar Edition' gives considerably more client decision and highlights a blend of outside and inside overhauls. In light of the R-Dynamic SE detail, upgrades incorporate a dark differentiation rooftop and coordinating 20-inch dark composite wheels, for complex presence. The particular new uncommon version model is accessible solely in Lantau Bronze metallic paint, just as the new Hakuba Silver, Santorini Black or Eiger Gray. 
The new Range Rover Velar has an extended motor decision to suit each client, with the new P400e Plug-in Hybrid conveying great range and CO2 from simply 49g/km, another group of in-line six-chamber petroleum and diesel motors, and more productive four-chamber diesel motors - all accessible as mellow half breed choices. The Range Rover family is zapped. 
The Velar is the most recent Range Rover to highlight a module cross breed (PHEV) powertrain, with the presentation of the P400e. The new 2.0-liter four-chamber P400e module mixture offers a smooth and refined drive, delivering a joined 404PS and 640Nm of force from its 300PS petroleum motor and 105kW electric engine, with a noteworthy 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds). A 17.1kWh lithium-particle battery, situated under the boot floor, can be charged to 80 percent in only 30 minutes utilizing a quick DC charge point, or 1 hour 40 minutes utilizing a standard 7kW wallbox. With zero tailpipe discharges in electric mode, an amazing true all-electric scope of 53km (33 miles), mileage of up to 2.2 liters/100km (130.2mpg) and CO2 outflows from simply 49g/km, the Range Rover Velar is currently significantly more feasible by plan. 
The PHEV powertrain works with a serious eight-speed programmed transmission, which joins lightweight development and exceptionally productive activity to diminish fuel utilization and CO2 discharges.Colin Kirkpatrick, Chief Product Engineer, Range Rover Velar, said: "The New Range Rover Velar P400e delivers signature Range Rover refinement. It's smooth and enjoyable to drive, while delivering the same power as a 3-litre petrol engine with more torque and better fuel consumption. We've also maintained the Velar's all-terrain ability, with equivalent ground clearance on the plug-in hybrid versus its non-electric counterpart. Not only that, its impressive 33 miles all-electric range means customers can realistically choose to drive in pure-electric mode on the daily commute as well as around town. Combined with our latest Pivi infotainment and Remote App - which show nearby charging stations, vehicle charge status, and even allow you to pre-condition the vehicle for the best range before setting off - we believe we have a truly compelling offer for our Range Rover Velar customers wanting to explore electric vehicle ownership."
Customers can conveniently charge their Velar in three ways, the quickest of which uses fast 50kW public DC charging, ensuring 80 per cent vehicle charge in just 30 minutes. Using a Mode 3 cable connected to a 7kW (32amp) wallbox, customers can expect an 80 per cent charge in just 1 hour 40 minutes. Drivers can also use a traditional Mode 2 charging cable, which takes 5 hours 29 minutes for an 80 per cent charge (10 amp supply; varies by market, location and the type of hardware used). This ensures the Range Rover Velar P400e is even capable of overnight battery top-ups using just a domestic plug socket.
As well as saving money on energy and spending much less time at the pumps, PHEV customers can also expect to benefit from strong residual values as well as reduced annual taxation.
Drivers are able to select between three driving modes to best suit their requirements, whether they are making short urban journeys or long distance highway driving:
EV (Electric Vehicle) mode - enables the vehicle to prioritise running solely on the electric power using the energy stored in the battery, for quiet, zero-tailpipe emissions journeys.
HYBRID mode (the default driving mode) - combines petrol and electric drive. This mode optimises the comfort and efficiency of the hybrid system, automatically and seamlessly combining the electric motor and petrol engine. The strategy adapts to the driving conditions and the remaining charge in the hybrid battery. Additionally, entering a destination in the navigation system enables the Predictive Energy Optimisation (PEO) function, which intelligently integrates route and GPS location data to maximise efficiency and comfort for the selected journey.
SAVE mode - prioritises the combustion engine as its energy source, maintaining the battery State of Charge at the chosen level, for deployment at a specific point in the journey - for example when entering urban areas.

NEW IN-LINE SIX-CYLINDER INGENIUM PETROL AND DIESEL ENGINESA new family of 3.0-litre straight-six Ingenium engines has also been introduced to the Range Rover Velar. The latest generation of smooth and efficient petrol and diesel engines - developed in-house by Jaguar Land Rover - are available with 48-volt mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) technology for superior efficiency and immediate power delivery.
Advanced 48V mild hybrid technology (MHEV) ensures the new engines meet the most stringent global emissions regulations. The MHEV system uses a Belt integrated Starter Generator (BiSG) in the engine bay to harvest energy usually lost under deceleration, which is then stored in a 48V lithium-ion battery located beneath the rear loadspace. It is able to redeploy the stored energy to assist the engine when accelerating, while also delivering a more refined and responsive stop/start system. As a result, the new in-line Ingenium diesel engines meet the latest and most stringent Real Driving Emissions Step 2 (RDE2) standards, which govern nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
Jaguar Land Rover's latest straight-six Ingenium petrol engine is now available in the Range Rover Velar. The powerful P400 delivers 400PS and 550Nm of torque, with acceleration from 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds (0 - 100km/h in 5.5 seconds) with CO2 from 227g/km. The P400 is the most powerful non-SV engine ever offered on a Range Rover Velar.
The straight-six Ingenium petrol engine is lightweight - with a 12.9kg saving on the unit it replaces - and features a number of innovations. An electric supercharger, supported by a twin-scroll turbocharger, features an exhaust manifold split into two 'scrolls' that each feed the turbo from three cylinders. This separates the flow and creates greater spacing between exhaust pulses for improved driveability from low engine speeds.
Continuous Variable Valve Lift (CVVL) also allows the engine to produce power and torque as efficiently as possible by varying the extent to which inlet valves are opened for enhanced response.
Meanwhile, the new straight six D300 diesel engine is also 7kg lighter than the previous V6, producing 300PS and 650Nm of torque to deliver powerful performance, with acceleration from 0-60mph in 6.1s (0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds). Series sequential turbos and an advanced after-treatment system make it one of the world's leading clean diesel engines. Pioneering technologies include a new high-pressure fuel injection system, which operates at up to 2,500 bar and is able to deliver five injections per cycle with quantities as small as 0.8 milligrams in just 120 microseconds (0.00012 seconds) for enhanced efficiency and refinement.
State-of-the-art Exhaust Gas Recirculation techniques also optimise efficiency and refinement while close-coupled, sequentially arranged turbos feature electric variable nozzle turbines for precise control and immediate responses. At 2,000rpm the new engines can deliver 90 per cent of their peak torque in just over one second.
The new in-line Ingenium diesel designs meet Real Driving Emissions Step 2 (RDE2) standards and Euro 6d-final real-world driving compliance with 48V Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology boosting responses and fuel economy. As a result, these new straight-six Ingenium units are among the world's cleanest engines.
A next-generation 2.0-litre, four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine - badged D200 - now replaces the previous D180 and D240 options, producing 204PS with CO2 emissions from 165g/km and fuel consumption of up to 44.9 mpg (6.3l/100km) with strong performance and keen responses. This engine and is also available with Mild-Hybrid technology (MHEV) to offer improved efficiency over the outgoing engines.
The new engine is 2kg lighter than its predecessor thanks to a weight-saving regime combining new technology and engineering that also results in fuel economy and refinement improvements. The engine gets up to temperature more quickly from cold due to a split-cooling system that features a variable flow coolant pump and mapped thermostat. To conserve energy the lubrication system is capable of varying its output depending on the load on the engine and its speed.
Changes to the combustion and boosting systems also contribute to the reduction in weight, while internal friction has been reduced by 17 per cent. A combination of scissor gear balancer shafts, solenoid injectors and the stiff lightweight aluminium block improve refinement for the driver. The scissor gear balancer shafts work to oppose and counter any vibrations and minimise rattles, while the 1,800 bar solenoid fuel injection system has a finer spray pattern to reduce noise. This gives smoother and more consistent combustion.The Range Rover Velar engine range comprises:
D200 - 204PS, 2.0-litre four cylinder diesel MHEV, 430Nm of torque at 1750-2500rpm, eight-speed automatic, AWD
D300 - 300PS, 3.0-litre six cylinder diesel MHEV, 650Nm of torque at 1,500-2,500rpm, eight-speed automatic, AWD
P250 - 250PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol, 365Nm of torque at 1300-4500rpm, eight-speed automatic, AWD
P400 - 400PS, 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol MHEV, 550Nm of torque at 2000-5000rpm
P400e - 404PS, 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol PHEV, 640Nm of torque at 1,500-4,400rpm
Velar's advanced chassis offers the ultimate in comfort, dynamics and all-terrain capability. The sophisticated double-wishbone front suspension follows sports car design principles, with knuckles and bearings engineered for particularly high stiffness to deliver exemplary steering and handling response and precision. Aluminium is used extensively to save weight, while steel front lower control arms provide maximum durability in challenging off-road conditions.
An Integral Link rear axle with forged aluminium toe links and upper control arms delivers the high lateral stiffness required for exceptional handling precision, together with the longitudinal compliance needed for outstanding ride comfort and refinement. The most sophisticated and capable rear suspension system available, Integral Link is also highly space-efficient, minimising intrusion into the luggage compartment
The suspension systems also offer outstanding wheel articulation and ensure the Velar can outperform the competition no matter what the terrain. With an approach angle of up to 27.5 degrees, breakover angle of up to 23.5 degrees and a departure angle of up to 29.5 degrees, the Velar sets new standards for off-road capability in the mid-size SUV segment.
The Velar is offered with the option of air suspension as standard on all six-cylinder engines and 4-cylinder HSE models, with coil springs offered as standard on S and SE four-cylinder models as well as Plug-in Hybrid. This offers ground clearance of 213mm for coil suspension and 251mm for air. This system delivers truly outstanding comfort and significantly increased off-road capability.The air suspension's ride tallness drops by 10mm while cruising at speeds above 65mph (105km/h) to decrease streamlined drag, improving eco-friendliness. The Auto Access Height work naturally brings down the suspension by 40mm when the start is killed, making it simpler to get in and out. 
Rough terrain mode builds the ride stature by 46mm contrasted with Normal mode at speeds underneath 32mph (50km/h) for a class-driving ground freedom of 251mm, however consequently brings down by 18mm between 32-50mph (50-80km/h) to give an ideal blend of soundness, solace and ground leeway during longer excursions on rutted, unpaved streets or surfaces. 
The air suspension likewise helps drivers when swimming as well. The Grounding Detection capacity can consequently raise the vehicle to help address submerged roadblocks the driver might not have seen. The extra ground freedom can be mentioned by squeezing the brake pedal and a catch on the touchscreen. What's more, since air suspension is self-leveling, it keeps up the ideal ride stature while towing or conveying substantial burdens, improving tenant solace. It likewise brings benefits while hitching a trailer, or when stacking or emptying: controls inside the gear compartment permit the suspension to be raised or brought down by 50mm. 
Advanced DYNAMICS 
Versatile Dynamics is standard on each of the six-chamber and PHEV models just as all HSE-determination four-chamber models. By observing wheel development 500 times each second and body developments 100 times each second, the framework persistently fluctuates the damping powers at all four corners of vehicle. This guarantees suspension solidness is streamlined for the driving conditions, improving ride solace and dealing with. There's even a particular adjustment for rough terrain driving. 
Configurable Dynamics permits the driver to tailor vehicle settings to their individual inclination utilizing the touchscreen. In Dynamic mode's default setting, choke reaction is expanded, gear shifts envision a sportier driving style, the suspension solidifies and power-directing help is decreased for additional driver input. Configurable Dynamics permits every boundary to be separately balanced, so expanded choke reaction can be joined with, for instance, the default suspension setting. 
The Velar's electric force helped controlling (EPAS) framework has been created for extraordinary driver criticism, exactness and feel. Advanced grinding and latency pay calculations guarantee totally instinctive guiding reactions, and a functioning return framework advances a characteristic self-centring impact as the directing re-visitations of the straight-ahead position. The variable-proportion framework additionally guarantees the driver profits by more noteworthy responsiveness the more they turn the wheel. 
EPAS improves productivity just as the driving experience. Since it possibly utilizes vitality when the wheel is turned, it can cut fuel utilization by as much as three percent on the European joined cycle contrasted with water powered frameworks. 
The Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVB) framework, standard on all models, further upgrades dexterity. In the event that the framework recognizes the beginning of understeer during corner passage it can start light slowing down of within wheels - specifically within back - to enable the driver to keep up an ideal line through the corner. TVB is additionally helpful at lower speeds when driving on tricky surfaces, for example, mud or day off. 
Velar is furnished with a scope of trend setting innovations to convey outstanding levelheadedness and readiness on-street, and class-driving capacity rough terrain. 
The most noteworthy of these is a canny, productive, force on-request all-wheel-drive (AWD) framework, which gives the ideal force dispersion to suit the conditions, regardless of whether dynamic driving out and about or pulling ceaselessly on cleaned ice. 
The framework is worked around a solitary speed move case highlighting a multi-plate wet grip and a chain drive to the front pivot. Intended to be minimized and calm in activity, the exchange case's primary favorable position is its speed: contingent upon conditions it can make the progress from 100 percent back inclination to completely secured just 165 milliseconds; transient force conveyance to the front hub can take as meager as 100 milliseconds. This makes the AWD framework unimaginably responsive, which conveys extraordinary execution in all conditions. 
Force circulation between the front and back axles is overseen by Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD), a profoundly refined control framework created in-house. IDD takes data from various sensors around the vehicle, including directing wheel point, choke position, yaw rate and sidelong speeding up. Utilizing this information, IDD consistently assesses the erosion between the tire contact fix and the surface - and the amount of the accessible grasp is being abused. 
With this degree of knowledge, IDD can utilize both pre-emptive and responsive control techniques so as to improve force appropriation, boosting foothold and furthermore upgrading vehicle elements. To make IDD considerably more viable, it is organized to the vehicle's Dynamic Stability Control framework, Torque Vectoring System and - where fitted - the Active Locking Rear Differential. 
The Active Locking Rear Differential, accessible on each of the six-chamber models, likewise conveys benefits on-and rough terrain. Electronic control of the wet grip pack implies the differential can improve the force circulation between the back wheels as an element of burden move and surface grating: this augments foothold during dispatch and corner exit, and when crossing testing rough terrain territories. 
Land Rover's reality driving Terrain Response 2 framework permits the driver to modify vehicle settings to suit winning surface conditions, with a decision of Eco, Comfort, Grass-Gravel-Snow, Mud-Ruts, Sand, Dynamic and Automatic mode. Each changes the adjustment of the motor, transmission, all-wheel drive framework, suspension, and soundness control frameworks for ideal foothold and self-control, and is open through the infotainment framework. 
An exhaustive arrangement of rough terrain advances bolsters Velar's class-driving off-road capacity. New for 2020 is a set-up of cameras empowering two key new highlights - 3D Surround Camera and ClearSight Ground View, the two of which are fitted as standard. 
The 3D Surround Camera shows a continuous outside 3D viewpoint of the vehicle through the 10-inch touchscreen - valuable for low-speed moves across various landscape. The 3D encompass camera can even show an arrangement see from above, apparently causing the vehicle to vanish - helpful while moving across various territories. 
Another new imaginative camera highlight for the Range Rover Velar is the honor winning ClearSight Ground View, empowered by the 3D Surround Camera. This component astutely join together camera feeds to offer a virtual view beneath the hood, causing it to appear invisble. Cameras situated in the front grille and on the entryway mirrors offer a precise portrayal of various landscape or expected perils. A virtual 180-degree see helps make moving simpler at speeds up to 18mph (30km/h). 
Off-road Progress Control (ATPC) capacities like a low-speed voyage control and gives included levelheadedness in antagonistic conditions by overseeing vehicle speed, permitting the driver to focus exclusively on directing - utilization of the choke and brake isn't needed. The framework is actuated with the press of a catch, and the ideal speed set utilizing the voyage control turns on the controlling wheel. 
ATPC works in both forward and turn around gears and is operational from 2,2mph to 18mph (3.6km/h to 30km/h). It is especially useful in testing rough terrain situations where a steady creep speed is alluring so as to keep up vehicle self-restraint and tenant solace.Low Traction Launch is designed to help drivers pull away smoothly from a standstill on very slippery surfaces. Activated through the infotainment system's lower touchscreen, Low Traction Launch provides a very progressive throttle pedal calibration, reducing the possibility of wheelspin. Above 18mph (30km/h), the throttle calibration automatically reverts back to the Terrain Response setting that was previously selected.
Hill Descent Control (HDC) uses the ABS system to maintain a controlled vehicle speed on steep inclines without driver intervention. HDC incorporates Gradient Release Control to progressively release the brakes when moving away on an incline.
The latest development of the 4x4i menu offers slope information - displaying the degree of incline and front and rear camera views - as well as familiar information such as steering wheel angle, driveline torque distribution, suspension articulation and Wade Sensing data.
The Range Rover Velar, Land Rover's luxury SUV which blends sophisticated design and intelligent technology, is now even more advanced with the introduction of new infotainment, wellbeing and safety features.
The Range Rover Velar now features one of the most advanced infotainment systems available on a luxury SUV - capable of voice control, automatic software updates 'over-the-air' and self-learning technologies.
Land Rover's state-of-the-art infotainment systems 'Pivi' and the more advanced 'Pivi Pro' launch on Velar, offering a fast, responsive and intuitive interface, delivered in beautifully crisp high-definition on the vehicle's two 10-inch touchscreens and the 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display.
A new electrical architecture - EVA 2.0 - underpins the new infotainment, safety and cabin air technologies, ensuring fast responsiveness. It comprises 85 ECUs to support the next-generation of driver assistance and customer convenience systems. Featuring two embedded Qualcomm 4G/LTE modems - one dedicated to the Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology and another looking after music streaming and apps - the new electrical architecture ensures seamless connectivity and a quick start-up. Pivi Pro has its own separate power source, so customers don't need to wait for the system to load before performing actions such as entering navigation details. The system also has high-performance Snapdragon processors and an advanced QNX operating system for a responsive and intuitive experience.
Nick Rogers, Executive Director, Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, said: "From the start, Range Rover Velar has been about stripping back the unnecessary to reveal simplicity and beauty - we've applied that philosophy to transform our digital experience, ensuring that Velar is always on, always connected and always up to date. This includes simplifying the user experience in our all new infotainment system by flattening the menu structures so our customers can now access 90 per cent of what they need to do via the vehicle's home screen in just one or two taps. The Range Rover Velar is also more refined and calm inside, with Active Road Noise Cancellation giving an effect similar to high-end noise cancellation headphones, creating a tranquil sanctuary. The Range Rover Velar pioneered clean cabin-air technology for Range Rover with the introduction of Cabin Air Ionisation. The new Cabin Air Filtration system, activated through the PURIFY button, filters microscopic particles up to and even below PM2.5 - reducing the number of allergens, pollutants and potentially harmful particles within the cabin. Customers can be assured that the Range Rover Velar is cleaner, safer and smarter than ever before."
The customisable home screen is at the heart of the system. It can be set up according to the driver's preferences, for example providing 'at-a-glance' information such as traffic updates and when to take the next turn. An intuitive flat menu structure ensures customers can carry out everyday tasks directly from the home screen in one or two taps across phone, media and navigation systems - helping to significantly reduce driver distraction.
Pivi also allows two smartphones to be connected via Bluetooth at once, making life simpler for families or people with two devices such as a home and work smartphones. For outgoing calls, users can switch between phones directly from the homescreen in just two taps.
The more advanced Pivi Pro system - fitted as standard from S Spec - includes its own dedicated rechargeable power source. This allows it to remain in a 'sleep' state when the vehicle is off. When the driver unlocks the vehicle, Pivi Pro is ready to go again in seconds, allowing customers to begin music streaming or entering navigation destination details straight away. New USB sockets (USB-C and USB-A) throughout - including the option of having two fitted to the rear seats - enable faster charging of smartphones or tablets than before, with up to six sockets available.
With the Pivi Pro system and Online Pack, customers need no longer be concerned about data usage or buying a SIM. The vehicle comes with a dual modem embedded SIM (eSIM) and complimentary data plan which enables unlimited music streaming (depending on subscription) via the embedded Spotify, Deezer or TuneIn apps. Meanwhile, map, weather, calendar and traffic updates are available as well as live on-street parking payments through the Park & Pay app. For those working or needing to access their schedules on the move, a new Agenda app works with Microsoft or Google calendars, allowing customers to dial into conference calls or even set a meeting location as their vehicle's destination.
Customers can also opt in for Wi-Fi Enabled with data plan, allowing up to eight devices to connect.

Pivi Pro will also personalise the driver's experience based on habits and preferences learned over time. The new navigation system uses self-learning algorithms to optimise routing, while the Smart Voice Guidance even knows to remain quiet when the driver is travelling on regular routes, to minimise interruptions. Smart Settings allows users to set a profile, storing personal vehicle settings such as seat position and heat preferences, mirror position and media settings. The vehicle will identify who is driving the car through the key fob and connected smartphone, learning and automating their preferences over time, so the vehicle is just as they like it when they open the door and sit down.
Customers will also no longer need to drive their vehicle to a retailer to benefit from the latest software updates. Velar features software 'over the air' (SOTA), to ensure customers always have the latest maps, apps and vehicles software. The vehicle automatically searches for software updates and notifies the driver via the touchscreen when a new download is available. Installation starts once the vehicle is stopped, lockedand alarmed with all windows are closed. The remaining time showson a pop-up notification. Customers can schedule software updates up to 14 days in advance, at a time that suits them - just like a smartphone operating system update. Multiple modules can be updated wirelessly. These span telematics, infotainment and vehicle control systems, improving the performance of core software to ensure the vehicle is operating at the latest level. A single software update can target multiple vehicle systems.
For customers with the new plug-in hybrid P400e engine, Pivi Pro makes it easier to use public charging networks; showing where charging stations are, if they're available and what they cost to use (where supported). The system will also display charge status and enable drivers to choose between three driving modes to best suit their needs: Hybrid mode, Electric Vehicle (EV) mode and Save mode. Using the new Park and Pay app, which supports in-car payments, drivers can pay for parking using the vehicle touchscreen without the correct change or even having to retrieve their smartphone.
A Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay is offered as standard. It also includes Android Auto and Baidu CarLife, depending on market applicability, as standard.
The Range Rover Velar pioneered clean air technology from its introduction in 2017 with Cabin Air Ionisation. The introduction of the new Cabin Air Filtration moves Velar a step on when it comes to safe and pleasant-smelling cabin air.
The new Advanced Cabin Air Filtration system, available as an option for the first time, filters out fine particulates - often found in polluted cities - and purifies and recirculates air in the cabin to ensure the air customers breathe inside the vehicle is purer and cleaner than the air outside.
When switched on via the Purify button within the vehicle touchscreen, the system will reduce the number of cabin allergens and fine particulates up to 2.5 microns in size. The Advanced Cabin Air Filtration system also incorporates an active carbon filter, to remove unpleasant odours and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
Customers can also enable automatic activation of Purify mode. In this instance, when the sensors detect an increase in harmful allergens or particulates, the system will turn on automatically and begin to purify the cabin.
Cabin Air Ionisation further enhances the air quality within the vehicle. The Cabin Air Ionisation System - which has been available on the Velar since 2017 - uses Nanoe technology to condense moisture from cabin air, breaking it into tiny electrically charged particles that react with air contaminants, to neutralise odours, bacteria and allergens. Shielded by water, the particles last longer and disperse further than those from conventional ionisers, helping to maintain a healthier cabin atmosphere for longer.
The experience inside the Range Rover Velar is now an even calmer sanctuary with the addition of Active Road Noise Cancellation. The intelligent technology works like a pair of high-end noise cancellation headphones, constantly monitoring vibrations from the road surface and calculating the opposite phase sound wave needed to remove the noise heard by the occupants. The effect is subtle, but the minimum reduction of 4 decibels ensures an even more refined and calming interior space. The system is even able to adjust the level and position of sounds played into the cabin based on the number of passengers and their position inside the vehicle by using the seatbelt sensors. This advanced system delivers a more serene experience inside Velar, even reducing driver tiredness, which can be brought about by extended exposure to low-frequency sound on long journeys.
The Velar's light, firm, aluminum-concentrated body, along with twofold wishbone front-and Integral Link back suspension gives the ideal premise to coordinated taking care of, prevalent ride comfort and extraordinary refinement. It additionally conveys uncommon degrees of crash assurance, and the Velar has been created to meet the most requesting crash test guidelines around the world, making sure about a five-star Euro NCAP rating. Velar scored 93 percent for grown-up inhabitant assurance, 85 percent for youngster tenant insurance and 74 percent for person on foot security. 
To additionally improve security, Velar currently includes a set-up of cutting edge driver help advancements, including Rear Collision Monitor which applies programmed slowing down when a crash is esteemed unavoidable. The new component utilizes radars to comstantly screen the vehicle's back, guaranteeing the vehicle is prepared to diminish the seriousness of any effect. This innovation supplements the current programmed slowing down advancements, for example, Autonomous Emergency Braking. 
Clients can browse two determination packs; a Blind Spot Assist Pack, or the Driver Assist pack with a far reaching set of innovation highlights which incorporates the new Rear Collision Monitor notwithstanding Rear Traffic Monitor, Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Assist. 
The new Range Rover Velar is additionally fitted with a set-up of new cameras empowering two key new highlights - 3D Surround Camera and ClearSight Ground View, the two of which are fitted as standard. 
The 3D Surround Camera shows an ongoing outer 3D point of view of the vehicle through the 10-inch touchscreen - helpful for low-speed moves, for example, leaving by a kerb and getting in and out of restricted spaces or intersections. The 3D encompass camera can even show an arrangement see from above - apparently causing the vehicle to seem straightforward, a component helpful for moving across various landscapes. 
Another new imaginative camera highlight, empowered by the 3D Surround Camera, is the honor winning ClearSight Ground View. It astutely lines together camera feeds to offer a virtual view underneath the hat, delivering the cap apparently invisble. Cameras situated in the front grille and on the entryway mirrors offer an exact portrayal of various territory or expected risks. A virtual 180-degree see helps make moving simpler at speeds up to 30km/h (18mph). 
A second-age Activity Key can likewise be indicated, notwithstanding the pair of standard coxcombs for increased comfort. The water-safe and stun confirmation wrist-worn gadget presently joins a LCD watch. It advantageously permits clients to open any entryway, lock or even beginning the vehicle just by being close by - so clients don't have to take a different key coxcomb with them on their excursion. 
Cell phone clients can likewise utilize the Remote App to check key data about their Velar, including its fuel level, area, venture history, to bolt or open the vehicle and even start the atmosphere control through the Park Heat capacity to warmth or cool the lodge before an excursion. For PHEV models, proprietors can check the degree of staying electric range, the charge status, charging time and set the lodge temperature through Pre-Conditioning, which utilizes the mains power instead of vehicle battery power. 
The Range Rover Velar brings an upgraded element of innovation, modernity and style to the Range Rover family, which commends its 50th commemoration year. The Velar's plan is delightfully adjusted, from its incredible extents to the tight tightened lines of the back. The liberal wheelbase contributes fundamentally to its balance while assisting with giving an extensive inside. 
Exquisite straightforwardness is conveyed through an outwardly reductive methodology, including flush deployable entryway handles and super-thin Matrix LED headlights, giving specialized appearance and enhanced perceivability. 
The refinement proceeds carefully with the presentation of the Pivi infotainment framework through the vehicle's 10-inch upper and lower touchscreens. Switches stay at any rate, with the touchscreen framework the highlight of the inside, uncovering itself when turned on. These thin, natural showcases work in amicability with the lodge engineering while at the same time including a general feeling of innovation compatible with the vehicle's outside plan. Screen configuration is coordinated, exquisite and natural. This additionally means the new component rich Head-up Display and 12-inch Interactive Driver Display, which are upgraded to diminish driver interruption. 
Inside, the Range Rover Velar's quiet safe-haven arrives at new statures with the expansion of Active Road Noise Cancellation. The wise innovation works like a couple of top of the line clamor wiping out earphones, continually observing vibrations from the street surface and figuring the contrary stage sound wave expected to eliminate the commotion heard by the inhabitants. The impact is unobtrusive, yet the assessed least decrease of four decibels guarantees a considerably more refined and quieting inside space. The framework is even ready to modify the level and position of sounds played into the lodge dependent on the quantity of travelers and their situation inside the vehicle by utilizing the safety belt sensors. This serious framework conveys a more peaceful encounter inside Velar, in any event, diminishing driver sleepiness, which can be achieved by stretched out presentation to low-recurrence sound on long excursions. 
Another Cabin Air Filtration framework diminishes levels of destructive particulates, dust and even smells. The framework - acquainted furthermore with the current Cabin Air Ionization include - sift through fine particulate issue, allergens, dust and even solid scents. Turned on through a 'Sanitize' button on the touchscreen, it is fit for sifting ultrafine particulates (up to and even beneath PM2.5) so tenants can be guaranteed the air they inhale inside the Velar is cleaner than the air outside. 
Remarkably in its section, the Velar keeps on offering a feasible, premium material seat material as a choice to cowhide. The Dapple Gray material was created with Kvadrat, Europe's driving producer of premium plan materials, and is supplemented with Suedecloth embeds in Ebony or Light Oyster. 
New 'Range Rover Velar Edition' 
The Range Rover Velar Edition gives improved client decision, with a mix of outside and inside particular choices. In light of the R-Dynamic SE model, the uncommon release incorporates a dark difference rooftop and coordinating 20-inch dark amalgam wheels. The particular new expansion to the range is accessible in restrictive Lantau Bronze metallic paint just as the new Hakuba Silver, Santorini Black and Eiger Gray. 
Extended client decision 
Extra plan highlights presented inside the Velar incorporate another more ergonomic directing wheel plan with coordinated brilliant catches prepared to get the most recent programming refreshes over-the-air. A material new Drive Selector replaces the rotating gear selector. Three new outside hues are presented unexpectedly on the Range Rover Velar - Hakuba Silver, Portofino Blue, and Lantau Bronze, the last of which is accessible only on the Range Rover Velar Edition. Furthermore, two new combination wheel plans are accessible in 19-inch or 21-inch with two completions. 
Velar is both quickly conspicuous as a Range Rover and revolutionary in its translation of the brand's DNA. The moderate size extravagance SUV is characterized by formal, incredible volumes that are delightfully adjusted by consummately streamlined volume and extents. The huge wheels - up to 22-crawls in distance across - help to characterize the dazzling outline while further upgrading the Velar's sensational presence. 
The coasting rooftop and clamshell hat give clear references to its heredity and outwardly strengthen the class-driving off-road capacity for which all Range Rovers are famous. The 2,874mm wheelbase (Evoque: 2,660mm; Range Rover Sport: 2,923mm) upgrades Velar's visual length, and adds to the outstandingly roomy lodge and baggage compartment - which offers up to an amazing 748-liters of room. The persistent waistline and tightening glasshouse offset formal polish with a ready, brandishing disposition. 
The short front shade and super-thin full-LED headlights further limit visual weight. The ground-breaking back shade gives parity and features the Velar's overwhelming length, and highlights an articulated kick to add to the strong position. Twin chrome exhaust finishers are incorporated consummately into the back guard and give an unpretentious reference to the Velar's capacity and execution. 
Teacher Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Land Rover stated: "With flawlessly adjusted and upgraded extents, the Range Rover Velar carries an improved element of innovation to the Range Rover family which drastically deciphers the brand's DNA. Exquisite effortlessness is conveyed through an outwardly reductive methodology."Delightful subtleties, trend setting innovation 
An upstanding, striking front realistic and long hat set the pace for Velar's outside plan language. The type of the prevailing, pleased grille is additionally underscored by thin full LED headlights, which convey a decided slimline visual mark. The front guard's articulated air deltas and unobtrusive pallet plate allude to the Velar's exhibition and its class-driving off-road capacity. 
The quick windscreen point meets intensely with the front hub line and streams into the Range Rover coasting rooftop plan, which can be indicated in either body shading or Narvik Black difference wraps up. Fixed and sliding all encompassing rooftop choices feature the Velar's outstanding inside space by permitting regular light to flood in. 
The unadulterated, basic yet solid type of the bodysides is demonstration of Range Rover's long history of lightweight aluminum development. The spotless, unadorned surfaces are interspersed by a solid shoulder line just underneath the glasshouse, while a slight, clearing dark realistic streams carefully around the body's lower comes to. 
Bumper vents, which start in accordance with the front hub, stream in reverse to the front entryways, stressing Velar's powerful character. 
The constant spotlight on perfect, unadulterated lines made it basic to accomplish very close board holes, a test the Design and Engineering groups met with outright accuracy. 
Flush deployable entryway handles underline how the Velar's striking plan is empowered by innovation. The handles, which highlight unpretentious LED light, rapidly convey when the entryways are opened utilizing the key dandy, or by squeezing a watchful catch set into the handle. 
They withdraw easily when the vehicle is bolted, or at speeds above 8km/h (5mph), improving streamlined effectiveness for more prominent eco-friendliness, and causing further to notice the strikingly spotless, continuous type of the bodysides. 
Each Velar highlights slimline full-LED headlights as standard. Just as better brightening and vitality proficiency thought about than Bi-Xenon lights, LED innovation has additionally empowered the architects to make the most thin front lamp groups ever fitted to a creation Land Rover. They wrap significantly around the front of the vehicle; a full-length dark realistic inside underlines their restriction. Unmistakable daytime-running lights upgrade the emphatic street presence all Range Rover vehicles order. Driven lights are intended to last the lifetime of the vehicle and utilize less vitality. The nature of light created is nearer to sunlight conditions, so driving around evening time turns out to be less tiring. 
Driving around evening time or in helpless perceivability is made simpler by the discretionary Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) which recognizes lights ahead and consequently plunges the primary pillar for approaching traffic. 
Four diverse LED fog light plans are accessible, finishing in fragment first Matrix-Laser LED headlights. The lasers give far superior perceivability around evening time, broadening the scope of full bar to 550 meters. The Adaptive Front Lighting framework coordinates the light bar to the directing wheel point, while the grid innovation specifically diminishes singular LEDs to keep up ideal light appropriation and guarantee full shaft can be utilized without stunning approaching traffic. 
Discretionary Matrix LED headlights empower Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB). By parting the primary bar into subtle vertical strips, the ADB augments the quantity of high bar areas around approaching traffic for extreme perceivability, while projecting a shadow before approaching vehicles to forestall amazing and for ideal security. The Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) streamlines the lighting shaft to suit a scope of driving states of town, nation, motorway and terrible climate. The frameworks cooperate to expand perceivability in all conditions. 
The Matrix-Laser LED headlights are additionally recognized by the mark daytime running lights and Animated Direction Indicators, which clear over the lights the proposed way of movement, assisting with improving security. Laser high bar innovation conveys multiple times higher luminance than standard LED lights. Getting operational at speeds above 80km/h (50mph) and when no other outside lights are recognized, the framework creates clear sight for over a large portion of a kilometer. 
Slimline LED haze lights further upgrade the Velar's innovation empowered plan and are consistently incorporated into the lower dark component line that wraps round the vehicle. 
The LED tail lights reverberation the refinement of the headlights with an eye-getting 3D appearance. They are supplemented by a full-length significant level stop-light: covered up until-lit and with a reasonable focal point, it utilizes light-manage innovation with coordinated miniature optics to make smooth, homogeneous light. The LED back mist lights mix into the broad dark difference realistic as it arrives at the back of the vehicle and are obvious from the side. 
The inside: a quiet asylum 
Reflecting the tight, cleaned up, and entirely executed outside plan, Velar's exactness created inside grasps the most recent innovation, with an emphasis on extravagance materials, lovely specifying and extraordinary refinement. 
Situated in the Sports-Command driving position, Velar's front seats balance execution arranged plan and backing with extravagant solace and offer up to 20-way modification and warming, cooling and back rub capacities. Fastidiously weight-improved and intended to free extra inside space, the seats have likewise been painstakingly etched for simplicity of section and departure to and from the lodge. 
The 40:20:40 back seats offer remarkable solace as well and are accessible with warming and electric lean back alternatives. The discretionary four-zone atmosphere control and lodge air ionization framework make the Velar's inside much more agreeable for all inhabitants. 
The instrument board's solid, flat pillar is the characterizing component of Velar's inside design. It rakes back significantly towards the windscreen to make the quickest edge of any Land Rover and underlines Velar's unique driving qualities. The slim air vents strengthen Velar's reductive, innovation empowered plan. 
Exhibited in the middle are the two superior quality 10-inch touchscreens including the Pivi or Pivi Pro infotainment framework. The slender capacitive polycarbonate unequivocally follows the unobtrusive bend of the instrument board for consistent, totally flush surface reconciliation. Incorporating the Terrain Response and Terrain Response 2 controls into Pivi wipes out the conventional dial and hard fastens, making additional room in the middle support and further stressing the outwardly reductive methodology that drives each part of the Velar's plan. 
The infotainment framework highlights two multi-work revolving regulators recognized by their material, rubberised external surface and Satin Chrome bezels. There are two flawlessly incorporated computerized show screens. 
Before the driver are twin simple dials with a 5-inch TFT show between them, or, as standard from SE determination or more, a 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display. This top quality virtual instrument group conveys a rich, innovative experience and permits the driver to organize key data: a two-dial design with a data board in the middle, a one-dial format flanked by double data shows, or a full-map see. 
Key data, for example, speed, turn-by-turn route guidelines and dynamic wellbeing framework alerts can likewise be shown to the driver utilizing the most recent age full-shading Head-up Display. The virtual pictures extended onto the windscreen seem to float about two meters before the driver, permitting the driver to rapidly and effectively measure the data while staying zeroed in out and about ahead. 
The guiding wheel highlights capacitive switches which profit by circumstance based choices and even permit the driver to program explicit capacities. 
Teacher Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Land Rover stated: "The Velar's exactness made inside grasps the most recent innovation, while keeping up an emphasis on the sumptuous materials and choice enumerating.'Genuine materials, inventive subtleties 
Genuine materials of the best quality and contemporary completions underline Velar's extravagance status. The cockpit's unmistakable level engineering is commended with a decorated Cut Diamond signature plan, which streams from the instrument board through to the entryway housings to underline the width of the roomy lodge. 
The plan is quietly repeated all through the inside: the Windsor Leather and Premium Textile seats highlight a punctured translation, and the Cut Diamond theme frames an essential aspect of the tempered steel speaker frets' structure on the Meridian 17-and 23-speaker sound frameworks. 
One of a kind to the extravagance SUV fragment, the inventive Premium Textile seat material is offered as a no-cost choice to calfskin upholstery. Created with Kvadrat, Europe's driving maker of excellent plan materials, this maintainable material comes in Dapple Gray and highlights fleece mix material appeared differently in relation to a Suedecloth embed accessible in Light Oyster or Ebony. 
The Suedecloth strands are made from reused plastic jugs and made into a finished non-woven material that is delicate to the touch. A serious covering framework guarantees the Premium Textile inside finishes Land Rover's most thorough assessments for toughness and can be handily cleaned. 
Standard models include Suedecloth and Luxtec upholstery with unmistakable twin-needle sewing. S and SE models move up to high-caliber, punctured grained cowhide. The top HSE determination is furnished with extravagantly delicate punctured Windsor calfskin, which stretches out to the instrument board and entryway housings. 
Consummately created trim finishers commend the common look and surface of genuine materials. Decisions incorporate Satin Blonde Linear facade, which is pale-recolored and has a silk feel open-pore finish to give an exceptionally current, vaporous character, and the Argento Pin-stripe, which is recognized by its serious shine finish and silver streaks to accentuate the wood grain. Another feature is Carbon Fiber Copper weave trim, made by weaving carbon fiber and copper fibers together under a serious shine finish to mean wearing extravagance. 
Surrounding LED lighting projects a delicate gleam over the inside, unobtrusively featuring the solid engineering lines and credible materials for a quieting air. Configurable surrounding lighting innovation offers a decision of 10 diverse shading choices. 
Adaptable Interior Space 
While refinement is the need for any Range Rover inside, adaptability stays a key quality. The intrinsic bundle proficiency designed into the Velar's Lightweight Aluminum Architecture, along with the 2,874mm wheelbase, conveys remarkable inside space for all tenants. The split, sliding front place armrest permits column one inhabitants to separately change every half, and covered underneath is a cubby with a cupholder and 4.0-liters of extra room. Another cupholder is situated under a flush-fitting spread close to the Drive Selector. The cooled glovebox gives 7.5 liters of capacity. 
Line one inhabitants approach two USB ports and up to three 12V force attachments for charging cell phones. A further 12V attachment can be determined in the front of the lodge, alongside an extra four USB ports for column two when Click and Go is indicated. 
Profound, wide stowage compartments in the lower entryway housings have been intended to oblige 750ml beverages bottles effortlessly. The middle comfort gives extra stockpiling behind the lower touchscreen - ideal for disguising cell phones and keys. 
The baggage compartment conveys up to an amazing 748 liters of room. The 40:20:40 column two seat includes a ski-fold to empower long things to be through-stacked, while distant delivery switches are situated in the baggage compartment to make bringing down the back seats considerably more helpful. 
The controlled signal back end alternative makes stacking cumbersome or substantial items into the baggage compartment simpler and more advantageous: instead of reach for the keyfob or squeezing the delivery button on the rear end, clients have just to make a kick motion under the back guard; sensors distinguish this development and trigger the back end to open.