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2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series

The maximum effective AMG V8 collection engine of all time, the maximum expressive layout, the maximum tricky aerodynamics, the maximum smart cloth mix, the maximum one of a kind riding dynamics: For the brand new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, the Affalterbach designers have pulled out all of the stops on the subject of the artwork of automobile layout. The new tremendous sports activities vehicle flawlessly embodies the brand's wealthy way of life in motorsport, as nicely its a few years of understanding in growing entire motors which galvanize in each respect. The end result is an output of 537 kW (730 hp) from a V8 engine with a 'flat' crankshaft, blended with lively aerodynamics and a layout which stems without delay from the contemporary AMG GT3 racing vehicle.

At Mercedes-AMG, the Black Series has been synonymous with a totally unique kind of vehicle for the reason that 2006: uncompromisingly sporty, with an expressive layout and the maximum regular generation switch from motorsport to collection production. Black Series fashions are different automobile rarities. They have now no longer been evolved to acquire dirt in collectors' garages, however for excessive-pace use on racetracks, in spite of being permitted for roads. The AMG GT Black Series represents a brand new spotlight on this way of life: It is the maximum effective Mercedes-AMG with a V8 collection engine.

In order to emphasize the redefinition of the tremendous sports activities vehicle, the engine professionals in Affalterbach have another time considerably in addition evolved the tried-and-examined 4.zero-litre biturbo unit - in spite of it already being famend for outstanding driveability, strength transport and torque progression. The specs have been clean: Significantly greater strength than the preceding flagship version of the AMG GT own circle of relatives, an excellent greater agile throttle reaction, most torque - all of which intended that a thorough alternate become wished withinside the shape of a brand new, 'flat' crankshaft.

"The new GT Black Series is our today's automobile spotlight and keeps a way of life set up in 2006. The 6th model of its type is every other AMG milestone and fantastic evidence of the extremely good improvement understanding in Affalterbach. I am pleased with the group who've created a completely unique tremendous sports activities vehicle, which now represents absolutely the top of our a success GT own circle of relatives. The overall performance, seems and riding dynamics of the GT Black Series are 2d to none. This mission become a extraordinary quit to my paintings at AMG, for which I am virtually thankful," says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board at Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Different designs of V8 engines

The layout of a V8 engine offers designers masses of room to play with in a single key detail: the crank association at the crankshaft. This affects the traits of the engine. There are generally versions in V8 engines: the 'move aircraft' in which the crankpins of the 4 pairs of cylinders are at 90-diploma angles to every different, which AMG has utilized in all preceding V8 engines, or the 'flat crankshaft', in which all crankpins are at the identical aircraft with a 180-diploma offset ('flat aircraft').

If you have a take a observe the the front of a move-aircraft crankshaft, you may be capable of discover the move that offers it its name. The blessings of those crankshafts are excellent smoothness and excessive torque at low rotational speeds. The function sound is every other hallmark characteristic of the move-aircraft V8 engine. In order to make greatest use of the displacement and consequently the overall performance ability withinside the case of the 4.zero-litre V8 biturbo engine, the AMG engineers have basically moved the exhaust facet into the recent inner V of the 2 cylinder banks withinside the V8 engine.

Uniformly oscillating fueloline columns for even greater strength

Another manner of growing overall performance is with the aid of using the use of a 'flat' crankshaft. In the flat-aircraft V8 engine, it looks as if an inline 4-cylinder version - besides for the broader crankpins, that have connecting rods every withinside the V8. Ignition withinside the flat-aircraft V8 jumps from one cylinder financial institution to the next, which in addition improves the fueloline cycle. The function firing order with a 180-diploma crankshaft perspective offset is 1-8-2-7 4-5-three-6. This creates uniformly oscillating fueloline columns withinside the exhaust tract and at the consumption facet, whose resonance can without difficulty be used to growth overall performance. An even extra gain is a greater agile throttle reaction.

The maximum effective V8 collection engine from Mercedes-AMG

The new GT Black Series engine can be primarily based totally at the AMG 4.zero-litre V8 biturbo engine with dry sump lubrication, however it's been given the brand new inner code M178 LS2 because of the severa modifications. It achieves 537 kW (730 hp) at 6700-6900 rpm and gives you a most torque of 800 Nm at 2000-6000 rpm. New camshafts and exhaust manifolds are tailored to the brand new firing order and in addition enhance the fueloline cycle.

Both dual scroll exhaust turbochargers are installed in anti-friction bearings, as withinside the pinnacle-of-the-variety 4-door AMG GT Coupé, which optimises their throttle reaction even in addition. However, withinside the Black Series, the turbochargers had been given a bigger compressor wheel, that means that each can supply a complete of 1100 kg air in step with hour. By manner of comparison: The determine is 900 kg/h for the AMG GT R. 7000 rpm isn't always crucial as a non-stop pace, the velocity is confined at 7200 rpm. And the bigger intercoolers assure that they constantly preserve the charge-air temperature withinside the fine viable variety. The precise status of the brand new engine is likewise meditated withinside the engine badge, that's saved in black.

zero-2 hundred km/h in below 9 seconds

What does the engine do for the AMG GT Black Series? It offers it a very impartial character, which isn't always most effective meditated withinside the kind of strength transport, however additionally in its very precise sound pattern. And it permits fantastically fantastic riding overall performance: The -door automobile shoots from zero to a hundred km/h in three.2 seconds, and to 2 hundred km/h in below 9 seconds. The pinnacle pace is 325 km/h.

Modified AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G transmission

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through the seven-pace AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G twin snatch transmission, that's placed at the rear axle in a transaxle association for greatest weight distribution, as is the case for all AMG GT fashions. It has been changed to be used withinside the AMG GT Black Series and tailored to the accelerated torque of 800 Nm. The preceding limits governing shift overall performance and reaction time had been prolonged, making them greater appropriate for racetracks.

This all provides as much as very specific dealing with traits, as now no longer most effective are the accelerator and engine reaction greater agile - the force applications, start-up traits and equipment modifications are, too. The Race Start characteristic is likewise now even greater fantastic, way to the accelerated beginning revs, the greater touchy wheel slip manipulate and the sports activities tyres match for the racetrack. Furthermore, the transmission cooling has been tailored to the more difficult necessities, and the transmission ratios have additionally been barely changed.

The 'torque tube' creates the relationship among the engine and the transmission. It is manufactured from carbon fibre and, at simply 13.nine kilograms, is round forty percentage lighter than its already weight-optimised aluminium counterpart withinside the AMG GT. As a structural element of the transaxle drivetrain, it creates an exceedingly flexurally and torsionally stiff connection among the engine and the transmission. It lets in a totally direct connection of the drivetrain this is beneficial to riding dynamics and additionally performs a function withinside the automobile's balanced weight distribution. The force shaft which rotates internal is likewise crafted from mild carbon fibre.

Sophisticated aerodynamics for relatively excessive riding dynamics

The state-of-the-art aerodynamics now no longer most effective make a great contribution to excessive riding dynamics and balance on rapid circuits. As with the AMG GT R and AMG GT R PRO, aerodynamics specialists and architects have labored in near collaboration, as 'shape follows characteristic' applies greater than ever withinside the case of the Black Series.

The similarity to the AMG GT3 and AMG GT4 racing automobiles is visually and technically more potent than before. It begins offevolved already with the brand new, drastically large radiator air inlet, which stems without delay from the AMG GT3 racing vehicle. The radiator trim has vertical struts in darkish chrome, due to the fact now that the wheel arch coolers also are fed with air without delay through the important inlet, there's no want for the 2 extra outer air inlets withinside the the front apron. Sickle-formed flics optimise the glide of air here, which now no longer most effective will increase downforce on the the front axle, however additionally improves brake cooling. The 'air curtains' manipulate and direct the glide in the direction of the wheels. Together with the flics in the front of the wheels, this serves to lessen the drag coefficient and growth downforce. The new layout language consequently combines most cool air performance with decrease air resistance and an accelerated degree of downforce on the the front.

The carbon-fibre the front splitter has manually adjustable settings (Street and Race - Race completely to be used on racetracks) and may consequently be tailored to fulfill numerous song necessities. When prolonged forward (Race function), a the front diffuser withinside the form of a reversed wing profile is then created below the the front segment. Depending at the riding pace, this detail is reduced even in addition with the aid of using the growing bad strain, which drastically hurries up the air glide at the underbody, developing a 'Venturi effect', which additionally attracts the auto in the direction of the street and will increase downforce at the the front axle. The motive force can experience the blessings withinside the steerage: The Black Series may be advised even greater exactly while cornering at excessive pace and famous even higher directional balance. Especially in the course of rapid cornering and below excessive lateral acceleration, the automobile gives you an agile reaction with clean steerage wheel comments - at the same time as last without difficulty controllable in any respect times. If the the front diffuser is withinside the Race function, the downforce on the rear axle also can be accelerated in addition with the aid of using the brand new rear aerofoil idea.

Bonnet with huge exhaust air openings improves aero-overall performance

Another direct by-product from motorsport is the brand new carbon-fibre bonnet, with huge exhaust air shops crafted from black completed carbon surfaces. The huge shops manual the nice and cozy air, that's fed from the diagonally placed cooling pack, out of the engine compartment. This generation is likewise without delay derived from motorsport and will increase the general downforce. At the identical time, the air resistance is reduced, and the air mass glide for cooling the engine is optimised. The air is likewise mainly guided across the A-pillars and facet home windows to the rear, in which it will increase the performance of the brand new rear aerofoil idea. The seamlessly incorporated louvres (air slots), with 5 fins withinside the frame coloration and exhaust air openings in the back of the wheels withinside the the front carbon-fibre wings, assist to growth downforce on the the front axle by powerful wheel arch ventilation. The air flowing across the automobile is likewise optimised with the aid of using the brand new, drastically large and wider facet sill panels with black carbon-fibre factors, which merge into vertical blades on the the front and rear. Additional cooling air ducts are incorporated into the facet sill panels for brake cooling on the rear axle.

Two-level rear aerofoil idea

The rear view is characterized with the aid of using the brand new rear apron with a huge diffuser, rounded dual tailpipe trims at the out of doors left and proper, facet wheel arch ventilation, and the progressive rear aerofoil idea. Both aerofoil blades are crafted from carbon fibre, may be routinely adjusted and consequently tailored to numerous song situations. The 2d, decrease placed blade become made specifically small and slim due to the fact this is good for the air strolling back from the the front of the auto. The mild but strong carbon-fibre aerofoil helps, painted matt black and particularly designed primarily based totally on good sized simulations additionally growth aerodynamic performance. They are bolted to the carbon-fibre tailgate, which is likewise black.

Another charming detail: the movable flap withinside the top blade. This lively aerodynamic detail is electronically adjusted with the aid of using 20 degrees, to fit the riding state of affairs and decided on AMG DYNAMICS mode, and improves longitudinal and transverse dynamics. In a flat function, it reduces the air resistance, to assist attain the pinnacle pace greater quickly. In the willing function, the flap improves braking overall performance and cornering balance way to accelerated downforce on the rear axle.

Four specific activation techniques may be run, relying on whether or not AMG DYNAMICS Basic, Advanced, Pro or Master has been decided on. Some of those techniques additionally contain riding dynamics recognition, for instance, Master: The flap is completely willing and prolonged as much as 250 km/h. When the velocity exceeds 250 km/h, it retracts a good way to lessen the air resistance and hence attain the pinnacle pace greater quickly. However, if the motive force brakes all of sudden or steers right into a corner, the flap without delay returns to its prolonged function a good way to optimise braking and cornering way to accelerated downforce and air resistance. The flap also can be retracted or prolonged with the aid of using the motive force the use of a separate button withinside the centre console.

Almost complete panelling at the underbody

The special aerodynamic paintings additionally consists of the now nearly completely panelled underbody, which have to now no longer most effective meet aerodynamic necessities, however thermal ones as nicely (warmness dissipation). The flat underbody is geared up with particularly designed longitudinal fins. These air channellers had been meticulously optimised to make certain greatest air glide to the rear diffuser. The whole bundle hurries up air glide, drastically growing downforce. All measures are coordinated and have interaction with the brand new rear aerofoil idea. The end result of these kinds of measures is a downforce degree of nicely over four hundred kilograms at 250 km/h.

Lightweight and strong carbon fibre, as some distance as the attention can see

The light-weight carbon-fibre roof, with a sunken centre, in addition to the carbon-fibre tailgate with small spoiler lip and large rear windscreen crafted from light-weight skinny glass, are all key additives of the 'smart cloth mix' and 'light-weight construction'. Moving to the the front of the auto, the glass used to make the laminated glass windscreen is also skinny and consequently mild in weight. The coiled carbon-fibre transmission mount is every other different Black Series element. Additional carbon-fibre shear panels withinside the the front segment, underbody and rear stiffen the whole aluminium bodyshell shape, collectively with the light-weight vital provider and the carbon tunnel move, making the bodyshell even greater stable. The factors shape a related community and growth the excessive riding precision of the Black Series in all riding manoeuvres. The carbon-fibre shear panel below the engine is attached to the vital provider and stiffens the whole the front segment and steerage machine, making the steerage rather greater particular and stabilising the the front axle. The vital provider on the the front axle is completely made for the Black Series the use of a light-weight aluminium construction.

The preferred ceramic excessive-overall performance compound brake machine with black painted brake callipers and white lettering is likewise characterized with the aid of using low weight and excessive overall performance. Special brake pads and discs collectively with changed brake cooling assure greatest and non-fading deceleration in addition to excessive-precision brake-software options. The preferred mild-alloy cast wheels additionally make contributions to weight reduction.

AMG coil-over suspension with adaptive adjustable damping

The double wishbone idea locates the wheel with excessive camber and toe-in balance. This permits excessive cornering speeds and offers the motive force highest quality avenue experience while cornering at the acute limits. Wishbones, steerage knuckles and hub providers at the the front and rear axle are made completely from cast aluminium a good way to lessen the unsprung masses. The round bearings at the top and decrease wishbones of the rear axle come directly from motorsport. Their layout manner they don't have any play, this means that toe-in and camber do now no longer alternate even below excessive loads. The AMG GT Black Series consequently permits for particular steerage, offers clean steerage comments and hence gives you higher cornering overall performance, too.

As with the AMG GT R, an AMG coil-over suspension with adjustable spring preload is used withinside the Black Series, with generation which is tailored to fulfill the particular necessities for severe racetrack use with excessive damping forces. The generation acquainted from motorsport is blended with the AMG RIDE CONTROL constantly variable, adaptive damping machine. The machine is electronically managed and robotically adapts the damping on every wheel to the contemporary dealing with state of affairs, the velocity and the street situations. The damping traits are modulated unexpectedly and exactly with the aid of using separate valves for the rebound and compression forces withinside the dampers. These valves are new, also are primarily based totally on motorsport generation, and react in an excellent greater agile way to rapid suspension movements. A tougher damping rate, for instance while cornering and braking, efficaciously reduces rolling movements. The constantly variable adjustment of the damping to fit the contemporary pace additionally guarantees the fine viable avenue touch and hence complements protection, even at excessive speeds.

The motive force also can regulate the adaptive damping traits on the contact of a button withinside the AMG DRIVE UNIT or with the aid of using the use of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT force modes. Three modes are to be had: "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport Plus". The changed good judgment manner that there's an excellent higher trade-off. "Comfort" and "Sport" are the proper desire for public roads. In "Sport", the damping is firmer, with a sportier frame connection and much less comfort - and also can be selected for racetracks if greater slippery song situations be triumphant because of moist situations. "Sport Plus" is good to be used on racetracks, because it has a unique characteristic: The machine robotically recognises the first-rate of the song floor, i.e. whether or not the auto is being pushed on a flat Grand Prix route like Hockenheim or a bumpy song just like the Nürburgring North Loop. It then robotically adapts the extent of digital damping in "Sport Plus". To increase this good judgment, the Black Series become tailor-made to a huge variety of various song sorts and the version perfected.

Carbon fibre additionally reduces the suspension weight

The the front axle is outfitted with a twin adjustable torsion bar manufactured from light-weight carbon fibre. The vehicle has this brief (i.e. firm) connection as its default putting. Its counterpart on the rear axle is manufactured from steel, is triple adjustable, and saves weight way to its hole tube layout. From the default "important" function, it may be adjusted to at least one degree tougher (brief connection) or softer (lengthy connection). The carbon-fibre shear panel withinside the rear underbody helps the excessive riding precision. This light-weight and inflexible detail stiffens the rear-quit shape and as a end result makes the bodyshell even greater stable. The electronically managed dynamic engine and transmission mounts have been additionally retuned to in addition growth the agility and supply excessive-precision reaction and clean comments.

Other suspension measures consist of the huge song on the the front and rear, and the manually adjustable camber on the the front and rear axle. This manner that notably excessive camber values may be set, which might be most effective used for the reason of growing overall performance in motorsport on cordoned-off racetracks.

A Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO tyre, particularly customised for the Black Series, has been evolved in collaboration with MICHELIN. As is most effective the custom in motorsport, this sports activities tyre is completely to be had for Mercedes-AMG in compounds: The preferred tyre outfitted ex manufacturing facility is the soft-compound MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO1A, whose facet flank complements the silhouette of the AMG GT Black Series. A 'difficult compound' is likewise to be had as a retrofitting choice for racetrack use at better temperatures. As nicely because the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO2 designation, it may be diagnosed with the aid of using the tyre compound to be had from the AMG Performance Centre, with the hallmark motorsport sticky label from the French tyre manufacturer. The sizes are 10 J x 19 wheels with 285/35 ZR 19 tyres (the front) and 12 J x 20 wheel with 335/30 ZR 20 tyres (rear).

Grip to the strength of 9: AMG TRACTION CONTROL

For use on cordoned-off racetracks in ESP OFF mode, the AMG TRACTION CONTROL permits the motive force to get man or woman aid for controlling the tremendous strength of the Black Series - and with none ESP brake intervention whatsoever. The degree of aid may be fine-tuned, supplying the perfect degree of help for every motive force and every song state of affairs. The AMG TRACTION CONTROL has been considerably tailor-made to fulfill the necessities of the brand new Black Series and permits preselection of one in every of 9 slip settings at the stay rear axle. Control is completely through corresponding maps withinside the engine electronics and with none intervention withinside the ESP machine, as is likewise the case with the GT3 racing vehicle.

It is operated through a separate adjuster withinside the important console. It also can be operated at the same time as carrying racing gloves in its important function withinside the dashboard. Depending at the putting, the machine lets in greater or much less slip at the rear wheels - very useful in various avenue situations. Level 1 is programmed for riding withinside the moist with excessive protection reserves. Level nine permits most slip at the rear axle. Each putting is displayed at the adjuster itself and withinside the tool cluster's important show.

The AMG improvement has a chief gain over traditional structures in that it anticipates conditions with the assist of a friction coefficient evaluator and different records processed with the aid of using a manipulate unit inside a fragment of a 2d. The most permissible force slip at the rear wheels is calculated relying on the chosen AMG TRACTION CONTROL degree. When the wheels attain this degree of slip in the course of acceleration, the traction manipulate modulates the engine output in order that this degree isn't always surpassed and the automobile keeps accelerating with this detailed slip. The machine algorithms had been systematically evolved as a double manipulate variable version and now no longer most effective manipulate the engine's force torque, however additionally the locking degree of the digital differential lock.

Orange as an different contrasting coloration

The indoors layout emphasises the pole function of the AMG GT Black Series: Exclusive nappa leather-based is blended with sporty DINAMICA microfibre in black with orange contrasting topstitching. The tool panel and the newly designed light-weight door panels, which might be now geared up with loop pull handles as opposed to traditional handles, are trimmed in black DINAMICA microfibre. Further orange contrasting topstitching, matt black carbon-fibre trim and the Interior Night Package upload in addition hanging highlights. The AMG carbon-fibre bucket seats (now no longer to be had withinside the USA, Canada and China) integrate low weight with highest quality lateral aid. In the USA, Canada and China, the Black Series is geared up with AMG Performance seats as preferred. The indoors is likewise optionally to be had with gray contrasting topstitching.

Displays with AMG-particular graphics

The AMG GT Black Series functions the completely virtual tool shows from the AMG GT own circle of relatives with an tool cluster measuring 12.three inches in the front of the motive force, and a 10.25-inch multimedia reveal at the centre console. The tool cluster gives specific designs with the 3 AMG-particular show styles: "Classic", "Sporty" or "Supersport". The "Supersport" view with a important rev counter functions good sized extra information, inclusive of a spark off to shift up in guide transmission mode, the 'shift mild'. The visualisations at the multimedia show allow in addition automobile features to be experienced, e.g. with lively shows of the riding help, automobile and verbal exchange structures.

At your fingertips: show buttons withinside the centre console

The progressive, colored show buttons withinside the V-formed important console combine the show and manipulate of transmission good judgment, suspension, ESP, exhaust machine, rear aerofoil flap and start/prevent characteristic. The TFT show buttons use intuitively understandable symbols to reveal their features and are smooth to perform with only a small faucet of the finger. As they nonetheless have a mechanical strain factor, they also can be operated while carrying racing gloves. The show buttons are supplemented with the aid of using the 2 rocker switches for the force applications and extent manipulate of the audio machine.

Control in an instant: the AMG Performance steerage wheel

The AMG Performance steerage wheel is likewise followed from the AMG GT own circle of relatives. It is characterized with the aid of using its sporty layout, a flattened backside segment with a closely contoured rim and intuitive operation. The steerage wheel rim is completely trimmed in DINAMICA microfibre, at the same time as the steerage wheel badge completely functions the Black Series lettering, along side the AMG logo. The aluminium steerage wheel shift paddles for guide equipment modifications permit even sportier riding. The incorporated Touch Control buttons may be used to manipulate the tool cluster and the multimedia show by horizontal and vertical finger swipes.

As preferred, the AMG steerage wheel buttons actually have a spherical controller with an incorporated show, in addition to vertically placed colored show buttons with switches. The AMG force applications may be activated the use of the proper controller. The decided on putting is proven at the coloration LCD show without delay incorporated withinside the controller.

The freely configurable show buttons and the extra switches at the left facet allow in addition AMG features to be managed without delay at the steerage wheel. This manner that the motive force can listen completely on excessive-pace riding while not having to take their arms off the wheel. Each required characteristic may be depicted with the aid of using a show icon, which the motive force can set the use of the respective switch. So the 2 in my view desired AMG features may be described precisely and the settings modified with only a faucet of the finger.

The AMG Interior Night Package additionally comes as preferred. In this bundle, the shift paddles, steerage wheel spokes and seat insert withinside the optionally available AMG Performance seats are completed in excessive-gloss black, at the same time as the door sill panels are in black brushed stainless steel, in addition emphasising the auto's sportiness.

Even in the direction of motorsport with optionally available AMG Track Package

The AMG Track Package is to be had as an choice in numerous markets (most effective in mixture with the AMG carbon-fibre bucket seats - now no longer for the USA, Canada and China). It incorporates a roll-over safety machine, 4-factor seatbelts for motive force and the front passenger, and a 2 kg hearthplace extinguisher (each gadgets completely designed for racetrack use). The light-weight bolted titanium-tube cage of the roll-over safety machine includes a chief roll bar, a brace for mounting the seat belts, rear braces and a diagonal X-brace on the rear. The machine in addition will increase the already outstanding automobile stress and hence additionally has a fine have an effect on at the automobile's riding dynamics. It additionally will increase passive protection.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series truth sheet

  • Drive and riding performances
    • 4.zero litre V8 biturbo motor with dry sump lubrication, identity code M178 LS2
    • 537 kW/730 hp max. output @ 6700-6900 rpm
    • 800 Nm max. torque @ 2000-6000 rpm
    • Vmax: 325 km/h
    • zero-a hundred km/h: three.2 s
    • zero-2 hundred km/h: below nine.zero s
    • Engine has a brand new 'flat' and lighter crankshaft with crankpins on one aircraft - traits of an uncompromising sports activities engine
    • New firing order with 180-diploma crankshaft perspective offset: 1-8-2-7-4-5-three-6
    • Advantage: greater frivolously allotted combustion in all cylinders, greater agile throttle reaction
    • New camshafts and exhaust manifolds
    • Reinforced AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G twin snatch transmission for better torque
    • New dual-pipe exhaust machine manufactured from skinny-walled stainless steel
  • Exterior
    • New, drastically large radiator trim (stimulated with the aid of using GT3 racing vehicle) with vertical struts in darkish chrome
    • New, large the front apron with an extra manually adjustable the front splitter for racetrack use, with the front diffuser in carbon fibre
    • New carbon-fibre bonnet with huge air shops and seen carbon-fibre surfaces
    • New carbon-fibre the front wings with seamlessly incorporated louvres withinside the frame coloration
    • Lightweight carbon-fibre roof with sunken centre
    • New, drastically large facet sill panels with carbon-fibre factors which merge into large blades on the the front and rear
    • Black painted carbon-fibre tailgate with small spoiler lip and large rear windscreen manufactured from light-weight skinny glass
    • Windscreen in skinny glass
    • New rear apron with seen carbon-fibre factors, double diffuser, rounded tailpipe trim factors at the out of doors left and proper, and facet wheel arch ventilators
    • New, -piece carbon-fibre rear aerofoil with particularly moulded helps in matt black painted carbon fibre, bolted to the carbon-fibre tailgate. Additional electric powered flap which may be adjusted robotically or manually by a button
    • Standard AMG 10-spoke cast wheels in matt black, consisting of rim flange with excessive-sheen finish
    • New, different AMG magmabeam unique paintwork
  • Interior
    • Specific indoors idea in Exclusive nappa leather-based/DINAMICA microfibre in black with orange contrasting topstitching and matt black carbon-fibre trim, and AMG Interior Night Package
    • Standard mild AMG carbon-fibre bucket seats with orange contrasting topstitching or AMG Performance seats (preferred withinside the USA, Canada and China. Performance seats are to be had as an choice in all different markets.)
    • AMG Performance steerage wheel in DINAMICA microfibre with AMG steerage wheel buttons and badge with Black Series lettering
    • Lightweight door panels in DINAMICA microfibre with orange contrasting topstitching and loop pull handles
    • Instrument panel in DINAMICA microfibre with orange contrasting topstitching
    • Optional AMG Track Package with light-weight titanium roll-over safety and further 4-factor seatbelts and a couple of kg hearthplace extinguisher
  • Suspension
    • AMG coil-over suspension with AMG RIDE CONTROL adaptive adjustable damping
    • Manually adjustable camber on the front and rear axle
    • Manually adjustable anti-roll bars on the front and rear axle
    • AMG ceramic excessive-overall performance compound brake machine with black brake callipers and white lettering, motorsport brake pads and discs, optimised for fade resistance and temperature balance
  • Bodyshell stiffness
    • Carbon-fibre shear panels in the front segment blended with light-weight vital provider and carbon-fibre tunnel move
    • Carbon-fibre shear panels in underbody at rear
  • Material mix
    • Aluminium light-weight vital provider at the front axle
    • Carbon-fibre force shaft
    • Aluminium tool panel
    • Carbon-fibre tailgate and coiled carbon-fibre transmission mount
    • Carbon-fibre bonnet
    • Carbon-fibre anti-roll bar on rear axle
    • Thin glass for the front and rear windscreens
  • Aerodynamics

    • High downforce and ideal aerobalance to growth dynamic riding properties
    • Aerodynamic measures incorporated into bodyshell for decrease air resistance and accelerated downforce
    • No separate inlets for wheel arch coolers (coolers are fed with air through enlarged major air inlet)
    • Front diffuser has manually adjustable settings: Street and Race (Race completely to be used on racetracks)
    • Wheel arch ventilation, way to incorporated louvres withinside the frame coloration and facet openings withinside the wings in the back of the wheels to growth the downforce
    • Integrated cool air ducts withinside the facet member panelling for brake cooling on the rear axle
    • Largely closed underbody panelling and tailored geometry with longitudinal fins and rear diffuser growth the bad strain floor vicinity at the underbody and hence additionally the downforce. The measures have interaction with the brand new rear aerofoil idea
    • The huge dual-pipe exhaust shops withinside the bonnet now no longer most effective discharge heat air, in addition they direct the air exactly beyond the A-pillars - permitting an highest quality glide of air to the rear aerofoil
    • Double rear aerofoil with huge top blade and smaller decrease blade
    • Both rear aerofoil blades are routinely adjustable
    • Flap on top rear aerofoil blade adjustable with the aid of using 20 degrees - robotically or manually with the aid of using button, relying on the chosen force application or AMG DYNAMICS function - improves longitudinal and transverse dynamics in addition to brake balance