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Lexus LC Convertible 2021

The Lexus LC collection has all of the features befitting a flagship variety, representing the excellent in Lexus layout, engineering and craftsmanship. Established with the advent of the LC Coupe in 2017, it has now been prolonged to consist of an all-new gentle-pinnacle version of same status, the Lexus LC 500 Convertible.

The Convertible stocks the Coupe's lovely layout and exhilarating dynamic overall performance, whilst including the particular rewards related to pinnacle-down using. Where the Coupe's recognition is an "last beauty" layout and overall performance imbued with the background of the Lexus LFA supercar, the Convertible enriches the sensory revel in. Driving with the pinnacle down makes the motive force experience even extra intently linked to their vehicle, the street and the sector round them.

Even sharper, extra subtle using experience

Lexus pursues linear operation this is trustworthy to driver's intentions, which include withinside the seamless transition from deceleration to steerage and acceleration for the duration of cornering, in all styles of using situations. In a in addition evolution of the "even sharper, extra subtle" philosophy of the LC, the brand new "Lexus Driving Signature" became born. This is the brand new improvement widespread each Lexus version will replicate going forward.

This component of using overall performance became a specific recognition withinside the rigorous car trying out programme, ensuing in numerous, incremental dynamic improvements. It's this uncompromising interest to element that has given the brand new LC fashions - Convertible and Coupe alike - the form of unique overall performance fine that drivers will revel in, even in regular using situations.

The Lexus LC Convertible's layout preserves all of the important strains of the Coupe, whilst introducing an all-new retracting gentle pinnacle. Lexus ingenuity has produced a folding mechanism that stows the roof inside a totally small area with out intruding at the load compartment or compromising the auto's stylish styling to the rear of the cabin.

Comfort is assured, roof up or down, with particular adjustment of the aircon gadget, aerodynamic information and the powerful suppression of wind waft and noise. Strategic strengthening of the frame shape preserves the auto's poise and agility, whilst additionally supplying sturdy effect safety overall performance.


The task for the crew designing the LC Convertible became simple: create the sector's maximum lovely open-pinnacle vehicle. The announcement became straightforward, however the mission became a widespread mission, as Lexus became decided that the brand new version must keep the vital styling motifs of the LC coupe, the winner of a couple of worldwide awards for its placing and superior layout. Moreover, the convertible needed to appearance similarly extraordinary with its roof up, or down.

In February 2019, their paintings became found out in public for the primary time with the disclosing of the Lexus LC Convertible Concept, a vehicle created at the topic of "last beauty." Thanks to the dedication and talent of the Lexus designers, the manufacturing vehicle has stored trustworthy to the concept's promise.

Creating the coupe roof line

The line of the roof became key to the designers accomplishing their aim, as Chief Designer Tadao Mori explained: "Although there are numerous convertible fashions out there, few of them are elegant and stylish each whilst the roof is open and closed. Particularly whilst the roof is raised, ridge strains withinside the choppy floor have a tendency to offer an unrefined impression. That's why for the LC Convertible, we positioned most attempt into realising the equal lovely roof line because the coupe."

To produce the favored silhouette, the factor wherein the gentle pinnacle meets the auto's rear quarters became moved as some distance toward the rear of the auto as possible, to create a fastback appearance whilst the roof is raised. Particular interest became paid to the tensioning of the gentle pinnacle to make certain a easy floor, and the body and different factors are flawlessly concealed, so the roof has a smooth and stylish, tapered shape.

When considered from the rear, the road of the gentle pinnacle emphasises the compact proportions of the cabin, contrasting with the wide-flaring below-frame and projecting a dynamic appearance.

Perfecting the tonneau cowl and silhouette

The designers took gain of the LC's platform specs and the gentle pinnacle's folding mechanism to set the tonneau cowl as little as possible. They additionally averted the acquainted flat, platform appearance visible on many different convertibles via way of means of including fairing-formed accents that echo the curves of the rear headrests.

It is some other not unusualplace characteristic of convertibles that the layout can appear stretched out from the tonneau cowl to the boot lid, mainly whilst the roof is down. This became averted at the LC via way of means of profiling the rear give up in order that it rises in a duck tail, generating a unique silhouette this is glossy and dynamic. The beltline additionally kicks up in the back of the doorways to offer a feel of the frame wrapping across the cabin, growing a decent and smooth profile.

Soft pinnacle layout and engineering

The LC Convertible is Lexus' first gentle-pinnacle version, and each attempt became made to make certain the roof meets its necessities for a swish and clever look, quiet and brief operation and compact stowing that does not lessen area withinside the load compartment.

One of the important layout demanding situations became to minimise bulkiness withinside the bodywork withinside the shoulder region without delay in the back of the rear seats. This became accomplished via way of means of growing an additional fold withinside the gentle pinnacle in order that it is able to be stowed withinside the region in the back of the rear seats, among the left and proper-hand rear suspension towers. The hydraulic motor gadget is likewise positioned on this area.

As a result, the bags compartment is comparable in length to that of the Coupe - 149 litres. This smart layout additionally allowed for a pointy and great individual line to be created, strolling from the the front to the rear of the auto. To produce this line and acquire a brilliant finish, Lexus implemented an incremental forming process, further to the traditional press used to mildew the aluminium tonneau cowl.

A folding roof mechanism is typically predicted to remaining round 10 years earlier than it wishes mechanical interest. To meet Lexus' remarkable fine and reliability necessities, the LC Convertible's roof became examined to breaking factor. It went thru round 18,000 open and final cycles - the equal of 24 years' use - earlier than a hassle occurred, even then handiest a minor one which became now no longer hazardous. The take a look at programme additionally confirmed that the gadget works simply as nicely in freezing temperatures and snow.

The roof may be raised or reduced in 15 seconds. The mission may be finished even if the auto is at the move, at accelerates to 31mph (50 km/h). Once again, thorough trying out became undertaken, the usage of a wind tunnel to make certain the gadget can deal with special speeds and using conditions, such as headwinds.

A quiet cabin unfastened from out of doors noise and vibration is an critical a part of Lexus' omotenashi concepts of last patron care. The Lexus LC Convertible's multi-layered canvas roof is powerful in blockading out undesirable noise and its hydraulic motor works quietly and efficiently.

Continuity among outside and indoors

In a convertible the cabin is extra open to view and intently linked to the auto's outside layout. Lexus sought to convey a really perfect feel of continuity to the outside and indoors of the LC Convertible via way of means of the usage of progressive shade co-ordination.

Three gentle pinnacle colorations are to be had: Marine Blue (Regatta Edition distinct), Ochre and Black, the latter appropriate to be used with any of the usual bodywork paint alternatives, with particular trim combinations. With those alternatives and in addition alternatives for indoors colorations, proprietors have the liberty to specify a vehicle that captures their private style.

At launch, the Lexus LC Convertible became additionally supplied in a Regatta Edition version with a shade scheme that suits Structural Blue bodywork with a white and blue indoors and a Marine gentle pinnacle - a aggregate stimulated via way of means of the colors discovered at a luxurious marina. White is used drastically withinside the cabin, such as Lexus' first all-white steerage wheel and carpeting. This contrasts with the door trim that is completed with blue artificial leather-based. Rather than a published sample, this cloth has a grain that offers a 3-dimensional impact with texture and shading. The ultra-constrained version became an instantaneous sell-out withinside the UK.

Co-ordinating the indoors A-pillar trim with the shade of the roof lining is a unprecedented fine layout characteristic however one which Lexus applies at some stage in the LC variety. The impact is all of the extra elegant withinside the LC Convertible, because the pillars are in clean view each time the roof is reduced. The shade co-ordination catches the attention and accentuates the high priced fine of the indoors.

Special interest has additionally been paid to the detailing at the seat upholstery, with a completely unique quilting sample implemented to the shoulder phase of the the front seats, including each beauty and tactile fine. Perforations with 3 special hollow diameters are organised in a graduated sample wherein they seem to gradually fade away.

Unmistakeably an LC

In different respects, the outside layout of the LC Convertible preserves all of the effective, muscular styling and element that helped earn the Coupe prestigious EyesOn Design awards.

This "avant-garde beauty" may be visible withinside the massive spindle grille - an indicator of Lexus layout - that is completed in chrome and has a mesh layout with a visible anxiety that adjustments because it spreads throughout the the front of the auto. A unique lights signature is created via way of means of unbiased sunlight hours strolling lighting fixtures in an arrowhead configuration and ultra-compact triple LED headlamp units. Achieving this remarkably slender headlight layout performed an critical function in assisting the designers acquire a low bonnet line and quick the front overhang.

The distinguished the front and rear wings flare farfar from the centre of the auto and residence wide, massive-diameter wheels. The impact is heightened via way of means of the door panels being pulled inwards, producing a sturdy, 3-dimensional shape that mirrors the spindle form of the grille.


The frame shape of the Lexus LC Convertible has been bolstered to in addition enhance protection overall performance withinside the occasion of a collision and to keep a cushty power unfastened from vibration or flexing.

In the top frame, reinforcements were delivered to disperse effect forces and suppress frame deformation across the cabin, the usage of excessive-tensile and hot-stamped substances which are each sturdy and light-weight. Gussets were introduced at the lowest of the the front and centre pillars and the set up of an aluminium alloy torsion box, rear suspension tower brace and V-brace guarantees a sturdy connection among the left and proper top frame and the below frame, with sturdy torsional tension.

Panel tension has been extended with extra vast use of frame adhesive and extra spot weld points, minimising vibration and enhancing handling.

Safety overall performance

The LC Convertible is outfitted with an lively roll bar gadget comprising character bars that routinely installation from underneath the rear parcel shelf if a excessive threat of a roll-over coincidence is detected.

Further safety in pinnacle-down using is supplied via way of means of the addition of an effect-soaking up shape withinside the garnish at the the front pillars and the windscreen header trim, decreasing effect pressure to the top withinside the occasion of a collision.

Speed and stability

The new frame form has now no longer compromised the auto's velocity. To affirm overall performance became same to that of the Coupe, the Convertible became examined each withinside the wind tunnel and at the take a look at track.

The clearly aspirated V8 engine and 10-velocity Direct Shift computerized transmission have the equal specs as withinside the LC 500 Coupe (information withinside the powertrain bankruptcy below). In the Convertible they allow nought to 62mph acceleration in seconds and a pinnacle velocity (electronically constrained) of 168mph.

When it involves handling, the brand new roof clearly makes a high-quality contribution to the auto's dynamics. With its light-weight shape, it weighs much less than the difficult pinnacle, which allows deliver the Convertible a decrease centre of gravity than the Coupe. This, and the reality that each one the roof's additives are positioned withinside the vehicle's wheelbase, is a key aspect withinside the Convertible's dynamic stability and using individual. The roof's body is crafted from a unprecedented aggregate of magnesium and aluminium to preserve its weight to a minimal with out compromising fine or overall performance.


A wind-in-the-hair feeling that offers you a better connection to the sector round you is one of the conventional pleasures of using a convertible. Combine this with the stirring word of a effective engine and you've got a good extra unique revel in.

Lexus has long past to remarkable lengths in growing the LC Convertible to make certain consolation and fine are by no means compromised whilst the roof is reduced. Its goal became to save you bloodless air chilling the decrease frame, whilst handling temperature and airflow across the top frame in order that occupants can revel in a clean breeze with out feeling bloodless or buffeted.

Air conditioning

The LC's aircon gadget became reconfigured and recalibrated for the Convertible to consider the extrade in cabin surroundings whilst the roof is stowed.

An open-air manage makes use of a sensor withinside the roof to discover whether or not the pinnacle is up or down, and adjusts aircon overall performance accordingly. With the pinnacle down, the temperature and airflow quantity are routinely regulated in keeping with elements which include the quantity of sunlight, the out of doors temperature and the car's velocity.

Adjustable warmers constructed into the headrests direct air onto the occupant's neck, so that they experience heat immediately away. It is designed to healthy humans of various heights and works routinely or with guide manage, with 3 warmth settings.

Lexus's smart Climate Concierge has been tailored especially for the convertible in order that it nevertheless promises top-quality overall performance, co-ordinating manage of the automated air-conditioning, the seat and neck warmers and the heated steerage wheel. It recognises whilst the the front passenger seat is unoccupied, routinely switching off the neck and seat warmers to store energy. Attention to element consists of a moderate boom withinside the aircon's airflow quantity, to cope with troubles which include assisting preserve the again of the motive force's palms heat.

Aerodynamic information

Lexus sought the correct stability among the auto's aerodynamic styling and the overall performance of the cabin's aircon. The engineering crew took a human-concentrated approach, proper to Lexus's omotenashi concepts of supplying seamless consolation and hospitality.

Researching airflow over the auto whilst the roof is down, they produced a belt line alongside the aspect of the auto that kicks up on the rear fringe of the doorways to fulfill the floor of the boot lid - which itself became set at an top-quality height. This element makes for a smoother airflow that doesn't buffet the auto's occupants.

There is likewise a obvious wind deflector - outfitted as widespread - in the back of the rear seats which suppresses unwelcome airflow and maintains matters quiet sufficient withinside the cabin to keep a verbal exchange with out the want to elevate one's voice whilst traveling at accelerates to round 37mph (60km/h). Although small, it is able to lessen airflow across the occupants' faces via way of means of approximately 20 in step with cent.

For a cushty experience whilst traveling at excessive velocity, a wind display screen accent is to be had, that may lessen airflow round the top via way of means of approximately sixty seven in step with cent at 62mph. This mesh unit sits well in the back of the rear seats and might stay in region whilst the roof is raised.

Many special mesh styles have been examined earlier than the excellent-acting choice became selected, and interest became paid to the display screen's look in addition to its overall performance, in order that it blends flawlessly with the convertible's layout.


The effective sound produced via way of means of the engine and exhaust is a key a part of the using revel in withinside the new Lexus LC Convertible. Great aural fine became an critical aim for the auto's improvement crew, and one which required particular engineering strategies to acquire.

The ultra-distinct LFA supercar marks the foundation of Lexus' recognition at the significance of the engine sound and it became the experts who labored on its V10 energy unit who first diagnosed the separate features that come collectively to create the proper Lexus sound "atmosphere."

Where the LC Convertible is concerned, the energy of the V8 engine's word needed to be balanced via way of means of a stage of cabin quietness that overturns preconceptions approximately using in a convertible - an equation Lexus calls a "concord of opposites." To acquire the proper impact, the sound of the engine adjustments in step with the upward push and fall in its rpm, turning into extra effective and pressing in song with the motive force's use of the accelerator and the series of shifts thru the rapid-motion 10-velocity Direct Shift computerized transmission. The exhaust word, too, heightens the sensation. By contrast, in mild cruising, the sound is subdued, so verbal exchange is simple whilst the roof is down.

Creating the proper engine word

A continuous, pulsating sound is feature of a massive-capacity, clearly aspirated V8 engine just like the five-litre unit which powers the LC 500 Convertible. Lexus has implemented acoustic technology to mix this with spectral concord (ideal sound durations which are eye-catching to the ear), stereophonic sound, to create a intensity of sound, and formants - acoustic features that stir the senses and generate a experience-accurate aspect.

Active Noise Control is used to "smooth" the sound frequencies skilled withinside the vehicle. This emits anti-pulse sounds thru the audio audio system which counteract any unwelcome low frequency booming sound from the engine and drivetrain.

In the LC Coupe, noise withinside the cabin is monitored via way of means of a microphone withinside the roof, however for the Convertible, this needed to be relocated withinside the driver's headrest. Being towards the motive force's ear way it is able to select out up a much broader variety of frequencies, however a complicated set of rules needed to be calculated to make certain it really works as it should be in any seat position.

Cabin quietness

Even aleven though the LC Convertible has a gentle pinnacle, Lexus desired to stable the equal form of cabin quietness as withinside the Coupe whilst the roof is raised. Acoustic simulations have been produced to decide wherein dominant noises have been coming into the area, in order that the quantity and place of soundproofing and sound-soaking up cloth can be calculated.

The garage region in the back of the rear seats for the folding roof supplied a specific mission because it became a course for tyre and exhaust noise to go into the cabin. There became now no longer sufficient room for soundproofing cloth to be introduced, so the crew seemed alternatively at adapting the trim cloth itself. By permitting air to byskip thru the shape and the usage of sound-soaking up cloth at the reverse, the whole floor of the garage area soaks up noise.

As the region is seen and a part of the auto's indoors, it additionally needed to appearance accurate. Lexus assessed many special substances earlier than selecting one typically used for lining the wings across the wheels. This meets protection requirements and, being implemented with greater density, has simply the proper look.


The V8-powered Lexus LC Convertible is to be had in versions - widespread and Sport+ Pack.

The Sport+ Pack specification consists of 21-inch cast alloy wheels, semi-aniline leather-based seat upholstery and included neck warmers. These also are to be had as alternatives (leather-based and neck warmers blended in a unmarried package) for the usual LC 500 Convertible.

Further alternatives for each Convertible fashions consist of a complete shade head-up show with Lexus card key, 13-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System and unique steel paint finishes (Sonic Silver, Sonic Titanium, Sonic Red and Naples Yellow).

  • Lexus LC 500 Convertible: £90,775
  • Lexus LC 500 Convertible Sport Pack: £96,625