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Mini John Cooper Works GP 2021

An extraordinariness with dashing qualities sets new benchmarks for execution in the excellent little vehicle portion. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP is the quickest model of the British brand that has ever been endorsed for street use. A 225 kW/306 hp 4-chamber turbocharged motor quickens the two-seater model - in light of the MINI 3-entryway - from zero to 100 km/h in simply 5.2 seconds. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP was introduced to the general population unexpectedly at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show and consequently delivered in a restricted release of 3,000 units at the MINI plant in Oxford. 
An exceptional, idealist race feeling is passed on by what is by a long shot the most remarkable motor actually to be utilized in a little vehicle of the brand, suspension innovation that is calibrated dependent on John Cooper Works' extensive hustling skill and a body that is improved regarding lightweight development, torsional solidness and streamlined features.
The new MINI John Cooper Works GP offers unparalleled lively style and overpowering deftness. Accordingly, it frames part of a captivating convention that has been firmly connected to the name of the incredible Formula 1 architect John Cooper since the time the introduction of the exemplary Mini 60 years back. On both street and circuit, this mix has been a steady wellspring of brandishing features: from the principal Mini Cooper and winning the British Touring Car Championship to the three by and large triumphs in the Monte Carlo Rally, the MINI Challenge dashing arrangement, accomplishments in the Dakar Rally and the most recent age of the John Cooper Works models.

The select character of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP, uncompromisingly equipped towards extraordinary driving delight, is communicated in the two its motor force and its exhibition attributes. More unmistakably than any time in recent memory, its standing is at the very cutting edge of the MINI and John Cooper Works model range. Its extra yield well beyond that of the MINI John Cooper Works is 55 kW/75 hp. All things considered, the exceptional situation of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP is considerably more plainly characterized than that of the extraordinary competitors of the two past MINI model ages, every one of which was fabricated in a little arrangement of 2,000 units. The MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit, dispatched in 2006 and the MINI John Cooper Works GP of 2013 previously reflected bizarrely exceptional dashing energy with their 160 kW/218 hp turbocharged motors, their particular suspension innovation and their selective plan and hardware highlights. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP takes the experience of execution in a top notch little vehicle to an unheard of level. Over the span of test drives as a component of the arrangement improvement measure, it finished a lap of the Nordschleife at Nürburgring in under eight minutes - practically a large portion of a moment quicker than its immediate archetype. 

Great wellspring of intensity: 4-chamber motor with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology 
A 4-chamber motor intended for greatest execution and dependent on engine dashing ability conveys the force required for the exciting exhibition attributes of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP. The 2.0-liter motor highlights the most recent age of MINI TwinPower Turbo innovation just as various accurately adjusted subtleties that set it apart from the motor of the MINI John Cooper Works. Model-explicit changes incorporate a fortified driving rod with extended primary bearing width, explicit cylinders, bushless associating poles and another torsional vibration damper with upgraded cooling. 
Furthermore, the extraordinary presentation of the 4-chamber motor is accomplished by methods for a recently created turbocharger. It is coordinated into the ventilation system and fitted with a redirect air valve that upgrades its reaction. The pressure proportion of the motor in the MINI John Cooper Works has been decreased from 10.2 to 9.5 in accordance with the expanded lift pressure as given by the framework. The admission air pipe has additionally been recently evolved. Amplified gulf and stream cross-segments and the expanded volume of the commotion damper guarantee greatest dethrottling. 

Moreover, the most recent age of petroleum direct infusion is helpful for unconstrained force advancement. Its new multi-opening injectors, orchestrated midway between the valves, can adapt to an expanded stream rate, shipping the fuel into the burning chambers at an infusion weight of up to 350 bar. The fine atomisation empowers exact metering of the fuel and notwithstanding advanced proficiency likewise brings about especially clean ignition. Smaller than usual TwinPower Turbo innovation additionally incorporates completely factor valve control dependent on VALVETRONIC as licensed by the BMW Group and variable camshaft control on the admission and fumes sides (twofold VANOS). 
What's more, the new MINI John Cooper Works GP includes a model-explicit motor oil sump with expanded volume and an unmistakable math. This guarantees a dependable oil gracefully consistently, in any event, during amazingly energetic driving including significant levels of longitudinal and parallel speeding up. 
Unconstrained force conveyance, unbridled forward push 
The broad changes to the fundamental motor and to the MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology bring about an especially unconstrained reaction to each development of the quickening agent pedal just as persistent improvement of catalyst into the high motor speed go. The 4-chamber motor builds up its most extreme force of 450 Nm at a speed of 1 750 rpm, keeping up this force up into the 4 500 rpm extend. The most extreme yield of 225 kW/306 hp is accessible between 5 000 and 6 250 rpm. 
The subsequent pulling force can be utilized for especially lively increasing speed moves. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP runs from a standing beginning to 100 km/h in simply 5.2 seconds. On account of the high versatility of its motor, it is additionally equipped for leaving higher-classification sports vehicles behind on halfway runs. There is no fake cutoff to the passionate forward push of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP - even at higher rates. The maximum velocity is 265 km/h. 

Model-explicit fumes framework creates a sincerely ground-breaking sound 
The unconstrained advancement of intensity and the unbridled firing up of the motor are underscored by the sincerely striking sound creation of the fumes framework, which was grown explicitly for the model. The drive acoustics really express the remarkable execution qualities of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP. When driving in a casual way in the low motor speed go the vehicle delivers a controlled, vibrant sound. Under full burden, lively force improvement is upheld by the low fumes back weight and joined by a sound that is propelled by engine hustling. This acoustic emphasis of the vehicle's incredibly lively character furthermore adds to the exhibition experience for driver and passenger.The straight line ducting of the fumes framework leads into an especially huge back silencer with a particular inside plan. From that point, two tailpipes with matt brushed tempered steel trim and a breadth of 90 millimeters each branch off midway into the back cover. These likewise give a real visual grandstand to the perfectionist character of the drive innovation, which is outfitted towards greatest execution. One of the highlights which streamline the fumes framework's emanation reaction is a petroleum motor particulate channel. Fumes gas purging in the new MINI John Cooper Works GP consents to the Euro 6d-TEMP outflow standard. 
Autonomous cooling idea created dependent on hustling aptitude 
The presentation qualities of the motor make ready for extraordinary execution which can be experienced both out and about and on the race track. The temperature the executives necessities this includes are met by a cooling idea grew particularly for the new MINI John Cooper Works GP dependent on hustling mastery. Two outside coolant coolers for the high-temperature circuit, a model-explicit development tank with expanded volume, an explicitly planned coolant module stockpiling framework and an electric fan with expanded yield guarantee that the motor keeps up its ideal working temperature consistently - significantly under high loads and with an amazingly lively driving style. 
The crankcase cooling framework can be incidentally closed off by methods for another split-cooling valve to streamline the motor's warm-up reaction. What's more, the transmission likewise has a different cooling circuit. 
New 8-speed Steptronic transmission with mechanical differential lock 
The superior motor of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP is situated transitionally at the front as per the trademark brand rule. Adjusted engine hustling innovation is likewise used to move the motor's extraordinary drive capacity to the front wheels. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP is fitted as standard with a model-explicit 8-speed Steptronic transmission - complete with coordinated differential lock and coordinated to the motor's exhibition attributes and high force. The most recent age of the transmission highlights expanded inside productivity and an all-encompassing spread. The force converter grasp, which is shut following set-off, guarantees an immediate motor connection and an unconstrained driving feel. Another transmission control framework empowers an especially lively moving methodology. The acoustic solace is enhanced by a recently evolved twist damper. The 8-speed Steptronic transmission is worked through a model-explicit electronic apparatus selector switch. Manual mediation in gear determination is likewise conceivable utilizing the standard move paddles on the directing wheel.The model-specific tuning of the 8-speed Steptronic transmission is another element of the overall package of drive and suspension technology that is precisely geared to maximum performance, thereby giving the new MINI John Cooper Works GP its own unique properties. This is reflected in shift characteristics that are geared towards extremely sporty driving - for example with sharper brake downshifts and direct multiple downshifts during forceful acceleration. What is more, increased engine speed level, direct feedback on shift commands and a further increase in shift dynamics are also noticeable in automatic sports mode (DS transmission mode).

The mechanical differential lock integrated in the transmission ensures that the drive torque is distributed between the right and left front wheels so as to promote traction during particularly dynamic cornering. It is networked with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system and acts as a transverse lock to reduce the speed difference between the front wheels. Under load demand, it is possible to generate a locking effect of up to 31 per cent. The mechanical lock counteracts any loss of traction, both in the case of differing friction coefficients and where there is a difference in speed between the right and left drive wheels. For this purpose, it directs a higher proportion of the drive torque to the wheel with the better grip or the wheel that is turning more slowly, ensuring that any tendency to understeer or oversteer is prevented early on. This makes for particularly agile steering of the MINI John Cooper Works GP and enables it to accelerate even more dynamically out of corners.
Tight engine mounting, body structure and suspension connection with a high degree of rigidity
The model-specific connection of the engine, transmission and suspension along with an extremely rigid body structure ensure highly a spontaneous and precise response to steering manoeuvres and accelerator pedal movements. The particularly outstanding features include an engine mount specially developed for the new MINI John Cooper Works GP. The tight connection of the engine and transmission to the body optimises drive response.
In the underbody area, the tunnel bridge has been replaced by a solid support for the likewise modified rear axle member. The generously dimensioned, rectangular strut frame provides ideal conditions for a suspension set-up geared towards the very highest levels of lateral acceleration. At the front end, the suspension connection is optimised by a strut brace.
Model-specific suspension set-up, DSC with GP mode
With model-specific kinematics and elastokinematics, the suspension technology of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP opens up a whole new dimension of the characteristic go-kart feeling. In the course of an intensive testing program on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and other race tracks, it was precisely tuned to the car's extremely high engine output and the vehicle concept of an exceptional athlete within the small car segment. The model-specific versions of the single-joint spring strut for the front wheels and the multilink rear axle were also optimised with regard to component stiffness. In order to increase agility, the track widths were increased and the body lowered by 10 millimetres as compared to the MINI John Cooper Works. Specially tuned suspension springs are just as much a part of the model-specific suspension as the specially adapted auxiliary springs, dampers and stabilisers. Newly designed swivel bearings enable increased camber levels on the front wheels. Together with the likewise increased camber levels of the rear wheels, this increases the potential for transmitting lateral forces during dynamic cornering. Stabiliser bearings on the front and rear axles with particularly high preload optimise roll support during spontaneous steering movements.
In addition to its connection, the design of the suspension design also features extensive measures to increase rigidity. The precise handling characteristics of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP are enhanced by stiffer rubber bearings in the support bearings of the front and rear axles, for example. The four wishbones on the rear axle are fitted on the outside with clearance-free metal ball sleeve joints instead of rubber mounts, while on the inside there are highly rigid rubber mounts. The strut in the engine compartment is bolted directly to the support bearings of the front axle.
The standard functions of the electromechanical power steering include speed-related steering support for maximum precision when cornering at speed and for comfortable manoeuvring at low speeds. As an alternative to the standard setting, the DSC also offers a GP mode that can be activated by means of a toggle switch. This setting raises the thresholds for stabilising interventions on the part of the braking system and engine control system. In combination with the mechanical differential lock, this provides even more intense support for the agile handling of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP. In addition, the toggle switch for controlling the driving stability system can also be used to access DSC off mode.

Sports brake system and lightweight forged wheels in exclusive format
The sports brake system in the new MINI John Cooper Works GP ensures consistently high deceleration performance even when subject to intensive use. It comprises 4-piston fixed-caliper disc brakes on the front wheels and single-piston floating-caliper brakes on the rear wheels. The sports brake system is characterised by high stability and a direct, clearly defined pedal feel. The front calipers are made of aluminium and combined with 360 × 30 mm ventilated discs. They are finished in Chili Red and bear the John Cooper Works logo.
The new MINI John Cooper Works GP is fitted as standard with 18-inch lightweight forged wheels. The light alloy wheels in 8.0 J × 18 format weigh less than nine kilograms and are fitted with high-performance tyres specially developed for this exceptionally sporty vehicle. The hub caps on the exclusive light alloy wheels bear the GP logo. The structure and profile of the 225/35 R 18 tyres are designed to ensure maximum steering precision, optimum transmission of lateral forces when cornering in sporty style and increased traction during acceleration and deceleration.
Unmistakable design, optimised aerodynamic properties
The new MINI John Cooper Works GP has model-specific design features that make its standing as an exceptional athlete unmistakable right from the starting line. These also make a significant contribution to the car's driving characteristics - namely stability and precise controllability even in highly dynamic situations. The body, which has been modified in detail, primarily optimises the car's aerodynamic balance and the targeted supply of cooling air to the drive units and brake system. The large roof spoiler with double wing contours, the model-specific design of the front apron surround known as the Blackband and the front spoiler lip of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP form a precisely coordinated package designed to reduce lift. As a result, lift values on the front and rear axles are significantly reduced as compared to the MINI John Cooper Works.
In addition, the front apron has particularly large air intakes. The roof spoiler, which extends far beyond the side line, has a key role to play in optimising driving dynamics. With its reversed wing profile, it generates maximum downforce with the lowest possible aerodynamic drag in order to press the vehicle onto the road at high speeds.
Wheel arch trim made of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic
The visually unmistakable features that are important in terms of the car's aerodynamic properties also include the large and strikingly flared wheel arch trims of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP. They make it possible to combine the use of very large track widths and wide wheels with optimised air ducting in the side section of the vehicle.

The wheel arch panels are manufactured by means of a special process and with a material combination used for the first time by the BMW Group consisting of a thermoplastic substructure and an outer shell made of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP). Intelligent lightweight construction goes hand in hand with the sustainable use of resources. The raw material for the outer shells, which are made of a particularly lightweight CFRP fleece, is a refined material that is recycled from the production of the BMW i3 and the BMW i8. The four CFRP components required for each individual vehicle are produced using a shared wet-pressing tool. In this way, a highly efficient production process can be applied that was previously only implemented in high-volume production. In addition, the wheel arch covers with their hexagonally sewn CFRP structure, double matt finish and consecutive numbering give each of the 3,000 vehicles produced a unique visual highlight. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP is the BMW Group's first production vehicle to feature an exposed matt CFRP coating. The individual numbering with the numbers "0001" to "3000" is applied to the surfaces of the front wheel arch panels by means of a newly developed paint transfer process.
Model-specific design accentuations signal purist sporty flair
The purist character of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP, geared towards maximum performance, is further underscored by precisely deployed designed accentuations. Only the exclusive finish Racing Grey metallic is available for the exterior paintwork. Meanwhile the roof and exterior mirror caps are finished in the contrasting colour of Melting Silver metallic. Just like the front apron, the rear apron with integrated rear fog lamps has a distinctive shaping. A cross-member on the hexagonal radiator grille, the inserts in the lower air intake and the inside of the roof spoiler are finished in high-gloss Chili Red. Meanwhile the GP logos on the front and rear, the outer sides of the roof spoiler and the door sill finishers, as well as the foils above the side skirts, are finished with a stylised "GP" in Rosso Red metallic matt.
A striking contrast here is provided by the black finish of the headlamp surrounds, the central radiator grille and rear lights, the fuel filler flap and the door handles, as well as the inlay on the bonnet and the MINI logo at the front and rear of the vehicle. The black inlays on the headlamps and the maximally darkened Union Jack rear light units likewise emphasise the uncompromising sporty flair of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP.

Sports car cockpit with two seats and reduced acoustic insulation
Two seats and reduced acoustic insulation for the purpose of weight optimisation also give the interior of the new MINI John Cooper Works GP genuine sports car flair. The standard equipment includes John Cooper Works sports seats in Dinamica/leather combination with silver side edges, red accentuation seams, a GP badge underneath the integrated headrests and red belt straps. The interior trim on the passenger side bears the numbering of the respective vehicle. This is produced individually for each one of the 3,000 extreme athletes by means of 3D printing.
The model-specific John Cooper Works leather steering wheel also acquires its exclusive character from accentuations produced using the 3D printing process. In addition to red accentuation seams, the steering wheel rim made of soft nappa leather also features a metal centre marking for the 12 o'clock position created using the additive manufacturing process. The shift paddles on the steering wheel are likewise 3D-printed in metal. In addition to the GP logo, a characteristic honeycomb structure can be seen on the paddle surfaces. Colour accentuations in the otherwise dark cockpit are provided by the red GP logos on the floor mats, matching double stripes on the gear selector and the Chili Red painted aluminium cross-brace behind the seats. This serves as a shield to prevent luggage items from slipping forward in the event of sudden braking.

Digital instrument cluster and central instrument with model-specific displays
Optional features for the new MINI John Cooper Works GP include automatic climate control, the Connected Navigation Plus package, which also includes telephony with wireless charging, and an alarm system. The Connected Media system comes as standard: it displays model-specific information on the 6.5-inch screen in the central instrument panel. The standard trim also includes a digital instrument cluster on the steering column. The high-resolution 5-inch colour screen shows the road speed both numerically and on a scale. The model-specific display includes temporary feedback and permanent display after activation of GP mode. A GP logo is permanently shown at the top of the screen. The graphic animation before vehicle start shows a model-specific image including the GP logo.