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2021 Toyota GR Yaris

When Toyota introduced its go back to the World Rally Championship in 2015, the idea of constructing a rally-stimulated sports activities vehicle become a part of the plan. The imaginative and prescient become to take technical expertise and revel in from the best stage of global opposition and follow them to a brand new avenue vehicle this is additionally appropriate for opposition using, and an lower priced proposition for clients.

For Toyota President Akio Toyoda, the introduction of a sports activities vehicle made in simple terms with the aid of using Toyota - the primary in 20 years - become a non-public ambition. Following on from prevailing the WRC manufacturers' championship in 2018, he noticed a prevailing vehicle as being key to attaining international reputation as a real vehiclemobile manufacturer.

The GR Yaris is that vehicle, constructed from scratch and designed to win at maximum degrees. It is Toyota's 2d international GR version, following the a success release of the GR Supra in 2018.

There had been primary demanding situations to be met in phrases of technical expertise and growing a vehicle that clients might buy. From the outset, the improvement crew labored intently with Tommi Mäkinen Racing to higher recognize how their desires will be carried out. It become an in depth and labour-in depth process, however one that has yielded sturdy outcomes in phrases of a vehicle that has a perfect aggregate of inflexible, light-weight production, an agile and responsive chassis and a effective but compact faster engine.

Professional rally drivers, such as contributors of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, drove the prototype fashions and furnished precious comments. Testing become additionally performed with the aid of using Akio Toyoda in his professional function as a Toyota Master Driver.

The GR Yaris is constructed on a completely unique platform, combining Toyota's new GA-B platform (which debuted on the brand new era Yaris hatchback) and a rear phase tailored from the GA-C platform used for the Corolla and C-HR. The rally crew emphasized the significance of mild weight and that is contemplated withinside the use of aluminium frame panels and a solid carbon composite roof withinside the frame shape, and scrutiny of the way weight will be decreased in components all through the auto.

For the first-class viable aerodynamic overall performance, the frame itself is some other particular element: even though primarily based totally on the brand new Yaris hatchback, it's miles a 3 in place of five-door version, with a decrease, tapering roof line. This has been designed particularly to direct wind float onto the huge rear rally vehicle spoiler to generate more downforce. As with a opposition vehicle, the shaping of the decrease frame effectively channels airflow down the edges of the car.

The engine is likewise all-new, a 1.6-litre, 3-cylinder turbocharged unit. It is the world's maximum effective 3-cylinder engine and additionally the smallest and lightest 1.6 faster. Producing 261 DIN hp and 360 Nm of torque, it complies with WRC2 technical rules and might release the GR Yaris from relaxation to a hundred km/h in only five.five seconds, and directly to an electronically confined pinnacle pace of 230 km/h. Its production uses capabilities derived without delay from motor sport, such as a ball bearing turbocharger, huge-diameter exhaust valves and multi-jet oil piston cooling.

A kerb weight of simply 1,280 kg offers the GR Yaris an top notch weight-to-strength ratio of four.nine kg in step with 1 DIN hp.

Engine strength is harnessed via a Toyota's new GR-FOUR permanent, electronically managed all-wheel force gadget. Another opposition-stimulated feature, this offers 3 using modes with exceptional the front/rear force torque to match the conditions - Normal, Track and Sport.

Exterior layout

The GR Yaris' packaging has been advanced with the aid of using pushing the boundaries of overall performance, with near session among the layout crew and co-workers at Tommi Mäkinen Racing, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's World Rally Championship partner.

Although the brand new Yaris hatchback is the bottom car for the brand new version, the simplest unchanged outside components are the headlights, door mirrors, rear mild clusters and the shark fin antenna at the roof. Everything else has been redesigned or tailored to satisfy the goals for downforce, aerodynamic overall performance and balance.

Overall period is three,995 mm, fifty five mm more than the same old Yaris, with the wheelbase unchanged at 2,560 mm. The redesigned the front and rear growth the overhangs with the aid of using forty and 15 mm respectively. Overall width is 1,805 mm (+60 mm) and typical peak 1,455 mm (-forty five mm)

The fundamental alternate is the circulate from a five-door to a 3-door frame. The GR Yaris is the simplest version withinside the new Yaris variety to apply this format, suitable for WRC opposition wherein the rules stipulate no modifications can be made or aerodynamic factors brought to the doorways.

The requirement to maximize downforce and aerodynamic overall performance led to a decreasing of the auto's roof line, with the aid of using as much as ninety five mm at its rearmost factor in comparison to the same old hatchback. The revised profile will increase the extent of air float hitting the spoiler established on pinnacle of the rally vehicle again door, producing more downforce. Following the aerodynamic overall performance of the opposition vehicle, the layout of the decrease frame directs air float from the the front wheel housing near alongside the facet of the car.

The the front of the auto tasks a sturdy feel of motive proposing the signature GR "purposeful matrix" layout. Cooling air is fed to the radiator, intercooler and engine compartment via a huge, square decrease grille with a extensive honeycomb mesh. The outstanding spoiler has a downforce-producing form, with a raised centre phase that controls the float of air under the car. There also are deep higher and decrease lips at every nook that act as canards, producing downforce whilst using via bends. The grille is flanked with the aid of using huge vertical inlets for the brake duct and intercooler, with round LED fog lighting located on the a long way edges of the bumper unit. Discreet GR badging is featured at the decrease grille, the the front wings and again door, along the right-hand LED mild cluster.

At the rear, the tapering of the roof and rear pillars and the addition of the deep, excessive-established spoiler, beautify downforce and aerodynamic overall performance. The extensive music and flaring of the rear wings emphasise the auto's extensive and occasional silhouette. The rear wings have a flat facet floor and minimised nook radius, which easy the float of air farfar from the car and decrease drag. Aerodynamic overall performance is likewise stepped forward with the aid of using form of the rear diffuser (the aero step) being folded into the bumper unit.

Equal interest has been paid to under-vehicle aerodynamics with an engine under-cowl, left and right-facet ground under-covers and spats in the front of every wheel.

GR Yaris is to be had in 4 paint finishes that in shape TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's opposition colours: Super White as trendy and non-obligatory White Pearl, Emotional Red and Precious Black.

Interior layout

The layout of the GR Yaris' indoors displays the auto's overall performance, specially across the motive force's cockpit.

The binnacle has the identical binocular association as the same old Yaris however with extra features associated with the auto's unique overall performance qualities. The four.2-inch TFT shade multi-facts show provides an all-wheel force indicator displaying the torque distribution and mode decided on for the GR-FOUR gadget and a faster stress display. The analogue meters have white figures with purple recommendations for excessive, at-a-look visibility.

The equipment shift lever has a excessive role at the centre console, raised with the aid of using 50 mm and set near the steerage wheel, assisting the motive force make brief shifts. The motion is mild with brief shift strokes, including to the overall performance first-class. The GR Yaris has a mechanical hand-operated parking brake, which the motive force can use for cornering in rally level using. This is made viable with the aid of using a selected feature of the GR-FOUR coupling gadget which completely opens the coupling whilst the handbrake is used.

The GR-FOUR selector manipulate is about simply ahead of the equipment shift, for clean modifications among Normal, Sport and Track modes.

The indoors is completed in black with Smoke Silver trim info across the door handles, centre console, steerage wheel and facet air vents.

The baggage compartment has a 174-litre ability. With the rear seatbacks folded, there may be area sufficient to hold a hard and fast of 4 huge tyres or a bicycle. With the accent battery housed under the deck board, the GR Yaris comes with a tyre restore package in region of a spare wheel.


Throughout the GR Yaris there was a focal point on saving weight to maximize the overall performance cappotential, with out compromising energy and protection. This rigorous technique is specially glaring withinside the vehicle's production, with good sized use of light-weight metals and substances utilized in key regions. Toyota's fulfillment in bringing down the auto's mass has carried out a kerb weight of simply 1,280 kg and a weight-to-strength ratio of four.nine kg in step with 1 DIN hp.

Body shell

In a primary for a Toyota version, the roof is manufactured from a brand new solid (in place of woven) carbon cloth, C-SMC (carbon sheet moulding compound), which saves three.five kg in comparison to a metallic roof and allows decrease the auto's centre of gravity.

Aluminium is used for the bonnet, the again door and the front doorways, marking a weight loss of approximately 24 kg. Overall, the frame shell includes round 10% aluminium and weighs approximately 38 kg much less than the preceding era Yaris hatchback. Thin-sheet metallic is used withinside the wings and facet contributors, with mild and sturdy excessive-tensile steels in crucial regions to make sure the auto's shape can competently take in and deplete effect forces.

Hard-pinnacle doorways with frameless home windows

The doorways at the 3-door GR Yaris are factors that can not be modified or changed for WRC opposition. Made from light-weight aluminium they have got a hard-pinnacle layout with frameless home windows which reduces the step and permits the glass to take a seat down tighter to the frame. This improves its sealing overall performance at excessive speeds and putting off the want for a door reinforcement.

Re-formed again door and light-weight rear bumper

The again door - some other frame element which can not be modified for opposition - has been redesigned to suit with the GR Yaris' decrease roof line and 3-door frame form. Both the internal and outer panels are manufactured from aluminium, similarly lowering the auto's mass.

The rear bumper is manufactured from TSOP (Toyota Super Olefin Polymer) which permits for a thinner production, attaining a 38% weight loss. TSOP additionally gives an environmental advantage, being without problems recyclable.

The GR Yaris Circuit Pack equips the auto with light-weight solid alloy wheels with exceptionally inflexible spokes. These similarly lessen the auto's typical weight.


The essential requirement for the GR Yaris's engine become a sports activities unit that might supply outstanding, effective acceleration and exhilarating feel of non-stop strength, in step with the auto's "GR" designation. The end result is a brand new, in-line 3-cylinder engine with a flexible first-class that makes it snug for every day using in addition to opposition overall performance.

The 1,618 cm3 12-valve engine meets the World Rally Championship's Rally 2 (previously R5) rules, following Toyota's negotiations with the sport's governing frame to permit a 3-cylinder format. Atsunori Kumagaya, who led the improvement project, explained: "We favored this engine because of its mild weight and compact length making it easy to install, even as the dearth of exhaust fueloline interference made it less complicated to reap strength."

The unit is in reality the largest-ability and maximum effective 3-cylinder engine presently in manufacturing, but it's also the smallest and lightest 1.6 faster unit. Its most strength output is 261 DIN hp/192 kW at 6,500 rpm, with most torque of 360 Nm brought from three,000 to four,six hundred rpm - overall performance on a par with that of a 2.zero-litre faster unit.

GR Yaris is as mild as a B-phase warm hatch (kerb weight 1,280 kg), but the strength is similar to C-phase overall performance fashions. Acceleration from zero to a hundred km/h may be achieved in five.five seconds, even as the pinnacle pace is electronically confined to 230 km/h.

With a focal point on strength and mild weight, the GR Yaris achieves an remarkable weight-to-strength ratio of four.nine kg in step with DIN hp. The vehicle's frame-in-white weight is 12% much less than the brand new era Yaris, way to using light-weight substances in its production, such as aluminium for the bonnet and doorways and carbon fibre composite for the roof (similarly info above). Compared to the same old Yaris, the engine is located 21 mm similarly again withinside the compartment, contributing to the auto's weight distribution, dynamic stability and occasional centre of gravity.

The improvement crew drew at the expertise and revel in in their TOYOTA GAZOO Racing colleagues to maximize the engine's cappotential, adopting some of motorsports-derived technology to assist them meet their desires. These encompass a ball-bearing turbocharger, huge-diameter exhaust valves and multi-jet oil piston cooling.


In addition to excessive overall performance, the brand new engine has been designed for mild weight, excessive-pace combustion, drivability, improved cooling and gasoline performance.

The excessive-pace combustion package deal consists of excessive-performance ports, with an improved valve perspective, eccentric valve seats and, drawing on motorsport layout, large diameter exhaust valves. To assist deliver down the engine's mass, the block and crankshaft were optimised for stress and the thickness of the block's outer wall has been minimised. The crankshaft's stability has additionally been optimised. Further weight has been stored with the aid of using the use of man or woman (pinnacle and backside) timing chain covers and a shallow water jacket block.

To sell gasoline performance, the piston skirts have a low-friction floor remedy and the primary bearing is optimised to lessen oil supply.

Although a sports activities engine, the brand new unit is ready to utilize shared Toyota TNGA additives and technology, such as excessive-energy con-rods, hydraulic lash adjusters, light-weight pistons, camshaft (with barely concave radius) and excessive-electricity ignition coil.


The engine's single-scroll turbocharger needed to be sturdy sufficient to cope with excessive outputs, however the use of a huge-ability unit risked diminishing overall performance aleven though faster-lag. The answer become to undertake wear-resistant abradable seals and a ball bearing to enhance the compressor's performance and decrease friction. The controls are located near the wastegate valve in order that fueloline flows at the turbine facet, lowering lag whilst the accelerator is pressed.

The turbocharger is included withinside the exhaust manifold, lowering weight, even as manipulate of wastegate pass gases is used to enhance the warm-up performance of the catalyst. The controls were stepped forward in order that faster overall performance may be completely utilised from low airflow volumes, contributing to top notch acceleration reaction. An air with the aid of using-byskip valve controls the faster stress and stops surge. The huge, cross-float kind intercooler capabilities a protracted center period and occasional stress-loss internal fins to assist recognise excessive engine output, responsiveness and cooling ability.

Lubrication and cooling

The water-cooled oil cooler is manufactured from aluminium, saving weight and giving excessive warmness alternate performance., with warmness dissipation overall performance suitable for the engine's excessive output. The unit is hooked up upstream of the primary oil clear out out, so there may be much less danger of bearing seizure because of overseas be counted withinside the oil.

To accommodate the excessive strength output, the engine cooling gadget makes use of a belt-pushed huge-ability water pump. The oil cooler is placed withinside the water pump outlet, which improves its cooling overall performance and performance.

Fuel gadget

The excessive-stress (22MPa) D4-S direct gasoline injection gadget operates with improved stress to obtain finer spray atomisation. The excessive-tumble air float withinside the combustion chamber will increase the dispersion of the injected gasoline to beautify engine overall performance. The six-hollow spray layout avoids interference with the valves to assist obtain decrease emission and has been optimised for unique manipulate.

The port injection is through long-nozzle, 10-hollow injectors. Intake port float has been optimised to lessen gasoline adhesion to the walls, contributing to gasoline and emissions performance. Optimisation of the shifting components and magnetic circuit supply top notch overall performance at excessive temperatures, which once more reduces gasoline intake and emissions.

New consumption gadget

A new consumption gadget has been advanced appropriate for the engine's excessive output and to create a sporty sound.

Because the battery is placed withinside the baggage compartment, there may be room to house a huge air clear out out, which allows lessen low stress losses. The unit has a 10.eight-litre ability and includes a satisfactory sound-soaking up fibre cloth. The clear out out makes use of a brand new paper and satisfactory fibre compound production this is each extra green in accumulating dirt and lowering low stress losses. An air-liquid separation shape prevents water or snow from coming into the gadget.

Stop-begin gadget

The engine is ready with a forestall-and-begin gadget that routinely stops the engine whilst the car involves a halt, with the equipment shift in neutral. Restart is easy and automated whilst the motive force presses the grab pedal. The gadget reduces gasoline intake and emissions.

Engine mounting

The engine makes use of a totally redesigned mounting gadget that reduces noise and vibration. The right-hand mount is a hydraulic kind to benefit journey consolation and decrease vibration for the duration of idling. Its rubber traits and the location were optimised to obtain higher noise and vibration overall performance. The torque rods are manufactured from aluminium, lowering weight.

The alternate withinside the rubber's spring charge provides to acceleration responsiveness and sense, lowering displacement of the engine withinside the roll course whilst the accelerator is pressed. Similarly, an improved lateral spring charge complements steerage responsiveness and sense.

Engine sound

A sporty engine sound is a key a part of the GR using revel in. In the GR Yaris the impact is heightened with the aid of using a manipulate sound directed via the sound gadget's amplifier to beautify the first-class of the engine note. Active Noise Control makes use of a microphone to discover noise generated with the aid of using engine rotation; cancelling noise is calculated with the aid of using pc and output via the auto's audio speakers.


The new GR-FOUR gadget is the primary unique sports activities all-wheel force gadget Toyota has created in 20 years. Developed particularly for the GR Yaris, it controls car posture and permits the auto's strength to be realised with excessive traction and trustworthy cornering, no matter avenue floor first-class.

The complete-time gadget is straightforward in layout and mild in weight - lighter than opportunity twin-coupling or centre differential structures. Operation is electronically managed, with 3 modes the motive force can pick out to match their choice or the using scenario. Slightly exceptional equipment ratios are used withinside the excessive-reaction coupling and rear differential, permitting more force pressure to be directed to the rear wheels even if there may be no slip on the the front wheels.

The mode alternatives are: 50:50 Track mode, appropriate for instant using in any avenue conditions, from dry to snow; 30:70 Sport mode, to prioritise rear-wheel force traits; and 60:forty Normal mode (the default mode), appropriate for every day overall performance.

The switch case is built in aluminium and includes a hypoid equipment, with bearing aid optimised for stress. Lightweight aluminium is likewise used for the rear differential, that's included with an electronically managed multi-plate grab. The devices are related with the aid of using a 3-joint, -axis propeller shaft.

The gadget's ECU controls the force torque distribution to match the using situation, in step with information amassed on car overall performance which includes pace, acceleration, braking and steerage. Electronic manipulate of the multi-plate grab makes use of facts from the wheel pace and G sensors and the grab's temperature sensor.

The GR Yaris Circuit Pack is moreover ready with the front and rear Torsen confined-slip differentials which provide improved cornering overall performance and grip with manipulate of left and right-hand force torque distribution at the the front and rear axles.

High frame stress

Producing a exceptionally inflexible frame become one of the center necessities for the GR Yaris, crucial to its managing overall performance and motive force rewards.

To obtain the preferred stage of stress, drastically extra weld factors are used, specially in regions wherein they could reinforce joints. There are four,one hundred seventy five in total, 259 extra than at the Yaris hatchback. Further profits are made via good sized use of structural adhesive, growing the joint stress among element components which provides to the auto's top notch managing balance in regions which includes yaw reaction, steerage comments and the texture of grip communicated to the motive force. In all, 35.4m of adhesive is used, 14.6m extra than on the same old Yaris.

Special interest has been paid to the joint shape on the rear, with a strainer giving aid at forty five ranges from the surprise absorber inputs. This suppresses toppling of the rear wheel housing to provide an top notch stage of torsional stress. A non-stop, enlarged cross-phase runs from the rear header to the rear pillars, suppressing deformation whilst the tailgate is opened and similarly including to the frame's stress. Further profits were made with the aid of using lengthening the rear wheel residence internal to attach without delay to the rear pillar internal.

To benefit higher the front/rear weight distribution, the battery is placed under the rear load area ground.


The the front suspension is a brand new MacPherson strut layout that gives each mild weight and excessive stress that maximises the tyres' grip cappotential.

The requirement become for the suspension to be able to handing over all of the engine's strength to the street and maximise the tyres' cornering functionality on all surfaces, so the motive force can manipulate the auto with self belief it'll carry out faithfully.

To obtain typical excessive stress, improvement targeted at the hub bearing and the the front decrease arm bushing. The stress of the hub bearing and the front decrease arm bushing had been improved, with a reinforcing patch upload additionally brought to the the front decrease arm. The gadget capabilities an extraordinary, exceptionally inflexible the front knuckle.

The suspension geometry and settings were described to maximize the tyres' grip functionality. The new knuckles, with a decrease joint ball role, allow an growth in preliminary camber and optimised roll steer traits. The anti-roll bar format and spring traits have additionally been optimised and the gadget makes use of an extraordinary, excessive-reaction surprise absorber set-up.

The new GA-C-derived platform allowed for a selected rear suspension gadget to be designed to satisfy the GR Yaris' overall performance goals, accommodating all-wheel force and attaining excessive degrees of agility and balance. The layout makes use of trailing double wishbones, in region of the torsion beam association located withinside the trendy Yaris hatchback. As with the the front suspension, the layout achieves mild weight and excessive stress and makes a speciality of maximising tyre grip.

The gadget allows hold the rear tyres firmly planted, with the top notch avenue-preserving supplying tougher lateral and torsional movement, which is prime to car manipulate and extra supple vertical movement. Factors contributing to the stress encompass ball joints at the decrease facet, and extra inflexible bearings and rear trailing arm bushes. New higher hands with a shorter span growth the preliminary camber, even as, as with the the front suspension, extraordinary surprise absorbers are outfitted and spring traits are optimised to obtain the first-class viable grip.

Wheels and tyres

The GR Yaris is outfitted as trendy with 18-inch forged alloy wheels with a mild and exceptionally inflexible multi-spoke layout, the form of the spokes reflecting the traces of a conventional Japanese sword. The tyres are 225/40R18 Dunlop SP Sport MAXX 050.

The GR Yaris Circuit Pack comes with lighter, solid alloy BBS wheels with a 10-spoke layout, shod with Michelin Pilot 4S excessive-overall performance tyres, designed for added grip for excessive-pace using balance and manipulate. To make sure the tyres' complete overall performance cappotential may be realised, the Circuit Pack capabilities retuned suspension, with stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, tailored surprise absorbers, and adjustment to the electrical strength steerage help.


It is sizeable that the brakes suited for the GR Yaris examine in length to the ones utilized by the GR Supra - in reality the the front discs are large in diameter. The gadget is designed for adequate braking cappotential even as retaining car posture genuine to the motive force's intentions. Performance is responsive and controllable, giving worthwhile continuity and stability to brake-nook-boost up using.

At the the front there are 356 mm ventilated discs with 4-pot, light-weight aluminium callipers; the rear brakes are 297 mm ventilated discs with -pot aluminium callipers. On the GR Yaris Circuit Pack the the front callipers are painted purple and embellished with the GR brand.

High-friction pads are used the front and rear. The brakes' warmness ability is appropriate for circuit using, with overall performance toward that of heavier and extra effective C-phase cars.

For the motive force, the brake pedal has been designed with a brief stroke and tuned for strong comments. Braking has a linear sense, with little variant among town and sports activities using.

Tyre Pressure Warning System

The Tyre Pressure Warning System (TPWS) suited for the GR Yaris continuously video display units the pressures independently in every 4 wheels and warns the motive force if there may be any drop in stress that would compromise gasoline financial system or protection. It similarly permits the motive force to set and display the appropriate tyre stress to match the music, or their using style.


The steerage is engineered for top notch manipulate and linear comments, contributing to the manner wherein the motive force feels a remarkable feel of connection to the auto, and to the street.

As nicely as having improved stress, the steerage column is manufactured from aluminium, assisting keep weight. The guide steerage equipment ratio has been improved and interest has been paid to its friction traits, to make sure the motive force gets the highest quality comments, even if making simplest small steerage perspective adjustments. Performance is similarly sharpened with the aid of using minimising the put off earlier than steerage help is activated whilst the motive force turns the wheel. Performance is brief and brisk, suitable for a sports activities vehicle.

The steerage stroke ratio is 13.6:1 and the steerage wheel takes 2.36 turns lock-to-lock.


An perfect role on the wheel is a key a part of the GR Yaris using revel in, giving the motive force a sense of being related to the auto and the street and self belief to revel in the auto's complete overall performance cappotential. The comments from the chassis, steerage, tyres and brakes communicated via the motive force's seat, steerage wheel and pedals, and the supportive, frame-preserving overall performance of the seat itself all make contributions to creating the motive force sense on top of things and at one with the car.

Seat layout

The the front sports activities seats supply excessive preserving overall performance, so a solid posture may be maintained, even for the duration of sports activities using. The set frames are each mild in weight and exceptionally inflexible.

A thicker urethane pad withinside the cushion reduces stress under the bottom of the pelvis, even as the pad under the bottom of the backbone has been made thinner, with the inner rear rod moved ahead, growing stress and enhancing aid. The cushion cloth has been decided on to make sure a solid floor and green stress dispersion, making it less complicated and cushty for the motive force to preserve an awesome posture.

The motive force's seat has a beneficiant variety of peak, fore-aft and seatback perspective guide adjustment.

To make rear seat get entry to less complicated withinside the 3-door GR Yaris, the the front seats have an improved ahead tipping perspective. The rear seatbacks have a 60:forty split-folding feature and are ready with Isofix infant seat anchor factors with pinnacle tethers.

Steering wheel

The 3-spoke GR sports activities steerage wheel has a tactile, easy-grain leather-based cowl and is shaped with an extraordinary cross-phase (the GR grip) calculated to offer cushty suit withinside the motive force's palm, appropriate for sports activities using and clean manipulate even as retaining an awesome posture.

To hold the spokes narrow, toggle-kind auxiliary switches were designed. The backside spoke is completed in Smoke Silver and capabilities the GR brand in a chrome frame.

The role of the column has been set to aid a cushty using role with a extensive variety of guide telescopic and tilt adjustment (forty and 50 mm respectively).

Sports pedals

The length, form, role and perspective of the pedals had been taken under consideration whilst designing the using role, to make sure they supply the texture and controllability appropriate for a vehicle of the GR Yaris' overall performance first-class.

Featuring drilled aluminium surfaces and measuring forty five mm extensive, they're organized to match sports activities using techniques, such as heel-and-toe among brake and accelerator. To make sure the suitable pitch at the brake and accelerator pedals, the centre factor of the pad is showed previous to car meeting.

The pedal role, pad perspective and urgent perspective were calculated in step with the motive force's hip factor to benefit the first-class viable controllability. The motive force also can use the pedals actually with the aid of using articulating their ankle, with out shifting their heel role. Details encompass a facet wall at the right-hand fringe of the brake pedal, to assist save you the motive force's foot catching at the pedal whilst shifting throughout from the accelerator.

On the grab pedal, top urgent pressure has been set better to obtain sports activities vehicle-stage comments and sense.


The GR Yaris is nicely ready for overall performance, protection, consolation and convenience, however proprietors can beautify their vehicle's profile with a desire of alternative packs - Convenience or Circuit - to shape a part of their vehicle's trendy specification.

On the outside, the GR Yaris capabilities 18-inch 15-spoke alloy wheels with Dunlop SP Sport MAXX050 tyres. The strength-operated door mirrors have an vehiclemobile-retract feature and black casings. Performance touches encompass a twin exhaust, shark fin antenna, black rear spoiler, carbon fibre roof, rear privateness glass, GR badging and a GR decrease grille. The automated LED headlights have an adaptive excessive-beam and the the front fog lighting additionally use LED technology.

In the cabin the sports activities the front seats are upholstered in Ultrasuede with comparison purple sewing and GR emblems featured withinside the included head rests. The GR badging is likewise picked up withinside the carpet mats and at the 3-spoke, leather-based-trimmed sports activities steerage wheel. The multimedia gadget capabilities an eight-inch touchscreen, plus DAB reception, eCall, telecellsmartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB port and a six-speaker audio. Dual-area air conditioning, clever access and push-button begin, an vehiclemobile-dimming rear-view mirror, 60:forty split-folding rear seats and automated windscreen wipers also are furnished.

The Convenience Pack provides a sequence of top rate first-class capabilities, such as a JBL eight-speaker top rate audio gadget, satellite tv for pc navigation, ambient cabin lighting, head-up show, the front and rear parking sensors, a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

The Circuit Pack places the point of interest firmly on overall performance, introducing GR sports activities-tuned suspension and steerage, the front and rear Torsen confined-slip differentials, 18-inch solid alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot 4S tyres, an engine undercover and purple brake callipers bearing the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GR brand.

Toyota Safety Sense

The GR Yaris has the essential advantage of a sturdy frame shape this is engineered to deform and take in and deplete effect forces in a managed way withinside the occasion of a collision, protective the integrity of the passenger cell. In not unusualplace with all new Toyota passenger vehicles, it additionally advantages from Toyota Safety Sense, which equips the auto with some of energetic protection and motive force help structures that may assist save you a number of the maximum not unusualplace coincidence risks.

The package deal consists of the brand new advances withinside the structures' functionality. These encompass the Pre-Collision System's cappotential to discover pedestrians withinside the vehicle's direction for the duration of each day and night-time using, plus bicycle riders for the duration of sunlight hours hours.

The PCS additionally offers Intersection Turn Assistance, which allows keep away from the danger of colliding with some other car or pedestrian whilst creating a flip at a avenue intersection. If it detects a pedestrian crossing the carriageway the auto is ready to show into, or if it's miles approximately to transport throughout the direction of oncoming traffic, it'll sound an alert and, if the motive force fails to respond, follow automated emergency braking. It operates at speeds among 10 and 25 km/h.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control operates at speeds from 0 to a hundred and eighty km/h, and could sluggish the auto easily to a forestall if the car in the front involves a halt. If the forestall is much less than 3 seconds, restart is automated; after an extended forestall, the auto may be restarted with moderate stress at the accelerator, or with the aid of using urgent the ACC switch.

Lane Departure Alert allows save you the GR Yaris from by accident straying from its lane of traffic, sounding an alert and supplying (selectable) steerage manipulate to deliver the auto again in line. Lane Trace Assist will routinely hold the car focused in its lane, recognising and tracking each markings on the street floor and the street margins (kerbs, grass or earth). The Toyota Safety Sense capabilities additionally encompass Road Sign Assist, replicating key caution and command avenue symptoms and symptoms on fundamental routes at the motive force's multi-facts show, and Automatic High Beam, maximising LED headlight illumination with out the danger of amazing different traffic.

The GR Yaris Convenience Pack allows the motive force with secure manoeuvring with the addition of a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, plus the front and rear parking sensors. The GR Yaris is outfitted as trendy with a reversing camera.

Multimedia and Connectivity

The onboard multimedia gadget is operated with the aid of using an eight-inch show established excessive at the tool panel, proposing each button and touchscreen controls. Its establishing collection pix display the GR brand.

As trendy, it offers telecellsmartphone connectivity through each Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, permitting the motive force or passenger to synchronise their telecellsmartphone with the gadget to provide direct get entry to to music, apps, assistants and calls. The trendy audio gadget is a six-speaker association; an eight-speaker top rate JBL gadget is furnished withinside the GR Yaris Convenience Pack, collectively with satellite tv for pc navigation. Bluetooth and a USB port are covered as trendy.

In Europe, the GR Yaris is ready with eCall, with a purpose to routinely file the auto's vicinity to an emergency operator if there may be an effect which triggers an airbag. There is likewise an SOS button that may be used to touch a name centre and summon emergency assist. If the car is stolen, it is able to be tracked and its vicinity located with the aid of using contacting the Toyota Smart Centre.


Toyota acknowledged from the begin of the version's improvement that a brand new, low-extent sports activities vehicle manufacturing gadget might be required for the GR Yaris. The vehicle is constructed completely at a brand new TOYOTA GAZOO Racing manufacturing facility, created inside Toyota's Motomachi plant in Japan.

The manufacturing line contains a sequence of man or woman meeting cells, related with the aid of using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in place of the conveyors featured in traditional vehicle plants. This completely bendy approach of working, with many guide meeting techniques, allows unique frame and suspension alignment, with versions in car dimensions and weight saved to a minimum. The excessive diploma of accuracy and the crafting the GR Yaris' exceptionally inflexible frame, might be extra difficult to obtain on a trendy, excessive-extent manufacturing line.

True to its dedication to human beings improvement, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has delivered collectively exceptionally professional technicians from all through the company, crew contributors who're famend for his or her remarkable skills and interest to detail. They will make contributions to the craftsmanship and technical talents schooling the GR manufacturing facility will offer for employees at different Toyota facilities.

Toyota GR Yaris - Technical Specifications

    • Type: three in line cylinders
    • Valve mechanism: DOHC 12-valve with VVTi
    • Fuel gadget: D4S - Direct & oblique injection
    • Supercharging: Turbo
    • Displacement: 1.618 cm3
    • Bore x stroke: 87.five mm X 89.7 mm
    • Compression ratio: 10.five:1
    • Max. strength: 261hp/192kW
    • Max. torque: 360Nm
    • Emissions stage: Euro 6d Temp
    • GR-FOUR 4 wheel drive gadget
    • Type: Manual 6
    • Power to weight ratio: 6.7kg/kW (four.9kg/DIN hp)
    • Max. pace: 230km/h (electronically confined)
    • Front suspension: McPherson
    • Rear suspension: Double Wishbone
    • Steering: Rack & Pinion, Electric Power Steering
    • Min. turning circle: 10,eight m
    • Brakes
      • Front: Ventilated disc (356 mm) four pot constant calliper
      • Rear: Ventilated disc (297 mm) 2 pot constant calliper
    • Tyres: Dunlop SP Sport MAXX050Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 225/forty R 18
    • Overall period: three.995 mm
    • Overall width: 1.805 mm
    • Overall peak: 1.460 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2.558 mm
    • Front tread: 1.530 mm
    • Rear tread: 1.560 mm
    • Curb weight (with out motive force): 1.280 kg