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Bugatti Bolide Concept 2020

Reduced, raw, authentic. With the technological idea of the Bugatti Bolide, the French luxurious automobile producer is now offering the solution to the query what if Bugatti constructed a greatly mild automobile round its iconic 8.0-litre W16 engine? The experimental examine of the Bugatti Bolide is a music-orientated hyper sports activities automobile offering a W16 engine derived from collection manufacturing as powertrain mixed with a minimum frame for optimum downforce. It consequently guarantees to provide the remaining Bugatti overall performance kick.

At the equal time, the Bugatti Bolide is the maximum excessive, uncompromising, quickest and lightest automobile idea withinside the company's current records - with an extraordinary weight-to-strength ratio of 0.sixty seven kg in step with PS. This is made feasible via way of means of the aggregate of the W16 engine with 1,850 PS and a automobile weight of simply 1,240 kilograms. The Bugatti Bolide achieves figures which are nearly on par with Formula 1 whilst its pinnacle pace is properly above 500 km/h - with out compromising most managing and most agility. The Bolide takes 3:07.1 mins to finish a lap of Le Mans and five:23.1 mins to get across the Nordschleife.

The concept - what if? An experiment

"Bugatti stands for the non-stop quest for technological innovations - in alignment with the company's logo values of excellence, courage, dedication. And Bugatti in no way stands nonetheless. We are always aiming for brand new and thrilling goals, and the query that we constantly hold in thoughts is: what if?" says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. "We requested ourselves how we should recognise the strong W16 engine as a technical image of the logo in its purest shape - with completely 4 wheels, engine, gearbox, guidance wheel and, because the handiest luxurious, seats. Important components of our concerns had been fine-tuning our iconic powertrain with none boundaries as regards the load-to-strength ratio. These concerns resulted withinside the Bugatti Bolide. An uncompromising experiment, a thoroughbred, a Pur Sang that, in its brute exclusivity, impresses exceptionally with excessive overall performance, low weight, and a riding enjoy in an entire new dimension. Driving the Bolide is like driving on a cannonball."

"The Bolide is the remaining solution to the query of what if Bugatti constructed a music-targeted hyper sports activities automobile that met the FIA's protection requirements. Designed across the W16 powertrain with the minimal frame shape and implausible overall performance information. The end result: the smallest feasible shell for a panoramic overall performance automobile that lets in the W16 to honestly come into its own," explains Stefan Ellrott, member of the Board of Management of Bugatti and Head of Technical Development. "All of Bugatti's knowledge has been condensed into the Bugatti Bolide. It is consequently an revolutionary statistics supply for destiny technologies. The Bolide is for that reason greater than simply an highbrow exercise.

"In phrases of generation and organisation, the Bolide became one of the maximum formidable initiatives of my career," says Frank Götzke. After gambling a vital position withinside the improvement of the Veyron sixteen.four and the Chiron, the engineer became additionally liable for the technical idea of the Bolide. In handiest 8 months, he created a totally new automobile across the famous Bugatti W16 all-wheel powertrain, which became quite changed for the task.

The 8.0-litre W16-cylinder engine with 1,850 PS and 1,850 newton-metres of torque is at its heart. Bugatti has designed the pressure mainly to be used at the racetrack and has optimised the engine and gearbox especially for better engine speeds. Among different things, this consists of dethrottling the consumption and exhaust gadget to reap an excellent faster, greater spontaneous, and excessive reaction characteristic. The 4 newly evolved turbochargers are outfitted with optimised blades so as to accumulate greater enhance stress and strength at better engine speeds. In order to reap most useful lubrication even below extraordinarily excessive centrifugal forces, the oil circuit, oil stress, test valves, baffles, oil tanks, oil reservoirs, and pump layout of the dry sump lubrication were optimised. The weight of the pressure gadget is likewise appreciably decreased on the equal time.

Instead of water-to-air intercooling, the Bugatti Bolide has air-to-air intercooling with water pre-cooling for choicest overall performance at the racetrack. The influx takes area from the the front thru one inner and one outside air duct on every aspect of the automobile. The water coolers, which can be organized in the front of the the front axle, offer a greater powerful radiator gadget in phrases of glide than is normal even in Formula 1. Three air-cooled oil coolers for engine, transmission, and differential with water pre-cooling lessen the temperature even on dynamically worrying race laps. Newly evolved and hybrid carbon titanium turbofan radial compressors ventilate and funky the excessive-overall performance racing brake gadget.

1,850 PS and 1,240 kilograms - weight-to-strength ratio of 0.sixty seven kg/PS

In order to reap a dry weight of 1,240 kilograms, all of the stops were pulled out in regards to the substances and manufacturing procedures used, each in phrases of what's presently viable and what is going to be feasible withinside the destiny.

All the screw and fastening factors of the Bolide are made absolutely out of titanium. In addition, hollow, skinny-walled useful additives made from an aerospace titanium alloy are used in lots of places. These originate from a 3-D printer and are extraordinarily skinny with wall thicknesses of as much as 0.five millimetres. However, they may be nonetheless very solid with a tensile energy of 1,250 newtons in step with rectangular millimetre. Hybrid additives, inclusive of the 0.five- metre-lengthy auxiliary pressure shaft, integrate wound excessive-energy and ultra-stiff carbon fibres with 3-D-revealed titanium stop fittings and might resist a non-stop running temperature of as much as 260 tiers Celsius. In this instance, this reduces the load via way of means of round 1/2 of to 1.five kilograms and, because of the discount of the rotating loads, will increase the revving cappotential of the engine on the equal time. The forces appearing at the the front and rear wings are transferred via way of means of ultralight however very strong titanium factors. They weigh an insignificant six hundred grams on the the front and an amazing 325 grams on the rear.

A global innovation is the morphable outer pores and skin of the consumption scoop at the roof, which affords energetic airflow optimisation. If the automobile is pushed at a sluggish pace, the floor of the news stays smooth. In contrast, a area of bubbles bulges out while pushed at speedy speeds. This reduces the aerodynamic drag of the news via way of means of 10 percentage and guarantees a 17 percentage discount in raise forces. In addition, the glide onto the rear wing is optimised. At 320 km/h, the downforce is at 1,800 kilograms on the rear wing and 800 kilograms on the the front wing.

As in Formula 1, the Bolide decelerates with racing brakes with ceramic discs and coatings. The brake callipers weigh handiest 2.four kilograms every. The the front cast magnesium rims with critical lock weigh 7.four kilograms, whilst those on the rear weigh 8.four kilograms - with a completely huge tyre length of 340 millimetres at the the front axle and four hundred millimetres at the rear axle (Chiron: 285 mm on the the front and 355 mm on the rear). A compressed-air-pushed jack gadget with 4 rams makes tyre converting easier, a brief refuelling gadget lets in stress refuelling.

Among different things, a push rod kinematics gadget with horizontal dampers guarantees specific managing. The oil reservoirs are organized in the dampers, which improves aerodynamics. Weighing handiest one hundred grams, the push-rods are designed as a skinny-walled and glide-optimised titanium light-weight production with a buckling load of 3.five tonnes, which corresponds to a dry weight of almost Chirons. The welded manipulate palms made from aerospace-grade stainless-steel have a tensile energy of 1,2 hundred newtons in step with rectangular millimetre and also are designed as wing profiles.

Light monocoque made from carbon

The Bugatti group evolved a mild monocoque made from carbon across the pressure. The essential the front stop flanged to it's also made from excessive-energy carbon fibres, as are the completely aerodynamically powerful underbody and the monocoque itself. The single-fibre tensile energy of the fibres used is 6,750 newtons in step with rectangular millimetre, the single-fibre stiffness is 350,000 newtons in step with rectangular millimetre. These constitute figures which are handiest reached withinside the aerospace industry. The rear frame, designed as a welded metallic assembly, gives a most tensile energy of 1,2 hundred newtons in step with rectangular millimetre, in spite of a wall thickness of handiest 1 millimetre - that is made feasible via way of means of the usage of excessive-energy stainless-steel, that's in any other case handiest utilized in aviation.

With an usual peak of handiest 995 millimetres, the Bugatti Bolide is precisely the equal peak because the anciental Bugatti Type 35, relying at the guidance wheel and truncated windscreen, and approximately three hundred millimetres flatter than the Chiron. The wheelbase is 2.seventy five metres and the width 1.ninety nine metres. Like in an LMP1 racing automobile, the occupants fold up the doorways which are hinged on the the front at an angle, take a seat down on a sill this is handiest 70 millimetres huge, as in a Type 35, after which role their ft withinside the interior. Thanks to a aspect wall this is approximately a hundred and fifty millimetres decrease than that of the Type 35, the manner is brief and easy - for drivers as much as a frame peak of two metres.

Safety is ensured with protection device designed according with FIA regulations. These encompass HANS tool compatibility, an automated hearthplace extinguishing gadget, a towing tool, stress refuelling with gas bladder, critical locks for the wheels, light-weight polycarbonate windows, and a six-factor harness gadget. The monocoque aspect flooring with incorporated carbon coolant pipes are concurrently designed as aspect effect systems and structural reinforcement of the monocoque. The driving force can see all of the applicable information on a motorsport display. For an most useful sitting role, each the pedals and the passenger footrest may be moved via way of means of a hundred and fifty millimetres.

The layout - the quintessence of shape follows overall performance

The experimental examine of the Bugatti Bolide is likewise a completely unique task for Achim Anscheidt, Director of Design at Bugatti. "In my sixteen years at Bugatti, I even have in no way labored on a greater excessive idea." The layout of the Bolide is greatly tailor-made to the concept of light-weight production, and the layout precept consequently follows on from the overriding purpose of reaching a charming weight-to-strength ratio of 0.sixty seven kilograms in step with PS.

"It is the first actual time that my group had the liberty of making an really minimalistic layout across the W16 engine. The end result is the maximum provocative share of a current Bugatti ever and the distilled quintessence of our Bugatti layout ethos that shape follows overall performance," says Anscheidt. "The Bugatti Bolide, however, is a task greater technically pushed than fashioned via way of means of style."

The stylistic project became to convert the unyielding needs of aerodynamics and light-weight production into a classy that displays the specific Bugatti DNA, however on the equal time illustrates the ambition of an excellent weight-to-strength ratio. The usual look is ruled via way of means of air ducts which are greater paying homage to aerodynamically state-of-the-art Formula 1 racing motors than conventional sports activities motors. The reputedly filigree and 1/2 of-open the front stop is a placing instance of the aggregate of air duct knowledge, light-weight production requirements, and aesthetic dynamics.

The dramatic impact of the general proportions is made clean via way of means of the aerodynamically beneficial usual peak of handiest 995 millimetres. The driving force's ultra-sporty seating lets in the low-slung form of an car low-flying plane. It is consequently now no longer sudden that the advent of the Bugatti Bolide invokes the so-referred to as X-planes of aviation records and indicates a clean X signature from each perspective. It is not directly paying homage to the Bell X-1 jet plane which became flown via way of means of Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager 1947, the primary character to interrupt the sound barrier at Mach 1.06. The Bugatti Bolide "X-periment" has the form of an aerodynamically optimised, uncompromising racing automobile and gives ultra-sporty, superlative overall performance - and not using a trace of luxurious.

As with different Bugatti vehicles, the Bugatti layout group additionally uses a coloration break up withinside the Bolide. Compared with different fashions, the proportion of seen carbon elements is improved via way of means of as much as 60 percentage. Only round forty percentage of the surfaces are painted - in a re-interpretation of the anciental French Racing Blue.

"Fifteen years ago, Bugatti succeeded in developing a brand new section with the Veyron sixteen.four: that of the advanced hyper sports activities automobile. With the Chiron released in 2016, we systematically evolved this section further. The fashions undergo witness to strength and elegance, uniquely combining generation, layout, luxurious, and excellent in a hitherto unknown aggregate," explains Anscheidt. "In contrast, the Bugatti Bolide is an absolute rebel. It is apparent to peer that its handiest goal is to bring the natural strength of the W16 engine in a visually and technically unadulterated shape. Reduced, raw, and authentic - like freshly-stuck sashimi".

The DNA - Bugatti Type 35

With the Type 35, Bugatti produced one of the maximum a hit racing motors of all time. The open-pinnacle sports activities automobile accomplished over 2,000 victories among 1924 and 1930. Today, the Type 35 is a legend in racing records. It became inimitable in phrases of generation, layout, and overall performance in its time - and nonetheless is today. Ettore Bugatti used a double curler bearing and triple ball bearing crank mechanism for the primary time. This allowed the engine to rotate at as much as 6,000 rpm to transport the 8 pistons. Two carburettors improved the strength to an preliminary ninety five PS. With this engine, the primary Type 35 motors had been capable of attain speeds of over one hundred ninety km/h. In the later Type 35 B evolutionary fashions with a 2.3-litre 8-cylinder engine and compressor, the strength output improved to one hundred forty PS, and the Bugatti accomplished a pinnacle pace of greater than 215 km/h.

As properly as their extraordinary strength, the engines had been ordinarily famend for his or her reliability and endurance. And their lightness. Ettore Bugatti did now no longer compromise while it got here to light-weight production and quality feasible driveability. He evolved unique smooth-walking wheels to lessen the unsprung loads and, as a end result, enhance the reaction of the suspension. The new hollow-bored and cast the front axle weighed handiest 10 kilograms and became although nonetheless solid. A race-equipped Bugatti Type 35 weighed handiest round 750 kilograms. A masterpiece in phrases of the load-to-strength ratio.

The verdict - a music-orientated thoroughbred of current instances

The Bugatti Bolide is the unrivalled technological idea of a music-targeted Bugatti hyper sports activities automobile. The aggregate of 1,850 PS and 1,240 kilograms dry weight guarantees an implausible weight-to-strength ratio. This places the Bolide with its W16 engine on the absolute top in phrases of combustion engines utilized in car engineering. "For the primary time, we're displaying what the W16 engine is truely succesful of. We have freed the automobile of all bags and feature illustrated and mixed the engine with the lightest feasible chassis to create the remaining Bugatti and to make sure the remaining riding enjoy. With the Bolide, we're providing our interpretation of a Bugatti music automobile of current instances to Bugatti fanatics all around the international and ultimately make their maximum fervent needs come true," explains Stephan Winkelmann.

Whether the Bugatti Bolide will cross into collection manufacturing, has now no longer been determined yet.