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Ferrari SF90 Spider 2021

The spider model of the SF90 Stradale, the Ferrari SF90 Spider, changed into unveiled for the duration of a committed virtual occasion. This unique on-line occasion supplied Ferraristi from everywhere in the international with an distinct advent to the automobile's modern functions and in-intensity records on its improvement.

As the Prancing Horse's first manufacturing plug-in hybrid spider, the SF90 Spider units new overall performance and innovation benchmarks now no longer simplest for the marque's variety, however for the whole sports activities vehicle sector. The new convertible has the identical severe supercar specification and record-breaking overall performance because the SF90 Stradale but additionally provides in addition using satisfaction and flexibility to the mix, way to state-of-the-art new release of Ferrari's signature retractable difficult pinnacle structure. This makes the SF90 Spider the correct vehicle for proprietors that call for the very top of Ferrari generation, however nevertheless need the fun of open-pinnacle using.

The retractable difficult pinnacle (RHT) changed into once more followed as it ensures greatest noise insulation and safety from the factors while raised, does now no longer deform at excessive speeds and gives wonderful occupant area and consolation. The RHT is so compact, easy and mild it is able to be actioned in only 14 seconds and may be deployed while the automobile is at the move. The key to the fulfillment of the Ferrari RHT, which premiered at the 458 Spider in 2011, and which has been continuously advanced withinside the intervening years, is that it takes up simply one hundred litres of area in preference to the 150-2 hundred litres required with the aid of using a conventional machine. The use of aluminium in its production additionally method that it's far round forty kg lighter than a traditional retractable difficult pinnacle. An adjustable electric powered rear window ensures tremendous occupant consolation even at excessive speeds while the RHT is lowered.

As is the case with the SF90 Stradale, the Ferrari SF90 Spider is likewise to be had with an extra specification alternative for proprietors that need to push its tune vehicle vocation to the severe. The Assetto Fiorano percent consists of a listing of distinct enhancements that set it other than the same old vehicle, now no longer least Multimatic surprise absorbers derived from the Ferrari's GT racing revel in and optimised for tune use. Others encompass the adoption of excessive overall performance materials (consisting of carbon-fibre and titanium) which have shaved 21 kg off the automobile's weight, a carbon-fibre rear spoiler and street-homologated Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres designed to enhance tune overall performance withinside the dry, way to a softer compound and less grooves. Lastly, the Assetto Fiorano gives an optionally available -tone livery that in addition underscores the automobile's racing vocation.


In a primary for a Ferrari manufacturing spider, the SF90 Spider has plug-in hybrid structure wherein the inner combustion engine is incorporated with electric powered automobiles on the the front, which include the RAC-e (Cornering Angle Regulator, Electric) machine, and one on the rear derived from and named after a Prancing Horse Formula 1 innovation, the MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic). The synergy among the inner combustion engine and the electrical automobiles permit the automobile to unharness a most of 1,000 cv and placed the SF90 Spider now no longer simplest on the very pinnacle of the Ferrari variety of street automobiles, however additionally its category, .

The Ferrari SF90 Spider's powertrain structure functions the V8 rapid ICE, an 8-pace DCT with E-diff, the RAC-e electric powered the front axle with impartial electric powered automobiles that still offer all-electric powered propulsion, the MGUK electric powered motor positioned on the rear among the engine and the gearbox, the excessive voltage battery and electric powered motor manipulate machine ((inverter).

In addition to a huge 780 cv (and 195 cv/l precise strength output), the V8 additionally unleashes 60 cv extra than some other V8 rapid ever constructed with the aid of using Ferrari. To supply this exquisite end result, Ferrari's engineers absolutely redesigned the consumption and exhaust structures. To enhance inner fluid dynamics, the ducts at the moment are all horizontally covered up at engine head top, the rapid charger meeting has been lowered, and the exhaust line is better. This rationalisation additionally produced each a decrease centre of gravity and a discount in ordinary weight way to using Inconel rather than metallic for the exhaust manifold.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider sports activities the absolutely redesigned 8-pace, oil-bath, dual-grasp gearbox released at the SF90 Stradale. An optimised layout, carried out thru the adoption of a dry sump and a considerably extra compact grasp meeting with a 20% smaller outdoors diameter than the only withinside the 7-pace gearbox, has shaved 15 mm off the mounted top withinside the vehicle. This, in flip, lowers the centre of gravity of the going for walks equipment with the aid of using the identical quantity. Despite the addition of an 8th equipment and the want to transmit a most torque of 900 Nm (an growth of extra than 20% at the contemporary-day 7-pace), the gearbox's ordinary weight is truly 10 kg decrease than its predecessor. The grasp's overall performance is 35% better than the 7-pace, transmitting as much as 1,2 hundred Nm in dynamic torque for the duration of equipment shifts. Thanks to new-technology actuation hydraulics, grasp fill instances at the moment are 30ster and overall equipment shift instances had been slashed to 2 hundred ms, an development of 30% at the preceding 7-pace DTC.

Meticulous interest changed into lavished on sound first-rate while remodeling the exhaust machine because the soundtrack is one of the pivotal elements withinside the exhilarating satisfaction of using a Ferrari. The advent of a "warm tube machine", which transfers sound extra immediately to the cockpit, has produced fuller, richer harmonics throughout the whole frequency variety, enhancing each in-vehicle sound first-rate and depth as rev upward thrust as compared to preceding Ferrari V8s.

The strength float of the SF90 Spider's hybrid machine may be divided into primary regions:

  • Power transport, primarily based totally on driving force enter thru the accelerator pedal, processed with the aid of using the engine manipulate machine and the hybrid manipulate machine, and continuously monitored with the aid of using the digital manipulate structures. The strength transport modes may be divided up as follows:
  • Electric mode, entrusted to the front axle (FWD mode)
  • Hybrid mode, entrusted to the ICE and the MGUK (RWD configuration)
  • 4 wheel drive hybrid mode, with electric powered the front axle to be had on-call for for traction necessities exiting corners and electricity recuperation in lift-off/ braking

Energy recuperation (battery charging), controlled completely with the aid of using the hybrid machine's manipulate good judgment the usage of 3 techniques:

  • Regenerative braking, to be had on each axles each beneathneath general braking and while ABS is lively
  • Overbraking, lively on each axles while accelerator pedal is lifted, controlled independently on proper and left the front wheels
  • ICE recharge: battery-charging feature carried out with the aid of using load factor moving among the ICE and the rear MGUK electric powered motor.

Under regular braking situations, electricity recuperation the usage of the electrical automobiles is the concern: the hydraulic braking machine intervenes to guide the electrical considered one of sharp deceleration situations. At excessive speeds and in excessive gears, the mixed contribution of the electrical automobiles in excessive grip situations enables decrease the ICE's reaction instances, hence considerably enhancing longitudinal acceleration and hence overall performance.

Because of the pivotal function hybrid machine strength control performs withinside the SF90 Spider using revel in, the conventional Manettino is now flanked with the aid of using an extra guidance wheel-set up selector, dubbed the eManettino, which manages the strength flows from and to the excessive voltage battery and the wheels (traction). It gives the driving force a preference of 4 modes:

  • eDrive: the inner combustion engine stays off and traction is entrusted completely to the electrical the front axle. Starting with a totally charged battery (with a ability of 7.nine kWh), the automobile can cowl up to twenty-five km on this mode which is right for city-centre using or some other state of affairs wherein the driving force desires to do away with the sound of the Ferrari V8. The a hundred thirty five km/h pace restrict method the automobile also can be used on out-of-metropolis roads;
  • Hybrid: this placing optimises the machine's ordinary performance. The manipulate good judgment autonomously comes to a decision whether or not to hold the inner combustion engine going for walks or flip it off. Power float from the electrical automobiles is confined to preserve battery strength;
  • Performance: this mode continues the ICE going for walks due to the fact the concern is extra on charging the battery than on performance. This ensures that strength is immediately and completely to be had while required. This mode is high-satisfactory applicable to conditions wherein using satisfaction and a laugh in the back of the wheel are the principle consciousness.
  • Qualify: this mode permits the machine to acquire most strength output with the aid of using letting the electrical automobiles paintings at their most ability (162kW). The manipulate good judgment prioritises most overall performance over battery charging.


To make complete use of the powertrain unit's strength, the engineers evolved car dynamics structures that assure development now no longer simply in phrases of natural overall performance and lap instances, however additionally concurrently make certain that drivers of a wide variety can completely experience the automobile's ability and feature a laugh in the back of the wheel. The new hybrid structure required vast integration paintings on the automobile's many unique manipulate logics, consisting of the excessive-voltage machine controls (battery, RAC-e, MGUK, inverter), the powertrain, and car dynamics controls (traction, braking, Torque Vectoring).

Integrating those regions with the present car manipulate logics brought about the improvement of the brand new eSSC (digital Side Slip Control) car dynamics manipulate machine. Its precept new functions are 3 modern dynamic law and distribution techniques for engine torque to all 4 wheels:

  • Electronic Traction Control (eTC): optimally manages the provision of the torque - each ICE and electric powered - dispensing it to the character wheels to fit using situations and grip necessities
  • Torque Vectoring: to be had at the the front axle to manipulate electric powered traction on inside and outside wheel in cornering to maximize traction exiting the nook and assist make certain clean, confident, excessive-overall performance using
  • Brake-with the aid of using-cord manipulate with ABS/EBD: splits braking torque among the hydraulic machine and the electrical automobiles (brake torque blending), permitting regenerative recuperation beneathneath braking which reinforces overall performance and brake sense.

The hybrid structure proved a project in phrases of weight control: whilst the more 270 kg of the hybrid systemwas amply compensated for with the aid of using the more strength brought (220 cv, with a weight/strength ratio of the machine by myself of 1.23 kg/cv), vast optimisation and weight loss paintings changed into additionally required at the relaxation of the automobile to hold ordinary weight right all the way down to 1,670 kg and hence assure a weight/strength ratio of 1.sixty seven kg/cv. The RAC-e electric powered axle additionally in addition mitigates the sensation of weight as, with the aid of using considerably enhancing balance and traction in cornering, it enables drivers to force expectantly at the restrict and grants an "equal weight loss" of round 2 hundred kg.

The chassis changed into absolutely redesigned to cope with the more stresses related to the brand new strength unit and the advent of AWD. A wide variety of modern technology and improvements had been introduced, now no longer least an all-carbon-fibre bulkhead among the cabin and the engine. The SF90 Spider chassis additionally boasts 30% better torsional tension than preceding structures with none growth in weight, a truth that has considerably affects the automobile's dynamic prowess.


Just because the SF90 Stradale redefined the aerodynamic overall performance degrees of the Ferrari variety, the Ferrari SF90 Spider is pushing the bounds of the effects brought nevertheless in addition. The desires that drove the aerodynamic improvement of the automobile from the very earliest tiers of the platform layout had been threefold: preserving the SF90 Stradale's overall performance degrees with the RHT deployed, minimising aerodynamic turbulence and noise with the RHT retracted, and optimising flows withinside the engine bay.

The synergic dating among the aerodynamics branch and Ferrari Design produced downforce and performance figures unequalled with the aid of using some other vehicle withinside the category. Once once more, they had been carried out in standard Ferrari fashion: with the aid of using sculpting the automobile's bureaucracy into an easy embodiment of sportiness. The primary functions withinside the SF90 Spider's aero layout encompass the shut-off Gurney on the rear, an lively manipulate machine that varies downforce over the rear axle, the the front underbody with vortex generator strakes, and solid wheels with wing profiles (blown geometry). The effects in phrases of overall performance are stunning indeed: a huge 390 kg of downforce generated in cornering at 250 km/h with the unique Assetto Fiorano specification.

To make certain that Ferrari SF90 Spider drivers experience the huge 1,000 cv to be had to them, effectively and uncompromisingly with none bad influences on aerodynamic drag and downforce coefficients, it changed into crucial to consciousness at the powerful control of warm air flows coming from the engine, gearbox, turbochargers, battery percent, electric powered automobiles, inverter, charging machine, and, of course, brakes.

The engine bay, for example, homes each the standard inner combustion engine that generates temperatures of almost 900°C, and noticeably temperature-touchy digital additives. The RHT compartment greatly modifications the control of the warmth flows withinside the engine bay: it's far crucial consequently that the recent air channelled upwards is efficiently evacuated, and that the path it takes does now no longer intrude with the temperature-touchy digital additives.

Given that the RHT compartment could have impeded the functioning of the vents positioned at once in the back of the roof withinside the SF90 Stradale, transverse louvres had been inserted withinside the SF90 Spider's rear display screen. These had been very exactly dimensioned to behave as an green 'chimney' with out interfering with the automobile's aerodynamics at pace.

The inner combustion engine and the gearbox are cooled with the aid of using radiators positioned in advance of the the front wheels. The warm air float coming off the ones radiators is channelled into the facet regions of the underbody in preference to alongside the automobile's flanks. This method that the air float alongside the flanks is cooler while it enters the air intakes in advance of the rear wheels, thereby boosting the performance of the intercooler radiators. The electric powered automobiles and the inverters are cooled with the aid of using a separate circuit with its personal radiator on the the front of the automobile with a critical consumption at the the front bumper.

Lastly, the cooling circuit for the brakes changed into absolutely redesigned to satisfy the needs of the SF90 Spider's extra overall performance. A new brake calliper changed into evolved for the the front and has an incorporated aerodynamic appendage that extra effectively distributes the noticeably charged airflow from the unique air consumption immediately beneathneath the headlights at the the front bumpers, to the brake pads and disc. The rear brakes are cooled with the aid of using the float from air intakes at the underbody close to the rear wheels.

The downforce generated with the aid of using the SF90 Spider is basically decided with the aid of using the patented aero tool on the automobile's tail: the shut-off Gurney. In order to assure the identical overall performance because the coupé, the Ferrari crew needed to paintings at the volumes and surfaces of the roof to manipulate the route of the aerodynamic float toward the automobile's tail. The shut-off Gurney is a suspended detail comprising sections: one constant and one cell with a wedge-formed the front vicinity. The machine is managed with the aid of using an advanced good judgment that controls parameters consisting of pace, acceleration, guidance wheel perspective and strain at the brake pedal, loads of instances a 2nd which will become aware of dynamic situations requiring extra downforce after which directly turns on the machine, that could undertake both of configurations:

  • Low Drag: the 2 sections are aligned and suspended above the engine cowl, with the cell wedge performing as an green fairing to the constant detail, permitting the air to float each above and below the shut-off Gurney which has nearly no impact at the float
  • High Downforce: the cell detail lowers and closes the decrease blown vicinity, which in low drag situations allowed air to byskip thru. The cell and glued factors now create an aerodynamic profile able to deflecting the flows putting it and producing a big quantity of more downforce.

Rear downforce is balanced on the the front of the automobile with the aid of using a complicated and optimised machine of vortex generator strakes. The machine has been honed to new extremes at the SF90 Spider: the the front phase of the chassis is 15 mm better than the critical phase of the chassis on the factor in which the vortex generator strakes are positioned, hence growing the quantity of air channelled toward them and boosting their impact. In truth, the SF90 Spider's underbody generates extra downforce than some other ever made with the aid of using Ferrari. The diffusers in advance of the the front wheels and the bonnet form additionally make contributions to producing downforce over the the front axle.

Specific aerodynamic studies went into the geometry of the solid wheels which can be made the usage of a production generation that permits more freedom in relation to aerodynamic answers. The wheels contain radial factors at the outer channel, that are similarly spaced among the spokes and designed to behave as wing profiles. The geometry of those profiles suggest that the wheel works like a rotor blade, very effectively boosting air evacuation from the wheelarch, growing suction that still blessings the float that passes thru the the front diffusers. Furthermore, the float exiting the wheel rim is covered up with the longitudinal float going for walks alongside the sides, thereby lowering deviations as a result of the air mass exiting at an perspective to the route of movement, hence lowering the automobile's Cd.

Specific to the SF90 Spider are aerodynamic factors withinside the cockpit to assure an fantastic stage of safety from air flows with the roof down. There is a critical trim phase among the driving force and passenger seats that channels the air float farfar from the top and shoulders and right into a double layer of trim at the higher a part of the tunnel. Both of those answers are basically drag impartial and assure the identical stage of consolation as Ferrari's different mid-rear-engined spiders.


The crafting of the Ferrari SF90 Spider's outdoors bureaucracy changed into stimulated with the aid of using identical precept as prompted the improvement of the SF90 Stradale: to create a futuristic, modern layout that communicates each the automobile's racing vocation and the collection manufacturing supercar concept.

When the RHT is deployed, the sides, the front and tail of the SF90 Spider have the identical exceptional styling because the SF90Stradale. This isn't anyt any small success for the reason that the structure consists of stowage for the RHT, that is moved with the aid of using a complicated lever machine, however additionally that it changed into crucial to keep the identical chassis tension degrees. This changed into carried out with the aid of using re-sculpting the automobile's surfaces in order that the tonneau cowl seamlessly integrates with the B-pillars of the coupé, keeping the authentic styling theme. Even the buttresses in the back of the passengers' head rests, that are a signature of all Ferrari spiders, combine harmoniously as though they had been rising from a shape below the automobile's skin.

The end result is that the proportions of the SF90 Stradale switch without problems to the SF90 Spider even if the RHT is stowed and with none formal concessions. This is even extra unexpected for the reason that the engine is simply as seen thru the rear window regardless of the majority of the roof. As the jewel withinside the vehicle's crown, the V8 is in reality seen each while the RHT is deployed and retracted. Seen from above, it's far clean that the buttresses additionally line up with the seats, which improves rear visibility while the RHT is stowed, further to in addition underscoring the automobile's -seater configuration.

The greenhouse vicinity and roof characteristic stylistic answers from the coupé that lessen drag and underscore its fiery temperament with out impacting on on-board consolation. The cockpit has been shifted forwards, the roof is 20 mm decrease, the A-posts are extra narrow and the windscreen is extra raked.

Aside from having the identical silhouette because the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 Spider has a completely unique dynamic attraction while its pinnacle is down: the absence of the roof appears to visually decrease the automobile's centre of gravity, an impact in addition reinforced with the aid of using the distinction in shade of the trim at the roll-hoops that deliver upward thrust to the buttresses.

The the front of the automobile is ruled with the aid of using a totally stated profile which underscores its extraordinarily competitive character. The 3 air intakes on this vicinity cool the electrical automobiles (the front) and the inner combustion engine (sides). The SF90 Spider additionally makes use of matrix LED headlight generation to enhance visibility in all using situations way to lively beam manipulate.

The rear of the automobile is ruled with the aid of using excessive exhaust pipes, that are the end result of optimisation of the exhaust line layout. Their opposition vehicle vibe has been cleverly exploited to underscore the SF90 Spider's tune-stimulated personality. This impact is in addition more advantageous with the aid of using the low tail vicinity. More elongated luminous earrings create a extra horizontal belief of the tail lights, that are a thorough damage from the enduring spherical form generally used on Ferrari's mid-rear-engined berlinettas.


The appearance and sense of the cabin changed into pushed in huge element with the aid of using the entire remodel of the HMI, which marked any such predominant bounce ahead at the SF90 Stradale. The instrumentation is now predominantly virtual with all of the displays going absolutely black while the automobile isn't going for walks, lending the cabin a totally minimalist appearance. However, as soon as the Engine Start button at the guidance wheel is pushed, a "ceremony" of kinds starts offevolved that sees all of the virtual additives withinside the driving force cockpit progressively springing to existence till the entire cockpit is aglow.

The critical tool cluster contains a unmarried 16" HD display screen, that is curved toward the driving force to make it less complicated to examine and emphasise the wraparound cockpit impact. In the default display screen, the whole thing is ruled with the aid of using a huge round rev counter, framed with the aid of using the battery price indicator. The navigation display screen is on one facet of the rev counter with the audio controls at the different. The display screen's huge dimensions suggest that there's big flexibility in phrases of personalising the displays, that are additionally very clean to navigate the usage of the guidance wheel controls. It is, for example, feasible to pick out a complete-display screen model of the navigation map.

Thanks to the advent of the top-up display, the principle records may be projected onto the phase of windscreen in the driving force's area of vision. This method much less distraction in step with the "Eyes at the street, arms at the wheel" philosophy that has continually pushed the improvement of the HMI used on each Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle and that has progressively been transferred to our street-going sports activities automobiles.

The SF90 Spider's guidance wheel completes that switch technique from the opposition international and additionally ushers in a brand new generation with the aid of using introducing a chain of contact instructions that permit the driving force to manipulate simply each element of the automobile with out ever taking their arms off the wheel. The conventional controls encompass the now iconic Manettino, guidance-wheel set up headlight manipulate, windscreen wipers, indicators. Of the brand new contact controls, the pad at the proper-hand spoke permits the driving force to navigate the critical cluster displays, whilst voice and cruise controls are at the left-hand spoke. In the lowest left phase of the critical vicinity, there are 4 buttons the driving force makes use of to pick out the strength unit mode.

The F1 bridge, a signature at the preceding models, has now disappeared from the critical tunnel and been changed with the aid of using a contemporary-day take at the gearshift gate, an iconic characteristic of Ferrari's guide gearboxes. In the brand new gate, however, the gearshift grille is virtual as befits an automated transmission. At the lowest of the tunnel is the compartment for stowing the brand new ignition key, that is an actual reproduction of the Ferrari Prancing Horse badge discovered at the bonnet, including an genuine of entirety to the cabin's styling. The key works in complete keyless mode in order that the driving force cannot simplest begin the ignition however additionally open the doorways with out taking it out in their pocket.


Ferrari's unprecedented first-rate requirements and growing consciousness on purchaser carrier underpin the prolonged seven-yr renovation programme supplied with the Ferrari SF90 Spider. Available throughout the whole variety, the programme covers all everyday renovation for the primary seven years of the automobile's existence.

This scheduled renovation programme for Ferraris is an distinct carrier that permits customers the understanding that their vehicle is being stored at height overall performance and protection over the years. This very unique carrier is likewise to be had to proprietors of pre-owned Ferraris.

Regular renovation (at durations of both 20,000 km or as soon as a yr and not using a mileage restrictions), authentic spares and meticulous exams with the aid of using team of workers skilled immediately on the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello the usage of the maximum contemporary-day diagnostic gear are simply a number of the blessings of the Genuine Maintenance Programme. The carrier is to be had on all markets global and from all Dealerships at the Official Dealership Network.

The Genuine Maintenance Programme in addition extends the huge variety of after-income offerings supplied with the aid of using Ferrari to satisfy the desires of customers wishing to hold the overall performance and excellence which can be the signatures of all automobiles constructed in Maranello.


    • Type: V8 - 90° - rapid - dry sump
    • Overall displacement: 3990 cc
    • Bore and stroke: 88 mm x eighty two mm
    • Max. strength output: 780 cv at 7500 rpm
    • Max. torque: 800 Nm at 6000 rpm
    • Max. engine pace: 8000 rpm
    • Compression ratio: nine.4:1
    • eDrive max. strength output: 162 kW
    • eDrive max. variety: 25 km
    • Battery ability: 7.nine kWh
    • Length: 4704 mm
    • Width: 1973 mm
    • Height: 1191 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2649 mm
    • Front tune: 1679 mm
    • Rear tune: 1652 mm
    • Dry weight: 1670 kg
    • Dry weight/strength: 1.sixty seven kg/cv
    • Weight distribution: 45% the front / 55% rear
    • Boot ability: seventy four litres
    • Fuel tank ability: sixty eight litres (eleven reserve)
    • Front: 255/35 ZR 20 J9.five
    • Rear: 315/30 ZR 20 J11.five
    • Front: 398 x 223 x 38 mm
    • Rear: 360 x 233 x 32 mm
    • F1 eight-pace dual-grasp gearbox, AWD, electric powered the front axle
    • Electronic controls: eSSC: E4WD (eTC, e-Diff3), SCME-Frs, FDE, EPS; excessive overall performance ABS/EBD with electricity recuperation
    • Max. mixed strength output: one thousand cv (735 kW)
    • zero-one hundred km/h: 2.five s
    • zero-2 hundred km/h: s
    • one hundred-zero km/h: < 29>
    • Max. pace: 340 km/h
    • Lap time at Fiorano: 79.five s