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1996 Jaguar XJS

The vehicle became re-engineered in 1991 and renamed Jaguar XJS. All XJSs from this time are called "facelift" fashions. The rear facet home windows seemed enlarged (despite the fact that the frame glass aperture became certainly the equal length as the sooner vehicle), and the flying buttresses stayed, as clothier Geoff Lawson argued that they had been a part of the auto's character. The vehicle were given a brand new four litre model of the AJ6. In 1992 a four litre convertible became brought to the range. The V12 became upped to six litre in May 1993 (227 kW (304 hp)). At the equal time the auto benefited from a revision to the rear brakes, they had been now equipped with outboard rear disc brakes, rather than the greater complex inboard objects on preceding fashions. With the advent of the 6.zero litre V12, the transmission became additionally up to date to a GM 4L80E with a 4th equipment overdrive, even as the automated four litre fashions persevered with the digital ZF4HP24E transmission. A 2+2 convertible became additionally introduced, as became a personalized insignia line. At the equal time the auto acquired greater aerodynamic the front and rear bumpers.

Cars from this era are oft called "Big-Bumper" cars. 1992 via 1994 had been the handiest years the 6-cylinder with 5-velocity guide transmission Jaguar XJS became exported to the United States. Exact manufacturing figures are unknown, aleven though it's miles probably there are fewer than ten. The convertible version with the V12 engine, there had been handiest acknowledged to have 12 exported to North America. In April 1994 massive revisions had been made to the four litre AJ6 engine which have become the four.zero litre AJ16 with coil on plug ignition being the maximum substantial change. In 1995, the very last specification adjustments had been made and the auto became called the Celebration version to rejoice the sixtieth yr of the Jaguar company. The 6 litre V12 had all however disappeared with the aid of using this time and became handiest to be had over the past yr of manufacturing with the aid of using unique order. The vehicle became discontinued in 1996, after 21 years in manufacturing. It became changed with the aid of using the XK8.