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2004 Jaguar XType 2.5

The Jaguar X-TYPE is an entry-degree luxurious automobile / compact government automobile produced with the aid of using the British automaker Jaguar Cars due to the fact that 2002. It is constructed on a changed model of the Ford CD132 platform, a British model of the Ford CDW27 platform, that is the bottom for the Ford Mondeo, and stays in manufacturing at Jaguar's Halewood facility in England.

The X-TYPE is the smallest of the modern-day Jaguar saloon (sedan) vehicles, and changed into designed to construct at the fulfillment of the S-Type, even though it takes many styling cues from the XJ series. Jaguar states that 10% of the elements are made with the aid of using Jaguar, 20% are made with the aid of using Ford, at the same time as the relaxation are made with the aid of using subcontractors.

Market and sales

The X-TYPE changed into designed as a right away competitor to the BMW three Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Sales were negative (greater tremendously in overseas markets than withinside the UK), however, blamed on its resemblance to the bigger XJ which changed into historically sold with the aid of using older customers, now no longer the more youthful ones that Jaguar craved. Initially projected to surpass 100,000 annual sales, the X-TYPE peaked at 50,000 in 2003.

Sales withinside the United States, its number one market, dropped from 21,542 in 2004 to 10,941 in 2005. BMW bought 106,950 three Series vehicles withinside the U.S. in 2005, at the same time as Mercedes-Benz bought 60,658 C-Class vehicles and Audi bought 48,922 A4 and S4 models. Only Lexus' IS three hundred published in addition disappointing sales. Despite those negative numbers, the X-TYPE is Jaguar's best-promoting model, accounting for 36% of typical sales.


The X-TYPE is prepared withinside the United States with both a 192 hp (143 kW) 2.five L or a 227 hp (169 kW) three.zero L Jaguar AJ-V6 engine and all wheel drive, the X-TYPE is likewise to be had with a 2.zero L the front wheel drive. In Europe, the X-TYPE is likewise to be had with petrol or diesel engine. A 2.2 L diesel engine changed into added in mid-2005.

Body styles

The preliminary model of the X-TYPE changed into a saloon. In early 2004, this changed into joined with the aid of using an property model, making it the second one ever Jaguar property automobile, further to the primary to apply a diesel engine. The property model changed into released to combined reception. In the United States, the property is formally called the Sportwagon.