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2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is set to head in which no Mustang has long past earlier than, with a whole package deal for regular drivers and tune-day fanatics alike, 662 horsepower and pinnacle tune speeds of greater than 2 hundred mph.

"SVT maintains the Shelby GT500 at the slicing fringe of era and takes muscle automobile overall performance to new heights," stated Hermann Salenbauch, director of Advanced Product Creation. "We encapsulated each component of overall performance on this automobile - whether or not it is zero-60 mph, pinnacle velocity, racetrack or quarter-mile instances. Beyond that, the each day driving force will also locate this automobile flawlessly suits his or her needs."

The five.8-liter V8 aluminum-block engine produces 662 horsepower and 631 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the highest-horsepower engine ever produced in North America. Nearly each a part of the powertrain has been optimized for generating the extra horsepower, which include a brand new supercharger, new cross-drilled block and heads, an all-solid engine rotating assembly, up to date camshaft profiles, upgraded head gaskets, a brand new carbon fiber driveshaft and upgraded grab, transmission and axle.

A large and greater green supercharger assisting go with the drift greater air thru the engine is prime to generating the 662 horsepower. The new Twin Vortices Series 2300 blower creates 2.three liters of displacement and is a completely unique layout to the five.8-liter engine.

The complete cooling device has been drastically up to date on the brand new five.8-liter engine. It now consists of a excessive-ability cooling fan, fan shroud with excessive-velocity strain-comfort doors, a greater green price air cooler, a better-go with the drift intercooler pump and an intercooler warmness exchanger whose extent is expanded 36 percentage. These additives harmonize to always deplete warmness beneathneath intense-use situations.

"Every alternate we made is an development in horsepower and in airflow," stated Jeff Albers, SVT Powertrain group leader. "The different adjustments are approximately ensuring the elements can resist the pressures while the engine is making that strength."

The supercharger layout consists of 4 lobes with a 160-diploma twist and has a pressure ratio that spins 2.sixty four instances quicker than the preceding model. The inlet air extent additionally has been expanded 33 percentage. Boost has been expanded from nine to fourteen psi.

Other adjustments for progressed strength encompass an upgraded camshaft profile, much like the Ford GT. The cam carry for the consumption and exhaust has been expanded for progressed airflow. Additionally, the redline is held at 6,250 rpm continuously, however lets in for an over-rev to 7,000 rpm for 8 seconds to increase the time to shift in order that acceleration is better and zero-60 mph and quarter-mile instances may be quicker.

The diameter of the bore has been upped from 90.five to 93.five millimeters to growth displacement and the gas injector go with the drift has been expanded almost 10 percentage to get an equal quantity of gas to accompany the more air.

Once the engine changed into capable of make the strength and pressures had been expanded, SVT made adjustments to make sure the engine changed into long lasting beneathneath the ones situations. The connecting rods were redesigned with a tapered, small quit in which they connect to the pistons. This progressed layout helps the burden at the dome of the piston greater efficiently.

Cooling fan ability has been expanded and a better-performance intercooler introduced to maintain the air coming into the engine as cool as possible. An green, excessive-ability go with the drift pump has been introduced. These measures control temperatures beneathneath intense situations.

To make sure the coolant go with the drift is nicely balanced cylinder to cylinder, the block and heads were cross-drilled for water to go with the drift thru.

A single-piece carbon fiber driveshaft has been upgraded from the contemporary -piece metal layout, that's lighter and stiffer and gives a better torque ability and progressed NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) qualities.

"With the driveshaft we had been capable of dispose of a joint and upload sufficient stiffness and pressure ability to get us to our pinnacle velocity and cope with the torque," stated Jamal Hameedi, SVT leader engineer. "The automobile makes a lot strength and torque that we had to undergo the complete driveline device to make sure it movements to the wheels in a conceivable manner."

The grab has expanded torque and rpm ability and makes use of a dual-disc layout. The diameter and clamp load were expanded and the grab-going through fabric has been revised for added resistance to burst and progressed switch of strength.

Another key piece of the driveline, the transmission, gives upgraded gears, bearings and housing so it could well control the torque. The very last pressure ratio has been modified to three.31:1 for optimized average car gearing to supplement the excessive-powered torque produced. Every tools except fourth has been optimized for competing overall performance metrics.

The engine additionally incorporates over using the modern day Plasma Transferred Wire Arc liner coating, a manner that applies a one hundred fifty-micron composite coating that carries nanoparticles at the inner surfaces of engine cylinder bores, changing solid iron liners generally utilized in aluminum engine blocks.

The new engine additionally remains exempt from the gas-guzzler tax, handing over a projected 15 mpg city, 24 mpg highway. That is five mpg higher than the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

Functional, elegant upgrades

Design upgrades for 2013 encompass all-new signature lighting fixtures with LED bars that command interest withinside the the front and rear. The rocker panels jogging alongside the automobile are actually frame-colour, including a greater top class look. Additionally, the rear quit has a brand new excessive-gloss black panel among the taillamps and a diffuser that surrounds a brand new quad-tip exhaust.

The 2013 Shelby GT500 gives new units of solid-aluminum wheels, which include a completely unique wheel for vehicles with the optionally available programs. The 19-inch the front and 20-inch rear wheels are coupled with Goodyear Eagle® F1 SuperCar G: 2 tires on all configurations.

Freshened with the darkish end and up to date spoke designs, the wheels seem even greater sinister and competitive however provide the gain of being extraordinarily lightweight.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of SVT, badging could be used in the course of the indoors and outside of the automobile to have fun the numerous years of overall performance vehicles. The respectable release of SVT got here for the duration of the 1992 Chicago Auto Show with the disclosing of the 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra and SVT F-one hundred fifty Lightning. The 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra provided a 235-horsepower five.zero-liter V8 engine, displaying simply how a ways the goods have come over 20 years.

Significant paintings has been completed in aerodynamics to make sure the Shelby GT500 has right downforce for overall performance in any respect speeds. Using excessive-tech computational fluid dynamics (CFD), engineers had been capable of decide precisely in which the air changed into going, to optimize cooling. The end result is a automobile that tracks greater securely and feels greater planted to the street at better speeds.

A new the front splitter and black-painted higher and decrease grille inserts that disclose the radiator pressure the purposeful fashion adjustments to the Shelby GT500. The uncovered radiator facilitates funnel air and cools the internals of the car structures. The large splitter facilitates create downforce while the automobile hits pinnacle speeds.

Engineers confronted competing desires of pinnacle velocity, racetrack overall performance, cooling and gas economic system, and labored to discover a stability that meets all needs. To lessen carry, the group transformed the the front higher and decrease grilles and evolved an included air dam. In the rear, a excessive Gurney flap facilitates lessen carry.

By decreasing drag and growing downforce, the hundreds and moments at the the front fascia expanded. CFD strain maps indicated how plenty load could be placed on the the front frame and helped verify that plastic wasn't deforming, the fasteners should cope with it, the frame shape should aid it and the the front quit wasn't sagging.

Superior experience

The new Shelby GT500 riding dynamics were overhauled, now running in live performance with Goodyear tires. New Brembo™ brakes with six-piston calipers in the front and the brand new wheels additionally required particular suspension tuning to make sure the whole thing works harmoniously.

Handling, all AdvanceTrac® The formerly to be had particular traction manage device and digital balance manage settings assist drivers attain most overall performance whether or not on the road or the tune. settings and guidance help tiers inside selectable guidance additionally were tuned to account for the up to date content material on the automobile.

Both structures may be absolutely disabled in managed tune conditions in which most driving force ability is utilized, or completely engaged for protection for the duration of everyday riding or in much less-than-best traction situations. Intermediate recreation mode lets in drivers to push their vehicles tough on the tune with out absolutely disabling the protection structures, allowing greater competitive riding earlier than the traction manage and digital balance manage structures intervene.

The upgraded Brembo brake device enhances the alternative adjustments at the 2013 Shelby GT500 for manage and fade-loose stops in street and race conditions. The new device has 380-millimeter the front rotors. The rear comes with 350-millimeter rotors. Both are large than the preceding model.

A excessive-tech, user-pleasant release manage device is a part of the brand new capability on Shelby GT500. The device we could drivers set the tach needle to a preferred release rpm relying at the tire temperature, avenue floor or different situations. Floor the throttle and the engine will rev to the preset rpm till the grab is released, assisting with acceleration and car manage from a status begin.

Going in addition

Sometimes Ford Shelby GT500 clients need to experience their automobile on floor streets. Other instances they simply need to set free at the tune. Two new optionally available programs at the 2013 automobile provide them the choice.

"The adjustable dampers allow us to expand our automobile at the tune with none compromise," stated Kerry Baldori, Ford SVT Global Performance Vehicles leader engineer. "Before, we needed to track the automobile with avenue implications in mind. Now we are able to move as intense as we need at the tune putting and nevertheless provide the patron a cushty experience on the street."

Available as a part of the optionally available Performance Package, the function is accessed at the sprint with a easy push of a button. Normal mode offers clients a cushty experience over street irregularities. Sport mode is all approximately overall performance, handing over progressed reaction time at the tune, and much less frame roll whilst cornering and pitch beneathneath braking. A Torsen® limited-slip differential additionally comes with the Performance Package, which facilitates the rear suspension supply torque and traction beneathneath the maximum stressful situations at the tune.

The monotube damper is prime in giving drivers fade-loose overall performance for prolonged warm laps. Typical dampers will fade and soften, in order that they do not cope with as nicely - the monotube layout prevents that from happening.

SVT labored with Bilstein™ for almost a yr to fine-track the era for Shelby GT500, the primary manufacturing software of the product in North America.

The Torsen limited-slip differential with a 2.8:1 torque bias ratio facilitates the rear suspension supply torque and traction beneathneath the stressful situations encountered at the tune. The differential is instrumental in enhancing torque bias in order that the extent of traction is expanded.

Enthusiasts can improve their Performance Package with an extra Track Package for all-out racetrack overall performance. The choice comes with an outside engine oil cooler, rear differential cooler and transmission cooler for in addition durability. The cooling package deal additionally circulates air from a place of excessive-strain stagnation with a low effect to pull and carry. The coolers play an vital position in stopping important additives from overheating beneathneath excessive-velocity situations.

"The wellknown cooling structures are greater than good enough for lively riding, however for avid racers or tune-day fans, we have got provisioned for an upgraded cooling package deal," stated Albers. "It will cool the automobile in nearly any situation and allow it stay as much as its overall performance capabilities."

SVT engineering centered on making the coupe with the Track Package absolutely geared closer to racetrack overall performance. That intended making the suspension have advanced manage in excessive-velocity turns and dips.

Information at your fingertips

Key to assisting Shelby GT500 clients take gain of all of the functionality is the brand new productiveness display screen. The display screen gives menu alternatives, giving the patron crucial records associated with car overall performance. The menu is navigated thru a five-manner manage button placed at the guidance wheel. The LCD is placed among the tachometer and speedometer; the SVT emblem greets the patron at key-on.

A dashboard display screen gives car repute records for crucial riding parameters which includes release manage, AdvanceTrac, selectable guidance or the Bilstein damper putting. There's additionally a shift mild that looks because the SVT emblem that illuminates and chimes while the rpm shift is reached.

Also particular to the productiveness display screen is Track Apps™, which can provide overall performance metrics for drivers who need to place their automobile thru its paces at the tune.

An accelerometer suggests the g-pressure the automobile is pulling from left to right. Drivers can also tune their quickest instances with the acceleration timer display screen, which gives alternatives which include zero-30 mph, zero-60 mph, zero-a hundred mph, eighth-mile and quarter-mile. Both an automated begin and countdown begin whole with a drag racing begin mild are to be had.

The brake overall performance display screen suggests preventing time and distance for speeds of 60-zero or a hundred-zero. The view/clean consequences display screen we could drivers test their pinnacle instances, which include their all-time best. They also can evaluation their remaining consequences and stored consequences from the acceleration timer and brake overall performance display screen.

A nearer examine the bottom menu alternatives, every of which may be custom designed via way of means of the patron:

  • Settings: Drivers are capable of
    • Turn on and set release manage function
    • Select Bilstein damper mode
    • Access AdvanceTrac settings
    • Set guidance feel - recreation, wellknown or comfort
    • Update MyColor®
  • Gauge mode: Checking temperature/engine operation
    • Air-to-gas ratio
    • Cylinder head temperature
    • Inlet air temperature
    • Oil temperature
    • Transmission temperature
  • Trip computer: Counting the miles
    • Information on journeys to be had
    • Trip time and mileage
    • Gallons of gas used and miles in step with gallon
    • Set oil existence percentage
  • Information: Navigate and examine warnings
    • The device test display screen presentations records which includes oil existence, engine hours, engine idle hours and open doors
    • Warnings, which includes "Left door ajar," may be displayed graphically
  • Fuel economic system: Up-to-the-2d records
    • Fuel records may be damaged down to 3 time periods
    • Five resets are to be had to tune gas records
    • Fuel economic system presentations miles to empty, in addition to common and instant miles in step with gallon
    • View/clean consequences


The 2013 Shelby GT500 additionally consists of upgraded cluster functions to offer drivers even greater records. The speedometer is now set to 220 mph and an over-rev function lets in the engine to function as much as 7,000 rpm for 8 seconds earlier than reducing returned to 6,250 rpm.

Coupled with that function is a dual-colour tachometer that offers amber caution at redline, while the over-rev function is engaged. Once the over-rev instances out, the redline returns to red.