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GMC Envoy Denali 2005

The new Envoy changed the Jimmy call in GMC's lineup. While it nonetheless stocks a platform with the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, the styling is differentiated. Early variations used the 270 hp (201 kW) Vortec 4200 engine, whilst later Envoys stepped as much as 275 hp (205 kW). This score grew to 291 hp for the 2006 version yr. All Envoys have 4-wheel disc brakes. A Displacement on Demand 5.three L V8 become used starting in 2005.

The Envoy become Motor Trend magazine's Sport/Utility of the Year for 2002. The 4200 Vortec I6 engine has been named to Ward's 10 Best Engines listing yearly due to the fact its introduction.


  • 2003-gift LL8 4.2 L (256 in³) I6
  • 2003-2004 5300 5.three L (323 in³) V8
  • 2005-gift 5300 5.three L (323 in³) V8 with Displacement on Demand



One precise detail of the Envoy become the supply of a three-row 7-passenger Envoy XL model. This car is sixteen in (406 mm) longer and has a better roofline to permit less difficult get entry to to the 1/3 row of seats. This roof is disguised via way of means of widespread roof racks.

Production of the XL version become dealt with via way of means of the Oklahoma City Assembly plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The XL version ceased to exist after the 2006 version yr, due to the fact the plant there then closed on February 20, 2006. The Envoy XL will get replaced via way of means of the Acadia for 2007.


The five-passenger Envoy XUV, added in 2003, become an try and create a crossbreed of pickup truck and SUV. It featured a retractable rear roof phase that slid forward, giving an open-crowned load region. A 'MidGate' may be raised to partition the weight region off from the passenger compartment; this become strong and plastic-covered to waist peak and with a retractable glass partition for the pinnacle half. The two-manner tailgate ought to both hinge sideways or drop down; the tailgate glass retracted into the strong tailgate. The shipment region become waterproofed and outfitted with a drainage system, permitting it to be hosed down without problems for cleaning.

The gain of the Envoy XUV over a pickup truck or a extra truck-like crossbreed inclusive of the Chevrolet Avalanche (which stocks the MidGate idea) is that the shipment region, with retractable roof and rear glass closed, the shipment region is sealed, full-peak and lockable, for that reason making it near a SUV. The negative aspects consist of a miles smaller shipment region and breakable facet glass. The Envoy XUV's retractable roof wa harking back to the Studebaker Wagonaire of the 1960s.

Sales have been projected at 30,000 consistent with yr for the XUV (about a 3rd of Envoy manufacturing), however have been tons slower with simply over 12,000 offered in 2004. GM determined to stop XUV manufacturing on March 15, 2005.


In 2005, a Denali luxurious model of the Envoy have become to be had. Both the usual period wheelbase Envoy in addition to the Envoy XL are to be had with the Denali trim option. The Envoy Denali capabilities the hallmark bullet sample grille and an upgraded indoors with luxurious car-like capabilities inclusive of heated electricity seats, huge woodgrain trim, and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Prices for the Envoy Denali variety from US$37,a hundred forty five to $42,750; costs for the Envoy XL Denail variety from $38,575 to $43,895.