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Mercedes-Benz C112 Concept 1991

The C111 become a chain of experimental motors produced with the aid of using Mercedes-Benz withinside the Sixties and 1970s. The organization become experimenting with new engine technologies, such as Wankel engines, Diesel engines, and turbochargers, and used the simple C111 platform as a testbed. Other experimental capabilities protected gullwing doorways and a expensive indoors with leather-based trim and air conditioning.

The first model of the C111 become finished in 1969. It used a fiberglass frame shell and had a three-rotor gasoline injected Wankel engine installed withinside the middle. The subsequent C111 regarded in 1970. It used a four-rotor engine generating 370 hp (275 kW). The automobile may want to reportedly hit a hundred and eighty mph (290 km/h).

The organization determined now no longer to undertake the Wankel engine and grew to become to Diesel experiments for the 1/3 C111. With its 230HP@ four,400-four,six hundred five-pace guide straight-five turbo-Diesel, the C111 broke 9 diesel and fueloline pace records. With extra aerodynamic bodywork that gave it an air drag coefficient of an incredible .191, the C111 in the end hit 2 hundred mph (322 km/h) at Nardo in 1978, and averaged 14.7mpg@ 195.four mi (316 km) over a 12 hour cruise. A later 500 hp (372 kW) four.eight L dual KKK-turbocharged V8 model set any other record, with a mean lap-pace of 250.958mph. It become accomplished with the aid of using Dr. Hans Leibold in 1 minute, 56.sixty seven seconds on May five, 1979.

Mercedes-Benz added a C112 on the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1991 as a manufacturing supercar. It used a L V12 engine installed withinside the middle. But after accepting seven-hundred deposits, the organization determined now no longer to continue with manufacturing.