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Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Limousine W140

In 1991, Mercedes changed the W126 S-Class with the W140. The first actual W140 rolled off the meeting line on August 6, 1991. It additionally acquired derision for its excessive price, and for its styling, size, reliability, and weight.

Production totalled 406,532 units, the decreased overall reflecting the inroads made with the aid of using Lexus into the important thing US export market.

Design and engineering

As with its predecessor the W140 become the primary of the "subsequent era" of Mercedes-Benz fashions to function the agency's new layout theme. The vehicle become extra aggressive, smoother and angular in look than its predecessor, however the layout additionally featured slab contourless facets additionally visible on the primary era Toyota Avalon.

The new styling did now no longer get hold of a whole lot reward from the motoring press, claiming that the best actual fulfillment of the layout become to conceal the dimensions of the automobile, which become a whole lot large than its predecessor.

As with every new S-Class the W140 become introduced in improvements together with double-pane window glazing, which appreciably decreased outdoor noise from intruding into the cabin while, self-ultimate doorways and boot lid, electric powered home windows which bounced backtrack while encountering an obstruction, rear-parking markers which seemed at the rear wings and a heating device which blew heat even after the engine become grew to become off. All those capabilities did upload to the automobile's huge heft though.

For information like this, the W140 is frequently referred to as the ultimate Mercedes to be "overengineered", a Mercedes trait that become costing the agency in product delays and overbudgeting. For the consumer, the W140 price a good sized 25% extra than its predecessor, the W126. In addition, the acute stress from Infiniti and Lexus caused including extra capabilities and alternatives as to set the W140 other than the relaxation and to justify the better price.

The W140 become to function air-suspension as an alternative however Mercedes become nonetheless perfecting the generation and selected to lauch air-suspension withinside the subsequent era S-Class, due out in 2000.

This W140 become the primary Mercedes-Benz withinside the USA to contain the headlamps with 'bow-tie' ECE lens albeit a minor extrade to the bulb defend and inclusion of hieroglyphs for SAE/DOT and bulb kind at the lens. In addition, the headlamps on W140 have been redesigned 3 instances for the duration of its version cycle. The first become a 'bow-tie' ECE headlamps with dipped and primary beam H4 (HB2 in USA) bulb. The headlamp layout modified in 1997 to consist of the separate reflectors for HID and halogen bulbs. Bi-Xenon HID structures were not added till a whole lot later in C215 CL-Class. The 0.33 headlamp layout become just like the primary one however with tighter lens flutes and narrower 'bow-tie' pattern. The latter one is for fashions with out HID device. It become stated to save you the aftermarket businesses from imparting the ill-designed and poor-built HID bulb retrofit kit.

Along with W140 coupé, W140 become geared up with digital balance programme following the mid-yr facelift in 1997.

Like its predecessor, the automobile become to be had in wheelbase lengths together with shorter-wheelbased W140 coupé.

A new 6-litre 408-horsepower V12 engine joined the lineup for the primary time with the 600SE, 600SEL, and 600SEC. The V12 designation become affixed to the C-pillar. In 1997, the grille had extra horizontal strains as to distinquish itself from immediately six and V8 motors.

In 1994, the 408-horsepower V12 motor become barely detuned to 389 horsepowers, following the tighter emission manage policies in US and Europe.

Following the brand new Mercedes-Benz lifestyle of mid-lifestyles facelift (beginning with W126 in 1986), the W140 become mildly facelifted in 1997. The clean flip sign indicator lenses at the the front and rear have been the maximum apparent changes. The new headlamps with separate low and excessive beam reflectors stacking atop every different become different distinguished extrade. That separate reflectors have been for dipped-beam HID bulb and primary-beam halogen bulb. Interior layout wasn't modified a whole lot.

The W140 S-Class become presented in 3 wheelbase lengths:

+ 3040 mm (119.7 in) SE sedans+ 3139 mm (123.6 in) SEL sedans+ 2944 mm (115.nine in) SEC coupes

In 1994 all Mercedes-Benz version names have been rationalized, with the SE/SEL/SEC motors turning into the S-Class, losing the E (gasoline injection) and L (wheelbase). The alphanumerical designations have been inverted: for instance the each 500SE and 500SEL have become S500 irrespective of wheelbase length. It is stated that a few income substances and order paperwork consist of V and W for wheelbase length. To confuse matters further, 500SEC additionally have become S500 till it become renamed once more to CL-Class in 1998 to mirror its man or woman better.

The V-12 model W140 (S600) become equip with real leather-based dashboard, indoors door panels, and a actual suede headliner, not like the V8 and inline 6 versions. In 1999, there have been best 14 S600s and 15 CL600s on the market withinside the United States. It is taken into consideration one of the maximum uncommon Mercedes-Benz motors ever produced, despite the fact that the 1999s have been truely best 1998 left-overs.