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Mercedes-Benz SL73 AMG 1999

Modern, elegant, dynamic and but certainly a part of a remarkable way of life: the SL Roadster from Mercedes-Benz become one in every of the most important sensations on the Geneva Motor Show in March 1989. This sports activities vehicle (version collection R 129) first regarded withinside the three hundred SL, three hundred SL-24 and 500 SL variants, with numerous fashions being brought in next years thru to the SL73 AMG in 1999. The R 129 become the fourth era of the SL-Class because the mythical gull-wing Mercedes-Benz three hundred SL of the 1950s. In 2001, the 129 version collection become changed through the 230 collection.

The SL fashions withinside the 129 collection featured compelling technical improvements and a very good stability among conventional factors and new layout. However, this era of sports activities vehicle additionally worried modifications to the SL way of life: firstly, the SL become constructed in Bremen in place of Sindelfingen and secondly, the Mercedes-Benz nomenclature become revised at the same time as the R 129 become being produced. In the summer time season of 1993, the Stuttgart-primarily based totally logo tailored the version designations for its open-pinnacle sports activities motors to the nomenclature to begin with delivered for the C-Class and used as much as the prevailing day. From then on, the mythical abbreviation "SL" might seem in the front of the 3-digit variety that shows engine displacement. The three hundred SL therefore have become the SL three hundred, making the

three hundred SL from the 129 version collection the closing Mercedes-Benz sports activities vehicle in the interim to endure this mythical version designation.

The computerized roll-over bar is debuted.Harmony become the hallmark of the present day new layout factors that had been delivered. Although dishing out with the conventional chrome surround across the SL radiator grille, with its fluid wedge form the R 129 certainly observed withinside the way of life of its predecessors. 

Elegant layout become sponsored through the idea of an automated roll-over bar which handiest deploys in an emergency. Normally, it become now no longer viable to peer the protecting shape while the auto become being pushed with the pinnacle down. If there has been a risk of overturning, however, a sensor launched the locking mechanism at the bar through electromagnetic way and the essential guide rose in only 0.three seconds. The driving force can also set up the bar hydraulically as required. The computerized roll-over bar on this shape at the R 129 become an worldwide first in automobile engineering.

In addition to the roll-over bar, the windscreen A-pillars made from excessive-energy steel, the twin-shell the front roof body and bonding the windscreen to the automobile frame contributed to a completely excessive popular of protection on a par with that of the Mercedes-Benz saloons and coupés. The engineers executed a excessive degree of balance withinside the open-pinnacle sports activities vehicle's passenger compartment through making the ground meeting especially inflexible the use of excessive-energy sheets and massive cross-members, in addition to growing transitions that had been proof against bending from the A-pillars and rear aspect factors to the aspect longitudinal members. Thanks to the unique layout of the beading at the inside, the doorways additionally acted as an impact-resistant connection among the the front wall and centre pillars. The engineers advanced the the front-stop idea on saloons similarly for the SL automobile frame a good way to make certain most protection withinside the occasion of an offset frontal impact.

High requirements of protection and consolation

The builders located simply as a whole lot emphasis on passenger consolation as on protection. One issue encompassing each those regions become the brand new essential seats providing extremely good ergonomics for comfortable tour on lengthy journeys. Due to their load-bearing shape and excessive transverse rigidity, in addition they provided superior safety withinside the occasion of a aspect impact. The load-bearing seat body consisted of 5 die-forged magnesium elements and blanketed the seat belt machine with belt tensioner, seat belt peak adjustment coupled to headrest adjustment, plus absolutely electric powered adjustment.

The new electrohydraulic smooth pinnacle provided remarkable convenience: it opened or closed inside 30 seconds on the contact of a switch. When the pinnacle become down, every other innovation got here into play: the draught-stop, a display which shall we air thru and may be connected to the roll-over bar in a flash, thereby minimising wind noise and draughts. As popular, the brand new SL fashions had electric powered home windows and electropneumatic valuable locking. Electric steerage column adjustment become to begin with confined to the five hundred SL.

A roadster providing the torsional energy of a saloon

The roadster's experience consolation become progressed through putting in extra diagonal struts and different reinforcements which optimised the vibration and torsional traits standard of open-pinnacle vehicles. The engineers' understanding paid off and the torsional energy of the brand new roadster become 30 percentage extra than that of the previous version and now equal to that of a saloon.

The chassis with damper strut the front suspension and multi-hyperlink impartial rear suspension become of the identical primary layout as that of the W 201 compact-collection fashions and the executive-length W 124 collection fashions. Numerous additives had been tailored particularly for the roadster, as become the axle configuration. A new auxiliary machine have become to be had as an choice, representing contemporary chassis era. The 3 subsystems blanketed degree adjustment and manage at the the front and rear axles, computerized velocity-based degree manage and the ADS adaptive damping machine. The SL fashions got here as popular with 16-inch alloy wheels and - as you'll anticipate from a sports activities vehicle - generously-sized brakes. For the primary time, disc brakes with constant callipers had been equipped in a Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle with the 2 pairs of pistons having exceptional diameters. The ABS anti-lock braking machine become additionally popular device.

1989: Mercedes-Benz three hundred SL extends the version variety

The access version in 1989 become the 3-litre version of the Mercedes-Benz three hundred SL providing the M 103 six-cylinder in-line engine (a hundred and forty kW/a hundred ninety hp at 5700 rpm, pinnacle velocity 228 km/h). Four valves according to cylinder gave the three hundred SL-24 the identical degree of displacement however notably extra electricity courtesy of its new M 104 engine (one hundred seventy kW/231 hp at 6300 rpm, most velocity 240 km/h). The one of the best version become the five hundred SL with its

M 119 V8 engine (240 kW/326 hp at 5500 rpm). The pinnacle velocity of this automobile, which while debuted become the maximum effective Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle to be had, become constrained to 250 km/h. A new one of the best version become unveiled in 1992 withinside the form of the six hundred SL (in the end the SL six hundred; 290 kW/394 hp at 5200 rpm). In 1993, the 2 3-litre fashions had been changed through the brand new SL 280 (142 kW/193 hp at 5500 rpm) and SL 320 (one hundred seventy kW/231 hp at 5600 rpm), at the same time as AMG unveiled the SL 60 AMG (280 kW/381 hp at 5500 rpm).

In 1995, Mercedes-Benz offered the facelifted SL fashions on the IAA International Motor Show. The facelift worried new layout features, extra complete popular device and superior era. One new function become the headlamps with xenon gas-discharge lamps, which had been delivered at the E-Class (version collection 210) only some months in advance and had been now additionally to be had at the SL-Class. Mercedes-Benz furnished a brand new cruise manage machine for velocity 30 zones as popular at the roadster. In September 1995, the SL 500 and SL six hundred had been given a brand new 5-velocity computerized transmission with torque converter lock-up clutch. The engine experts additionally progressed gas intake and emissions similarly. The Electronic Stability Program ESP® become to be had as an choice at the facelifted SL 500, however got here as popular at the twelve-cylinder SL six hundred version. Brake Assist (BAS), a international most reliable for energetic protection, become hooked up as popular on all 129 collection fashions from December 1996.

1998: New engines for the R 129

The 129 version collection obtained every other facelift in spring 1998 which blanketed a brand new variety of engines and confined modifications to the layout. A new era of V6 and V8 engines changed the prevailing devices at the SL 280, SL 320 and SL 500 fashions. The engines featured 3-valve era and twin ignition, ingesting up to 10 percentage much less gas than their predecessors at the same time as additionally producing fewer emissions. Their electricity output ranged from one hundred fifty kW (204 hp) for the SL 280 and a hundred sixty five kW (224 hp) for the SL 320 as much as 225 kW (306 hp) for the SL 500. The SL 60 AMG become discontinued as a part of this facelift and become changed in 1999 through the brand new one of the best SL fifty five AMG (V8 engine growing 260 kW/354 hp) and SL73 AMG (V12 engine growing 386 kW/525 hp).

In July 2001, the very last roadster withinside the R 129 version collection rolled off the road on the Bremen plant. In total, Mercedes-Benz constructed 204,940 of the fourth-era SL. The maximum a hit version become the five hundred SL/SL 500 with its four-valve M 119 V8 engine. Between the marketplace release and the 12 months 1998, a complete of 79,827 motors of this version had been constructed.

2 door convertible/cabriolet with 2 seats
HOW LONG?4499 mm
HOW HEAVY?2050 kg
WHAT SIZE ENGINE?7.3 litre, 7291 cm3
HOW MUCH POWER?525 PS / 517.5 bhp / 386 kW @ 5500 rpm
HOW MUCH TORQUE?750 Nm / 553 / 76.5 kgm @ 4000 rpm
HOW QUICK?0-100 km/h: 4.8 s
HOW FAST?250 km/h, 155 mph
HOW ECONOMICAL?24.5/11.4/15.9 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined

FUEL CONSUMPTION24.5/11.4/15.9 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined
LITRES/100KM24.5/11.4/15.9 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined
KM/LITRE4.1/8.8/6.3 km/l urban/extra-urban/combined
UK MPG11.5/24.8/17.8 UK MPG urban/extra-urban/combined
US MPG9.6/20.6/14.8 US MPG urban/extra-urban/combined