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Porsche 911 GT3 - 2000

The Porsche 911 GT3 hastens to one hundred km/h in only 4.eight seconds, the speedometer attaining the two hundred km/h mark most effective eleven seconds later. And the auto maintains on going this manner till attaining its pinnacle velocity of 302 km/h or 187 mph. Tested at Nürburgring, the GT3 has already installation a brand new lap report for manufacturing vehicles.In its riding behaviour the Porsche 911 GT3 is designed and constructed for extraordinarily carrying and agile dealing with, providing an awesome feeling for the street in any respect times. And the auto's reactions usually continue to be predictable and forgiving, even in severe situations.

Where the strength comes from: aluminium

The three.6-litre strength unit is a similarly improvement of the six-cylinder aluminium boxer already featured withinside the 911 GT1. Via the six-velocity guide gearbox, as much as 370 Newton metres or 273 lb-toes of torque is conveyed to the rear wheels. And at 7200 rpm the engine develops its most output of 265 kW (360 bhp).

Stopping strength at its first-class

Power is likewise furnished on all 4 wheels withinside the contrary experience of the word: Reinforced 4-piston monobloc constant-calliper brake discs with repayment of choppy put on, the discs themselves enlarged in diameter to 330 mm or 13.00", cross-drilled and inner-vented, make sure superb preventing strength. Together with the brand new 911 Turbo, the GT3 accordingly gives the first-class deceleration of all of Porsche's manufacturing sports activities vehicles.

The Porsche 911 GT3 already earned its laurels earlier than even getting into the market: With -time World Rally Champion Walter Röhrl on the wheel, it have become the primary manufacturing automobile ever to lap the northern circuit of Nürburgring in much less than eight mins. To be precise, the GT three takes 7:fifty six mins to cowl those 20.eight kilometres, the stopwatch impressively and objectively proving the a success paintings completed with the aid of using Porsche's improvement engineers: This automobile from Weissach is really a pinnacle-flight athlete with superb overall performance of the best fashionable. And on the identical time it combines advanced agility and dealing with with a excessive fashionable of energetic all-spherical protection.

Discreet looks - muscular overall performance

Compared with the 911 Carrera, the GT3 stays rather modest in its visible changes. The most important symptoms and symptoms of difference are the brand new the front end, discreet aspect-sills, the rear wing outfitted in position, crimson brake callipers and 18-inch sports activities-layout mild-alloy wheels. 225/forty ZR 18 tyres come as fashionable at the the front wheels, the rear tyres degree 285/30 ZR 18. Conveying its strength to the street thru this advanced suspension, the Porsche 911 GT3 hastens to one hundred km/h in only 4.eight seconds and reaches two hundred km/h after 15.eight seconds. Acceleration in 5th tools from 80-a hundred and twenty km/h, in turn, is available in 6.7 seconds and the auto's pinnacle velocity is 302 km/h or 187 mph.

The strength unit: Le Mans-prevailing technology

Developing most output of 265 kW (360 bhp) at 7200 rpm, the three.6-litre strength unit affords most torque of 370 Newton metres or 273 lb-toes at 5000 rpm. Further fortes of the engine are its compact dimensions, advanced jogging smoothness freed from vibrations, superb strength reserves, a "beefy" torque curve and fast-revving response. Yet a similarly factor is the lower in gasoline intake as opposed to the previous Carrera RS: With its composite gasoline intake of 12.nine litres/one hundred km withinside the EU cycle, the GT3 calls for 0.nine litres much less than its predecessor.

The "heart" of the GT3 is primarily based totally at the water-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine first featured withinside the Le Mans-prevailing 911 GT1. And clearly, capabilities which have demonstrated their traits beneathneath the hardest racing situations additionally assure superb reliability and overall performance on this manufacturing sports activities automobile. Just examples are the unique floor remedy of the crankshaft and the usage of fantastic substances inclusive of titanium at the connecting rods. These rods linking the pistons and the crankshaft are made in a in particular state-of-the-art manner making sure choicest energy and balance even at excessive speeds (most engine velocity of the GT3 is 7800 rpm) and supplying the rate reserves required for a racing engine of as much as about 9000 rpm.

The gearbox: carried over from Porsche motorsport

The Porsche 911 GT3 comes solely with a six-velocity guide gearbox, a improvement carried over from the 911 GT2. All six transmission ratios are cautiously matched to the engine velocity and overall performance of the GT3 strength unit and the auto itself.

To meet the necessities of motorsport, specific emphasis has been given to the subsequent factors in selecting the proper gearbox configuration:

  • Simple trade of the character tools ratios to regulate the gearbox to distinctive race tracks
  • Quick trade of parts (inclusive of synchronising rings) problem to an awful lot more put on in motorsport than in ordinary avenue traffic
  • Provision of ok reserves for even greater effective racing vehicles primarily based totally at the 911 GT3

The suspension: lower, firmer, greater dynamic

The chassis and suspension of the GT3 is constructed for carrying overall performance, advanced dealing with and riding protection at its first-class. Carried over from the 911 Carrera, the suspension idea has been changed to in shape the auto's even better degree of overall performance, with dealing with appropriate for motor racing. Apart from the overall necessities accordingly product of the the front and rear axle, the changes include

  • a discount withinside the automobile's centre of gravity (with matching kinematics) with the aid of using about 30 mm,
  • adjustable anti-roll bars and a spring gadget well matched with racing springs so that it will installation the auto for distinctive types of tracks,
  • an prolonged variety of axle geometry adjustment for the usage of racing tyres, and
  • reinforcement of all applicable components, inclusive of the the front pivots and wheel bearings, for the viable use of racing tyres.

Same preventing strength because the 911 Turbo

Compared with the 911 Carrera, each the the front and rear wheels include larger, strengthened 4-piston aluminium constant callipers in monobloc construction. And on every occasion necessary, the cross-drilled, inner-vented brake discs have interaction flawlessly with the brake callipers for superb preventing strength. Brake disc diameter at the the front wheels is 330 mm or 13.0" (911 Carrera: 318 mm/12.52"), brake disc width is 34 mm or 1.34" (911 Carrera: 28 mm/1.10"). The rear brake discs additionally degree 330 mm in diameter (911 Carrera: 299 mm/eleven.77") and 28 mm or 1.10" in width (911 Carrera: 24 mm/0.94"). As a result, the GT3, collectively with the brand new 911 Turbo, gives the first-class preventing strength of all Porsche manufacturing sports activities vehicles.

The cockpit: sports activities layout all of the manner

Leather-included sports activities bucket seats update the same old seats of the 911 withinside the GT3, ensuring now no longer most effective choicest aspect support, however additionally awesome consolation on lengthy distances, whilst getting into and leaving the auto. And an essential benefit with a sports activities automobile like that is that the seats keep about 20 kg in weight. Behind those mild bucket seats the measures taken to keep weight and decorate the auto's dynamic overall performance are similarly obvious, with the rear seats being dropped entirely, lowering the burden of the auto with the aid of using any other eight kilos.

The Porsche 911 GT3 is likewise to be had in a Clubsport model mainly evolved for clients wishing to take part in legit motorsport activities with out elaborately enhancing the auto. The maximum giant characteristic right here is the roll cage bolted directly to the frame and now, in contrast to on former 911 Carrera RS models, inclusive of the rear axle spring strut helps so that it will offer more balance. As a result, forces conveyed with the aid of using the suspension cross now no longer most effective into the frame of the auto, however additionally immediately into the roll cage. In difficult motor racing which means even excessive forces performing at the rear spring struts will purpose most effective minimal deformation of the frame.