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Ferrari 360 Spider 2001

The Ferrari 360 Spider is Ferrari's twentieth avenue going convertible. In phrases of engineering, looks, and overall performance it's far the first-class manufacturing spider Maranello has ever produced. Thanks to the one of a kind understanding Ferrari has amassed as a Formula 1 constructor, it's far the maximum technologically superior convertible to be had.

Despite the automobile's mid-hooked up 400bhp V8 engine, Ferrari engineers discovered a manner of making a roof that routinely folds into its very own properly among the cabin and the engine bay, for that reason making sure purity of line. The intrinsic fine of the layout is underlined with the aid of using the 2 fairings withinside the bodywork to the rear of the seats which evoke recollections of conventional Ferraris. 

These are matched with the aid of using the 2 roll hoops that offer most protection for each of the automobile's occupants. With the pinnacle up the automobile is aggressive, emphasizing the V8 seen thru engine cover. Lowering the completely automated roof transforms the Ferrari 360 Spider, highlighting its connection to amazing sports activities racers. As robust and inflexible because the Berlinetta, the Ferrari 360 Spider gives overall performance nearly same to the coupe version, reaching a pinnacle velocity over 180mph whilst weighing slightly 130lbs extra and imparting the identical quantity of room for the occupants and their luggage.

The maximum hanging thing of the Ferrari 360 Spider's styling is its convertible pinnacle. With notable care, the usage of the top notch form of the Ferrari 360 Modena as a beginning point, the engineers and architects created a fashionable and distinctly effective, completely automated folding roof. Top down, the Spider's rear fairings evoke the amazing generation of sports activities racing cars, smoothing the strains of the roll hoops that defend the occupants. A layout tour-de-force, the Spider offers not anything away to the berlinetta at the avenue, the track, or the boulevard.

The Ferrari 360 Spider functions a totally automated roof. The driving force wishes most effective to gradual beneathneath 3mph and press a button to have the roof completely disappear into - or reappear from - the unique properly among the engine and cabin in a trifling 20 seconds. No count number the seating positions, the roof can near shape a complete seal with the windshield or open to allow in all of the sunshine. The mechanism entails a complicated -degree motion wherein the roof folds double earlier than it slips interior its compartment to be protected with the aid of using its very own unique tonneau fabricated from excessive-density SMC to lessen noise. The roof's invisible body is crafted from a aggregate of forged aluminum and pressed metal elements, pushed with the aid of using electro-hydraulic actuators. The roof is to be had in 4 colours.

Like the Ferrari 360 Modena, the Ferrari 360 Spider is made by and large of aluminum. It is for that reason extraordinarily mild and extraordinarily robust. Thanks to its aluminum alloy frame and body, bonded with unique Feran welds, the Ferrari 360 Spider is as torsionally and flexionally inflexible as its berlinetta counterpart. While maximum of the frame is of aluminum, the inflexible tonneau that covers the folded roof, and the bathtub wherein the folded roof and mechanism reside, are fashioned from sound-decreasing SMC. The roof itself is crafted from bonded fabric and functions an interchangeable PVC rear screen.

For the Spider, the Ferrari 360 Modena's chassis has been tailored to optimise static and dynamic rigidity. This worried strengthening the sills, stiffening the the front of the floorpan and remodeling the windscreen body. The rear bulkhead has additionally been stiffened to isolate the cabin from engine sounds. The end result is a structural performance and a dynamic reaction that units new requirements for open automobile chassis and frame shell production. The occupants of the Ferrari 360 Spider are ensconced with the aid of using an ultra-shielding safetycage, subsidized up with the aid of using tubular metal roll hoops that shape an critical a part of the hood device and paintings with the windscreen reinforcement to provide most resistance in rollover situations. The complete roll bar shape is likewise covered in a unique fabric that steadily absorbs strength withinside the region across the occupants' heads below its gentle Connolly leather-based trim.

The Ferrari 360 Spider's five-valve according to cylinder, three.6 liter V8 engine produces 400bhp and is centrally hooked up with dry-sump lubrication. The oil tank is located, F1-fashion, at the spacer among the longitudinal engine and unitary gearbox. Pick-up is remarkable way to terrific torque peaking at 275lb-feet at 4750rpm, 80% of that to be had at simply 3000rpm. The engine's flexibility method that the automobile is enjoyable and clean to pressure even in heavy traffic. Power output is a document-breaking 400bhp at 8,500rpm (112bhp according to liter) the best precise output but done with the aid of using a naturally-aspirated V8 manufacturing engine. The energy unit functions a variable geometry consumption device, five-foremost bearing crankshaft with counter-balanced 180° crank throws, titanium con rods, five valves according to cylinder (three consumption, 2 exhaust, the latter with variable valve timing for stepped forward overall performance at excessive speeds) and a Bosch ME 7.three digital engine control device which, through the CAN - Controlled Area Network - permits the injection device to transmit and acquire records from the ignition that is included with the pressure-with the aid of using-twine digital accelerator related to the ASR traction manage and, in which fitted, the device that manages the F1 electro-hydraulic transmission.

The pressure-with the aid of using-twine device carries a motorized throttle regulating air induction. On the Ferrari 360, the accelerator pedal turns on a potentiometer related to a couple of engine control gadgets. The CAN device additionally permits the numerous manage gadgets to talk with the ASR traction manage device and the F1 gearbox manage so that, considering overall performance parameters and automobile velocity, the engine control device makes a decision on the perfect throttle angle. 

The pressure-with the aid of using-twine device makes a essential contribution at some point of gearshifts, making sure they take location on the engine velocity encouraged with the aid of using the manage unit. The Ferrari 360 Spider has benefited fairly from Ferrari's revel in with Formula 1 engine technology, which additionally contributed variable-duration consumption manifolds to optimize torque in any respect engine speeds. The device carries plenums every providing air to 1 financial institution of cylinders, both thru brief direct tracts related to the identical financial institution or thru longer oblique ones related to the alternative financial institution through valves.

The Ferrari 360 Spider's 6-velocity gearbox is to be had with both the conventional gate-shift or the F1-fashion paddle shift. The guide device gives triple cone synchronizers on 1st and second gears, with a double cone at the others. The unmarried dry plate snatch has coaxial hydraulic pressure and the restrained slip differential has one-of-a-kind locking percentages (25% on acceleration and 45% on raise off). Ferrari added paddle shift to Formula 1 and this answer is now utilized by all teams. The Ferrari 360 Spider's F1 transmission, which adjustments gears in a trifling one hundred fifty milliseconds, has an optimized complete automated alternative in addition to guide mode, and a low grip Snow and Ice mode. Manual adjustments are effected thru the 2 paddles at the back of the steerage wheel - the proper paddle selects a better ratio, whilst the left drops a gear. The pedal-much less snatch is routinely activated with the aid of using the gearbox's digital manage unit, and engages most effective whilst the engine revs are correct. If the sports activities suspension placing has been decided on the gearbox software program adapts the velocity of adjustments to suit, and the Ferrari 360 Spider is for that reason solid in situations past the abilties of maximum sports activities cars.

The Ferrari 360 Spider has outstanding avenue dynamics way to a protracted wheelbase, extensive the front track, a outstanding suspension geometry, and digital manage. The automobile rides on an adjustable suspension with twin aluminum wishbones the front and rear. Anti-dive and anti-squat geometries are integrated the front and rear so the automobile stays stage below braking and acceleration. The aluminum dampers, co-designed with Sachs, are geared up with an digital manage unit. All frame and wheel actions are for that reason guided in a manner that takes simply 0.04 seconds to take away any rolling or pitching.

Befitting a excessive-overall performance sports activities automobile, the Ferrari 360 Spider's brakes consist of big 13" diameter vented and cross-drilled discs with touchy hydraulically actuated -piston aluminum calipers, managed with the aid of using a braking attempt proportioning valve and an ABS device that forestalls wheel lock-up in deceleration. The big rotors additionally assist hold a low thermal load, and enhance resistance to fading with out compelled cooling. Although Ferrari engineers located emphasis on decelerative stability, the Ferrari 360 Spider stops in document brief distances.

The cabin of the Ferrari 360 Spider is same to the coupe's: the primary matters of word are the convenience of get right of entry to presented with the aid of using the sufficient door aperture, whether or not the roof is up or down, and the hanging impact of the aluminum kick panel that remembers the light-weight however extraordinarily inflexible extruded aluminum sill beneathneath. The Spider's indoors dimensions are certainly same to the ones of the berlinetta, imparting a miles extra spacious cabin than the Ferrari F355 Spider, proper right all the way down to the golfing bag slot at the back of the seats. 

The most effective variations are the practical, electrically operated strongbox set among the 2 seats on the centre of the roll bar shape and the 2 garage nets on every aspect of the rear console. The Ferrari 360 Spider is to be had with a desire of 12 one-of-a-kind Connolly leather-based trim options, highlighting the aluminum detailing that displays the automobile's state-of-the-art production technology. All the essential gadgets are grouped in a binnacle withinside the driving force's line of sight, with the tachometer located centrally. The three-spoke steerage wheel carries a enormous airbag.