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Alpina BMW B6 Bi Turbo Convertible 2012

High-overall performance convertibles are vehicles for actual connoisseurs. They integrate traits whose sole reason is to present driving force and passengers most pleasure. In doing so that they integrate the first-class traits in their associated species, in order that they will be skilled even extra without delay and tangibly with the pinnacle down. The beguiling overall performance, effective power and incredible sound of excellentb sports activities cars. The elegance, dynamics and appealing strains of grand coup├ęs. The luxurious, consolation and cruising capacity of delicate luxurious sedans. Generally speaking, traits which have lengthy characterized ALPINA vehicles. It consequently comes as no marvel to study that the brand new ALPINA BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible gives a unique enjoy for all of the senses.

The all-aluminium V8 strength plant produces 507hp (373kW) at a slight 5500rpm, with a most torque of 700Nm among 3000rpm - 4750rpm. Two turbo-chargers configured in parallel, every feeding one of the cylinder banks, with ein particular advanced big diameter exhaust-mills permit this engine configuration to offer each extremely good strength output and an abundance of torque over an in particular extensive rpm variety whilst preserving great throttle reaction at low rpm.

The complete excessive-overall performance cooling device accommodates an oblique inter-cooling device (air-to-water/water-to-air) with brief consumption tracts and elevated inter-cooler waft. The structures great thermodynamic performance is assured through a big-extent low-temperature inter-cooler radiator, in addition to water-toair inter-coolers located near the engine. High-overall performance MAHLE pistons are designed specially to address temperatures and pressures related to as much as bar charging and the engine's 9.2:1 nominal compression ratio. Altogether this consequences in an outstanding unique output of 115.three horsepower (85kW) according to litre and an average general compression of 20.1 bar.

Direct injection and Double-VANOS make a contribution to the B6 Bi-Turbo's elegance-main intake and emission figures: 10.9l/100km (25.9mpg) and 255g/km CO2 (Combined, measured in line with ECE Norm).

Adapted and examined in co-operation with ZF, the superior SWITCH-TRONIC 8-velocity Sport Automatic Transmission units benchmarks. With ALPINA's philosophy the guiding credo, engineers have spent lots of improvement and take a look at hours making sure that no different overall performance computerized transmission comes near presenting this stage of each consolation and overall performance.

The combo of 8 speeds and lots of torque makes for remarkable snug equipment adjustments with out a great interruption to the shipping of strength - best the accompanying acoustics and the dynamic rev counter offer comments as to the workings of the transmission. 700Nm of torque approach the B6 Bi-Turbo excels at cruising alongside at velocity in a excessive equipment at minimal rpm, reaping benefits each intake and consolation.

Using the Sport (S) Shift Mode a totally unique individual emerges: the transmission is crisp and unmistakably immediate. The revolutionary single-cylinder fadeout (recognised as 'Einzelzylinderausblendung' in German) permits excellentb short up-shifts which take simply milliseconds. Depending at the load at the transmission, the injection of gasoline right into a given cylinder is interrupted for a fragment of a second, growing the desired discount in torque that the automated transmission desires for the up-shift. The benefits as opposed to the standard technique of timing retardation are quite faster shifts, stepped forward thermo-dynamic performance because of decreased exhaust temperatures and decrease gasoline intake. Each up-shift is observed through a deep lower back-stress burble.

The SWITCH-TRONIC buttons, to be used withinside the Manual (M) Shift Mode, are ergonomically and unobstrusively placed at the lower back of the guidance wheel, and permit the driving force to take entire manipulate of the transmission. The device permits for multi-simultaneous down-shifts in milliseconds, hereby the transmission will pass numerous gears relying on engine hundreds and rpm. In this way the 8-velocity Sport Automatic Transmission with ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC exhibits itself as extraordinarily multi-faceted, presenting the proper shift function for any and all conditions.

The Automatic Up-Shift characteristic approach that the transmission will up-shift right into a better equipment as soon as a sure rpm threshold has been handed withinside the contemporary equipment. In sure riding conditions this could now no longer be desired, as an example for the duration of in particular sporty riding or as an example whilst encountering a couple of tight hair-pin corners. The simultaneous choice of both Sport, Sport+ or DSC OFF Mode the use of the Drive Dynamic Control button and the choice of the M Shift Mode (transmission) will deactivate the automated up-shift funtion. The transmission will preserve the chosen equipment as much as most rpm's (electronically limited) and could now no longer robotically up-shift right into a better equipment.

The wise coupling of modern-day engine and transmission technology supply the ALPINA BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible lovely overall performance figures: zero-100km/h in 4.8s, and a pinnacle velocity of 311km/h.

EXHAUST SYSTEM - Pure-bred, Sonorous, Lightweight

Special attention turned into given to the improvement of the exhaust device withinside the ALPINA BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible. A person's feel of listening to is mainly heightened whilst riding with the pinnacle down and nearly craves for a incredible sound enjoy. For the primary time, ALPINA has collaborated with Akrapovic at the improvement of a light-weight exhaust device crafted from excessive-energy titanium. Faithful to the guiding precept of 'shape follows characteristic', the complete device is stated now no longer best for its acoustics and look, however additionally for its technical refinements. In addition to a weight-saving of 50% as compared to the traditional use of stainless steel, the exhaust device additionally boasts mind-blowing technical details. The engineers from ALPINA and Akrapovic have performed pretty a feat, coping with to maintain a diameter of two x 70mm at some stage in the complete period of the exhaust device, regardless of the tricky 'packaging'. In conjunction with similarly layout refinements, exhaust lower back-stress is decreased to an absolute minimal.

In interplay with the effective engine, the exhaust device generates a backdrop of deep, sonorous 8-cylinder sound - effective, sporty, however by no means obtrusive, because of wise, controllable exhaust valves. These provide the driving force a unique diploma of have an impact on over the sound enjoy, and may be managed the use of the Drive Performance Control. In Comfort+ and Comfort Mode the valves are closed, commencing at 3000rpm, no matter the chosen equipment. In 1st and second equipment decisive use of the accelerator will purpose the valves to open (at approx. 60% load) and the B6 Bi-Turbo to elicit a unique symphony from the tailpipes for the duration of dynamic bursts of acceleration. As befits the individual of the B6 Bi-Turbo in Sport and Sport+ Modes, the exhaust valves stay open in any respect times.

CHASSIS - Dynamic Comfort

High-overall performance convertibles vicinity unique needs on their chassis - requiring awesome ranges of consolation for smooth cruising, secure and impartial dealing with at pinnacle velocity, and light-footed agility for the moments in among. In order to do justice to this extensive spectrum of requirements, the brand new ALPINA BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible capabilities the trendy digital suspension technology and is derived with Drive Performance Control (electronically adjustable dampers) and Dynamic Drive (energetic roll stabilisation) as popular.

This device has been artfully calibrated through ALPINA and is tied into different device parameters controlling guidance assistance, torque cushioning and the Dynamic Stability Control device. Featuring reported Comfort+, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes, the B6 Bi-Turbo transitions resultseasily from cultivated luxurious convertible to thorough-bred sports activities car. Specific springs, elevated the front wheel camber and a diffused adjustment of the toe-in along with a 20" wheel-tyre mixture all serve to provide a completely agile chassis set-up. The light-weight 20" ALPINA CLASSIC wheels, with MICHELIN PILOT SUPER SPORT tyres withinside the dimensions 255/35 ZR20 the front and 285/30 ZR20 rear, make a contribution drastically to the direct dealing with and particular guidance. Conventional tyres are used to sell trip consolation.

DESIGN EXTERIOR - Exciting Details, Functional Aerodynamics

The BMW 6 Series is marked through an stylish and dynamic layout in addition to great aerodynamic houses. ALPINA offers the brand new B6 Bi-Turbo a unique, effective look which elegantly underlines the sporty individual of this stunning convertible.

The outside additives that have an impact on the aerodynamic houses of the B6 Bi-Turbo aren't simply there for classy reasons - their layout is problem by and large to useful premises and performs a widespread function in attaining each the pinnacle velocity and in lowering gasoline intake. Take as an example the the front spoiler with the incorporated carbon fibre the front splitter. It reasons extra air to waft over and across the vehicle, concurrently lowering the air hundreds which waft beneath through extra than 10%. This results in a great stabilisation of the the front-stop at excessive speeds and performs a function in lowering any inclinations to understeer. The the front spoiler, along with the rear spoiler, guarantees that the B6 Bi-Turbo may be very well 'tethered' overall. Uplift at the the front axle is decreased through 14% and has a tendency closer to a price of 0 at the rear axle from a velocity of a hundred and fifty km/h.

In addition to an development withinside the CX values, those additives additionally make certain the powerful waft of air to numerous cooler groups, which includes the inter-coolers and engine cooling device. One unique detail: the excessive-overall performance brakes, with a diameter of 374mm the front and 345mm rear, are moreover provided with cooling air through a ein particular built NACA air consumption at the the front underbody.

The double tailpipes, with a barely elliptical form in normal ALPINA style, are designed in titanium and deliver small emblems that make discreet connection with the origins of the ALPINA exhaust device made through Akrapovic. The rear valence, which attractively and skillfully frames the hole of the tailpipes, moreover integrates the capabilities of a diffuser.

INTERIOR & EQUIPMENT - Master Craftsmanship, Exclusive Personalisation

Blue ALPINA units with excessive decision facts show with black panel LCD technology. A game guidance wheel, hand-stitched in LAVALINA leather-based. Blue illuminated access sills with logo. Or the conventional ALPINA wonderful timber system in myrtle - an different burl timber of the laurel family, which grows best at the Pacific coast of the USA. These are simply a number of the stylish capabilities of the indoors that factor to the different origins of the B6 Bi-Turbo Cabrio - only for connoisseurs.

Naturally, no limits are set at the private predilections of customers. From the paintwork to the indoors trims to the shade of the upholstery - the whole lot presented through the good sized BMW and ALPINA system variety is available. Seldom does a BMW ALPINA go away Buchloe with out utilizing the surely countless personalisation alternatives presented through the ALPINA Manufaktur. Our philosophy dictates that the purchaser can layout his or her very own character indoors - made through professional craftsmen in our leather-based workshop.

The ALPINA BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible capabilities an in depth variety of popular system, inclusive of leather-based upholstery, absolutely adjustable consolation seats with heating device, navigation device with practise for Bluetooth cellular phone, USB audio interface, Xenon lighting and LED fog lighting.