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2009 Volvo XC60

The new Volvo XC60 is the primary car in a brand new era of the current move-over concept. It is a mixture of a conventional town car and an XC car aimed for young, expert city human beings with an energetic life. Volvo XC60 is a sporty and dynamic automobile with tasteful outdoors and indoors layout and flexible functionality.Volvo XC60 has a function XC layout language, with a mix of passenger- and coupe-like automobile shapes - together with a hint of famous Volvo layout elements. The formula-pressure stance, with massive wheels "withinside the corners", lifted visible platform and a totally excessive waistline - all make contributions to a strong and sturdy impression. The V-form layout, i.e. the front spoiler, LED lamps, bonnet, is going all of the manner to the rear.

The rear layout is characterized with the aid of using the rear lights with micro optics and LED technique. The lamps, dispensing mild in a unique manner, deliver a function "Volvo" layout impression.

The roof rails offer a strong and tight impression. They are to be had in versions - Charcoal (wellknown) or Silk-Metal - and constructed into the auto on the factory.

The superior the front shape includes deformation zones of various grades of metal, every one with a positive position in a collision. The shape is designed to assist offering extended safety in a frontal collision.

Side systems of various grades of metal and some of tubes and contributors are all designed to "move" the frame to the side, assist decreasing the chance of passenger compartment intrusion. Volvo's Side Impact Protection System enables soaking up the forces if you want to preserve an ok area for the passengers.

The the front shape has been supplemented with the aid of using a decrease move member that adapts the the front to the peak of a normal-sized passenger automobile. This allows the alternative automobile's deformation zones to feature as they had been supposed to offer safety for the auto's occupants.

The panoramic roof is a brand new element that replaces the conventional sunroof. It is split into sections and offers the indoors an ethereal and clean feeling. The roof glass is tinted and laminated.

Laminated glass contributes to extended security

Laminated glass may be selected in all of the auto's home windows to make break-in drastically extra difficult.

Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)

Roll Stability Control is an energetic feature that intervenes in conditions while the auto is uncovered to forces that would reason it to roll over. The feature enables stabilise the auto and decreases the chance of rolling over in an twist of fate.

If a rollover twist of fate ought to arise the Roll-Over Protection System enables to defend the passengers. An inclination sensor blanketed withinside the Roll Stability Control constantly reads the motors roll charge. If threshold values are exceeded, the gadget takes movement with the aid of using for instance deploying the inflatable Curtains. The Roll-Over Protection System is a complicated gadget that consists of the frame's protection shape in addition to the SRS components.The indoors is driving force orientated and designed to create a dynamic feel. The strains on panels and surfaces join one-of-a-kind indoors panels with every different to create a harmonious fashion with "loops." Thick and skinny strains make contributions to the XC profile.

The function and floating centre console offers a dynamic and sporty impression. The centre console is barely angled in the direction of the driving force to decorate the driving force dynamics. The visible "X" withinside the seats and backrests complements the dynamic appearance.

Practical loading vicinity

The loading vicinity has a lockable load ground protecting garage areas, one for private objects and every other for dirty or moist objects. The load cowl extends over the whole loading vicinity. The rear door prevents the ground hatch from being opened while the auto is closed and locked.

Three indoors degrees

The following indoors degrees are to be had for the Volvo XC60:

  • Full textile - a mixture of one-of-a-kind textiles and to be had in Off-Black or Soft Beige.
  • T-Tec and textile - to be had in Anthracite Black/Off-Black or Soft Beige/Mocca.
  • Leather in Off-Black or Soft Beige - presented with the accessory hues Lemon Green/Off-Black or Soft Beige/Espresso Brown.

Two wooden inlays

Two one-of-a-kind wooden inlays are to be had: Classic Wood and Nordic Light Oak. The wellknown base topic is referred to as Charcoal, and every other inlay topic is referred to as Brushed Aluminium.

The elective strength tailgate may be opened robotically in 3 ways - through the far off manage, with the aid of using a button withinside the mild panel or with the aid of using starting the tailgate with the handle. The computerized starting function could be very handy in case you technique the auto loaded down with buying bags.

Three-phase rear seat

The 3-split (40/20/40) rear seat and backrest provide separate seats with an armrest withinside the middle, or 3 seats with protection belts for every occupant. The seat cushions are constant and the backrest(s) may be personally folded.

Six-cylinder faster engine

The 3-litre, six-cylinder faster engine is transversely established and really compact. The engine can provide 285 horsepower and four hundred Nm of torque, from low as much as excessive revs. The faster-six presents a excessive stage of using pleasure, with brief throttle reaction in any respect speeds, perfect for brief overtaking, for instance.

Five-cylinder faster-diesel in variants

The Volvo XC60 is to be had with five-cylinder faster-diesel engines, generating 163 hp and 340 Nm or 185 hp and four hundred Nm. The diesel engines integrate low gas intake with sporty using characteristics. The driveability is superb inspite of a heavy load or while using with a trailer. Both engines are ready with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to assist lessen the quantity of dangerous debris withinside the exhaust gases.

Six-pace computerized transmission with Geartronic

The compact, six-pace computerized transmission has been engineered to address the excessive torques advanced with the aid of using engines which include the T6 and the effective D5 diesel engine. Geartronic allows the automated transmission for use as a guide gearbox as well.

The guide six-pace gearbox presents top tractive strength in every equipment if you want to integrate speedy acceleration with excessive pinnacle pace.

All Wheel Drive (AWD) for more desirable balance

All Wheel Drive is an electronically managed gadget that distributes engine strength among the the front and rear wheels fast and robotically, relying on which wheel pair (the front or rear wheels) has the first-rate grip on the moment. The gadget enables decorate balance and decreases under/over guidance, and contributes to extended driving force manage and a cushty ride.

The gadget is ready with PreTension® which improves take-off pace and can provide better traction on slippery surfaces.

Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) for stabilising automobile and trailer

Trailer Stability Assist is supposed for stabilising the auto and trailer. The gadget detects if the trailer starts "snaking"; a phenomenon that can arise at positive speeds relying at the mass of the trailer and the way it's miles loaded. If Trailer Stability Assist senses snaking tendencies, it brakes the auto's character wheels to counteract the oscillation. Trailer Stability Assist is activated at speeds among 60 and one hundred sixty kph.

Further advanced Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC)

Volvo's Dynamic Stability and Traction Control gadget has been in addition advanced and registers the auto's roll charge constantly, giving the possibility to stumble on slowly constructed up skids at an early stage. Generally, the gadget enables stabilise the auto in evasive manoeuvres, especially while the auto is uncovered to excessive lateral forces.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) for steep inclines

Hill Descent Control controls the auto's pace robotically while using down steep inclines. The Hill Descent Control feature makes it viable for the driving force to consciousness absolutely on using while descending steep hills. The driving force can manage the rate with the brake pedal or the accelerator while Hill Descent Control is activated.

Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept (FOUR-C)

Volvo's FOUR-C feature monitor's the chassis' moves and makes it viable to pick out a chassis putting that fits a positive using fashion. The driving force can pick out among 3 settings: Comfort, Sport and Advanced.

Speed-based strength guidance contributes to simpler guidance

The Volvo XC60 is ready with pace based and innovative strength guidance to make guidance simpler at low speeds. One of 3 guidance pressure degrees may be decided on to healthy one-of-a-kind drivers and using conditions.

City Safety is a brand new feature, sensing if motors beforehand are shifting slower or status still. By measuring the auto's pace and distance to the car beforehand, City Safety is capable of calculate the braking pressure wished while coming near the alternative car. In a scenario in which the calculated braking pressure wished reaches a positive stage, and the driving force has now no longer reacted, the City Safety feature senses that a collision is imminent.

The feature is a wellknown function this is energetic if the auto's pace is beneath 30 km/h (19 mph). In conditions in which the distinction in pace among motors is 15 km/h (nine mph) or less, a collision may be prevented absolutely. In a capacity collision scenario wherein the distinction in pace among the motors is among 15-30 km/h (nine-19 mph), City Safety on my own can't save you a collision. However, the effects of the upcoming collision may be mitigated drastically due to the fact the gadget will interfere to lessen pace while the collision occurs.

Pre-Prepared Restraints - a brand new feature - is capable of put together/adapt the belts and airbags to an anticipated crash load in low or mildly extreme frontal collisions earlier than the real effect happens. This way that the belts and airbags get some 'extra' time to put together earlier than the effect and assist making the protection belts and airbags even extra effective. Remember to constantly use protection belts while using or journeying in a automobile. Pre-Prepared Restraints is a wellknown function in Volvo XC60.

Collision Warning with Autobrake signals the driving force if the space to a car beforehand abruptly decreases. The feature contributes in giving the driving force a honest threat to keep away from a collision. The gadget's braking feature prepares for heavy braking and brakes the auto robotically (with as much as 50% of the most braking strength) if the driving force has now no longer reacted to the caution signal. Collision Warning with Autobrake is an elective function.