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Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing 2022

The 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing constitute the top of Cadillac overall performance and craftsmanship, leveraging championship-triumphing racing historical past to create the maximum tune-succesful Cadillacs ever, at the same time as persevering with to set new requirements for luxurious and consolation.

Leveraging a Cadillac racing records that commenced in 1949 and has visible sustained fulfillment during the last decades, the V-Series Blackwing fashions had been advanced with motive force engagement and overall performance on the pinnacle of mind.

"V-Series Blackwing stands for the very maximum stage of execution from Cadillac and gives a enormously American imaginative and prescient of overall performance: splendid energy and expensive craftsmanship, with honestly 0 compromise," stated Brandon Vivian, government leader engineer, Cadillac. "We seemed to our championship-triumphing racing historical past and taken an uncompromising eye for element to create automobiles that increase the V-Series revel in."

V-Series Blackwing cars construct at the already first-rate overall performance dynamics of the CT5-V and CT4-V to create the pinnacle tier of the Cadillac sedan lineup.

Highlights encompass:

  • Evolutions of the tune-geared up Cadillac 6.2L Supercharged V8 withinside the CT5-V Blackwing and 3.6L Twin-Turbo V6 withinside the CT4-V Blackwing
  • Upgraded TREMEC six-velocity guide transmission popular
  • Available 10-velocity computerized transmission
  • Electronic Limited Slip Rear Differential more desirable to lessen mass and enhance on-tune reliability
  • Advanced suspension refinements presenting extra frame manage and a greater agile sense
  • Magnetic Ride Control, the world's quickest reacting suspension era, polishing the stability among daily-using consolation and excessive-overall performance tune functionality
  • Unique structural improvements enhancing guidance reaction and managing at the tune
  • Cadillac's biggest ever factory-hooked up brakes, to be had at the CT5-V Blackwing
  • Extensive validation along with 12-hour and 24-hour tune checking out
  • Customizable included virtual gauge cluster with Custom Launch Control and Performance Traction Management settings
  • The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing makes use of an upgraded 6.2L supercharged V8 that, way to a better waft air-consumption and revised exhaust machine, is rated at 668 horsepower (498 kW) and 659 lb-toes of torque (893 Nm), making it the maximum effective manufacturing Cadillac ever. Each engine is hand-constructed at GM's Bowling Green Assembly facility in Kentucky and capabilities a signed engine builder's plate.

    The Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing sports activities an evolution of the Cadillac 3.6L Twin-Turbo V6 that capabilities revised manage machine software program and an stepped forward air consumption machine to create 472 horsepower (352 kW) and 445 lb-toes of torque (603 Nm). The turbos' low-inertia (titanium-aluminide) turbine wheels permit greater particular and responsive utility of torque all through the rev range.

    • Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing: 6.2L Supercharged V8 - 668 hp, 659 lb-toes of torque
      • GM-predicted pinnacle tune velocity: over 2 hundred mph
      • GM-predicted zero-60 mph: 3.7 seconds (computerized transmission)
      • Most effective Cadillac ever
      • Air consumption airflow is stepped forward through forty six percentage vs. the CTS-V
      • Compact, excessive-output 1.7L 4-lobe Eaton supercharger with small-diameter rotors that permit enhance to be generated in advance withinside the rpm band for on the spotly reaction
      • Rotocast A356T6 aluminum cylinder heads are more potent and manage warmth higher than traditional aluminum-alloy heads
      • Lightweight titanium consumption valves
      • Track-succesful moist-sump oiling and vent machine with outside oil separator and drainback
    • Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing: 3.6L Twin-Turbo V6 - 472 hp, 445 lb-toes of torque
      • GM-predicted pinnacle velocity: 189 mph
      • GM-predicted zero-60 mph: 3.eight seconds (computerized transmission)
      • Most effective and quickest Cadillac withinside the subcompact class
      • Air consumption restrict is stepped forward through 39 percentage vs. the ATS-V
      • Turbocharger compressors matched for top performance at top energy for most reliable tune overall performance
      • Titanium connecting rods (guide transmission best) and revised crankshaft counterweights lessen main/rod bearing reciprocating loads
      • Re-focused piston oil squirters, which direct engine oil on the bottoms of the pistons, for stepped forward temperature manage
      • The manifold-included water-to-air fee cooling machine contributes to greater instant torque reaction
      • Airflow routing extent is decreased through 60 percentage whilst as compared to a traditional layout that capabilities a remotely hooked up warmth exchanger

    Track-succesful braking structures

    Both V-Series Blackwing fashions function superior excessive-overall performance braking structures which have been appreciably tune and avenue-examined. The unique V-Series Blackwing wheel designs permit a good large rotor over the preceding CTS-V, making the CT5-V Blackwing braking machine the most important factory-hooked up brakes in Cadillac records. Additionally, an to be had carbon-ceramic brake bundle for the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, presenting move-drilled rotors, supply numerous advantages along with weight savings, sturdiness and warmth management.

    Highlighted capabilities:

    • CT4-V Blackwing: 14.ninety six x 1.34-inch (380 X 34 mm) the front rotors and 13.four x 1.1-inch (340.five x 28 mm) rear rotors
    • CT5-V Blackwing: 15.sixty seven x 1.42-inch (398 X 36 mm) the front rotors and 14.7 x 1.1-inch (373.five x 28 mm) rear rotors
    • Staggered Brembo® six-piston the front calipers and 4-piston rear calipers
    • Available at the CT5-V Blackwing, the light-weight carbon-ceramic brake bundle substantially improves warmth management, in addition to extra resistance to put on below severe situations at the racetrack, at the same time as additionally decreasing unsprung mass and rotating mass:
      • 53-pound (24 kg) discount in unsprung weight
      • 62-pound (28 kg) discount in rotating mass
    • High-overall performance copper-loose brake linings follow California regulation and supply advanced fade resistance with an first-rate pedal sense on and rancid the tune
    • Brake structures are included to every cars' selectable force modes, along with brake pedal sense. Brake pedal sense also can be assigned inside My-Mode and V-Mode

    Manual transmission is popular

    Rare for recreation sedans today, a six-velocity TREMEC guide transmission is popular on each cars. It has been optimized for every V-Series Blackwing automobile to offer an enticing revel in at the tune or at the avenue. Details encompass:

    • LuK twin-disc take hold of for excessive torque potential and first-rate pedal sense
    • Active Rev Matching reachable through a console hooked up toggle transfer to routinely alter engine velocity to in shape predicted downshifts
    • No-Lift Shift permitting the motive force to shift gears with out letting off the fueloline pedal. In the case of the CT4-V Blackwing, it permits the turbos to stay spooled, ensuing in quicker lap instances
    • Transmission and rear differential cooling - the guide and automated transmissions use the identical tune-overall performance cooling machine for extra tune overall performance
    • Clutch and brake pedals located for most reliable motive force ergonomics
    • A bodily barrier forestall for the take hold of pedal in place of a hydraulic grasp cylinder forestall gives extra motive force remarks at some point of take hold of operation
    • A shorter shifter ratio than preceding generations for greater particular shifts

    Ten-velocity computerized transmission

    The CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing are to be had with a 10-velocity electronically managed computerized transmission. It is tuned to supplement the dual-persona revel in of every respective model.

    Highlighted capabilities:

    • Tap Shift/Manual Mode permitting the motive force to apply included magnesium paddle shifters to choose a tools and preserve it till deciding on the subsequent tools, up or down
    • Sport Mode presenting real-time interpretation of using situations, adjusting the transmission to lessen shift busyness and enhance overall performance, at the same time as preserving competitive using dynamics
    • Twenty-4-hour tune checking out led to numerous upgrades in reaction to the needs of a excessive-g tune environment, along with a completely unique oil pan layout and precedence valve modifications
    • Unique manage structures with overall performance calibrations tailor-made for every model
    • Ten ahead gears provide the maximum to be had transmission speeds in every sedans' respective segments, supporting preserve the engines inside their most reliable rpm bands, at the same time as additionally looking ahead to the subsequent shifts
    • Dynamic Performance Mode is calibrated in particular for V-Series Blackwing to supply tune targeted shift styles and routinely turns on whilst excessive-g forces are skilled in Sport or Track mode
    • An auxiliary pump primes the automated transmission machine from the time the automobile door is opened for stepped forward cold-shift overall performance.

    Both V-Series Blackwing fashions additionally function an more desirable Electronic Limited Slip Rear Differential. It weighs much less and has been optimized for every using mode and every Performance Traction Management putting.

    Highlighted capabilities:

    • More manage of the rear differential as compared to standard open and mechanical limited-slip differentials
    • Enhances avenue grip through routinely allocating torque to the rear wheel with the maximum traction at some point of tough cornering - with the functionality of sending as much as 1,475 lb-toes (2,000 Nm) of locking torque throughout the axle
    • High-overall performance differential cooler
    • An aluminum housing changing the preceding era forged iron housing, decreasing mass through greater than 22 pounds (10 kg)
    • Exclusive included warmth exchanger for more desirable cooling

    Advanced suspension structures and bolstered chassis

    V-Series Blackwing combines the fourth era of Magnetic Ride Control (MR, with upgrades to the the front and rear suspension structures. Stiffer spring rates, specific hole stabilizer bars, better-price bushings and greater permit a using revel in that isolates the motive force from avenue imperfections, at the same time as additionally presenting a particular, enticing reference to the avenue.

    MR highlights:

    • Immense overall performance envelope that gave Cadillac engineers the liberty to optimize normal using and competitive tune overall performance
    • New accelerometers and an inertial size unit that transmit and procedure modifications in avenue situations 4 instances quicker than the preceding era machine
    • Secondary temperature maps that permit engineers to atone for modifications in damper fluid temperature for greater regular overall performance, even at some point of overall performance using
    • Inertial size unit that gives greater particular measurements of frame movement relative to the wheel for greater correct readings below heavy braking, tough cornering and different using situations
    • Improved magnetic flux manage that creates a greater regular and correct transition among rebound and compression
    • Improvements to temporary frame manage that permit the automobile to stay greater stage at the same time as transitioning among corners

    MacPherson strut the front suspension:

    • Ride hyperlink consists of an all-new one hundred-percentage elastomer bushing at the CT4-V Blackwing and a retuned hydro bushing at the CT5-V Blackwing, for stepped forward journey reaction
    • Handling hyperlink has move-axis ball joints for stepped forward lateral manage and faster guidance reaction

    Five-hyperlink unbiased rear suspension:

    • Lateral hyperlink capabilities stiffer bushings for quicker reaction and extended cornering agility
    • Toe hyperlink has move-axis ball joints for extended balance and motive force confidence
    • Rear knuckles have extended stiffness for stepped forward braking and higher manage at some point of cornering
    • Rear cradle mounts were stiffened for maximum stability among avenue consolation and tune overall performance

    V-Series Blackwing fashions are constructed on Cadillac's award-triumphing rear-wheel force structure and function specific structural improvements along with surprise tower braces, an underside shear plate and thicker rear move individuals to enhance chassis rigidity. Along with the specific suspension factors, the stiffer shape complements guidance reaction, managing and the normal using revel in.

    All-day overall performance, on and rancid the tune

    The CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing construct on Cadillac's racing historical past and had been advanced to be tune-succesful instantly from the factory. That consists of an in depth validation application to make sure regular overall performance at some point of the maximum difficult tune situations.

    Validation for each fashions blanketed:

    • Twenty-4-hour non-stop tune checking out with the to be had computerized transmission, to be had carbon fiber aero bundle, aluminum wheels and to be had carbon ceramic brake bundle
    • Twelve-hour non-stop tune checking out with the usual guide transmission, to be had carbon fiber aero bundle, aluminum wheels and to be had carbon ceramic brake bundle

    Functional aerodynamics, along with an to be had carbon fiber aero bundle, make contributions to the V-Series Blackwing fashions' tune prowess to assist a lot of cooling wishes for the automobiles' respective engines, transmissions, axles and different assisting structures.

    Additionally, MICHELIN® Pilot Sport 4S tires advanced completely for the V-Series Blackwing fashions make contributions to their stability of tune functionality and avenue consolation. Highlights encompass:

    • Unique, a couple of-compound tread composition:
    • Contact patch composed of 3 specific tread rubber compounds
      • Racing "R compound" used for almost all of the tread
      • Compounds optimized for moist traction, more desirable road and tune sturdiness, in addition to rolling resistance
    • The mildew form of the tire has been in particular engineered for Blackwing fashions to optimize touch with the avenue
    • Tire sizes:
      • CT5-V Blackwing tire length: 275/35ZR19 (the front) and 305/30ZR19 (rear)
      • CT4-V Blackwing tire length: 255/35ZR18 (the front) and 275/35ZR18 (rear)

    Both V-Series Blackwing cars function popular cast aluminum alloy wheels with staggered widths, the front to rear. These cast wheels are more potent and lighter than traditional forged aluminum.

    Wheel sizes:

    • CT5-V Blackwing: Front - 19 x 10 inches / Rear - 19 x eleven inches
    • CT4-V Blackwing: Front - 18 x nine inches / Rear - 18 x nine.five inches

    Designed to Perform

    The 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing obtain an clever stability among shape and characteristic.

    Descended from the brand's racing-derived V-Series legacy, the layout factors of the brand new V-Series Blackwing sedans assist and supplement their tune-succesful overall performance, at the same time as advancing the V-Series' motorsports-stimulated historical past of styling and more desirable refinement.

    "As the final overall performance variations of our V-Series lineup, the high directive for his or her designs turned into to hold authenticity and integrity, at the same time as additionally elevating the bar," stated Andrew Smith, government director, Global Cadillac Design. "Everything new and specific on those cars turned into best blanketed if it served a practical purpose, at the same time as concurrently developing a effective signature appearance."

    On the exteriors, wind-tunnel checking out and vast racetrack validation delicate the designs to optimize the stability of shape and characteristic. On the inside, each specific V-Series Blackwing element, from the to be had carbon fiber-accented seats to tune-unique layouts for the motive force records middle, turned into advanced for its contribution to motive force manage.

    Highlights encompass:

    • Unique outdoors factors, along with distinct number one and secondary grilles, rear spoiler, the front splitter, mid-frame panels, rear diffuser, fender vents, rocker extensions and greater
    • Full LED outdoors lighting
    • "Underwing" underbody panels that assist drag discount and tune functionality
    • Available, wind-tunnel-examined carbon fiber bundle that reduces carry on a tune, as compared to the usual aero bundle - along with a 214 percentage discount in carry at the CT4-V Blackwing
    • Brembo® brake calipers which are to be had in gray, blue, purple and bronze
    • Three degrees of top class interiors (Base, Mid-stage and Up-stage), with specific trim, appointments and technology, along with popular wi-fi Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality and wi-fi telecellsmartphone charging. CT5-V Blackwing provides popular Surround Vision with recording, head-up show and greater
    • Available excessive-overall performance the front seats, with as much as 18-manner adjustability, warmth, air flow and lumbar rubdown - and to be had carbon fiber-accented racing seats at the CT5-V Blackwing
    • High-overall performance guidance wheel with carbon fiber accents and magnesium shift paddles (with to be had 10-velocity computerized transmission), in addition to V-Mode and Performance Traction Management manage (guidance wheel popular on CT5-V Blackwing and to be had on CT4-V Blackwing) - along with a serialized manufacturing quantity plate
    • Unique guide transmission middle console (with popular six-velocity guide transmission), with carbon fiber accents and a shifter presenting a 3D-published medallion cap
    • Available sueded microfiber headliner and further indoors accents
    • AKG top class audio machine with 14 audio system (CT4-V Blackwing) or 15 audio system (CT5-V Blackwing)
    • Configurable device cluster with a 12-inch-diagonal HD show that consists of specific V-Series Blackwing graphics, and customizable overall performance settings including a Track display screen with overall performance timers for zero-60 mph, quarter-mile acceleration, lap timer and greater
    • Available second-era Performance Data Recorder presenting motive force with stepped forward recording talents and new degrees of using analysis

    Refined withinside the wind tunnel

    The Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing advantage from vast aerodynamic improvement and checking out, with specific outdoors capabilities designed to lessen carry, and assist propulsion machine and drivetrain cooling wishes.

    "The openings withinside the grilles are large so that it will direct airflow to the a couple of radiators, in addition to the brakes," says Josh Thurber, outdoors layout manager, Cadillac. "It's all practical and it contributes to a purposeful, racing-stimulated search for each automobiles."

    Development commenced with vast Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, at the side of wind-tunnel checking out on decreased-scale and large fashions presenting clay, foam and 3D-published prototype components.

    Additionally, full-scale checking out turned into additionally carried out at GM's upgraded full-scale, rolling-avenue wind tunnel. The refinements made at some point of the checking out led to a tailor-made, specific outdoors bundle consisting of:

    • New number one mesh grille layout that improves airflow over the preceding era. The mesh sample is delicate to encompass secondary reeds that have an impact on backdraft angles, directing airflow to the principle radiators, cooler and airflow ducts
    • Larger secondary grilles that direct airflow to the auxiliary fee coolers, at the same time as the smaller the front decrease grilles lessen stress at the same time as channeling airflow into brake-cooling ducts
    • Front splitter that reduces carry to assist preserve the automobile planted whilst cornering at better speeds
    • Rear spoiler that balances the impact of the the front splitter to assist hold rear-wheel traction at better speeds
    • Mid-frame panels that enhance underbody aerodynamics
    • Underwing - the underbody panels are designed with airflow-channeling strakes dubbed "the underwing" that assist the automobiles' aero-performance and tune functionality
    • Rocker extensions and a rear valence diffuser that hold the grounded appearance mounted through the the front splitter

    The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing additionally includes air deflectors for the the front wheels. These deflectors are designed to lower drag however may be eliminated to maximise cooling airflow to the brakes.

    Both V-Series Blackwing fashions are to be had with a practical carbon fiber aero bundle that generates a massive discount in carry, as compared to the usual aero bundle. On the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing, it gives a 214-percentage discount in carry and a 75-percentage discount at the CT5-V Blackwing.

    Distinctive wheels and brake calipers

    Forged aluminum, staggered-length wheels are popular on each fashions. On the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing, they degree 18 x nine inches extensive withinside the the front and 18 x nine.five inches extensive withinside the rear; and at the CT5-V Blackwing, they degree 19 x 10 inches in the front and 19 x eleven inches withinside the rear.

    The wheels proportion a similar, motorsports-stimulated multi-spoke layout and are supplied in appearances: a top class satin Graphite painted end with a laser-etched V-Series emblem or a cultured face with Dark Android-painted pockets, additionally with a laser-etched V-Series emblem.

    A bronze look is likewise to be had on the usual Brembo® brake calipers, at the side of purple, blue and the usual gray end. The selections provide extra personalization alternatives for customers, permitting them to tailor the calipers with the outdoors colour of the automobile and its wheels.

    Interior splendor and characteristic

    The interiors of the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing are expanded to new degrees of capability, end and refinement.

    Available excessive-overall performance seats and a excessive-overall performance guidance wheel make contributions characteristic to the equation, at the same time as factors including an to be had sueded microfiber headliner and Opus leather-based trim expand the automobiles' air of mystery of hand made sophistication and technical precision.

    There's additionally a popular AKG top class audio machine, with 14 and 15 audio system for CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing, respectively. The AKG sound machine additionally capabilities brushed aluminum grilles with laser etching, and Neodymium magnets to lessen weight at the same time as nevertheless generating a top class sound revel in.

    Both fashions are supplied with 3 indoors trim degrees, beginning with popular overall performance the front seats, overall performance guidance wheel and specific extra indoors trim. High-overall performance seats, along with to be had carbon fiber seatbacks at the CT5-V Blackwing, a excessive-overall performance guidance wheel and further carbon fiber indoors trim are to be had.

    High-overall performance seats and guidance wheel

    A reinforced overall performance the front seat is popular on Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing, with a excessive-overall performance the front seat layout blanketed at the top trim degrees.

    Both variations constitute the subsequent step in seat layout for Cadillac V-Series, with extra consolation and brought capabilities. They're designed to offer fantastic lateral assist at some point of lively using, at the same time as additionally imparting a excessive diploma of adjustability to house various motive force and passenger sizes.

    The seats function warmth, motive force's reminiscence settings and as much as 18 energy adjustments. The upgraded excessive-overall performance seat capabilities a slender headrest layout to simply accommodate helmets whilst on the tune, at the side of the crafted V-Series trademarks and bolster ergonomics for greater cushty guide shifting.

    Additional to be had seat capabilities, relying at the trim, encompass air flow, lumbar rubdown and custom perforations, quilting or sueded microfiber trim. On the CT5-V Blackwing, the excessive-overall performance semi-aniline leather-based the front seats encompass a light-weight carbon fiber seatback.

    Complementing the up-stage seats is a thick, 14.five-inch-diameter (370 mm) excessive-overall performance guidance wheel this is popular at the mid-and-top tier CT4-V Blackwing trims and all the CT5-V Blackwing trims. It capabilities carbon fiber trim and further fingertip controls, along with a quick-get admission to V-Mode button and Performance Traction Management transfer. It additionally consists of magnesium shift paddles whilst the automobile is ready with the to be had 10-velocity computerized transmission.

    This wheel will include a serialized quantity plate that corresponds with every automobile's specific VIN sequence.

    Design and era integration

    The practical splendor of the V-Series Blackwing fashions extends to the configurable in-automobile technology that assist the automobiles' overall performance and customized using experiences. Unique, tailor-made capabilities contain drivers and assist recognition interest on using, at the same time as additionally imparting remarks on their drives at the tune and at the avenue.

    Highlighted capabilities:

    • Standard 12-inch-diagonal HD configurable device cluster with V-Series Blackwing start-up animation. The cluster has 3 show personas: Tour, Sport and Track, at the side of configurable regions in which the motive force can show the records deemed the maximum important.
    • The Track format of the device cluster consists of numerous overall performance capabilities including a shift mild for most reliable guide shifting, in addition to get admission to to the Performance Timer function, which facts zero-60 mph, zero-one hundred mph, quarter-mile acceleration, a guide lap timer included with the to be had Performance Data Recorder and a friction bubble showing lateral and longitudinal g-forces. It additionally gives get admission to to the Launch Control menu, for custom release settings and the road lock manage.
    • Head-up show (CT5-V Blackwing) this is themed to in shape every of the 3 show personas, along with exclusive notifications, including a tachometer studying at the Sport putting and shift lighting fixtures with the Track putting.
    • Infotainment show integration - each fashions offer get admission to to the modern day Cadillac consumer revel in, which incorporates get admission to to numerous V-Series Blackwing-unique capabilities and applications, along with the to be had Performance Data Recorder and the front seat adjustments. The structures encompass an eight-inch-diagonal HD colour touchscreen at the CT4-V Blackwing and a 10-inch-diagonal HD colour touchscreen at the CT5-V Blackwing.
    • Performance Data Recorder is to be had and permits drivers to file each element in their using, along with real-time audio and the front digital digicam video, in addition to 34 channels of overall performance statistics for distinct analysis. New and more desirable capabilities at the V-Series Blackwings' second-era machine encompass more desirable recording resolution (1080 pixels), delicate layout of recreation, tune and overall performance timing overlays, show of Performance Traction Management modes, sprint cam capability and greater.

    Coming in summer time season 2021

    Pricing starts offevolved at $59,990 for the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and $84,990 for the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing.