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Audi e-tron GT quattro 2022

With the e-tron GT, Audi is demonstrating how captivating electric powered mobility will be. The 4-door coupé combines emotive layout with a effective power and dynamic managing. This is the begin of a brand new era, the gran turismo of the destiny.

It is an Audi together with the sector has in no way visible earlier than: With the e-tron GT, the emblem is demonstrating its plans for shaping an emotive and captivating destiny of mobility. Presales of fashions of the gran turismo with completely electric powered power will begin concurrently in February 2021: the e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT. Both fashions are effective, speedy, and dynamic, and each have 0 neighborhood emissions. The sum of those characteristics provides as much as a robust man or woman that reinterprets the concept of the gran turismo.

The outside of the Audi e-tron GT is a dynamic paintings of artwork. Each floor and every line is harmonious, from the headlights, that are to be had with Audi laser mild upon request, to the massive diffuser on the rear. In mixture, the info create a sculpture that looks as if it become formed through the wind. The frame line is extraordinarily aerodynamic, and the drag coefficient is simply zero.24. The indoors additionally corresponds to that of a conventional gran turismo: The driving force and the front passenger seats are established in a sporty low role and separated through a huge middle console, and the rear seats offer enough area even for adults. The innovative beauty of the indoors layout emphasizes the auto's man or woman.

A gran turismo is a sporty traveling automobile with first rate dynamic managing, a assured glider. The Audi e-tron GT stocks this man or woman. Depending at the version, its electric powered automobiles output 350 kW (476 PS) or 440 kW (598 PS), thereby permitting dynamic spurts. The variety of as much as 487 kilometers (302.6 mi) (according with the WLTP), that is made viable through the battery and its internet potential of eighty five kWh, is similarly critical. Its 800-volt generation permits speedy DC charging with an output of as much as 270 kW. The suspension is likewise primarily based totally withinside the stability of dynamism and consolation, way to technology together with Audi power pick out, all-wheel steerage, managed damping, 3-chamber air suspension, electric powered all-wheel power, and the rear-axle differential lock. The wheel sizes variety as much as 21 inches, and the brake disks - that are to be had in carbon-fiber ceramic as an choice - have a diameter of as much as 420 millimeters (sixteen.five in).

Like all Audi fashions, the e-tron GT is attached extensively. The infotainment, the web offerings from Audi join, and the help structures are present day. And for the reason that dynamic paintings of artwork should additionally sound suitable, Audi has composed a completely unique sound for the e-tron GT. It sounds effective and innovative - simply as an Audi need to.

The all-electric powered Audi e-tron SUV and the e-tron Sportback SUV coupé had been the pioneers with which Audi launched into its a success electric powered mobility journey. Now the emblem is making its 2d statement: The 4-door e-tron GT coupé is a gran turismo with dynamic beauty and an Audi together with the sector has in no way visible earlier than. The e-tron GT is effective, sporty, assured, and emotive. It displays all of the ardour with which Audi develops and builds motors.

The RS e-tron GT and the e-tron GT quattro are designed as effective, assured motors with first rate ordinary usability and lengthy-distance capability. They integrate perfection, fascination, and innovation to shape a technical paintings of artwork: Their riding traits are based on innovative engineering skill, the power is natural fascination, and the layout arose from the ardour for splendor and perfection this is normal for Audi.

Sporty, electric powered, pioneering: The e-tron GT is the electrical figurehead from Audi.The Audi e-tron GT represents but every other bankruptcy in Audi's history: It is a preferrred gran turismo, and the RS model comes with specifically mentioned dynamic managing. It combines an expressive layout language with effective electric powered output, excessive performance, and first rate ordinary usability. These homes make it a pioneer complete of man or woman this is shaping the destiny of the emblem. The e-tron GT brings "Vorsprung durch Technik" to the street and emphasizes the Audi trendy because the company's electric powered figurehead: sporty, electric powered, and pioneering.

The Audi e-tron GT is focused particularly towards state-of-the-art, overall performance-orientated automobile lovers who connect remarkable price to sustainability, layout, and excessive-tech. The majority are center-elderly and properly educated, that is why they've a excessive month-to-month earnings and might have the funds for more than one cars. They proportion their ardour for stylish acceleration and their love for element, in addition to most precision and pinnacle great with Audi.

In February of 2021, presales of variations of the completely electric powered gran turismo will begin in Europe: as an Audi e-tron GT quattro with a base fee of EUR ninety nine,800 and as an RS e-tron quattro from EUR 138,200. The RS version is the dynamic spearhead of electrical mobility at Audi: a gadget output of 440 kW (598 PS), zero-one hundred km/h (62.1 mph) in three.three seconds (in overboost), and a excessive-tech suspension with capabilities together with 3-chamber air suspension, all-wheel steerage (elective), and managed rear axle differential lock.

Exterior layout and aerodynamics.The e-tron GT is an emotive 4-door coupé and the brand new signature automobile from the Audi emblem. The electric powered figurehead capabilities expressive layout language that emphasizes the Audi trendy of being an progressive automobile layout emblem that stands for sportiness and progressiveness.

Meaning: emotive signature automobile and preview of destiny layout.Following the Audi prologue layout study, which supplied a preview of the layout language of the following significant elegance fashions as a display automobile in 2014, the e-tron GT constitutes the following evolutionary level of the Audi layout language. As a gran turismo, it fascinates with its sculptural layout. What applies for the cutting-edge significant elegance fashions applies here, too: Proportions are the muse of suitable layout. In different words: an extended wheelbase, huge track, massive wheels, and a flat silhouette. The e-tron GT has exactly those perfect proportions. Its layout language is the place to begin for the layout of destiny electric powered fashions from Audi - they'll have a notably extra flowing outside layout than trendy fashions.As is continually the case at Audi, the layout isn't always an lead to itself however alternatively the relationship among shape and characteristic: In line with electric powered mobility, the layout of the e-tron GT,permits state-of-the-art aerodynamics - aesthetics accordingly additionally stand up from performance. The e-tron GT intentionally adopts mounted layout factors of the e-tron, the primary electric powered automobile from Audi, and refines them in a focused manner. These factors consist of the strongly modeled insert above the door sill trims. It emphasizes the battery % withinside the middle of the car as the auto's powerhouse.

Electric gran turismo: conventional concepts and a brand new angle

Sportiness and consolation - those are the 2 conventional layout concepts of a gran turismo. The layout of the Audi e-tron GT takes up this concept and provides a brand new angle to it: Sustainability performs an critical element in electric powered mobility particularly.

It starts offevolved with the preliminary concept and is expressed thru the layout. The optimized aerodynamics of the e-tron GT are seen evidence of the pursuit of sustainability. Its low drag coefficient of zero.24 will increase the extent of performance and permits an extended variety.

These simple thoughts also are located withinside the indoors of the e-tron GT. For example, the dashboard - that is grew to become towards the motive force as is normal for sporty Audi fashions - rests inside a spacious indoors layout this is function for a snug and dynamic traveling sports activities automobile. At the equal time, the e-tron GT demonstrates with its leather-based-unfastened layout bundle, which is composed predominantly of recycled substances, that sustainability is an critical issue of the electrical gran turismo.

Exterior layout: dynamic sculpture with best proportions

The completely electric powered gran turismo offers new impetus to the Audi layout language: It is a dynamic sculpture that stands on the street as though sculpted from a complete volume. The Audi e-tron GT is evidence: The packaging of an electric powered automobile with its massive battery and the captivating layout of a gran turismo with a flat silhouette and effective proportions want now no longer be together distinctive. This is made viable through a recess withinside the battery %.

The passengers withinside the rear can placed their ft in what's referred to as the foot garage, which permits them to take a seat down in a decrease role and experience beneficiant headroom no matter the flat roof line. In mixture with the wheel arches with as much as 21-inch rims and the 2.ninety-meter (nine.five ft) wheelbase, this answer creates perfect proportions and offers the excessive-overall performance GT an super presence on the street.

With its inverted colour scheme, the Singleframe with the Audi jewelry at the expressively designed the front of the e-tron GT is a clean indicator for the electrical power. The radiator grille, which reinterprets the conventional honeycomb pattern, is painted in mild Heckla grey or in frame colour for the primary time at Audi, and the grille and lateral air inlets are framed through a masks in darkish Manhattan grey. While the primary reason of the Singleframe on fashions with a combustion engine is to chill the engine, it conceals the bulk of the sensors withinside the e-tron GT. Only the decrease of the six corners have open sections for air supply.

The generation packaging of the electrical power permits for a flat the front quit, thereby imparting the motive force with a captivating view over the the front quit and at once onto the street. This view is centered because of the truth that the hood is framed through strongly curved fenders on each aspects. This uncommon angle and the dynamism of the power create a riding revel in that shapes the man or woman of the electrical gran turismo to a remarkable extent.

The go with the drift of the layout could be very apparent withinside the aspect view particularly. The elongated hood and flat windshield transition right into a quick sloping roof line. The greenhouse accordingly extends tautly over the effective frame. It is drawn in sharply towards the rear - the lightly willing C-pillars withinside the rear vicinity go with the drift elegantly into the muscular shoulders of the frame.Sharp edges increase throughout the massive wheel arches - those quattro blisters with the mentioned sculptured wheel arches characterize the electrical all-wheel power. They are a stylistic function of many Audi fashions, however nowhere else are they as strongly mentioned as here. The quattro power is similarly emphasised through the mixture of a low middle of gravity withinside the fundamental frame phase and the mentioned tapering at the auto's midsection. The lean, elongated "Sportback" cabin is placed at the frame: With its flat roof line, that is every other 17 millimeters (zero.7 in) decrease than on an A7 Sportback, it emphasizes the sporty frame line of the e-tron GT.

The lighting fixtures on the rear are related through a flat mild strip. A visually offset diffuser offers the e-tron GT an unmistakable appearance withinside the Audi product portfolio. The spoiler with the included spoiler lip runs parallel to the mild strip and rounds out the sporty appearance.

19- to 21-inch rims spotlight the effective layout and already trace on the sporty skills of the e-tron GT whilst the car is stationary. The colour palette contains 9 colors, which includes the brand new colour tactical inexperienced. Audi can offer editions of the black styling bundle upon request. The first variation contains the Singleframe, its masks, the vicinity of the sills and door inserts, and the diffuser. The black styling bundle plus comes with the jewelry and badges in black gloss in addition. The 3 specific carbon applications are even extra distinctive. Audi also can offer the housings of the outside mirrors and the complete roof in carbon fiber-bolstered polymer (CFRP) upon request. As trendy, the roof is product of warmth-insulating glass.

Team paintings: Design meets aerodynamics.Aerodynamics isn't always simply the method to an quit withinside the e-tron GT however an critical layout function. The layout with its drag coefficient of zero.24 looks like it had been formed through the wind - and it's far. It become evolved in near collaboration among designers and aerodynamics engineers.

The air inlets withinside the decrease phase of the the front play an critical function. The outside upright air curtains manual the air into the wheel arches such that the air flows near the wheel after which alongside the aspect. Some of the 20- and 21-inch rims function mild aero blades which can be simply 2 to three millimeters (zero.08-zero.12 in) thick. This overlaying similarly will increase aerodynamic performance.There is one controllable cool air inlet every in the back of the massive ribs under the headlights and in the back of the openings withinside the corners of the Singleframe, which guarantees lively aerodynamics. In the hobby of performance, the 2 controllable cool air inlets stay closed as a whole lot as viable. When they open withinside the context of a dynamic riding style, Y-formed channels ship the air to the coolers and into the the front wheel arches so as to cool the brakes there.

The 2d principal thing withinside the idea of lively aerodynamics is the rear spoiler, which extends electrically to 2 specific positions, relying at the velocity. It works collectively intently with the easy underbody that leads to a huge diffuser. This permits the air to go with the drift cleanly off the rear quit, and the carry that happens on the rear axle at excessive speeds is sort of completely compensated. When the adaptive air suspension (trendy withinside the RS version) lowers the frame, it will increase this effect, similarly enhancing the air go with the drift and managing balance and similarly decreasing carry.

The e-tron GT is likewise pinnacle-elegance with regards to aeroacoustics. Its windshield is product of noise-insulating glass as trendy, and the aspect home windows are rear window are to be had with this kind of glass upon request. Targeted insulation measures for the duration of the complete frame maintain demanding noises out of the indoors. Parts product of hot-formed and consequently ultra-excessive electricity metal shape the robust spine of the passenger mobileular. The battery housing includes aluminum profiles, and the outer pores and skin is made totally of aluminum sheets.

The Audi e-tron GT has the scale of a conventional gran turismo: With a wheelbase of 2.ninety meters (nine.five ft), it measures four.ninety nine meters (sixteen.four ft) in length, 1.ninety six meters (6.four ft) in width, and simply 1.forty one meters (four.6) in height. The bags compartment gives 405 liters (14.three cu ft) of potential, whilst the RS version with the usual top rate sound gadget from Bang & Olufsen gives 366 liters (12.nine cu ft). A 2d bags compartment under the the front hood gives a similarly eighty five liters ( cu ft) of area.

Headlights and lighting fixtures

The headlights and rear lighting fixtures are function factors of the outside layout of the e-tron GT that similarly beautify the expressive outside layout. The LED mild signatures on the the front and rear function mentioned 3-dimensional modeling and emphasize the emotive appearance of the e-tron GT. The sunlight hours going for walks lighting fixtures offer a putting mild signature, collectively with the function blue clothier trim of the elective Audi laser mild this is on the middle of the headlights at Audi for the primary time. The sculptural mild strip on the rear spans throughout the complete car width, converting dynamically from a line withinside the middle into ever large segments towards the outdoor, which makes the e-tron GT seem even extra effective.

Three editions of headlights are to be had for the e-tron GT. Audi resources them in LED generation with dynamic flip indicators as trendy. The Matrix LED headlights are to be had as an opportunity. Their non-stop excessive beams can shine with most brightness with out inflicting glare to different street customers. They come as trendy with the RS e-tron GT. Topping the variety are the Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser mild.A laser spot is established subsequent to the low beam module. The laser spot is activated from a velocity of 70 km/h (43.five mph) and doubles the variety of the excessive beam.

Coming domestic and leaving domestic animation: man or woman made seen

The probably the greatest headlights provide every other function function: coming domestic and leaving domestic animations on the the front and rear. The leaving domestic collection is stimulated through the energy of a legitimate wave: The illumination of the man or woman factors builds up quick and strongly, then retreats in short earlier than going all withinside the 2d time. All the animations withinside the RS version are even extra dynamic.

The indoors of the e-tron GT conveys the last gran turismo sense through radiating sportiness, consolation, and expanse in identical measure. Sustainable substances additionally play an critical element withinside the electric powered sports activities automobile.

Interior: sporty and luxuriously cushty.The robust awareness of the indoors at the driving force, stimulated through the monoposto concept, is a function of sporty Audi fashions and the e-tron GT particularly. The important dashboard is tilted barely to the left, and the mentioned 3-dimensional tool panel appears mild and lean. Its top phase is drawn farfar from the motive force in a massive, stylish arc. The show of the Audi digital cockpit plus stands freely on this area, whilst the MMI contact screen is surrounded through a black piano end bezel that appears to drift above the tool panel. If the ambient lighting fixtures bundle plus is on board (trendy withinside the RS version), it capabilities a lasered and backlit "e-tron" badge withinside the proper-hand phase.

A robust contour separates the top phase of the tool panel from the decrease phase, which includes the manage panel of the usual 3-sector computerized aircon gadget. The flat lateral air vents have a decidedly technical appearance and underline the width of the indoors, with aluminum brackets surrounding their ends. A lengthy arc under the windshield extends from one door to the different. The layout of the sporty the front door trims visually merges in a directly line into the fender edges of the the front phase.

The driving force and passenger take a seat down in a sporty low role, separated through a huge middle console. The compact selector transfer for the gears is positioned at the middle tunnel console.

Its lean layout emphasizes the ethereal experience of area and affords a rather specific haptic manage revel in. The rear seats provide enough area even for adults. The uncompromisingly excessive great and processing of the substances displays the eye to element with which Audi develops and builds motors.

Sportiness and sustainability do now no longer contradict every different; in mixture, they represent the information of luxurious withinside the direction of electrical mobility at Audi. The e-tron GT proves this with its leather-based-unfastened layout bundle. The game seats plus with 14-manner adjustment are upholstered both with a mixture of synthetic leather-based and the Kaskade fabric or with a combination of synthetic leather-based and the microfiber fabric Dinamica. Recycled substances are utilized in each cases, as an instance polyester fibers that had been crafted from antique plastic bottles, or textiles, or residual fibers from selvages. There are 119 recycled plastic bottles in every Kaskade upholstery set. The Dinamica fabric is just like Alcantara, whilst the Kaskade fabric, whose seam layout is primarily based totally at the appearance of the Singleframe, is paying homage to herbal fibers together with wool.

The upholstery of the game seats seasoned is product of a mixture of kinds of leather-based. The RS layout bundle contains microfiber fabric at the hood of the tool panel carrier, the steerage wheel, and the middle console trim, with pink or grey sewing including highlights. The ground carpet and ground mats are crafted from Econyl in each fashions. This fabric includes one hundred-percentage recycled nylon fibers from manufacturing waste, material and carpet remnants, or antique fishing nets.

All substances withinside the indoors of the e-tron GT are processed in factory-degree great. The massive utility vicinity at the tool panel is painted in graphite grey or palladium silver (at the RS version) as trendy; open-pore walnut wooden decor or silk matt carbon are to be had as an opportunity. The ambient lighting fixtures bundle plus (elective with the e-tron GT quattro, trendy with the RS e-tron GT) provides diffused mild effects, which includes at the loudspeaker bezels withinside the doors. The "e-tron GT" brand is projected onto the floor while the motive force's door is opened. In the RS e-tron GT, layout factors, colors, and substances from Audi Sport underline the excessive overall performance trendy.

The the front seats are to be had in 3 variations. The game seats with electric powered eight-manner adjustment and synthetic leather-based/pearl Nappa leather-based covers are trendy withinside the e-tron GT quattro. The RS e-tron GT is prepared with game seats plus with 14-manner adjustment and seat heating. The game seats seasoned with 18-manner adjustment, pneumatically adjustable aspect bolsters, weather manage, and (upon request) a rub down characteristic are to be had as an choice for each fashions. In each seat editions, a bezel withinside the vicinity of the top restraint similarly sharpens the sporty contour. The seats and steerage wheel of the RS version function unique badges, and the pedal caps and footrest are product of stainless metal. The Audi distinctive application from Audi Sport GmbH fulfills many non-public patron requests, particularly with reference to leather-based, sewing, and seat belts.

Drive and restoration

The basically electric powered gran turismo from Audi gives dynamic overall performance in each engine variations: The e-tron GT quattro hurries up from 0 to one hundred km/h (62.1 mph) in four.1 seconds, whilst the RS version takes three.three seconds (in improve mode in every case). The pinnacle velocity is 245 km/h (152.2 mph) and 250 km/h (155.three mph) (governed), respectively.

In the e-tron GT quattro, the the front electric powered motor outputs a hundred seventy five kW (238 PS), and the rear motor outputs 320 kW (435 PS). Both electric powered automobiles maintain reserves to be had for excessive riding situations, that is why the sum in their man or woman outputs exceeds the power's overall output of 350 kW (476 PS) considerably. Up to 390 kW (530 PS) are to be had for approx. 2.five seconds in improve mode through release manage. The overall torque is 630 Nm (464.7 lb-ft), in improve mode 640 Nm ( lb-ft). In the RS e-tron GT, the electrical motor on the the front axle additionally outputs a hundred seventy five kW (238 PS), whilst the motor withinside the rear outputs 335 kW (456 PS). The overall output is 440 kW (598 PS), and the whole torque is 830 Nm (612.2 lb-ft). In improve mode, the output in short will increase to 475 kW (646 PS).

The PSM automobiles (completely excited synchronous automobiles) withinside the e-tron GT paintings with remarkable performance. The electric powered motor, its energy electronics, and the transmission shape a compact block on each axles. The rear electric powered motor transfers its torques to a -velocity transmission. The near-ratio first equipment guarantees lively acceleration proper from the begin, if the motive force so desires. If they pick out now no longer to apply first equipment, the e-tron GT movements off in 2d equipment. Generally speaking, the lengthy-ratio 2d equipment improves performance and additionally affords massive quantities of reserve energy.

The e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT commonly power with electric powered all-wheel power, with most effective the "performance" mode of the Audi power pick out dynamic managing gadget prioritizing the front-wheel power. In the occasion of a slippery street floor, excessive energy requirements, or speedy cornering, extra torque may be dispensed to the rear wheels, and round 5 instances quicker than with a mechanical quattro drivetrain. The electric powered all-wheel power regulates the power torque distribution among the axles - constantly, completely variably, and inside some thousandths of a 2d.The quattro precept of the 4-wheel power that Audi added to the marketplace extra than forty years in the past provides itself on a brand new, captivating technological degree.

When the motive force releases the proper-hand pedal, the power commonly switches to coasting, permitting the gran turismo to flow with beauty and performance. By contrast, the auto recuperates in overrun mode withinside the "dynamic" mode of Audi power pick out. Regardless of the mode, the motive force can use the rocker switches at the steerage wheel to alter guide restoration stages or pick out an automated degree withinside the MMI gadget. In this case, the predictive performance help regulates coasting and restoration on the premise of facts from the navigation direction and the on-board sensors.

While braking, the electrical automobiles carry out decelerations by myself as much as round zero.three g, i.e. the big majority of all brake programs in ordinary riding. This permits them to recover as much as 265 kW of energy. The hydraulic wheel brakes are activated most effective while the motive force brakes very heavily, with restoration ultimate lively nearly till the car involves a standstill. In all riding situations - be it complete acceleration, dynamic managing, coasting or brake restoration - the gran turismo stays unshakably solid due to the fact its manage structures for brakes, suspension, power, and energy electronics are intently related and paintings collectively quick.

The lithium-ion battery gadget of the Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT is positioned among the axles, at the auto's lowest point. This affords a low middle of gravity suitable for a sports activities automobile and a weight distribution among the the front and rear axles this is very near the suitable price of 50:50.

The excessive-voltage battery can save eighty five kWh of strength internet (ninety three kWh gross) in each fashions. It integrates 33 mobileular modules, every of which contains twelve pouch cells with bendy outer pores and skin. 30 modules shape the decrease degree that capabilities a huge recess withinside the rear phase which creates area for the rear passengers' ft. The top "ground" of the battery consists of 3 similarly modules located under the rear seats. The connections, fuses, and the primary manage unit are positioned beneathneath the middle console. The gadget voltage of 800 volts permits a excessive non-stop output and shortens the charging duration; in addition, it reduces the load of and area required through the wiring.

The internal shape of the battery that homes the modules in addition to the body surrounding it are product of light-weight aluminum. The battery gadget contributes notably to the tension and crash protection of the frame to which it's far connected through 28 screws. Beneath its mobileular area there's a compound shape of flat extruded sections thru which coolant flows that circulates in its personal low-temperature circuit. The battery's sense-suitable temperature is among 30 and 35 tiers Celsius.

High-tech thermal control: 4 separate coolant circuits.Four separate coolant circuits modify the temperature withinside the excessive-voltage additives and the indoors, every at its personal temperature degree. They may be interconnected flexibly as required. If the motive force needs a excessive output numerous instances in a row, valves couple the coolant circuit of the battery with the refrigerant circuit of the aircon gadget - the in depth cooling continues the overall performance of the power at a continually excessive degree. The refrigerant circuit additionally enables with cooling for the duration of speedy DC charging, which could warmth the battery as much as 50 tiers Celsius.

The trendy gadget of the e-tron GT consists of a warmth pump that heats the indoors with the waste warmth of the excessive-voltage additives. It can lessen the lack of variety as a result of weather manage notably, mainly in iciness while it replaces the thermoelectric heating element. Customers can control pre-access weather manage of the indoors and charging through their smartphones the use of the myAudi app. The e-tron GT is prepared with a deluxe auxiliary aircon gadget as an choice that still consists of the outside mirrors and the rear window.

From eleven to 270 kW: AC and DC charging

The charging flaps of the gran turismo are positioned in the back of the the front wheels. Both aspects function connections for alternating cutting-edge (AC) and there's additionally a connection for direct cutting-edge (DC) at the proper-hand aspect.

The Audi e-tron GT is added to its clients with charging cables: one mode three cable for public terminals and the charging gadget compact for the garage. The wise charging gadget join is to be had as an opportunity here. Its net connection permits each manage through the myAudi app and characteristic updates. In cooperation with a appropriate domestic strength control gadget, the charging gadget join gives similarly clever capabilities, together with charging while energy is much less steeply-priced beneathneath a variable energy price.

The e-tron GT can rate with eleven kW AC as trendy, which permits it to recharge an empty battery over night time. An elective charger for 22 kW will comply with rapidly after the marketplace release. At a sufficiently effective DC terminal, the electrical gran turismo achieves a height charging potential of as much as 270 kW. This permits it to recharge strength for as much as one hundred kilometers (62.1 mi) in only over 5 mins Charging from five to eighty percentage SoC (country of rate) takes simply 22.five mins beneathneath perfect situations.

Customers in Europe can use the Audi emblem's personal e-tron Charging Service, which presently contains round 200,000 public charging factors. They can get admission to those charging factors with one card. Audi clients pay a uniform price in 26 countries. They experience favorable situations withinside the Europe-huge speedy-charging community from Ionity. In the primary year, Audi covers the simple charge for the transit price, which gives a discounted fee for energy.

In the NEDC cycle, the Audi e-tron GT quattro consumes 19.6-18.eight kWh of strength consistent with one hundred kilometers (62.1 mi) on common, the RS version consumes 20.2-19.three kWh. This effects in common stages of as much as 487 kilometers (302.6 mi) and 472 kilometers (293.three mi) (in line with the WLTP measuring method), respectively.

The suspension is one of the factors that play a vital function in shaping the harmonious normal man or woman of the Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT. It is a congenial companion to the dynamic power, whilst continually ultimate assured and comfortable irrespective of how a whole lot pressure is placed on it. This, too, flawlessly embodies the gran turismo philosophy.

The wheel suspensions are designed as a sporty double wishbone construction. Almost all components, which includes the hyperlinks and subframes, are solid or forged from aluminum. The electromechanical steerage has a sporty and direct ratio with out acting abrupt. Audi resources all-wheel steerage as an choice. A spindle power turns the rear wheels through a most of 2.eight tiers here - withinside the contrary path as much as a velocity of round 70 km/h (43.five mph) to boom agility and managing and decrease the turning circle, and barely withinside the equal path from a velocity of round eighty km/h (49.7 mph) withinside the hobby of balance.

Up to 21 inches and 420 millimeters (sixteen.five in): wheels and brakes

The portfolio of alloy wheels begins offevolved with the 19-inch layout for the Audi e-tron GT quattro and - for each fashions - ends with the 21-inch layout. The 20-inch layout withinside the center of the variety (trendy for the RS e-tron GT) is to be had in 3 designs. A new manufacturing system used for the aluminum from which those wheels are made reduces internet CO2 emissions considerably. Almost all tires are optimized in phrases of rolling resistance; for the 21-inch layout, overall performance-centered tires are to be had as an opportunity.

There also are variations among brakes withinside the fashions. Steel disks come as trendy with the e-tron GT quattro, whilst the RS version is equipped with forged iron disks with a tungsten carbide coating (elective withinside the e-tron GT quattro). It will increase the braking overall performance and decreases put on and consequently brake dust. At the equal time, it prevents flash rust, an average phenomenon visible in lots of electric powered motors that don't use their wheel brakes very often. At the height of the portfolio, brake disks product of carbon fiber ceramic, that are mainly light-weight, effective, and durable, are to be had as an choice for each fashions. They have a diameter of 420 millimeters (sixteen.five in) on the the front axle. Their ten-piston calipers are available in grey as trendy and are painted in pink or blue as an choice.

While the adaptive suspension is elective withinside the Audi e-tron GT quattro, it's far on board as trendy withinside the RS version. Its 3-chamber air suspension permits cushty simple suspension and might alter the frame to specific heights - 22 millimeters (zero.nine in) downward and 20 millimeters (zero.eight in) upward. The chambers in every spring may be activated and deactivated in my opinion to healthy the riding situation, and that they paintings intently collectively with the managed dampers (trendy). Both structures are controlled through a important manage unit, the digital chassis platform (ECP).

In the Audi power pick out dynamic managing gadget (trendy), the motive force can specify how the air suspension, dampers, electric powered automobiles, -velocity transmission, and managed rear-axle differential lock (trendy with the RS version) are to operate. They can transfer among the "consolation," "performance," "dynamic," and "man or woman" modes through a transfer. In "performance" mode, the frame is diminished to the low degree to sell higher air go with the drift and the pinnacle velocity is constrained to one hundred forty km/h ( mph). In "dynamic" mode, the electrical all-wheel power, the suspension structures, and lively aerodynamics are set to a sporty mode.

A mechanical element on the rear axle enhances the electrical all-wheel power. The Audi e-tron GT quattro comes as trendy with a differential lock with constant locking values for the duration of each thrust and traction. It improves traction and balance and decreases load extrade reactions; minor brake and steerage interventions at the wheels spherical off its paintings. The managed rear-axle differential lock is to be had as an choice and is trendy with the RS e-tron GT. The multi-plate grasp is its center element. It may be actuated completely variably, and the locking variety extends from 0 to one hundred percentage. The driving force can understand this on slippery street surfaces and for the duration of most complete-prevent braking particularly: In this case, the lock opens up absolutely, permitting the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) to brake every wheel with remarkable precision.

The Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT are being added to the marketplace with a huge variety of driving force help structures. The Audi pre experience the front and Audi pre experience simple protection structures are trendy, as are the lane departure caution gadget and cruise manage gadget. The elective structures are subdivided into the "Tour," "City" and "Park" applications.The help bundle plus integrates all 3 of them. The night time imaginative and prescient help and surround view cameras (additionally to be had withinside the "Park" bundle) are to be had in addition. All structures use the important driving force help controller (zFAS), which makes use of the sensors' facts to constantly compute an actual version of the car's surroundings.

The adaptive cruise help, which assists the motive force with longitudinal and lateral steerage in lots of situations, is the maximum critical gadget withinside the "Tour" bundle. When the predictive performance help (trendy) is lively, the adaptive cruise help decelerates and hurries up the gran turismo in this kind of manner that it consumes as little strength as viable.

The (faraway) park help plus is one of the highlights of the "Park" bundle. It maneuvers the Audi e-tron GT into and out of a parallel or bay parking area at the frenzy of a button. The driving force is answerable for the maneuver. They can stay within the automobile or get out - on this case, they begin and supervise the parking maneuver through the myAudi app on their smartphone. By preserving the corresponding button pressed, the auto will roll into the area, in more than one maneuvers if important. Once it has reached its very last role, it switches off the power, turns on the parking lock, and locks the doors.

Since the dynamic paintings of artwork need to additionally sound suitable, Audi has composed a completely unique sound for the e-tron GT. The elective e-tron game sound (trendy with the RS e-tron GT**) contains manage gadgets and amplifiers withinside the bags compartment. They generate a separate outside and indoors sound, that is output through loudspeakers every outdoor and within the car. Data approximately the rotational velocity of the electrical automobiles, the load, the car velocity, and different parameters serves as the premise for the virtual sound. This creates a synthesized sound that offers an real and finely nuanced affect of the paintings accomplished through the power gadget.

Drivers can modulate the sound through Audi power pick out. In the "performance" profile, most effective the AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) is lively, which already generates a broader sound than is legally required. The outside sound turns into fuller and extra excellent in "consolation" mode. The "dynamic" profile makes it even extra effective, and the indoors sound is added. The e-tron game sound is sporty, voluminous, and excellent on the equal time and is an acoustic expression of the innovative gran turismo man or woman.

In phrases of controls and presentations, the e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT comply with the cutting-edge Audi idea: All statistics seems on massive presentations. The driving force operates the Audi digital cockpit plus (12.three inches) through the multifunction steerage wheel and controls the important MMI contact show (10.1 inches) through contact. Behind the manage and show capabilities withinside the e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT is the present day 0.33 technology modular infotainment platform (MIB three).

The freestanding Audi digital cockpit plus in the back of the flat-bottomed steerage wheel affords a excessive decision of 1,920 x 720 pixels and permits the motive force to exchange among 3 screens: conventional, game, and e-tron. In the e-tron view, the point of interest is at the massive powermeter that presentations the popularity of the power and all critical statistics on electric powered riding. The driving force manages the infotainment, navigation, consolation capabilities, and textual content enter through the MMI contact show, which affords acoustic feedback.

The 0.33 manage degree is the herbal voice manage which is aware many expressions from ordinary language. It makes use of each onboard statistics and expertise from the cloud to reply to the enter. The elective head-up show can show critical statistics at the windshield. The photo window is withinside the driving force's discipline of imaginative and prescient, with the projection acting to drift approximately 3 meters (nine.eight ft) in the front of them.

The personalization is a handy characteristic of the Audi e-tron GT. Up to 6 customers can every save their desired settings in man or woman profiles. The facts is saved withinside the patron's myAudi account. The automobile adjusts the man or woman settings while the motive force's door is opened.

Eleven antennas, all of that are included in which they can not be visible, join the e-tron GT with the outdoor world. They get hold of and transmit audio, LTE, Bluetooth, and GPS indicators, thereby connecting the electrical gran turismo to the surroundings and its proprietor in lots of specific ways. The patron can manage many capabilities through the unfastened myAudi app on their smartphone.

The MMI navigation plus media middle comes as trendy in each e-tron GT fashions. It helps the short LTE Advanced transmission trendy with included Wi-Fi hotspot for the passengers' devices. The navigation gadget gives vacation spot pointers primarily based totally on formerly pushed routes, and direction calculation each withinside the automobile and on-line is accomplished at the servers of provider issuer HERE. To do this, it makes use of real-time facts from the complete site visitors situation.

The Audi join on-line offerings are cut up into applications. The Audi join emergency call & provider with Audi join faraway & manage phase permits the faraway manage of the locking gadget, charging, and weather manage. The Audi join navigation & infotainment bundle consists of offerings together with site visitors statistics on-line, navigation with Google Earth™, and Amazon Alexa. Car-to-X offerings output warnings concerning dangers and assist with locating unfastened parking spots at the roadside or permit the motive force to surf the inexperienced wave through speaking with site visitors lighting fixtures.

The e-tron direction planner, a similarly provider from Audi join, calculates the quickest direction with the shortest viable charging stops. In doing so, it additionally takes site visitors facts and the motive force's riding profile into account. The e-tron direction planner is attached to the auto's thermal control. This permits excessive-velocity charging if the motive force has decided on a effective DC terminal because the vacation spot withinside the navigation gadget. Roughly 1/2 of an hour earlier than arrival on the terminal, the thermal control intensifies the cooling of the battery in order that it is able to rate as quick as viable. Should the battery nevertheless be very bloodless rapidly after the auto is commenced in iciness, it's far heated for instant charging.

Attractive hardware modules complement the infotainment portfolio. The Audi telecellsmartphone box, that is to be had in variations, hyperlinks smartphones to the car's antenna and fees them inductively.

The Bang & Olufsen top rate sound gadget, which comes as trendy with the RS version, ups the ante with an output of 710 watts. Among its sixteen loudspeakers are 3-d loudspeakers withinside the A-pillars.

The e-tron GT is the primary completely electric powered automobile from Audi to be constructed in Germany. It rolls off the road withinside the Audi Böllinger Höfe on the Neckarsulm site. The small-collection manufacturing facility there was elevated and transformed for its new function. The professional craftsmanship of the preceding facility has been supplemented through virtual strategies and clever technology. During the expansion, manufacturing planners made use of recent digital methods. Production of the e-tron GT become designed with out bodily prototypes - a primary at Audi.

The frame keep combines the professional craftsmanship of the personnel with the entire capacity of computerized manufacturing generation. It includes an progressive frame meeting line alongside which every frame passes twice. It is built round what's known as the 2-manner framer, wherein ten robots are used to connect the internal and outdoor. It combines all production steps for becoming a member of the aspect panels in a unmarried gadget - accordingly making manufacturing of the Audi e-tron GT viable on the present floorspace. What is referred to as the correlation-unfastened inline measuring method for the our bodies is likewise new. It ensures even extra accuracy and might reply right away to minute deviations. At the quit of the frame meeting line is in which specific craftsmanship comes into play: Experienced employees match the add-on components and test the finished frame.

The e-tron GT stocks the meeting line with the Audi R8 excessive-overall performance sports activities automobile - this integration of technically absolutely specific motors is specific withinside the Volkswagen Group. The elevated meeting line consists of 36 in place of the preceding sixteen cycles. Both fashions are moved the use of the equal driverless delivery cars and an electrically powered monorail gadget, with people and robots operating aspect through aspect at one station of the road. Once finished, each automobile is pushed for forty kilometers (24.nine mi) on public roads, which additionally consists of sections at the dual carriageway and in city site visitors.

The manufacturing of the Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT withinside the Böllinger Höfe is carbon-neutral. Just like on the complete Neckarsulm site, manufacturing makes use of one hundred percentage eco-energy, with a blended warmth and energy plant fired with biogas imparting the important warmth for the Böllinger Höfe. Emissions that can not but be averted are compensated with carbon credit from licensed weather safety projects.

Audi additionally is predicated on resource-protecting car production. This manner, manufacturing on the Böllinger Höfe avoids the usage of paper and packaging and makes use of closed-loop structures, as an instance. The aluminum sheet waste that accumulates withinside the press keep, as an instance for the duration of the manufacturing of the aspect wall body, is lower back to the supplier, in which it's far reconditioned after which reused at Audi. Audi has released a pilot undertaking for plastic recycling. Plastic waste is processed into fibers, and those filaments are then utilized in 3-d printers to fabricate equipment for the manufacturing system.