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Dodge Charger Daytona RT

The Dodge Charger, in its modern incarnation, is a rear-wheel power enormous vehicle constructed with the aid of using the DaimlerChrysler organisation for its North American Dodge brand. The Charger call is a historic one, borne with the aid of using many different Dodge Charger fashions withinside the past; they have got commonly been overall performance fashions.Introduced in February 2005 for the 2006 version year, this new Charger stocks the LX platform of the Chrysler three hundred and Dodge Magnum; in fact, the indoors of the Charger is nearly same to that of the Magnum. It changed the Dodge Intrepid as Dodge's enormous sedan. This Charger is a four-door sedan, disappointing a few lovers of the preceding -door Chargers. It is constructed at Brampton Assembly in Canada.

The Charger SE and SXT are prepared with Chrysler's 3.5L V6 and sells at a beginning rate of $22,995 USD. The 3.5L V6 produces 250 hp (186 kW) and 250 ft·lbf (339 N·m) of torque. (observe that there may be additionally a 2.7L to be had for fleet income simplest, which produces one hundred ninety hp and one hundred ninety ft·lbf of torque.)The R/T model makes use of the 5.7L Hemi V8 and sells for $29,995 USD. This engine produces 340 hp (254 kW) and 390 ft·lbf (475 N·m) of torque.The SRT-eight version comes with the 6.1L Hemi V8 and has a base rate of $35,320 USD. The 6.1L Hemi produces 425 hp (317 kW) and 420 ft·lbf (569 N·m) of torque.

The 2006 Charger Daytona R/T debuted on the Chicago Auto Show. It functions a High Output 350 hp (261 kW) model of the 5.7 L Hemi in addition to an up to date suspension and tires. Visual additions encompass a unique the front fascia with a chin spoiler. In a unfashionable touch, the Daytona R/T functions black "Hemi" decals at the hood and rear fender and is simplest to be had in unfashionable colors: "Go ManGo!" steel orange (from the 1970 Charger) and Top Banana yellow (additionally a 1970-antique colour). It is priced at US$32,495 and eight,000 could be produced for three hundred and sixty five days simplest. "TorRed" become introduced as a brand new colour in January 2006.

An SRT-eight model of the Charger debuted on the 2005 New York International Auto Show. Powered with the aid of using a 425 hp (317 kW) model of the 6.1 L Hemi, it additionally functions upgraded Brembo brakes, and indoors and outdoors updates. The engine produces 420 ft·lbf (569 N·m) of torque. The 425 NET horsepower of the current 6.1L Hemi makes it even greater effective than the mythical Hemi engines of the muscle automobile era, the most important of which become rated at 425 GROSS horsepower. This makes the 6.1L Hemi engine the maximum effective V8 engine that Dodge/Chrysler has ever installed a manufacturing vehicle.

A new Super Bee model of the Charger debuted on the 2006 New York International Auto Show for the 2007 version year. It stocks the SRT-eight's 425 hp (317 kW) 6.1 L Hemi engine however is available in unique "Detonator Yellow" paint with black decals.
Jada Toys brought a DUB model in mid 2006.