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Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe 2005

The Dodge Viper underwent a first-rate remodel in 2002, courtesy of DaimlerChrysler's Street and Racing Technology group. The new Viper SRT-10, which changed each the GTS and the RT/10, become closely restyled with sharp, angled bodywork.The engine's displacement become expanded to 8.three L (506.five cu in), which, with different upgrades, expanded output to 500 bhp (370 kW) and 525 lb·ft (712 N·m). Despite the electricity increases, engine weight become decreased to approximately 500 lb (230 kg).

The chassis become additionally progressed, turning into extra inflexible and weighing about eighty lb (36 kg) much less than the preceding version. An even lighter and more potent chassis become planned, however become deserted due to cost, and the preliminary version become a convertible. In 2004 Dodge delivered a limited-version Mamba package; Mamba-version vehicles featured black interiors, with crimson sewing and trim and rate expanded with the aid of using approximately MSRP US$3000. two hundred Mambas had been produced.

The Viper SRT-10 Coupe become delivered on the 2005 Detroit Auto Show as a 2006 version. It stocks lots of its frame panels with the convertible, however takes its aspect and rear styling from the Competition Coupe. The coupe appears similar to the preceding Viper GTS and keeps the "double-bubble" roof form of the unique along side the unique GTS's tail lights, in addition to providing the unique GTS Blue with white stripes paint scheme at the preliminary run of First Edition vehicles just like the unique Viper coupe.

The engine is SAE-licensed to supply 510 bhp (380 kW) and 535 lb·ft (725 N·m). Unlike the unique coupe, the chassis become now no longer modified. This makes the coupe heavier than the convertible, and as a consequence barely slower to accelerate. Handling and high-pace overall performance are progressed with the aid of using the coupe's stiffer frame, decreased drag, and expanded downforce.

No 2007 version Vipers had been produced; instead, Chrysler prolonged manufacturing of the 2006 version at the same time as getting ready the up to date 2008 version.