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Mercedes-Benz F 400 Carving Concept 2001

Daimler Chrysler has exhibited a unique idea have a look at on the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show: the Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving Concept is a studies automobile full of dynamic structures designed to present the motors of day after today and past significantly greater lively protection, dynamic coping with manage and using pleasure.

The predominant enchantment withinside the Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving is a brand new device that varies the camber perspective at the outer wheels among zero and 20 degrees, relying on the street state of affairs. Used along with newly-advanced tyres, it offers 30 in line with cent extra lateral balance than a traditional device with a set camber putting and wellknown tyres. This substantially complements lively protection, considering the fact that higher lateral balance equals advanced street adhesion and extra cornering balance.Active camber manage boosts the studies automobile's most lateral acceleration to 1.28 g, which means that the idea have a look at outperforms modern sports activities motors via way of means of a few 28 in line with cent.

The lively camber manage withinside the Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving paves the manner for an similarly new asymmetrical-tread tyre idea. When the two-seater automobile is cornering, the outer wheels tilt inwards, leaving simplest the internal vicinity of those tyres in touch with the street. This vicinity of the tread is barely rounded off. Meanwhile each the tread sample and the rubber mixture had been in particular decided on to make sure fantastically dynamic and extraordinarily secure cornering. When using immediately ahead, however, it's miles the outer regions of the tyres which might be in touch with the street. These regions have a tried-and-examined automobile tread sample, providing terrific excessive-velocity and low-noise overall performance. Two distinct principles consequently come to fruition in a unmarried tyre, way to lively camber manage.The studies automobile's "Carving" epithet symbolises the brand new era, evoking pics of the excessive-velocity wintry weather recreation wherein adepts carry out sharp activates a in particular-fashioned excessive-grip ski.

Less chance of skidding and shorter emergency preventing distance.The Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving is some thing of a cell studies laboratory for the Stuttgart-primarily based totally automobile engineers. They may be the usage of it to research the undoubted in addition ability of this new chassis era: except providing terrific directional balance at some point of cornering, the brand new era guarantees a miles better stage of lively protection withinside the occasion of an emergency. By manner of example, if there's a chance of skidding, the wheel camber is elevated via way of means of the appropriate degree. The resultant benefit in lateral balance notably complements the impact of ESP®, the Electronic Stability Program. If the studies automobile desires to be braked in an emergency, all 4 of its wheels may be tilted in subsequent to no time, accordingly shortening the preventing distance from one hundred km/h via way of means of a very good 5 metres.Electronic guidance, lively hydropneumatic device and mild from glass fibres.In addition to lively camber manage, the Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving studies automobile is geared up with different forward-searching guidance and chassis structures, inclusive of a steer-via way of means of-cord device. Sensors select out up the driver's guidance inputs and ship this facts to 2 microcomputers which, in turn, manage an electrically pushed guidance gear. The DaimlerChrysler engineers additionally charted new territory while it got here to the suspension tuning, and brought a first: an lively hydropneumatic device that optimises the suspension and surprise absorption in step with the converting state of affairs on the street, all at lightning velocity.

The Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving is likewise the show off for a very new shape of lights era advanced via way of means of the Stuttgart-primarily based totally researchers: fibre-optic strains are used to transmit mild from xenon lamps underneath the bonnet to the principle headlamps. This era stands proud via way of means of distinctive feature of its excessive overall performance and extraordinarily space-saving layout. Additional headlamps placed on the edges additionally come on while the auto is cornering.

Exciting layout symbolising innovation and emotion.The Mercedes-Benz F four hundred Carving is an interesting and harmonious mixture of era and layout. The form of the sports activities automobile - appreciably its distinct wing profiles - offers the vital room for the wheels to transport while the lively camber manage is at paintings at some point of cornering and, on the identical time, emphasises the younger and fantastically-adventurous nature of this idea have a look at.

In order to mirror the studies automobile's tremendous using dynamics, the designers opted for a speedster idea - incorporating an prolonged bonnet, a windscreen with an exceptionally sharp rake, a brief tail cease and an indoors tailored for two.