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Porsche 911 GT3 (2022)

Porsche has taken the brand new 911 GT3 off the leash. The 7th version of this excessive-overall performance sports activities vehicle became additionally evolved in near collaboration with Porsche Motorsport. It transfers natural racing generation right into a manufacturing version even extra continuously than ever before: the double wishbone the front axle format and complex aerodynamics with swan neck rear wing and putting diffuser originate from the a hit GT race vehicle 911 RSR and the 375 kW (510 PS) four-litre six-cylinder boxer engine is primarily based totally at the drivetrain of the 911 GT3 R, attempted and examined in patience racing.The acoustically impressive, excessive-revving engine is likewise used almost unchanged withinside the new 911 GT3 Cup. The end result is a remarkable using machine: green and emotional, particular and excessive-overall performance - ideal for the circuit and tremendous for regular use.

The extraordinary electricity of the Porsche 911 GT3 lies withinside the sum of its characteristics. With a pinnacle pace of 320 km/h (318 km/h with PDK) it's far even quicker than the preceding 911 GT3 RS. It speeds up from 0 to a hundred km/h in three.four seconds. Porsche additionally gives the brand new version with a six-pace guide transmission for a specifically puristic using enjoy. 

The state-of-the-art aerodynamics enjoy the reports received from motor racing and generate extensively extra downforce with out exceedingly affecting the drag coefficient. In the overall performance position, the manually set wing and diffuser factors extensively growth the aerodynamic strain for excessive cornering speeds. This is, however, reserved strictly for outings at the circuit, as it's far there that the 911 GT3 can play all its trump cards. During very last testing, it lapped the Nuerburgring-Nordschleife, historically the remaining proving floor for all sports activities motors evolved via way of means of Porsche, over 17 seconds faster than its predecessor. Development driving force Lars Kern took simply 6:59.927 mins for a complete 20.eight-kilometre lap.

The shorter 20.6-kilometre music, which had formerly served as a benchmark, became finished via way of means of the Porsche 911 GT3 in 6:55.2 mins. Running at the optionally to be had Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyres, the brand new version continuously added its overall performance over numerous laps withinside the professional palms of Porsche emblem ambassador Jörg Bergmeister. For Bergmeister, it's far "via way of means of a long way the nice manufacturing vehicle" that the skilled expert driving force has ever pushed withinside the "Green Hell".

Despite a much broader frame, large wheels and extra technical functions, the burden of the brand new GT3 is on a par with its predecessor. With guide gearbox it weighs 1.418 kilograms, with PDK 1.435 kilograms. The the front bonnet fabricated from carbon fibre-bolstered plastic (CFRP), light-weight glass home windows, optimised brake discs and solid mild-alloy wheels make sure weight discipline, as does the duvet for the rear seat compartment. The light-weight sports activities exhaust gadget reduces the burden via way of means of no much less than ten kilograms. With infinitely electrically adjustable exhaust flaps, it harmonises a fairly emotional sound enjoy with the Euro 6d ISC FCM (EU6 AP) emissions standard. The blended intake of the 911 GT3 is 13.three litres/a hundred km (PDK 12.four).

Its racing genes are expressed in almost all of the info of the brand new Porsche 911 GT3. The cockpit is in step with the contemporary version generation. A new function is the music screen: on the contact of a button, it reduces the virtual presentations to the left and proper of the important rev counter, which reaches as much as 10,000 revs, to records which includes tyre strain indicator, oil strain, oil temperature, gas tank stage and water temperature, that are important while using at the circuit. It additionally consists of a visible shift assistant with colored bars to the left and proper of the rev counter and a shift mild derived from Motorsport.

Especially for the Porsche GT models, clients are more and more more soliciting for customised gadget. For this reason, the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur variety is likewise to be had for the brand new 911 GT3 and is supplemented via way of means of GT three-precise alternatives which includes a light-weight roof fabricated from uncovered carbon fibre. Other highlights consist of outdoors replicate tops fabricated from carbon, darkened LED matrix fundamental headlights and matching Exclusive layout rear lighting fixtures with an arc of mild and not using a crimson components. Guards Red or Shark Blue painted wheel rims decorate the black alloy wheels. In the interior, gadget info which includes the dials for the rev counter and Sport Chrono stopwatch, seatbelts and trim strips set stylish accents withinside the frame shade or different favored shade.

As distinct because the Porsche 911 GT3 itself is the man or woman chronograph that Porsche Design gives completely to clients of the excessive-overall performance sports activities vehicle. Like its motorised function version, it boasts a dynamic layout, steady overall performance and exceptional workmanship. Its housing displays its Motorsport genes. Just just like the connecting rods of the GT3 engine, it includes robust, light-weight titanium. The timepiece is powered via way of means of an man or woman winding rotor paying homage to the wheels of the 911 GT3. The colored ring of the dial may be customised withinside the paint colors of the 911 GT3.

Porsche is providing the brand new Porsche 911 GT3 with a beginning fee of 152,416 euros inclusive of VAT and country-precise gadget. Delivery is about for May 2021.

Master of the Nürburgring Nordschleife

The new Porsche 911 GT3 reaches its complete capability on closed racing circuits - just like the 20.eight kilometre-lengthy Nürburgring Nordschleife. It lapped the maximum tough race music withinside the global in 6:59.927 mins. Development driving force Lars Kern set this time at some point of the very last fine-tuning paintings at the vehicle. Porsche emblem ambassador Jörg Bergmeister carried out comparable lap instances time and again in succession - a signal of the steady overall performance of the brand new pinnacle-overall performance sports activities vehicle.

Emotive excessive-revving boxer engine

The four.zero-litre, 375 kW (510 PS), excessive-revving GT boxer engine lends the brand new Porsche 911 GT3 a thoroughbred temperament and accentuates this with an emotive sound. It supplies 10 PS extra than the preceding version and, like its predecessor, has a most engine pace of 9,000 rpm The most torque of the certainly aspirated six-cylinder boxer engine has accelerated from 460 to 470 Nm. As in motorsport versions, the consumption gadget functions six man or woman throttle valves. Despite having fuel particulate filters, the light-weight sports activities exhaust gadget weighs much less than the only suited for the preceding 911 GT3.

Manual or automated gearshifts

In addition to a six-pace GT guide transmission with auto-blip function, a seven-pace Sport PDK transmission is likewise to be had. This permits tools adjustments inside milliseconds with out interrupting power to the wheels. It consequently gives the premise for breathtaking acceleration: the brand new Porsche 911 GT3 catapults from zero to a hundred km/h in three.four seconds, achieving 2 hundred km/h in 10.eight seconds. Porsche additionally gives the 7th version of the 911 GT3 completely with rear-wheel power.

Front axle with motorsport DNA

It is the primary time that the intensively redeveloped double-wishbone the front axle, already acknowledged from the a hit Le Mans-triumphing 911 RSR, has been utilized in a series-manufacturing Porsche version. Among different things, this gives better camber stiffness and removes annoying lateral forces performing at the surprise absorbers. The end result is quite agile turn-in behaviour and a excessive stage of driveability on the restrict of grip.

Rear-axle guidance with even extra particular guidance

The attempted-and-examined five-hyperlink rear axle primarily based totally at the LSA concept (light-weight, stable, agile) courses the wheels with even more precision way to extra ball joints for the decrease wishbones, that are issue to specifically excessive stress. Special surprise absorbers integrate more using consolation with advanced race music overall performance.

Rear-axle guidance is likewise prepared as standard: it turns the rear wheels via way of means of up to 2 levels withinside the course of or opposite to the guidance course of the the front axle, relying at the using pace.

Larger brakes with extra bite

With a diameter of 408 millimetres in preference to 380 mm, the light-weight brake discs at the the front axle are extensively large than at the preceding 911 GT3. In addition to excessive-overall performance sports activities tyres, road-authorized race music tyres also are now to be had as an alternative for the primary time. The the front-axle raise gadget functions a Smart Lift reminiscence function.

Lightweight via way of means of layout

In a excessive-overall performance sports activities vehicle just like the new Porsche 911 GT3, each extra kilo is one too many. That is why Porsche has comprehensively optimised the motors weight - from the light-weight glass in all of the home windows and the light-weight sports activities exhaust gadget thru to the LiFePO4 starter battery.The end result: its weight-to-energy ratio of 2.eight kilogram/PS for the guide-gearbox variation is now even in the direction of that of a thoroughbred racing vehicle.