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Fiat 695 Abarth Esseesse Collectors Edition 2021

The Scorpio logo returns to make the hearts of the Abarthisti fandom flutter with a brand new "Collectors' Edition": the Abarth 695 Esseesse, a call that has its roots withinside the logo's records, referring immediately to its early days whilst the Sixties tuning kits made a fortune for Carlo Abarth, setting up him because the inventor of tuning for mass manufacturing cars.Produced in a restrained version of best 1390 models, divided into 695 "Scorpion Black" and any other 695 in "Campovolo Grey", the Abarth 695 Esseesse is the brand new collectible version devoted to the ones looking for exclusivity, pinnacle overall performance and a racing soul.In its creation, the crew of Abarth engineers and architects drew idea from the 1964 model, the "Cinquino" tuned up as a 695 Esseesse with its displacement raised to 690 cc and 38 hp so it may acquire a hundred and forty km/h, designed for ordinary use and as a sporty metropolis car, however aimed toward people who have been looking for the exceptional overall performance on ordinary roads, and produced in best 1,000 units. In addition, the "suggest little Scorpion" stood out for its one of a kind badges with the monogram "SS" in capital letters at the bonnet and "esseesse", all in decrease case at the dashboard. And it became right now a fulfillment for fanatics of Italian sportiness.In the layout of the brand new Abarth 695 Esseesse, the aim became to enhance overall performance in addition in phrases of acceleration and handling. The studies consequently drove at a discount in weight, a one of a kind stability and interest to the aerodynamics. As properly as marking out the brand new 695 Esseesse from a cultured factor of view, the brand new doubly hunched aluminum bonnet reduces the burden with the aid of using 25% as compared to a everyday bonnet, and blended with the adoption of the Akrapovi exhaust and different centered interventions, has decreased the car's common weight with the aid of using 10 kg as compared to an Abarth 595 Competizione. This one of a kind characteristic is joined withinside the rear with the aid of using the "Spoiler advert Assetto Variabile". As properly as marking out its style, most of these factors have stepped forward overall performance, for example: at the quarter-mile (four hundred m), the 695 Esseesse manages to attain the end line 1/tenth of a 2d quicker than the Competizione model.

Available in hatchback model best, the brand new Abarth 695 Esseesse right now impresses with a brand new aluminum bonnet and rear spoiler that keep in mind the sector of racing and the Scorpion logo's mythical records of racing. At complete tilt (60°) and a pace of 2 hundred km/h, the "Spoiler advert Assetto Variabile" - adjustable from zero to 60° - gives for an growth in aerodynamic load to as much as forty two kg, ensuing in stepped forward balance on bends and more responsiveness in combined sections. Combined with the aluminum bonnet, all this interprets right into a decrease weight, stepped forward overall performance on bends and an development in acceleration overall performance. In sum, the brand new Abarth 695 Esseesse "Collector's Edition" is the quickest withinside the line-up.The aesthetic functions of the outdoors retain with a sequence of factors stimulated with the aid of using the beyond and present, making the 695 Esseesse decidedly one-of-a-kind, consisting of the white information at the the front and rear DAM, reflect caps and aspect stickers. Also white are the 17-inch rims with pink hub caps, pink Brembo calipers, 695 brand at the aspect and 695 Esseesse badge at the rear. Worthy of be aware are the 2 titanium Akrapovi tailpipes, able to supplying natural feelings in sound each on the street and at the track, for precise riding amusing and pleasure.A little gem of substances and craftsmanship.

The new Abarth 695 Esseesse additionally indicates its one-of-a-kind aspect in its interior: the seats consist of the wording "one in all 695" at the headrest. This is a remarkable innovation, the brand new 695 Esseesse Collectors' Edition such as numbered seats for the primary time. In fact, every of the car's frame colorings suits a Sabelt seat with sewing withinside the identical hue because the bodywork. Worthy of be aware are the pink seat belt and the white rear shell. The customization additionally maintains at the Alcantara dashboard fascia, in which the laser-reduce wording "695 Esseesse" stands proud withinside the decrease proper corner. And to emphasise the racing soul, now no longer to be overlooked are the factors in carbon fiber, consisting of the equipment lever, pedals and steerage wheel inserts.

The new 695 Esseesse is prepared with the effective 1.four T-jet engine, turning in a hundred and eighty hp of output and 250 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm, providing a pinnacle pace of 225 km/h (with the spoiler adjusted to zero°) and acceleration from zero to a hundred km/h in only 6.7 seconds. It runs four hundred meters from a desk bound begin in 15.1 seconds, for a super synthesis among engine overall performance and aerodynamics. The identical air of sportiness additionally pervades the Koni FSD surprise absorbers on each axles and the effective braking device with four-piston pink Brembo calipers withinside the the front and 305/240 mm self-ventilated discs withinside the rear.The transmission is manual, however an Abarth robotized sequential transmission with shift paddles is to be had on request.Finally, at the generation and connectivity the front, the Abarth 695 Esseesse is prepared with the Uconnect infotainment device with satnav, 7" touchscreen with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ compatibility and DAB virtual radio.