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Hyundai Elantra N 2022

Hyundai Elantra N is a high-overall performance variation of the All New Elantra. It provides sturdy, dynamic riding functionality and competitive layout factors on pinnacle of the sporty general version.Hyundai Elantra N is powered via way of means of a 2.0-liter rapid flat strength engine with a 52-mm turbine wheel, that's five mm large in diameter than before, and a 12.five-mm2 turbine passage with a place accelerated via way of means of 2.five mm2. These enhancements, together with the optimization of the form and fabric of the cylinder lock, enhance each the overall performance and sturdiness of the engine. As a result, the flat strength era continues the most output from approximately five,500 rpm for brisk acceleration.

Elantra N's flat strength engine is mated with an 8-pace moist twin grasp transmission (DCT), turning in most output of 280 horsepower (playstation ) and most torque of forty kgf·m. With N Grin Shift (NGS), the increase stress increases, briefly improving output as much as 290 playstation . As a result, Hyundai Elantra N achieves a pinnacle pace of 250 km/h and runs 0-one hundred km/h in only five.three seconds. Elantra N's lively overall performance is similarly supported via way of means of N Corner Carving Differential (e-LSD, digital Limited Slip Differential), Variable Exhaust Valve System and Launch Control-all of which might be specialised, high-overall performance capabilities which are implemented as general. For DCT fashions, N Grin Shift (NGS), N Power Shift (NPS) and N Track Sense Shift (NTS) are supplied as general capabilities to maximise riding pleasure.
To shine withinside the corners, Elantra N gives sturdy braking overall performance. The 360-mm brake discs are geared up with high-friction fabric pads to make sure best-in-elegance braking overall performance for high-overall performance automobiles. Furthermore, a cooling hollow is implemented to the dirt cowl together with a brake air manual shape to enhance cooling performance and the region is likewise optimized to vent warmth from braking friction. Attention has been paid to each element in order that constant braking pressure may be maintained even in harsh riding conditions.In Hyundai Elantra N, there are capabilities applied for the primary time in an N version that still stand out.For the primary time ever in a Hyundai, Elantra N applies an included power axle (IDA), stimulated via way of means of era utilized in WRC rally cars. By integrating power shaft, wheel hub and bearing, weight loss of 1.7 kg permits a 'lighter and stronger' automobile.
This is likewise useful in phrases of withstanding excessive lateral g-pressure.By integrating the consumption duct and air cleanser withinside the consumption compartment, Elantra N's engine reaction is sharpened at the same time as the consumption device's weight is decreased, and suction stress decreased via way of means of approximately 10 percentage or extra. The form of the powertrain mount is optimized to enhance integration of motion among the powertrain and the frame at the same time as riding and growth coping with responsiveness.In addition, Hyundai Motor implemented for the primary time a twin compound insulator to the the front suspension. This, collectively with the twin compound trailing arm bush achieves superior overall performance in trip and coping with in addition to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) via way of means of keeping apart the front/rear and left/proper characteristics.Hyundai Elantra N applies four-factor strut jewelry and rear stiff bars to bolster frame rigidity. Torque comments R-MDPS is implemented to offer a constant guidance experience even if the outside surroundings changes, inclusive of temperature.
These high-overall performance technology evolved thru N had been implemented to fashionable industrially produced automobiles and are predicted to cause development withinside the typical overall performance of the product lineup withinside the future.Elantra N provides a unique characteristic for riding pleasure. N Sound Equalizer (NSE) is a digital engine sound that now no longer most effective gives riding sounds that constitute Hyundai Motorsports, inclusive of TCR race automobile sounds, however additionally has an equalizer feature that permits the motive force to alter info for every range (whine, throat, bass), with attention for private preference. This permits the motive force to pay attention a extra practical and dynamic engine sound at the same time as riding.In addition, the variable exhaust valve device, which supplies N's one-of-a-kind 'popcorn' and 'bang' sounds, now makes use of a linear manipulate technique to lessen the booming sound at some stage in idling at the same time as keeping the one-of-a-kind N exhaust observe for the motive force's enjoyment.Lastly, Elantra N is the primary N automobile to apply 245-length Michelin PS4S tires on 19-inch wheels in help of dynamic riding overall performance.High-overall performance N-most effective infotainment device gives new circuit riding experience.
Elantra N's superior infotainment device is geared up with a picture interface committed to N, so riding fanatics can intuitively experience the automobile's dynamic overall performance.Information wished for high-overall performance circuit riding, inclusive of oil and coolant temperatures, torque and rapid stress, which might be tough to test in maximum cars, is displayed in numbers at the cluster in order that the motive force can experience extra engaged with Hyundai Elantra N's overall performance.In addition, the lap timer, a high-overall performance committed infotainment feature, measures the time it takes to power a lap at the racetrack and the 'N Track Map' facts the motive force's area and motion at the circuit in actual time. This permits the motive force to document their overall performance with out the want for added specialised device and facilitates them examine and enhance on their overall performance.In Korea, Hyundai Motor is also liberating the 'Hyundai N' app for high-overall performance N clients. The app permits customers who be part of the Bluelink (linked automobile service) to simply browse the high-overall performance infotainment capabilities of the Elantra N on private smartphones and tablets. By imparting evaluation capabilities primarily based totally on G-Force, RPM, torque output and lap time, it facilitates drivers to enhance their riding abilties in an easy, a laugh way.
Hyundai Motor plans to enlarge the feature of the Hyundai N app in order that it may be used now no longer most effective via way of means of clients who buy Elantra N with Bluelink, however additionally via way of means of clients who've an present N automobile.In addition, it's far predicted that extra clients with high-overall performance N fashions might be capable of experience racetrack riding as though it had been a recreation via way of means of making use of a rating device for every circuit in Korea that permits assessment of an N customer's facts with the ones of others.Building at the already sporty styling of the All New Elantra, Elantra N provides many overall performance-improving components that similarly maximize its dynamic riding functionality and competitive look.Hyundai Elantra N's the front fascia takes suggestion from the battle-geared up look of a driver's race helmet, and the lip spoiler that runs low throughout the decrease a part of the bumper conveys a low-slung stance with overall performance intent.The N-one of a kind crimson strip at the lowest of the the front bumper keeps alongside Elantra N's aspect skirts, giving the recent sedan a racetrack-geared up appearance.The prominent, N-most effective wing-kind spoiler, together with rear diffuser, assist manipulate airflow to help superior aerodynamic overall performance, similarly highlighting Elantra N's high-overall performance functionality and including to its competitive styling.
In addition, an inverted triangle kind N-most effective reflector and twin unmarried muffler tip, paying homage to a Formula One automobile, well end Elantra N's high-overall performance image.The N-unique indoors well conveys the N own circle of relatives appearance with the software of N-branded factors, inclusive of the guidance wheel, shifter, seats, door scuff panels and steel pedals, etc.On the guidance wheel with paddle shifters, the NGS button (DCT most effective) that increases horsepower via way of means of 10 playstation for up to twenty seconds and N buttons that set the preferred power mode are organized to healthy the motive force's preference. Driving modes may be custom designed and paired to every button in diverse mixtures to maximise Hyundai Elantra N's a laugh riding spirit.
The N seat has strengthened bolsters, in order that even supposing sturdy lateral acceleration happens at some stage in sharp cornering, it firmly helps the top and decrease frame to keep a strong riding posture in any respect times. In addition, an elective N bucket seat with N brand lighting fixtures has a role this is decrease via way of means of 10 mm in comparison to the fundamental specification, designed for clients who pursue high-overall performance drivability.The N mild bucket seat reduces the seat returned thickness via way of means of 50 mm in comparison to the bottom version, similarly highlighting best-in-elegance rear seat roominess and practicality."Hyundai Motor's high-overall performance N emblem continuously goals to offer clients with more than a few interesting selections for accelerated riding pleasure," stated Till Wartenberg, Vice President and Head of N Brand Management & Motorsport sub-dvision at Hyundai Motor Company. "Elantra N is the purest expression of our challenge to date."