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BMW 3.0 CSi 1971

The 2800CS become changed with the aid of using the CS and CSi in 1971.The engine have been bored out to present a displacement of 2,986 cc (182.2 cu in), and become provided with a compression ratio, dual carburettors, and a hundred and eighty horsepower (a hundred thirty kW) at 6000 revolutions consistent with minute withinside the 3.0 CS or a 9.five:1 compression ratio, Bosch D-Jetronic gasoline injection, and two hundred horsepower (a hundred and fifty kW) at 5500 revolutions consistent with minute withinside the CSi.

There become a four pace guide and an automated transmission variant.They had been bought withinside the United States from 1970 to 1974, with the aid of using Max Hoffman. He become the importer and sole distributor for BMW from the mid-sixties till promoting his commercial enterprise to BMW of North America in 1975. 1974 version vehicles had portruding five mile consistent with hour bumpers.

Performance become very aggressive with contemporaries.