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BMW 503 Coupe 1956

The BMW 503 is a door 2+2 seater sports activities automobile unveiled via way of means of BMW on the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show. Production were given beneathneath manner in the course of the summer time season of 1956, and via way of means of 1959, while the BMW 503 changed into withdrawn, 413 were built, such as 139 cabriolets.The automobile changed into styled via way of means of the entrepreneurial auto-designer, Albrecht von Goertz, primarily based totally on initial drafts organized via way of means of Kurt Bredschneider. It changed into at the start meant to function a flamboyant form incorporating rounded mudguards which could have emphasised its kinship with the BMW 502 sedan, however guidelines regarding topics inclusive of mild positioning rendered any such shape impractical.

In retrospect, the extra rectangular cornered appearance of the automobile because it emerged with absolutely incorporated wings may also were extra in track with destiny styling developments than the authentic proposal.The BMW 503 included the 3168 cc mild steel V8 engine from the 502 which on this utility brought a claimed energy output of a hundred and forty brake horsepower (a hundred kW) and acceleration from standstill to a hundred km/h (sixty two mph) in thirteen seconds at the side of a pinnacle pace of approximately one hundred fifteen miles in step with hour (185 km/h).

The 4 pace guide transmission changed into unchanged from that used withinside the 502, and changed into at the start hooked up remotely from each the engine and the rear axle, as at the 502. In September 1957, the drivetrain changed into redesigned, with the transmission being bolted without delay to the engine, as with the 507, and with the shifter being relocated from the steerage column to the floor.