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Mercedes-Benz 220 W187 (1951)

At the primary Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) held in April 1951, Daimler-Benz provided the 220 version further to the three hundred version, which changed into placed as a representational vehicle. Both provided absolutely new six-cylinder engines with overhead camshaft. Aside from its 2.2-liter engine with eighty hp (fifty nine kW), the 220 changed into in large part primarily based totally at the a hundred and seventy S. Running equipment and frame have been nearly identical, aleven though with the headlamps now incorporated into the eparticularly changed the front fenders. In retaining with its extensively improved output, the the front wheels of the 220 have been outfitted with duplex brakes.Chief engineer Fritz Nallinger stated in a file dated 1951: "The flawlessly balanced six-cylinder engine additionally advantages from a vibration damper and is cradled lightly withinside the chassis via way of means of big rubber pads, and because it operates silently and with out vibration at any speed, using this budget friendly and cushty traveling vehicle isn't simply satisfying however a satisfying occasion on any occasion."The 220 went into collection manufacturing in July 1951 and just like the a hundred and seventy S it got here in 3 frame editions - saloon, convertible A and convertible B.The convertibles, placed as sporty traveling motors of an distinct nature, succeeded the corresponding variations of the a hundred and seventy S, for which manufacturing got here to an lead to November 1951.In addition to the aforementioned frame editions, which have been to be had to every body well-heeled sufficient for you to manage to pay for one, among August 1952 and May 1953 a complete of forty one open-crowned traveling motors have been eparticularly constructed for the police.
At first sight this model found out a hanging similarity to the convertible B. But it differed in good sized respects: first, in that it changed into prepared with 4 doors, and secondly, standard for open-crowned traveling motors, it featured a soft-pinnacle with out hurricane bars.
In addition, the 220 changed into additionally to be had as a chassis for unique frame editions. At Lueg in Bochum, for example, 8 ambulances have been constructed in October 1952, and the Binz corporation of coachbuilders in Lorch constructed extra than 30 radio police motors among October 1952 and July 1954 the usage of the chassis of the 220.

In November 1953 the convertible A changed into given a barely curved in place of instantly the front windshield on the way to intensify in addition the sporty nature of this version. From December 1953 - as a end result of "the repeated insistence from positive outstanding public figures," as changed into said in a memo circulated via way of means of income management - there got here an extra frame variant: A coupe which, in view of its rate tag and the variety of gadgets constructed, have become the maximum distinct of the two hundred variations. In phrases of era and styling, the coupe changed into primarily based totally at the convertible A, and from April 1954 onwards each editions have been outfitted with a extra powerful, higher-compression eighty five hp (sixty three kW) engine, a unit that were advanced for the 220 a, the successor version comprised of June 1954.

Production of the 220 saloon resulted in May 1954, after the final convertible B had already left the Sindelfingen manufacturing centers the preceding 12 months. Many ability clients noticed the saloon with sunroof - less expensive via way of means of extra than DM 2,500 - because the extra appealing alternative. The coupe and convertible A endured in manufacturing till July and August 1955, respectively. Thereafter, clients needed to wait any other 12 months till each frame variations of the brand new 220 version have become to be had with ponton-kind bodies.