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Nissan Fairlady Z S31 (1977)

The Fairlady Z turned into brought in overdue 1969 as a 1970 version, with the L20 2.0-litre straight-six SOHC engine, rear-wheel drive, and a fashionable coupe body. The engine, primarily based totally at the Datsun 510's four-cylinder, produced a hundred thirty PS (ninety six kW; 128 hp) JIS and got here with a four- or a five-pace guide transmission.For 1973, strength of the carburetted engine dropped to one hundred twenty five PS (ninety two kW; 123 hp) to fulfill stricter regulations. In Japan, the Fairlady turned into extraordinary to Nissan Japanese dealerships referred to as Nissan Bluebird Stores. Japanese customers may also get the L24-engined Fairlady 240Z version (HS30), despite the fact that the bigger engine positioned it in a notably better tax category.

The Japanese-spec 2.4-litre engine produces a claimed one hundred fifty PS (one hundred ten kW; 148 hp) JIS at 5600 rpm however turned into discontinued in 1973 as income had dropped notably due to the gasoline disaster, and so till the August 1978 advent of the Fairlady 280Z most effective two-liter Fairladys have been to be had.
When export fashions modified over to the bigger 2.6-liter 260Z in 1974, most effective 2-liter fashions remained to be had to Japanese customers. A Fairlady 260Z have been deliberate for release, however the effect of the oil disaster stopped the version, despite the fact that the 260Z turned into to be had in Okinawa (which drove at the proper aspect of the street till 1978).

The Fairlady Z obtained all of the adjustments as carried out to the export fashions, which includes the addition of a long-wheelbase 2+2 version. Introduced in January 1974, this obtained the GS30 chassis code. In 1975 the L20 engine received gasoline injection to fulfill new emissions requirements (A-S30, A-GS30) and another time furnished a hundred thirty PS (ninety six kW; 128 hp) JIS. At the give up of July 1976 the automobile obtained the NAPS system, inclduing an EGR system, to fulfill the stricter but emissions requirements in impact for this year, bringing with it a extrade in version codes to S31 (C-S31/C-GS31).

At the equal time, the greater pricey Fairlady Z-T version turned into brought - this turned into strictly an gadget degree and did now no longer consist of a T-bar roof, which turned into first visible at the succeeding technology Fairlady.


Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
L20E (V6, OHC), 1,998cc
Engine Max. power
96kW (130PS)/6,000rpm
Engine Max. torque
167Nm (17.0kgm)/4,400rpm
Suspension (front)
Suspension (rear)
195/70HR14 (front & rear)