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Ram 1500 (2013)

The new 2013 Ram 1500 is the Ram Truck emblem's ultra-modern access into the ultra-aggressive great, mild-obligation pickup truck phase. The new truck represents the emblem's first new release to its maximum identified truck because the inception of the Ram nameplate in 2011.

"What began out as a moderate refresh of the Ram 1500 fast rolled right into a great-in-magnificence gasoline financial system and great-in-magnificence functionality gem," stated Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico - Chrysler Group LLC. "Customers are going to enjoy a completely new truck with era and capabilities now no longer provided everywhere else."The new 2013 Ram 1500 is the ultra-modern innovation off Ram's great, frame-on-body truck structure, designed, engineered and done to strike on the emotional chords of the "Guts and Glory" attitude of lovers and cappotential buyers. In shape and feature, the brand new 2013 Ram 1500 conveys boldness, valor, distinctive feature and strength-orientated functionality like no different in its magnificence, however it does so, aesthetically and functionally, at a extraordinary level.

The mild-obligation great pickup truck phase has developed from "brute functionality and desirable performance" to an engineering and execution that integrate suited size, configurations, functionality, refinement, performance, era and excellent.The new 2013 Ram 1500 will provide the maximum gasoline-green version in its magnificence, and greater to be had practical, modern and interactive technology than the opposition. The new truck can have functionality on par with or higher than whatever in its magnificence and greater excellent-established than whatever in it magnificence.The trip and dealing with compares favorably with top class-orientated sedans, however sacrifices not anything in phrases of payload and towing talents for which it's miles great-in-magnificence. The 2013 Ram 1500 conveys self belief with responsive guidance, brake-pedal sense and fantastic trip traits.Ram's most up-to-date truck additionally gives greater manufacturing facility-established outdoors alternatives and structures than whatever in its magnificence. The distinctive, emblem-orientated layout and subtle mechanical indoors and outdoors executions supply at the idea of "formidable opulence." Customers on this class will view it as being a long way greater costly than its competition, however the new Ram 1500 stays a fantastic cost.Like its 2012 predecessor, the brand new 2013 Ram 1500 could be to be had in 3 cab configurations (-door Regular Cab, 4-door prolonged Quad Cab® and 4-door Crew Cab) with 3 container sizes - five-foot-7-inch container, 6-foot-four-inch container and eight-foot container.
The new truck could be provided in eleven fashions/packages: ST, Tradesman, Express, SLT, Big Horn, Lone Star, Outdoorsman, Sport, R/T, Laramie and Laramie Longhorn.The new 2013 Ram 1500 competition are: Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra.Start of manufacturing of the 2013 MY Ram 1500 is scheduled for 1/3 region of 2012. Regular Cab configured motors could be produced on the Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant in Saltillo, Mexico; Quad and Crew Cab configured motors could be synthetic on the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Warren, Mich.Major modifications below the hood of the brand new 2013 Ram 1500 will assist supply great-in-magnificence gasoline financial system and huge will increase in strength and overall performance with the Chrysler Group's award-prevailing Pentastar three.6-liter V-6 engine coupled with the primary use of an eight-pace TorqueFlite eight transmission in a pickup truck.The five.7-liter HEMI® will also advantage with the primary use of an eight-pace automated transmission. The new, TorqueFlite eight is to be had with the V-eight engine and capabilities a better ability torque converter and is scheduled for availability in past due 2012.Coupled with the debut of an eight-pace transmission, choose Ram 1500 fashions will provide a brand new prevent-begin function that mechanically shuts the engine off whilst the truck involves a entire prevent, maintaining gasoline. The engine restarts whilst using is resumed."The coupling of our mythical five.7-liter HEMI V-eight and Ward's 10-great, three.6-liter Pentastar V-6 to a brand new eight-pace automated transmission led the manner to great-in-magnificence gasoline financial system for the 2013 Ram 1500," stated Bob Lee, Vice President, Powertrain and Electrified Propulsion Systems Engineering - Chrysler Group LLC. "Although the addition of a brand new eight-pace finished double-digit percent profits in gasoline financial system, we additionally delivered some of phase extraordinary technology inclusive of thermal control, prevent-begin and energetic grille shutters to similarly enhance performance."With great-in-magnificence wellknown horsepower rated at 305 at 6,four hundred rpm and torque of 269 lb.-ft. at four,a hundred seventy five rpm, the 2013 Ram 1500 is going from 0 to 60mph, 3 seconds quicker than the preceding V-6 powertrain.
The new Ram 1500 turns into the ultra-modern automobile to enjoy the superior era Pentastar engine. Features consist of Dual Overhead Camshafts (DOHC), excessive-torque over a vast rpm variety, low exhaust emissions, E85 functionality, first rate gasoline financial system, and great-in-magnificence noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).Introduced much less than years ago, the brand new V-6 engine has grow to be the workhorse engine throughout the Chrysler lineup and has changed seven preceding V-6 engines. The Pentastar gained Ward's 10 Best Engines award in its debut 12 months of 2011 and repeated this honor in 2012.The compact, 60 degree, all-aluminum block is built of excessive power die-forged T380 aluminum with forged iron bore liners. Six bolt most important bearing caps make a contribution to an incredibly inflexible decrease engine structure. Cast aluminum pistons are suited to solid connecting rods. Aluminum cylinder heads with twin overhead camshafts and 4 valves according to cylinder consist of imperative exhaust manifolds. High float, tumble consumption ports and a 10.2:1 compression ratio supply an most beneficial stability of strength, gasoline performance and refinement.Despite the excessive compression ratio, the Pentastar V-6 is designed to run on everyday 87 octane gasoline to lessen the fee of ownership. The three.6-liter Pentastar is also E85 compliant throughout all 50 states.To assist supply higher gasoline performance and higher volumetric performance throughout a extensive torque band, the engine additionally consists of variable-valve timing (VVT) with twin-unbiased cam phasing. Nearly ninety percentage of the engine's height torque is to be had from 1,800 to 6,four hundred rpm - an critical attention whilst towing or hauling a load.With will increase in each horsepower and torque, there's no scarcity of functionality. For 2013, clients can choose a V-6 engine with a 4x4 powertrain and in group cab fashions.Long related to strength, improved gasoline performance additionally is supplied with the mythical HEMI® via the usage of variable-valve timing (VVT) and cylinder close-off era.
The 2013 Ram 1500 is the primary automobile to mix the brand new eight-pace automated and the HEMI V-eight engine (past due availability).With 395 horsepower at five,six hundred rpm and 407 lb.-ft. of torque at three,950 rpm, the five.7-liter HEMI V-eight promises overall performance and great-in-magnificence towing and payload - eleven,500 kilos and three,a hundred twenty five kilos, respectively with the Ram 1500 Tradesman Heavy Duty. Equipped with VVT, the engine is designed to supply strength throughout a extensive torque band.Fuel improving capabilities with the HEMI consist of cylinder close-off era, which deactivates 4 cylinders of the engine in the course of mild acceleration or cruising conditions at the dual carriageway whilst complete V-eight strength isn't always needed. Depending at the using, cylinder shutoff can boom gasoline financial system from five to twenty percentage. Transparent to the motive force, the machine operates among 1,000 and three,000 rpm and affords V-eight strength for acceleration and heavy masses and 4-cylinder operation whilst the torque requirement is much less than the most to be had from 4 cylinders, saving gasoline.Additionally, VVT era improves gasoline financial system with the aid of using first, lowering the engine's pumping paintings with the aid of using ultimate the consumption valve later, and 2nd with the aid of using growing the enlargement method of the combustion occasion. This permits greater strength to be transferred to the wheels as opposed to being misplaced out of the exhaust as heat. VVT additionally improves engine breathing, which improves engine performance and strength.Fuel financial savings are also found out via an Interactive Deceleration Fuel Shut Off function (iDFSO), which expands possibilities for turning off gasoline to the engine in the course of deceleration activities thereby enhancing gasoline financial system in each metropolis and dual carriageway using.Also, towing and payload ability for the 2013 Ram 1500 is great-in-magnificence with towing as much as eleven,500 kilos and payload as much as three,a hundred twenty five kilos, relying on version.The new, 8HP45 eight-pace automated transmission is the brand new wellknown transmission for Ram 1500 with V-6. For HEMI® V-eight - prepared Ram 1500 fashions, the better torque ability model 8HP70 could be to be had withinside the first region of 2013.Owners will admire an modern rotary e-shift dial for vehicles prepared with the brand new TorqueFlite eight-pace transmission that replaces each column and ground shifters. The extraordinary rotary e-shift allows intuitive operation with an instantaneous and assured sense, in spite of gloves on.
The handy, sprint-set up, smooth-to-apprehend and function machine affords overall manipulate of the state-of-the-art eight-pace transmission and is Ram Truck's modern technique to digital shifters, already utilized in Class 6-eight vehicles. This new layout permits short blind-shift transitions from "Reverse" to "Drive" whilst towing or navigating out of mud, snow or busy parking plenty and crowded worksites. The new rotary e-shift dial additionally yields area for greater practical and usable garage withinside the console.Fully digital, each the 8HP45 and 8HP70 transmissions function on-the-fly shift map changing. More than forty man or woman shift maps for terribly unique situations optimize shift excellent and shift factors for gasoline financial system, overall performance and drivability. The shrewd software program takes into consideration variables inclusive of engine torque gradients, kick down activities, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, hill detection, friction detection and downshift detection to decide an appropriate shift map. Additional parameters included into the manipulate approach consist of automobile pace manipulate, digital balance manipulate interplay and temperature. The end result is automated moving preferably attuned to the overall performance necessities of virtually any using call for.The transmission performance and extensive ratio unfold offer the great viable gasoline financial system with the aid of using running at a decrease engine rpm in each metropolis and dual carriageway environments. Driving at a decrease rpm additionally allows to efficiently lessen emissions with the aid of using almost eleven percentage. Internally, same transmission equipment ratios are utilized in each the 8HP45 and 8HP70 transmissions.
The addition of greater equipment ratios additionally allows lessen the gaps typically related to upshifting and downshifting. Gear modifications are almost imperceptible because of the calmly spaced equipment steps among every equipment ratio. Internally, each transmissions have 4 equipment units and 5 shift factors (multi-disc clutches and brakes). Only shift factors are open at any time. With fewer open shift factors, drag losses because of a couple of elements rotating relative to each other are decreased, enhancing gasoline performance.High efforts in moving had been removed with equipment choice managed with the aid of using a shift-with the aid of using-cord machine. Shift positions, decided on with the aid of using the motive force through a rotary e-shift dial at the device panel, are transmitted electronically without a mechanical linkage from the shifter to the outdoor of the transmission. Elimination of this linkage eliminates any shift attempt from the motive force's equipment choice however keeps an intuitive operation with an instantaneous and assured sense. Calibration is also progressed for smoother moving in garages or whilst parking.Torque ability for the 8HP45 is 332 lb.-ft. (450Nm). The heavy-obligation 8HP70 has a torque ability score of 516 lb.-ft. (700Nm).Making its advent and a phase extraordinary at the 2013 Ram 1500 is a brand new thermal control machine this is designed to fast enhance engine and transmission fluid temperatures. By elevating fluid temperatures, parasitic losses because of low-viscosity engine oil and transmission fluid are decreased, enhancing gasoline performance with the aid of using 1.7 percentage.One of the machine enablers is a brand new digital thermostat. Unlike preceding mechanical thermostats, the digital model continuously video display units engine temperature, permitting shorter heat up time and retaining the engine on the maximum green running variety.
As the engine temperature will increase to pre-decided levels, heat engine coolant is circulated via a thermal change unit, which additionally incorporates committed pathways for transmission fluid and engine oil. As the thermal change unit heats up, it additionally heats up the fluids. This motion dramatically reduces heat up time for the transmission, enhancing gasoline financial system, drivability and shift excellent. In maximum powertrain configurations, the transmission heats up independently of the engine, delaying heat-up time and lowering performance.Standard on vehicles with the TorqueFlite eight, the brand new thermal control machine is generally used to boom gasoline performance however assists in stopping the transmission from exceeding running temperatures in conditions whilst towing or hauling - enhancing sturdiness and overall performance.Adding to enterprise firsts in a pickup truck is the utility of prevent-begin, any other gasoline-saving function to be had on choose 2013 Ram 1500 fashions. This new machine improves gasoline financial system with the aid of using as much as three.three percentage, an boom of approximately one mile according to gallon (mpg) to the truck's metropolis pressure cycle.Stop-begin will increase gasoline performance with the aid of using shutting the engine off whilst the truck involves a entire prevent. Amenities (radio, gauges, heating or air conditioning, etc.) retain to function, making the operation obvious to the motive force. The engine restarts mechanically whilst the motive force releases the brake, permitting seamless acceleration.The machine video display units brake pedal function and automobile pace over the years to decide suitable engine close off, stopping common on/off biking in heavy prevent-and-move site visitors conditions.Precise powertrain calibration and enter from some of structures determines whilst to have interaction the machine.Due to extra excessive-use and electric load needs located at the starter, alternator and battery, those additives had been upgraded for heavy-obligation operation on fashions prepared with the prevent-begin function. This consists of a excessive-sturdiness starter housed in a more potent case, heavy-obligation flywheel tooth and a stronger starter solenoid. During trying out, the brand new starter turned into subjected to sturdiness trying out cycles greater than 2.five instances that of a non-prevent-begin prepared unit - greater than three hundred,000 on/off cycles.
The new battery capabilities 800 amps with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) era. An upgraded 220-amp alternator is also covered withinside the charging machine.
System voltage is always monitored via a battery sensor. If the battery's rate is decreased, the truck will stop prevent-begin till the battery is recharged to an appropriate level.Stop-begin is activated mechanically and calls for no enter from the motive force. A machine disable transfer is placed at the sprint if the operator desires to droop the function.Two switch instances are to be had at the 2013 Ram 1500: the Borg Warner 44-forty five, which allows part-time 4-wheel pressure operation with a -pace equipment machine; and the Borg Warner 44-44, which allows an on-call for 4-wheel pressure machine, additionally with a -pace equipment machine. Both switch instances are engaged with a sprint-set up rotary dial (column shifter) or buttons (TorqueFlite eight rotary e-shifter).The part-time switch case affords 3 running stages 2HI (-wheel pressure), 4HI (4-wheel pressure) and 4LO (low-variety discount 4-wheel pressure) plus a impartial function. The 2HI is designed for any avenue floor at any time. Both 4HI and 4LO are for off-avenue use or slick surfaces. Operating mode can be switched among 2HI and 4HI whilst the automobile is in movement, however the automobile's transmission need to be in impartial to have interaction 4LO. The low-variety discount ratio for 4LO is 2.64:1, which affords accelerated low-pace torque functionality for pulling strength in off-avenue situations.The on-call for switch case affords 4 running stages: vehiclemobile, 2HI, 4HI and 4LO. The vehiclemobile variety affords best versatility with the aid of using attractive - or 4-wheel pressure relying on avenue situations. 2HI, 4HI and 4LO feature similar to withinside the part-time switch case.Driveshafts include 1350 collection common joints, -piece thrust washers with triple-lip seals and progressed magazine move power.Two very last pressure ratios, three.21 and three.55, are to be had on each the 2WD and 4 wheel drive fashions, lowering engine rpm all through the running variety for higher gasoline financial system.
Four-wheel pressure fashions of the 2013 Ram 1500 use a the front axle designed for non-compulsory air suspension or wellknown torsional unbiased the front suspension, incorporating half-shafts that pressure the front hubs. The axle additionally has a disconnect machine that mechanically disengages the axle whilst 4-wheel pressure mode is disengaged, for accelerated gasoline financial system.The rear axle makes use of a brand new non-compulsory air suspension or multi-hyperlink mounting layout to facilitate a coil-spring setup, with ahead-going through surprise absorber brackets. Four equipment ratios are to be had: three.21, three.55, three.ninety two and 4.10.In addition, an non-compulsory helical-equipment, limited-slip rear axle is to be had. The limited-slip feature without delay divides torque among the rear wheels in share to the traction to be had to every wheel. The machine is constantly easy whilst turning corners as it responds handiest to versions in traction.Although the brand new 2013 Ram 1500 boasts severa phase-extraordinary capabilities, maximum are below the skin, but truly assist the brand new truck stand proud of the herd, handing over great-in-magnificence gasoline performance, trip and dealing with."For 2013, we checked out to be had era and aligned structures with the purpose of substantially enhancing gasoline financial system," stated Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico - Chrysler Group LLC. "The Ram 1500 maintains to construct on phase exclusives, supplying the whole lot clients assume in a cutting-edge truck, whilst handing over great-in-magnificence gasoline performance, greater era, innovation and capabilities."The new 2013 Ram 1500 keeps its ruggedly good-looking look with a brand new, bolder and greater competitive the front cease. Extensive wind-tunnel trying out honed the 2013 Ram 1500 outdoors shape, ensuing in persisted great-in-magnificence aerodynamics. Also, the cooperative utility of energetic aerodynamics and cutting-edge styling caused a 6 percentage aerodynamic development on the brand new truck. The 2013 Ram 1500 Regular Cab 4x2 coefficient of drag (Cd) is 0.363 - as compared with a Cd of 0.386 for a 2012 Ram 1500 Regular Cab 4x2.The the front air dam of the 2013 Ram 1500 has been prolonged downward to create a 0.6 percentage development in gasoline financial system. Engineers used a brand new thermo-plastic fabric, that's a whole lot greater malleable, stopping breakage because of touch with curbs, rocks or different objects.A new wheel-to-wheel tubular facet-step layout gives aerodynamic upgrades over the contemporary model with the aid of using permitting air to byskip across the truck greater smoothly. The development provides 0.five percentage to gasoline performance and permits clients smooth get entry to to the ahead part of the truck mattress.For 2013, choose Ram 1500 fashions function a phase extraordinary, wellknown, lockable tri-fold tonneau cowl. Serving a twin-purpose, the tonneau cowl improves gasoline financial system with the aid of using 0.eight percentage and provides protection and climate safety for mattress garage. The precise layout is flexible, giving proprietors the cappotential to make use of one, or all 3 sections of the duvet with the aid of using folding the machine on pinnacle of itself.The new Ram 1500 is the primary truck to rent an energetic grille shutter machine, which mechanically closes the airflow via the big grille whilst cooling is least needed. The machine improves gasoline financial system with the aid of using 0.five percentage with the aid of using lowering drag kind of three to five percentage and improves heat-up time/defrost time.When the energetic grille shutters are closed, airflow is redirected over and across the the front of the truck, improving aerodynamic overall performance in place of growing turbulence withinside the engine compartment. Engine coolant temperature and automobile pace decide shutter function. The shutters continue to be closed whilst much less engine cooling is needed and aerodynamic drag is maximum significant; the machine will open the shutters whilst the truck's cooling needs require extra airflow, as an instance journeying up a hill or pulling a trailer in excessive-temperature environments.Best-in-magnificence trip and dealing with get even higher. The 2013 Ram 1500 is now to be had with an all-new air suspension machine for maximum trip and aerodynamic overall performance. Another advantage to the brand new air suspension is the load-leveling functionality, which mechanically detects load at the suspension from a trailer or payload. The air stress will increase till the automobile reaches everyday trip peak, leveling the truck and enhancing the loaded trip.The new air suspension machine capabilities 5 peak settings that function mechanically or can be managed manually through console or key fob controls:Normal Ride Height (NRH): eight.7 inches of clearance (measured from the bottom of the door sill) is the default, load-leveled trip peakAero Mode: Lowers the automobile 1.1 inches from NRH. Aero Mode improves gasoline performance with the aid of using up to at least one percentage and is activated with the aid of using automobile pace, adjusting for most beneficial overall performance and gasoline financial system Off-avenue 1: Lifts the automobile 1.2 inches from NRH for delivered peak in clearing obstacles Off-avenue 2: Delivers greater off-avenue functionality, growing floor clearance with the aid of using 2 inches over NRH Park Mode: Lowers the automobile 2 inches from NRH for smooth access/go out and load loading The new air suspension machine provides as much as four inches of elevate span, providing great-in-magnificence step-in peak of 21 inches, great-in-magnificence floor clearance of 10.7 inches, great-in-magnificence departure perspective of 27.eight tiers, and great-in-magnificence breakover perspective of 24.2 tiers supported with the aid of using 4-nook air springs that offer a cushioned, top class trip.The air suspension machine additionally permits for extraordinary spring fees relying at the trip peak. In Off-avenue 2, the fee is less assailable whilst as compared to Normal Ride Height, enhancing the cappotential of the suspension to take in obstacles. In Aero mode, the fee is softened to enhance trip on highways.Additionally, a separate button on the important thing fob offers the operator the cappotential to manually decrease the truck, taking into consideration ease of passenger access and mattress loading.The 2013 Ram 1500 capabilities electric powered strength guidance (EPS). By the usage of an electric powered motor to strength the truck's rack and pinion guidance machine, the engine is relieved from the mission of a continuously turning a hydraulic pump, enhancing gasoline performance as much as 1.eight percentage and including five horsepower. Also, the advent of EPS reduces complexity with the aid of using eliminating the preceding hydraulic pump, excessive-stress hydraulic hoses and cooling apparatus. This substantially streamlines production and maintenance. With EPS, every Ram 1500 version may be specially calibrated to optimize guidance attempt and precision irrespective of frame or powertrain configuration. Additionally, EPS senses regular enter from the motive force, as an instance a crown in the street and compensates for progressed consolation.Weight discount is an critical variable withinside the gasoline financial system equation. Reducing the load of additives improves gasoline financial system and permits for greater content material with out affecting payload or towing functionality.Contingent on version, a newly redesigned body advantages from a weight loss of as much as 30 kilos with the aid of using the usage of superior excessive-power steels. Also benefitting from superior metallic, new container ground move-individuals withinside the mattress removes 7 kilos and a brand new the front bumper layout eliminates four kilos. Additionally, aluminum decrease manipulate hands withinside the the front suspension make a contribution to weight loss and dealing with. The Ram 1500 additionally capabilities an aluminum hood saving 26 kilos.Underneath the hood, the aggregate of the brand new Pentastar V-6 engine and new TorqueFlite eight transmission lessen weight with the aid of using about seventy six kilos.

The V-eight engine and TorqueFlite eight collectively lessen weight with the aid of using greater than 30 kilos.The weight discounts now no longer handiest permit for greater comfort, consolation and amusement capabilities however additionally great-in-magnificence gasoline-saving era inclusive of thermal control, prevent-begin and energetic aerodynamics.Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is a brand new gasoline-saving era for the Ram 1500, which reduces parasitic electric load. The era now no longer handiest removes needless load at the alternator however additionally improves the sturdiness of benefitting structures. Fuel transport and the ahead cooling fan are structures that take gain of PWM, including a 0.four percentage development in gasoline performance.The number one gasoline pump is liable for making sure a regular stress of gasoline on the engine's injectors. Although the truck isn't always constantly at complete throttle, the pump need to constantly run at running ability to catch up on whilst the engine calls for complete throttle gasoline transport. The PWM machine consists of a sensor on the gasoline rails dictating gasoline stress necessities, permitting the number one gasoline pump to function on-call for, just like a mild dimmer transfer. This green operation now no longer handiest effects in decreased parasitic loss with the aid of using relieving the alternator and lowering needless load at the engine, however additionally substantially improves the sturdiness of the gasoline pump machine with the aid of using appreciably lowering obligation cycles.For 2013, the radiator's electric powered cooling fan additionally capabilities PWM, permitting the excessive-contemporary fan to function at variable speeds.
As in gasoline transport, the fan does now no longer want to function at complete ability in the course of all pressure cycles. Although maximum car fan structures have the cappotential to feature at plenty of speeds, few will intently reveal the engine temperature and make moderate modifications in pace to catch up on diffused temperature modifications. The aggregate of a PWM fan, energetic grille shutters, engine and transmission thermal control machine, and an digital thermostat offer a complicated temperature-manipulate answer for the 2013 Ram 1500.The 2013 Ram 1500 capabilities wellknown low-rolling resistance tires to decrease wasted strength and reduce required rolling attempt. Tread patterns, superior substances and hundreds of thousands of miles of trying out end result is extra gasoline performance. The 2013 Ram 1500 makes use of a newly designed body with progressed, low-torsion (stiffness) attributes that boom balance and dealing with precision whilst lowering noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) as much as 30 percentage, relying on pressure cycle. Front rails function 20 percentage accelerated yield power from the usage of excessive-power metallic. Among different capabilities, the brand new body layout contains new powertrain, new air suspension and new frame mounting era.Portions of the body are hydroformed for dimensional accuracy (hydroforming reduces the quantity of welding that ends in distortion), and facet rails are absolutely boxed. The the front body phase contains superior, excessive-power metallic that keeps usual power and sturdiness whilst saving about 30 kilos. To similarly enhance NVH, new large frame mounts are placed at the the front body rails and on the C-pillar.Two body lengths are to be had: 120-inch and 140-inch. The new 2013 Ram 1500 is able to dealing with the great-in-magnificence towing and payload, eleven,500 kilos and three,a hundred twenty five kilos respectively.In 2009, the Ram 1500 delivered an extraordinary multi-hyperlink, coil-spring rear suspension and the opposition has been looking to capture up ever since. Standard on Ram 1500 fashions, with the exception of Ram 1500 Tradesman HD, the modern rear suspension affords progressed trip and dealing with traits without a lack of functionality.
A coil-spring layout centralizes and absorbs bumps and influences, whilst lowering the quantity of friction withinside the spring machine. This layout additionally weighs forty kilos much less than a leaf-spring configuration.New wellknown the front unbiased suspension combines redesigned higher manipulate hands, aluminum decrease manipulate hands and retuned geometry with coil springs for progressed responsiveness and dealing with. New, greater strong ball joints at the the front suspension yield extra sturdiness and are engineered with progressed sealing methods.A new brake machine relocates the anti-lock brake (ABS) pump for progressed NVH and is engineered for shorter brake pedal travel. Also, a brand new hydraulic-increase reimbursement unit complements brake pedal sense and overall performance below emergency prevent activities.Four-wheel disc brakes are wellknown on all 2013 Ram Truck fashions. Front rotors degree 13.2 inches (336 mm) in diameter and are clamped with twin-piston calipers, whilst rear rotors are 13.eight inches (352 mm) and make use of single-piston calipers.The new 2013 Ram 1500 maintains to hold its ruggedly good-looking look with all-new indoors and outdoors layout aesthetics, progressed aerodynamics and all-new, phase-main era - and each Ram 1500 truck advantages from new content material specially designed to fit every version's precise fashion.Ram Truck emblem designers began out with the Ram grille, making it now no longer handiest large - with the equal usual width - however about one inch taller - "saddled" in the new higher fascia panel for a greater included look. The decrease outboard corners had been beveled for a greater "gusseted," long lasting look."The Ram 1500 has the maximum recognizable layout on the street nowadays and we need to maintain that claim," stated Joe Dehner, Head of Ram Truck and Dodge Design, Product Design Office - Chrysler Group LLC. "With understated modifications, the great searching mild-obligation truck accessible maintains to hold its 'ruggedly good-looking' look with new upgrades to aerodynamics."
The conventional Ram crosshair horizontal and vertical grille bars are actually flush on the pinnacle and backside of the grille surround.
The bars themselves are greater sculpted and artfully move withinside the center to create a great area for an up to date interpretation of the Ram badge, which now contains sculpted bevels across the defend.Four new grille designs are to be had at the 2013 Ram 1500. ST, SLT and R/T have a brand new molded-in Black "Hex-Link" layout. Big Horn and Sport each get hold of a "Billet-Perf" texture to be had in extraordinary finishes unique to their version. The Laramie version capabilities the "Hex-Perf" texture in Chrome and Laramie Longhorn gives an upscale "Wave-Mesh" texture.The new the front bumper layout helps the saddled Ram grille topic with new vertically orientated fog lamps for progressed mild unfold, distance and brightness. Larger openings across the the front tow hooks (4-wheel-pressure fashions) permit for smooth get entry to to the hooks. The bumper is to be had in 4 extraordinary finishes unique to every version - satin black, frame-colored, -tone accessory or chrome.The 2013 Ram 1500 quad headlamp layout has progressed mild unfold, sample consistency, distance and 30 percentage greater lumens. An all-new top class headlamp lighting fixtures machine is a bi-practical halogen projector layout with 15 amber LEDs for park/flip/function lamp and 3 amber LEDs for the facet marker. A vertically ribbed internal lens softens the glow of the LEDs. The new lamp is wellknown on Sport (with precise Black bezels) and Laramie Longhorn whilst non-compulsory on Laramie. The Ram layout crew cautiously crafted the indoors bezel and housing to create a visually entertaining, but practical piece of hardware. Also, a Ram defend emblem is molded into the housing and the Ram call molded into the internal of the outer lens.Each Ram 1500 version capabilities new wheel designs that include the "gusseted" topic from the Ram grille.Exterior door and fender badges are relocated to a "portrait" fashion layout from the contemporary "landscape" layout, yielding now no longer handiest a cleanser look however greater usable actual property at the door for a business purchaser's symptoms and symptoms and pix. A new HEMI® fender badge is greater and completed in chrome with pink and black accents.For 2013, the Ram 1500 gives 12 extraordinary colorings, inclusive of 5 new shades. Black Gold Pearl, Copperhead Pearl, Maximum Steel Metallic, Prairie Pearl and Western Brown Pearl are all new, and to be had in a monotone and/or -tone, relying at the version.The new, polished chrome steel walking forums have a sturdy-searching container move-phase layout with a hexagon tread sample. Front and rear custom cease caps function "Ram" logos.
Also, the brand new wheel-to-wheel walking board layout gives aerodynamic upgrades over the contemporary model and affords purchaser's progressed get entry to to the ahead part of the truck mattress.
A new 6-foot-four-inch mattress alternative is now to be had on Crew Cab fashions giving clients the cappotential to mix Ram 1500's biggest to be had cab with the most important to be had mattress.An all-new top class taillamp is wellknown on Sport (with precise Black end) and Laramie Longhorn, non-compulsory on Laramie. The prevent/tail/flip features encompass 15 pink LEDs with 3 pink LEDs for the facet marker. A frosted internal lens creates visible amusement and softens the glow of the LEDs.
For 2013, new capabilities and technology create an possibility for a redesigned indoors with fabric upgrades, progressed in shape and end, all-new indoors subject matters with extraordinary colorings and substances, all-new HVAC controls and new multi-media structures. The 2013 Ram 1500 additionally capabilities an extraordinary eight-pace transmission with a brand new rotary e-shift dial layout."The 2013 Ram 1500 gave us the possibility to construct on an already great-in-magnificence indoors whilst integrating new technology and capabilities," stated Klaus Busse, Head of Interior Design - Chrysler Group LLC. "We've delivered richer colorings and uniquely first rate substances to present our clients a top class sense that remains proper to the hardy nature of a Ram Truck."Rear occupants can experience the equal excellent, in shape and end because the motive force. With factors of touch a priority, new top class substances, colorings and designs are actually on all 4 doorways. Soft-contact substances beautify armrests and higher bolsters with improved use of top class surfaces. ST is to be had in Black/Diesel indoors trim. SLT is to be had in Canyon Brown/Light Frost or Black/Diesel and the Sport version capabilities all-Black substances. Stepping as much as Laramie, clients can select from all Black or Canyon Brown/Light Frost. Laramie Longhorn has new Cattle Tan/Black or Canyon Brown/Light Frost alternatives.
The 2013 Ram 1500 capabilities the following era eight.four-inch Uconnect® machine with heritage displays tailored to unique Ram fashions and subject matters. To make room for the brand new huge display screen, the middle stack is upgraded with matching substances determined all through the indoors. To supplement the variety of Ram 1500 fashions, the indoors layout crew created new, individualized subject matters with extraordinary colorings and substances. ST gets Dark Foundry coloring with an Iron Gray Metallic bezel. SLT capabilities top class Anodized Driftwood paint with Satin Chrome accents. Sport makes use of Dark Diesel Anodized with Light Black Chrome and Piano Black finishes for a "road truck" sense. Laramie capabilities Light Anodized Driftwood paint, including a cutting-edge Wenge wooden sample. Laramie Longhorn now capabilities actual Walnut Burl inserts stained in Canyon Brown or Cattle Tan. Silver Pebble paint covers the bezel and blends with the wealthy tones used all through the cockpit. The Ram layout crew sought out a totally uncommon Walnut grain with a completely unique burl that turned into by accident created with the aid of using ranchers the usage of timber as fence posts for barbed cord. Eventually, the timber develop over the rusting metallic cord, growing a swirl coloring sample and tone that isn't always determined everywhere else.Surrounded with the aid of using a chrome tracer, the all-new HVAC controls take classes found out from different Chrysler Group Uconnect Touch packages and function simple, progressed feature, assembly the very best Human Machine Interface (HMI) standards. The HVAC machine consists of a redundant structure permitting the operator to apply both the eight.four-inch touchscreen or guide controls to regulate the truck's environment. Below the upgraded HVAC association is a brand new transfer financial institution with relocated, smooth-to-use controls for some of capabilities relying on automobile fashions and alternatives. The pinnacle row is for practical capabilities and consists of air-suspension elevate, prevent/begin, balance manipulate, park experience and tow/haul. The backside row is for "consolation" controls and consists of: air suspension decrease, heated guidance wheel, heated seats and ventilated seats.
All buttons withinside the consolation financial institution are also redundant withinside the Uconnect machine. Contiguous to the transfer financial institution is a prominently located, adjustable included trailer brake manipulate permitting the motive force to feature or lessen trailer brake feature at the fly. The new console middle stack additionally consists of a 115-volt outlet and new drawer at the bottom of the stack with a easy, top class sense, device container-slide motion. The new drawer capabilities 12-volt retailers on both facet and an non-compulsory powered USB at the motive force facet.The Ram 1500's new, magnificence-extraordinary eight-pace transmission created the want for an modern rotary e-shift dial withinside the cockpit to update the middle console gate shifter - a primary for pickups. The new shifter works in each bench and bucket seating configurations. Realizing that is a dramatic extrade withinside the manner vehicles have traditionally shifted gears, the indoors layout crew common the task with a brand new shift knob, obviously and prominently located to the motive force's proper, on the decrease left-hand facet of the middle stack, in area of the preceding switch case shift knob. The rotary dial allows intuitive operation with an instantaneous and assured sense. "Park" is placed on the furthest left, then turning clockwise to "Reverse", "Neutral" and "Drive" on the furthest proper. This new layout permits for short and smooth moving for operators sporting gloves and for blind-shift transitions among "Drive" and "Reverse." Two designs have been created for the brand new dial. ST, SLT and Sport function a black rubber over mildew with chrome surround whilst all Laramie fashions consist of a solid, spun-aluminum knob completed in silver. Electronic Range Select for the brand new eight-pace transmission is placed at the face of the guidance wheel, proper facet, permitting man or woman equipment choice.
The switch case keeps complete functionality with LED lit "4 wheel drive Auto," "4 wheel drive Lock," "4 wheel drive Low," "2WD" and "Neutral" push buttons placed at once below the e-shift knob.New era additionally actions to the gauge cluster. Previously handiest to be had on top class fashions, the three.five-inch automobile facts middle display screen is now wellknown on ST and SLT and shows automobile running features. The new thin-movie transistor (TFT), 7-inch display screen is now to be had on SLT, wellknown on Sport, Laramie and Laramie Longhorn fashions. The 7-inch display screen capabilities absolutely customizable feature and configurability. Similar to the eight.four-inch Uconnect machine, choose 7-inch cluster heritage displays are tailored to unique Ram fashions, with designs that fit the truck's topic.With the console shifter out of the manner, all 2013 Ram 1500 vehicles with bucket seats provide extra garage ability in its area. Six-passenger functionality is still to be had with the forty-20-forty bench seat. For fashions with out the eight-pace transmission and e-shift, a ground or column shifter is to be had.Two new guidance wheels are to be had. Electronic Range Select for the brand new eight-pace transmission is placed at the face, proper facet. ST and SLT get hold of a urethane wheel with a Black or Canyon Brown bezel. Optional on SLT and wellknown on Sport fashions is a leather-based wheel with both Black or Canyon Brown painted bezel. Laramie consists of a leather-based wheel with Anodized paint in Black or Canyon Brown and Laramie Longhorn capabilities a Silver Pebble bezel, -tone actual wooden and -tone sewing in Black or Canyon Brown. Premium guidance wheels provide a heating alternative.Seating colorings and sense are upgraded with richer, darker colorings, inclusive of a brand new top class material fabric. ST is to be had in Dark Slate and Black. SLT is to be had in Dark Slate and Black in addition to Canyon Brown with Light Frost door panels. Sport and Laramie fashions function all Black; Laramie fashions provide Light Frost leather-based and Canyon Brown. Laramie Longhorn seating capabilities Cattle Tan leather-based or Canyon Brown.
The middle consoles for each the bucket and forty-20-forty bench seat configurations are all-new with green garage in mind. The new bucket seat console makes use of the more area as extra garage. The bench seat layout consists of 3 new cup holders constructed into the console lid that capabilities a washer-friendly rubber bellow lining, permitting garage for maximum cup sizes in addition to different private items. Folding returned the middle console and middle the front seat base famous a big garage bin that homes the CD player. Both variations of the console function levels of garage and are to be had with a brand new multi-media port with USB, SD card and auxiliary inputs withinside the higher tier.
Additionally, a 2.five-amp USB strength port and 12-volt outlet are to be had to fulfill tool-charging needs.Lastly, new for 2013, all Ram 1500 fashions function Sapphire Blue LED lighting fixtures on switches and the rear view reflect. Sport, Laramie and Longhorn are embellished with white LED lighting fixtures for dome, map and foot wells. All Laramie and Longhorn fashions function extra Sapphire Blue ambient lighting fixtures all through the indoors, an enhancement for top class trim levels.Introducing Uconnect Access: A Powerful New Platform That Provides Multiple Ways to Connect.The Uconnect Media Centers R3 and R4 offer the Ram 1500 with a integrated cell connection so automobile occupants are mechanically related to a selection of recent offerings and the net with WiFi hotspot functionality. The new Uconnect Media Centers offer an instantaneous connection to emergency offerings whilst the brand new 911 button determined at the rearview reflect is pushed. Ram 1500 clients will also mechanically get hold of everyday automobile fitness reviews and be capable of remotely lock or liberate truck doorways, begin the automobile, and flash lighting from any distance through the net or a telecellsmartphone utility.Ram truck proprietors could be capable of get entry to choose, licensed in-automobile packages. Driving-applicable packages could be delivered over the years and are designed specially for in-automobile use. The licensed packages are without problems managed with herbal voice popularity or guidance wheel controls to maintain drivers targeted on the street.
The responsive eight.four-inch touchscreen consists of the award-prevailing consumer interface designed with the aid of using Chrysler Group Human Machine Interface engineers, providing big icons and visible cues permitting clients intuitive manipulate of machine capabilities.Ram truck proprietors could be assured to realize their truck is designed to be ahead-thinking, supplying the liberty to improve to the ultra-modern capabilities and offerings, while not having to update their manufacturing facility established Uconnect structures. Applications are updatable over the air and are downloaded at once to the Uconnect Media Center, so capabilities continue to be contemporary. Ram truck proprietors could be capable of always evolve their in-automobile connectivity enjoy with the aid of using downloading app updates or new packages as they grow to be to be had at once to the Uconnect Media Center from withinside the car, through the eight.four-inch touchscreen.The Ram 1500's new Uconnect Access machine capabilities great-in-magnificence functionality, integrating new amusement content material and is the primary time Ram will provide HD Radio to its clients. Ram clients additionally can have get entry to to SiriusXM satellite tv for pc radio, handsfree cell telecellsmartphone operation, handsfree navigation, handsfree texting with well suited telephones and handsfree manipulate of music. Additionally, new related offerings and packages offer actual-time get entry to to facts and content material that Ram 1500 clients need and want whilst on the street. Uconnect is designed to offer drivers and passengers with applicable, targeted and contextual facts that isn't always distracting and smooth to apply, permitting drivers to stay targeted on the street.Also improving motive force comfort, Uconnect capabilities one-step voice command of navigation, the cappotential to test actual-time gasoline costs and concentrate and reply to textual content messages, blended with acquainted knobs for weather and luxury controls.Uconnect Access controls are located at the guidance wheel. Customer studies has proven a choice toward audio controls placed on the rear of the guidance wheel and Ram turned into the primary truck producer to combine those rocker switches for ease of use. Audio machine controls, inclusive of subsequent station, radio preset and former station or track, are placed at the left. Volume up or down and extrade audio supply are placed at the proper.
This method Ram truck drivers can maintain their arms at the wheel whilst they experience plenty of amusement content material sources.Neatly included in the higher garage tier of the middle console, a brand new multimedia enter consists of USB, SD card and auxiliary connections. The USB permits manipulate of iPod or different media tool via the big touchscreen shows and guidance-wheel-set up audio controls. A greater effective 2.five amp, USB port and 12-volt outlet additionally offer cell recharging for digital devices. In addition, MP3 and WMA audio documents on a USB reminiscence tool can also be performed and managed through the Uconnect machine.Filling the gauge cluster in the front of the motive force is an to be had 7-inch, color, top class automobile facts display screen, providing a brand new customizable feature that allows Ram 1500 clients to customize facts withinside the device cluster. Similar to the top class Uconnect Systems, choose 7-inch device cluster heritage displays are branded with a Ram topic. Ram's new facts show is designed to visually talk facts, the usage of pix and textual content, fast and without problems.The automobile facts show gives drivers a extensive variety of customization alternatives, from a simple virtual pace examine out to unique automobile repute facts. Operation of the show is virtually communicated to customers with smooth-to-apprehend icons and instructions. Using buttons at the guidance wheel, drivers can personalize the display screen with as a whole lot or as little facts as they desire. The machine is intuitive and may be organized for plenty of views. Up to a few analog automobile repute gauges may be delivered to the show. The most important displays determined withinside the device cluster menu are: virtual pace, automobile facts and gasoline financial system, ride A facts, ride B facts, trailer-tow facts, audio, saved messages and display screen customization. Additionally, the 4 corners of the show may be custom designed to reveal facts at a glance, inclusive of contemporary gasoline financial system, outdoor temperature, time and compass direction.As the Ram 1500 maintains to provide greater function content material, it created the want for a era that permits greater facts to be electronically communicated in the truck.
The new Powernet machine, used for the primary time on a Ram 1500, permits each excessive- and low-pace facts networks to be prepared with as many as forty man or woman modules, all designed to enhance automobile overall performance and beautify the consolation and protection of motive force and passengers. Within the Powernet excessive-pace network, every module (e.g., digital balance manipulate) approaches its man or woman facts and transmits an appropriate instructions in the automobile to set off any extra structures (e.g. anti-lock brake machine and cruise manipulate). Uconnect leverages Powernet to supply rapid reaction time, and proportion essential facts among the eight.four-inch touchscreen and the automobile facts middle. The Powernet structure is also the spine that helps the Uconnect Access offerings and packages, inclusive of the Ram 1500 automobile fitness file and far flung offerings.Sprint is the strategic wi-fi associate for the following era Uconnect Access machine. The included wi-fi era withinside the Ram 1500 complements the using enjoy with the aid of using providing new related offerings and packages. The offerings brought via the partnership could be smooth to learn, smooth to apply and could provide a continuing enjoy with the Ram owner's virtual life. An growing range of capabilities withinside the new Ram 1500 will depend on improved consumer interfaces inclusive of voice talents and instructions to assist restriction using distractions and maintain the point of interest at the number one using mission.On the protection and protection the front, the Ram 1500 gives greater than forty five energetic and passive protection and protection capabilities, inclusive of wellknown the front air baggage, the front and rear facet-curtain air baggage and seat-set up facet pelvic-thorax air baggage with Enhanced Accident Response System, knee bolsters, seat-belt pretensioners, BeltAlert® machine and to be had adjustable pedals, ParkSense® rear park help and ParkView® rear returned-up camera.
The 2013 Ram 1500 additionally consists of wellknown digital balance manipulate, web website hosting some of technology inclusive of all-pace traction manipulate, trailer-sway manipulate, Hill-begin Assist and anti-lock brake machine (ABS)."Trucks are getting greater frequently a own circle of relatives automobile and we constructed our new Ram 1500 with that during mind," stated Fred Diaz, President and CEO of Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico - Chrysler Group LLC. "The 2013 Ram 1500 gives a truck-load of energetic and passive protection and protection capabilities inclusive of superior multi-level motive force and the front-passenger air baggage, digital balance manipulate (ESC), traction manipulate, Hill-begin Assist, trailer-sway manipulate and Brake Assist."The new 2013 Ram 1500 now capabilities to be had Keyless Enter 'n Go era, which permits the doorways to be unlocked and the automobile ignition to be began out while not having to the touch the important thing fob. Also new for 2013, far flung imperative locking consists of the RamBox® shipment control machine and tailgate powerlocks, growing a handy answer for locking down the truck with the rush of a button. An to be had far flung begin function permits a motive force to begin their automobile from as much as three hundred ft away. Door controls, illuminated access, engine immobilizer and panic alert are wellknown capabilities with the Keyless Enter 'n Go machine. Auto rain-sensing wipers and SmartBeam® additionally locate their manner into the function availability listing, including to a truckload of content material provided withinside the new 2013 Ram 1500.When it involves protection and protection, the 2013 Ram 1500 employs a -fold technique. The first consists of passive capabilities inclusive of pretensioning seat belt retractors and supplemental facet-curtain air baggage. The 2nd is made from coincidence-avoidance capabilities inclusive of responsive guidance, braking, dealing with and ESC.Advanced multi-level air baggage: Inflates with a pressure suitable to the severity of an effect Anti-lock brake machine (ABS): Senses and forestalls wheel lockup, providing progressed guidance manipulate below excessive braking and/or slippery situations - superior ABS modulates every of the 4 brakes personally for maximum manipulate and preventing overall performance All-pace Traction Control: Senses pressure-wheel slip and applies man or woman brakes to slipping wheel(s) and decreases extra engine strength till traction is regained Auto-opposite solar roof: Advanced sensing machine that mechanically engages and reverses the solar roof to the open function whilst an item that restricts glass motion is detected Auto-opposite window: Automatically engages and reverses the window to the down function whilst an impediment that restricts glass motion is detected Auto rain-sensing wipers: Automatically experience precipitation at the windshield, activating the windshield wiper machine BeltAlert: Periodically turns on a chime and illuminates an icon withinside the device cluster to remind the motive force to buckle up if a automobile is pushed with out the motive force being well belted Brake Assist: In a panic brake condition, the machine applies most braking strength, supplying the shortest viable preventing distance Brake-lock differential machine (BLDS): Allows the automobile to hold ahead movement if one or wheels lose traction with the aid of using selectively and aggressively making use of brakes to the spinning wheels Brake Override: When a confrontation exists among the throttle and the brake, the brake sign reasons the engine controller to lessen engine strength, permitting the operator to prevent Brake/Park interlock: Prevents the automated transmission from being shifted out of Park except the brake pedal is implemented Child seat anchor machine: Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) is designed to ease set up of well suited aftermarket infant seats Child-safety rear door locks: Disables the rear doorways' internal-launch handles through a small lever at the door-close face Crumple zones: Designed to compress in the course of an coincidence to take in strength from an effect, lowering switch of that strength to occupants Digressive load-proscribing retractors: A -level load-proscribing function that limits the most pressure at the belt webbing to assist take in the strength of the occupant's higher torso in the course of an effect Electronic balance manipulate (ESC): Enhances motive force manipulate and allows hold directional balance below all situations. Provides the finest advantage in essential using conditions, inclusive of turns, and is specifically precious whilst using on combined floor situations inclusive of snow, ice or gravel. If there may be a discernible distinction among what the motive force asks via the guidance wheel and the automobile's path, ESC applies selective braking and throttle enter to place the automobile returned onto the motive force's meant path Energy-soaking up guidance column: The guide-regulate guidance column makes use of hydroformed coaxial tubes that pass relative to every different to permit the column to transport ahead for improved strength-absorption in the course of an effect Enhanced Accident Response System (EARS): Makes it less difficult for emergency employees to look and attain occupants withinside the occasion of an coincidence with the aid of using turning on indoors lighting and chance flashers, and unlocking doorways after air-bag deployment. Also shuts off the float of gasoline to the engine Height-adjustable the front seat belts: Allows the motive force and the front passenger to elevate and decrease the shoulder belt. Encourages seat belt utilization with the aid of using providing a cushty in shape Bi-halogen projector headlamps: A excessive-output halogen projection most important beam is assisted with the aid of using LEDs for progressed mild unfold, sample consistency, distance and greater lumens HomeLink® common domestic protection machine transceiver: Stores 3 separate transmitter radio-frequency codes to function garage-door openers, protection gates, protection lighting fixtures or different radio-managed devices Hill-begin Assist (HSA): Assists drivers whilst beginning a automobile from a prevent on a hill with the aid of using retaining the extent of brake stress implemented for a quick time frame after a motive force's foot is eliminated from the brake pedal. If throttle isn't always implemented inside a quick time frame after the motive force's foot is eliminated from the brake pedal, brake stress could be released Inside emergency launch: A glow-in-the-darkish launch handle, which can be activated withinside the occasion of an person or infant being inadvertently trapped internal of the RamBox Integrated trailer brake manipulate: Allows you to mechanically or manually set off the digital brakes on well prepared trailers for extra preventing strength on downhill grades Interior head-effect safety: Interior pillars above the belt line and device panel, inclusive of regions round windshield and rear window headers, roof and facet-rail systems and shoulder-belt turning loops are specially designed to restriction head-effect pressure
Keyless Enter 'n Go: When an man or woman enters, digital sensors stumble on if the automobile key fob is present. This will then permit the man or woman to push a button to begin while not having to insert the important thing into the ignition (The motive force need to follow the brake pedal whilst beginning) Knee bolsters: The decrease device panel and the glove-container door are designed to well function the occupant, allowing air baggage to paintings efficiently Lock on Sync tire stress video display units: Tire stress tracking machine self-learns tire function after rotation or tire is moved to a brand new area Navigation machine: Easy-to-use maps with audible flip-with the aid of using-flip directions, greater than 6 million factors of hobby and lane guidance Occupant restraint controller: Detects an effect and determines whether or not a crash is extreme sufficient to cause air bag deployment and whether or not the number one or secondary level inflation is sufficient. In addition, the controller detects facet influences and determines whether or not the rail-curtain and facet seat-set up (thorax safety) air baggage ought to deploy. Engagement of the front seat-belt pretensioners also are controlled via the controller ParkSense rear park help: Assists at low speeds in opposite to stumble on desk bound objects. Consists of audible warnings for the motive force and has a show withinside the purchaser facts middle or withinside the rear-view reflect, relying on truck alternatives ParkView rear returned-up camera: Provides a extensive-perspective view of the region at once in the back of the automobile and guidelines, which take guidance enter into attention. Also aids in lining up a trailer to the automobile's trailer hitch. Depending on capabilities, the photograph shows at the navigation display screen or rear view reflect whilst the transmission is shifted into Reverse Power-adjustable pedals: Allows brake and accelerator pedals to transport in the direction of or farfar from the motive force to acquire a cushty seating function for progressed automobile manipulate Remote Keyless Entry: Locks and unlocks doorways, RamBox and tailgate, and activates indoors lamps. If the automobile is prepared with a automobile-robbery protection alarm, the far flung additionally hands and disarms that machine Rain-touchy wipers: A motive force comfort function that mechanically senses moisture at the windshield and turns on wipers Rain Brake Support: The machine makes use of the ESC pump to from time to time push brake pads gently towards brake rotors in wet situations with a view to maintain rotors dry and guarantee most braking overall performance below moist situations Remote begin: Conveniently begins offevolved the engine from outdoor the automobile with the aid of using the usage of the Remote Keyless Entry fob whilst retaining automobile protection
Safety cage frame structure: Protects occupants with the aid of using dealing with and controlling strength withinside the occasion of an effect Seat-belt Pretensioners (each the front seat belts): During a collision, effect sensors provoke the front seat-belt pretensioners to at once put off slack from seat belts, thereby lowering the ahead motion of occupants' heads and torsos Sentry Key® engine immobilizer: Utilizes an engine key that has an embedded transponder with a pre-programmed protection code to deter automobile robbery. When the key's inserted into the ignition, the controller sends a random range to the transponder and the engine is authorized to begin. If an wrong key's used, the engine will close off after only some seconds Side shield door beams: In the front and rear doorways, affords occupant safety in the course of a facet effect SmartBeam headlamps (vehiclemobile-excessive beams): During night time using, the machine senses oncoming site visitors headlights and mechanically switches from excessive- to low-beam and returned once more whilst the site visitors has passed Standard facet-curtain air baggage: Extends safety to all outboard the front- and rear-seat passengers. Each facet air bag has its personal effect sensor which autonomously triggers the air bag at the facet wherein an effect occurs Tire-stress Monitoring (TPM): Pressure-sensor modules in the valve stems of all 4 avenue wheels ship non-stop radio-frequency indicators to a receiver and the machine informs occupants whilst tire stress is just too low Trailer-sway manipulate: Reduces trailer sway and improves dealing with in damaging towing situations due to crosswinds and site visitors. The machine video display units the automobile's motion relative to the motive force's meant path, then applies alternating brake stress to sluggish the automobile after which will increase the stress on one the front wheel with a view to counteract the sway triggered with the aid of using the trailer Uconnect® machine: Integrates world-magnificence infotainment and comfort technology to maintain passengers related, snug and safe Uconnect Voice Command: An in-automobile, voice-activated conversation machine that permits drivers to function a Bluetooth® well suited telecellsmartphone with their arms at the wheel and eyes on the street. When the Bluetooth telecellsmartphone is to start with related, the touch listing is mechanically downloaded, synchronizing as many as 1,000 telecellsmartphone ee-e book entries, that may then be decided on with the aid of using truly announcing a touch call. It additionally permits drivers to replace radio modes, song to AM/FM and SiriusXM Satellite Radio stations and request actual-time facts (inclusive of gasoline costs) from SiriusXM Travel Link the usage of herbal voice instructions. The handsfree alternative promotes protection, freedom, cost and flexibility Vehicle robbery protection alarm: Deters vandalism and robbery, regularly reducing coverage premiums. System protects the automobile from robbery with the aid of using tracking door- and liftgate-ajar switches and the ignition circuit for unauthorized access Additional New Features.For 2013, Ram 1500 clients can experience the ease of strength folding mirrors and a aggregate strength and rear-sliding window with defrost. Also to be had is a brand new six-foot-4-inch mattress alternative at the Crew Cab version, permitting for optimum passenger and mattress hauling functionality.The 2013 Ram 1500 is subsidized with a great-in-magnificence five-12 months / 100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. The Powertrain Limited Warranty covers the fee of all elements and hard work had to restore a included powertrain component - engine, transmission and pressure machine. Coverage additionally consists of unfastened towing to the closest Ram dealer, if necessary. The assurance is also transferable permitting clients who promote their truck in the course of the assurance period, to byskip the insurance onto the brand new owner.The wellknown three-12 months / 36,000-Mile Basic Limited Warranty affords bumper-to-bumper insurance for the Ram 1500, from the frame to the electric machine.To make sure sturdiness, the Ram improvement crew is placing the 2013 Ram 1500 to the test - really lots of exams and nearly six million purchaser equal trying out miles - to validate its overall performance and reliability for the lengthy haul.The 2013 Ram 1500's excellent is scrutinized on the company's Chrysler Technology Center's cutting-edge medical labs in Auburn Hills, Mich., inclusive of the Noise/Vibration/Harshness Lab, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Facility, Wind Tunnel and the Road Test Simulator (RTS).For example, the RTS recreates the abuse a truck endures on the arms of a ninety fifth percentile motive force - which means a person who drives the automobile in greater extreme situations than ninety five percentage of all clients. The RTS can positioned an entire life of damage and tear on a truck in approximately one month's time. The Ram improvement crew is dedicated to locating and solving any troubles earlier than the purchaser does.The 2013 Ram 1500 is constructed on the Warren Truck Assembly Plant (Warren, Mich.), which has constructed greater than 12.five million vehicles because it began out operations in 1938. Regular Cab fashions of the 2013 Ram 1500 are constructed on the Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant in Saltillo, Mexico.