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Ferrari Daytona SP3 (2022)

On February sixth 1967, Ferrari pulled off one of the maximum outstanding feats in its complete records whilst it took the pinnacle 3 locations on the 24 Hours of Daytona withinside the first spherical of that yr's International World Sports Car Championship.The 3 automobiles that shot beyond the chequered flag in that mythical facet-through-facet end on Ford's domestic turf - in first vicinity a 330 P3/four, in 2d a 330 P4 and in 0.33 a 412 P - represented the top of improvement of the Ferrari 330 P3, a version that leader engineer Mauro Forghieri had drastically stepped forward in every of the 3 racing vehicle fundamentals: engine, chassis and aerodynamics.The 330 P3/four flawlessly encapsulated the spirit of the sports activities prototypes of the Sixties, a decade now taken into consideration the golden generation of closed wheel racing and a long lasting reference factor for generations of engineers and designers.The call of the brand new Icona inspires that mythical 1-2-three end and can pay homage to the Ferrari sports activities prototypes that helped earn the marque its remarkable motor recreation repute. The Ferrari Daytona SP3, provided on the Mugello Circuit in the course of the 2021 Ferrari Finali Mondiali, is a restricted version that joins the Icona collection which debuted in 2018 with the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2.
The Ferrari Daytona SP3's layout is a harmonious interaction of contrasts, sublimely sculptural, voluptuous surfaces alternating with the form of sharper traces that found out the burgeoning significance of aerodynamics withinside the layout of racers which includes the 330 P4, 350 Can-Am and 512 S.The ambitious desire of a 'Targa' frame with a detachable difficult pinnacle changed into additionally stimulated through the sports activities prototype world: consequently, the Daytona SP3 now no longer simplest promises exhilarating using pride however additionally usable overall performance.From a technical perspective, the Daytona SP3 takes its thought from the state-of-the-art engineering answers already followed in racing the Sixties: nowadays as lower back then, most overall performance changed into completed through operating at the aforementioned 3 essential regions.
The Ferrari Daytona SP3 sports activities a naturally-aspirated V12, mid-rear-installed in regular racing vehicle style. Undisputedly the maximum iconic of all Maranello's engines, this strength unit promises 840 cv - making it the maximum effective engine ever constructed through Ferrari - along side 697 Nm of torque and most revs of 9500 rpm.The chassis is constructed totally from composite substances the usage of Formula 1 technology which have now no longer been visible in a street vehicle for the reason that LaFerrari, Maranello's final supercar. The seat is an vital a part of the chassis to lessen weight and assure the motive force a using role just like that of a opposition vehicle.Lastly, much like the automobiles that stimulated it, the aerodynamic studies and layout centered on accomplishing most performance in basic terms the usage of passive aero answers.Thanks to exceptional capabilities, which includes chimneys that extract low-strain air from the underbody, the Daytona SP3 is the maximum aerodynamically green vehicle ever constructed through Ferrari with out resorting to energetic aero gadgets. Because of the smart integration of those technical innovations, the auto can boost up from 0 to 100km/h in 2.85s and from 0 to 200km/h in only 7.4s: exhilarating overall performance, an excessive set-up, and the intoxicating V12 soundtrack supply absolutely remarkable using pride.Although stimulated through the stylistic language of Sixties racing automobiles, the Daytona SP3 is clothed in very undeniably unique, current bureaucracy. Its sculptural strength celebrates and translates the sensual volumes of sports activities prototypes to fully present day impact. It is going with out pronouncing that a layout this formidable demanded a meticulously deliberate and done approach from Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni and his Styling Centre group.From the wraparound windscreen lower back, the Ferrari Daytona SP3's cabin seems like a dome set right into a sensual sculpture with sinuous wings rising boldly both facet. The vehicle's average stability is underscored through monolithic volumes which might be a effective articulation of the lengthy-liked abilties of Italian coachbuilding at its finest. The fluidity of its loads melds effects with sharper surfaces, to supply the feel of handy aesthetic stability that has lengthy been a signature of Maranello's layout records.The easy double-crested the front wings are a nod to the sculptural beauty of beyond Ferrari sports activities prototypes of the likes of the 512 S, 712 Can-Am and 312 P. The form of the wheelarches effectively connotes the geometry of the flanks. At the the front, they're structural and create a effective hyperlink among wheel and nicely through now no longer absolutely following the round profile of the tyre.

The rear flank swells out from the sylph-like waist giving upward push to a effective rear muscle that wraps across the the front of the wheels, then tapers lower back closer to the tail, lending a effective dynamism to the 3-region view.Another key detail is the butterfly doorways, that have an air container included into them to channel air to the facet-installed radiators; the ensuing sculptural bureaucracy supply the doorways a suggested shoulder housing the air consumption this is visually connected to the vertical reduce of the windscreen. The suggested floor of the doorways, whose main area bureaucracy the rear of the the front wheelarch, additionally facilitates to control the airflow rising from the the front wheels. This floor remedy additionally intently remembers that of automobiles which includes the 512 S which in part stimulated the Daytona SP3's stylistic code.The wing mirrors were moved in advance of the doorways to the pinnacle of the wings, recalling once more the sports activities prototypes of the Sixties. The role changed into selected to offer higher visibility and decrease the effect of the wing mirrors at the air float to the door intakes. The form of the mirror's cowl and the stem had been perfected through committed CFD simulations to make certain an uninterrupted float to the intakes.That said, the 3-region rear view of the auto is even extra great because it completely exhibits the Daytona SP3's unique styling. The door is a sculpted extent, which generates a suggested dihedral shape. Together with the effective muscle of the rear wing, it creates a very new, pinched-waist appearance. The door acts to increase the floor of the the front wheelarch and counterbalances the implementing rear, visually transposing the extent of the flank and lending the auto a extra cab-ahead appearance. The area of the facet radiators allowed this structure to be tailored to in shape a sports activities vehicle.The the front of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 is ruled through implementing wings that function outer and internal crests: the latter dive into air vents at the bonnet, making the wings appearance wider.

The courting among the perceived mass created through the outer crest and the aerodynamic position of the internal one underscores the manner wherein styling and era are inextricably connected on this vehicle. The the front bumper has a beneficiant important grille framed through pillars and a sequence of stacked horizontal blades framed through the outer fringe of the bumper. The headlight assemblies are characterized through an higher cell panel that remembers the pop-up headlights of early supercars, a subject expensive to Ferrari culture that lends the auto an competitive, minimalist appearance. Two bumperettes, a connection with the aeroflicks featured at the 330 P4 and different sports activities prototypes, emerge from the outer fringe of the headlights, including a in addition expressiveness to the the front of the auto.The rear bodywork highlights the effective look of the wing through the repetition of the dual-crest subject and the aerodynamic vent that reinforces its 3-dimensional extent. The compact, tapered cockpit combines with the wings to create a effective tail with a important spine detail stimulated through the 330 P4. The naturally-aspirated V12, the residing beating coronary heart of the brand new Ferrari Icona, is found out in all its glory on the stop of this spine.A collection of horizontal blades entire the rear, developing the influence of a light, radical, dependent monolithic extent that lends the Daytona SP3 a glance this is each futuristic and a nod to signatures from Ferrari's DNA. The taillight assemblies are made from a horizontal luminous bar underneath the spoiler and included into the primary line of blades. The dual tailpipes are placed centrally withinside the higher a part of the diffuser, including to its competitive man or woman and finishing a layout that visually broadens the auto.Even the Daytona SP3's cockpit takes its thought from anciental Ferraris which includes the 330 P3/four, the 312 P and the 350 Can-Am. Starting with an concept of a excessive-overall performance chassis, the designers crafted a meticulously delicate area that promises the consolation and class of a current Grand Tourer at the same time as retaining the styling language pretty minimalist. It keeps the philosophy at the back of sure styling codes: the sprint, for instance, is minimalist and practical but additionally totally present day in experience.

The regular upholstered cushions that had been at once connected to the chassis on sports activities prototypes were converted into current seats included into the frame, developing a continuing textural continuity with the encompassing trim.Several outside factors, consisting of the windscreen, definitely prompted the indoors structure. Seen from the facet, the reduce of the windscreen header rail creates a vertical aircraft that divides the cockpit in , setting apart the practical region of the dashboard that hosts the instrumentation from the seating. This structure smartly executes the hard feat of being each extraordinarily sporty and really fashionable on the identical time.The Daytona SP3's indoors pursuits to assure each motive force and passenger a cushty using surroundings through drawing on styling cues regular of opposition automobiles. The major concept changed into to increase the cabin visually through developing a clean damage among the sprint region and the 2 seats. The latter, in reality, are a part of a continuing textural continuity, their trim extending all of the manner to the doorways, reproducing the fashionable capability regular of sports activities prototypes. This identical extension of the trim also can be visible at the sill region whilst the doorways are open.The dashboard follows the identical philosophy: right here the Ferrari Daytona SP3's shape way that the trim extends all of the manner to the quarterlights, hugging the complete region connecting with the windscreen. The slender, taut dashboard appears nearly to flow in the upholstery. Its styling subject develops on ranges: the higher trimmed shell, which has a easy, sculptural appearance, is separated from the decrease one with a clean textural and practical dividing line.All of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) contact controls are clustered beneath this line.The seats are included into the chassis and consequently have the ergonomic wraparound layout regular of excessive-overall performance automobiles, however additionally the form of meticulous detailing that units them apart.

The textural connection among the seats and the extension of the subject to the adjoining trimmed regions, in addition to sure volumetric effects, had been feasible due to the fact they're constant, at the same time as the motive force's modifications are looked after through an adjustable pedal container. The clean damage among the technical region of the cockpit and the occupant region additionally allowed the seat extent to be prolonged all of the manner to the ground. Even the headrests reference their opposition counterparts, however at the same time as withinside the latter they're included into unmarried-piece seats, withinside the Daytona SP3 they're independent. The constant seat and adjustable pedal container structure supposed they might be anchored to the rear trim, consequently additionally assisting to visually lighten the cockpit.The door panel layout additionally facilitates to visually widen the cockpit. Some trimmed regions were introduced to the carbon-fibre panels: leather-based padding at the door panel at shoulder peak strengthens the reference to sports activities prototypes and in addition accentuates the wraparound impact. Lower down, however, the surfaces experience like an extension of the seat itself. The tunnel has a signature blade set underneath the connecting trim among the seats, with its practical factors at its extremities. In its the front segment is the gearshift gate reintroduced to the variety at the SF90 Stradale. Here, however, it's miles raised and feels nearly suspended over the volumes round it. The shape leads to a carbon-fibre important pillar that appears to aid the complete sprint.To supply the Daytona SP3 the maximum exhilarating V12 at the market, Ferrari selected the 812 Competizione's engine as its beginning factor, however relocated it to the mid-rear role to optimise the consumption and exhaust format in addition to fluid-dynamic performance. The end result is that the F140HC engine is the maximum effective inner combustion engine ever constructed through Ferrari and supply a large 840 cv with the everyday exhilarating strength and sound of a Prancing Horse V12.The engine has a 65° vee among its cylinder banks and keeps the 6.5-litre capability of its predecessor, the F140HB, sported through the 812 Competizione from which it inherits its upgrades. All the trends decorate the overall performance of a powertrain that units the brand new benchmark for its class way to its marvelous soundtrack - received thru focused paintings on each the consumption and exhaust traces - and the 7-velocity gearbox, that's now even quicker and extra enjoyable than ever way to the improvement of unique techniques.Maximum revs of 9,500 rpm and a torque curve that rises unexpectedly all of the manner as much as most revs offers occupants the sensation of boundless strength and acceleration. Particular interest changed into lavished on lowering the engine's weight and inertia through adopting titanium con rods, which might be 40% lighter than steel, and the usage of a distinct cloth for the pistons. The new piston pins have a Diamond Like Carbon remedy (DLC), which reduces the coefficient of friction to enhance overall performance and gasoline consumption. The crankshaft has been rebalanced and is now additionally now three% lighter.Valve beginning and last is through manner of sliding finger fans, derived from F1 and evolved with the purpose of lowering mass and availing of extra excessive overall performance valve profiles. The sliding finger fans additionally function DLC coating and their feature is to transmit the movement of the cam (once more with DLC coating) to the valve the usage of a hydraulic tappet because the pivot for its movement.The consumption device has been notably redesigned: the manifold and the plenum at the moment are extra compact to lessen the general period of the tracts and supply strength at excessive revs, at the same time as the torque curve is optimised in any respect engine speeds through a device of variable geometry inlet tracts. The device permits the period of the consumption tract meeting to be constantly varied, adapting it to the engine firing durations to maximize the dynamic rate withinside the cylinder. A committed hydraulic device governs the actuators and is managed through the ECU in a closed loop, adjusting the inlet tracts' period role on the idea of the engine's load.Combined with optimised cam profiles, the variable valve timing device creates an exceptional device of same peak strain peaks required to attain strength at excessive revs with out sacrificing any torque at low and medium revs. The end result is a sense of continuous, fast acceleration, culminating in marvelous strength at most revs.The control techniques for the gas direct injection device (GDI at 350 bar) were in addition evolved: it now incorporates petrol pumps, 4 rails with strain sensors that offer comments to the closed loop strain manipulate device and digital injectors. Calibration of the timing and quantity of gasoline injected at every injection, further to an growth in injection strain, have made it feasible to lessen polluting emissions and particulate formation through 30% (WLTC cycle) in comparison to the 812 Superfast.The ignition device is continuously monitored through the ECU (ION three.1) which has an ion-sensing device that measures ionising currents to govern ignition timing. It additionally has a unmarried and a multi-spark feature for whilst a couple of ignitions of the air-gasoline aggregate are required for smooth, easy strength delivery. The ECU additionally controls combustion withinside the chamber to make certain that the engine is continually operating at top thermodynamic performance conditions, way to a complicated approach that recognises the octane score of the gasoline withinside the tank.A absolutely new variable-displacement oil pump changed into evolved to permit oil strain to be constantly managed proper throughout the engine's complete running variety. A solenoid valve, managed through the engine ECU in a closed loop, is used to govern the pump's displacement in phrases of float and strain, turning in simplest the quantity of oil required to assure the functioning and reliability of the engine at each factor in its functioning. Importantly, to be able to lessen friction and enhance mechanical overall performance, a much less viscous engine oil than withinside the preceding V12 is being used, and the complete oil scavenge line has been made extra permeable to make it extra green.To make certain that Daytona SP3 drivers experience totally at one with their vehicle, its engineering attracts closely at the ergonomics information Maranello has evolved in Formula 1. The reality that the seats are included into the chassis way that the using role is decrease and extra reclined than withinside the different Ferraris withinside the variety. In reality, the placement may be very just like that of a unmarried-seater. This helped lessen weight and maintain the auto's peak to 1142 mm, which in flip reduces drag. The adjustable pedal container way every motive force can discover the maximum cushty role.The Daytona SP3's guidance wheel capabilities the identical Human-Machine Interface (HMI) already visible at the SF90 Stradale, Ferrari Roma, SF90 Spider and 296 GTB, persevering with the Ferrari "palms at the wheel, eyes on the street" philosophy. Touch controls suggest that drivers can manipulate 80% of the Ferrari Daytona SP3's capabilities with out transferring their palms, at the same time as a 16" curved HD display relays right away all using-associated information.Both the Daytona SP3's chassis and bodyshell are made totally from composite substances, a era derived at once from Formula 1 that promises incredible weight and structural rigidity/weight ratio. In order to lessen the auto's weight to an absolute minimum, decrease the centre of gravity and assure compact structure, numerous additives, which includes the seat shape, had been included into the chassis.Aeronautical composites had been used, consisting of T800 carbon-fibre for the bath which changed into hand-laid as much as assure the right quantity of fibre for every region. T1000 carbon-fibre changed into used withinside the doorways and sills, and is crucial to cockpit safety as its traits make it best for facet impacts. Kevlar® changed into extensively utilized for regions which might be maximum situation to effect, way to its resistance traits. Autoclave curing strategies mirrors that of Formula 1, taking vicinity in phases, at 130° C and 150° C, with the additives vacuum-bagged to dispose of any lamination defects.A unique tyre changed into evolved with Pirelli for the Daytona SP3: the brand new P Zero Corsa changed into optimised for each dry and moist overall performance with a selected cognizance on the auto's balance in low grip situations. The new Icona is likewise geared up with the present day model of Ferrari's SSC - 6.1 - which, for the primary time on a mid-rear-engined V12, consists of the FDE (Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer) to growth cornering overall performance. This lateral dynamics manipulate device acts at the brake strain on the callipers to govern the auto's yaw attitude in on-the-restriction using and may be activated in 'Race' and 'CT-Off' modes at the Manettino.The adoption of a mid-rear structure and composite chassis additionally optimised weight distribution among the axles, concentrating the loads across the centre of gravity. These choices, blended with the paintings executed at the engine, supply record-breaking weight/strength ratio and 0-one hundred km/h and 0-2 hundred km/h acceleration figures.The goal with the Daytona SP3 changed into to introduce aerodynamic answers that could make this the Ferrari with the very best stage of passive aero performance ever. This required painstaking interest to element whilst designing the radiating loads for green warmth dissipation. Management of warm air flows changed into consequently essential to defining a format that changed into as included as feasible with the general aerodynamic idea.The growth withinside the F140HC's engine strength output supposed a corresponding growth withinside the thermal strength that needed to be dissipated and consequently an growth withinside the radiating loads for the coolant. To permit for the aerodynamics answers required for the the front stop supposed concentrating improvement on cooling performance first and foremost. Thus unique paintings went into the layout of the fan housing, the hole at the underbody to evacuate warm air and the consumption duct which had been all optimised to keep away from having to growth the dimensions of the the front radiators.Considerable studies went into the layout of the flanks which benefitted from the format of the radiating loads for gearbox and engine oil being shifted closer to the centre of the auto. This answer paved the manner for the mixing of facet channels into the doorways, permitting the consumption ducts for the radiators to be moved forwards withinside the chassis. As a end result, the the front wing creates a perfect segment for the consumption ducts and captures clean air this is additionally exceedingly green in phrases of cooling the radiators.The excessive stage of integration of aerodynamic capabilities into the layout is tested through the engine cowl, which capabilities a important spine shape to channel clean air into the engine consumption in addition to offer shops to vent warm air from the engine bay. The engine air consumption is at the bottom of the spine layout to shorten the space to the air clear out out and minimise losses. The longitudinal slots that separate the spine segment from the unmarried-piece rear bodywork expend engine warmth and seize clean air way to their interplay with the vents placed among the blades at the rear bumper.The format followed for thermal control created regions that the aerodynamics group ought to consequently take advantage of to maximize average performance. This changed into completed through focussing on perfecting the mixing among volumes and surfaces and through the creation of latest principles for the underbody that feature in in synergy with the higher frame while not having to inn to energetic aero answers.The the front of the Daytona SP3 is a strikingly harmonious melding of shape and feature. Either facet of the important radiator grille are intakes to the brakes ducts and to the channels that vent thru the shops both facet of the bonnet to create a blown duct that contributes to the front downforce generation. Below the headlights are aero flicks which growth downforce. The vertically stacked winglets within the corners of the bumper manual the airflow into the wheelarch, developing an inwash that reduces drag through realigning the float alongside the flanks and includes the turbulence generated through the wheel wake.The blown geometry of the the front bumpers isn't the simplest detail that manages the float over the flanks to lessen drag. The spoke profiles of the wheels additionally contribute, as does the vertical layout of the flank itself. The former growth the extraction of air from the wheel nicely and realign the wake with the float alongside the flanks. The adequate floor region of the latter acts as a barge board to maintain the the front wheel wake near the floor and decrease the transverse length of the wake and consequently drag. The barge board layout additionally hides a proper aero channel from the the front wheel nicely that vents in advance of the rear wheel. This answer facilitates extract extra ground overall performance to the advantage of each downforce and drag.The trends at the underbody had been designed to enhance the complete ground overall performance, with the creation of a sequence of gadgets committed to producing localised vorticity. Importantly, reducing the peak of the underbody supposed transferring the height suction toward the street floor, boosting the performance of the gadgets that take advantage of floor impact. Two pairs of curved profiles in advance of the the front wheels take advantage of their relative attitude to the air float to generate effective but strong vortices which engage with the underbody and the the front wheels to increase downforce and decrease drag.Other vortex turbines had been optimised and placed to be able to certainly seal the the front underbody. The outer vortex generator is established proper on the threshold of the chassis at the internal wheelarch aperture and has the identical impact as a Formula 1 barge board: the vorticity created shields the underbody from the impact of the wake of the the front wheel, thereby lowering interference with the extra green float created through the important segment of the ground.The maximum essential improvement region for downforce changed into the rear spoiler. To efficaciously stability the front and rear downforce the engineers completely exploited the possibility created through the repositioned engine air consumption and the brand new rear taillight layout. These answers supposed that the spoiler might be prolonged to occupy the complete width of the auto. Its floor changed into now no longer simplest improved in width, however the lip changed into additionally lengthened closer to the rear which helped growth the downforce with out penalising drag.The maximum progressive answer, as nicely a defining feature of the auto, may be discovered on the rear of the underbody: ground chimneys are related to 2 included louvres withinside the rear wings through vertical ducts. The herbal suction created through the curvature of the wings maximises air float thru the ducts and creates a fluid-dynamic connection among flows over the underbody and the higher bodywork. This function brings 3 direct advantages: firstly, it reduces the blockage of the underbody through growing the float below the the front underbody, growing downforce and transferring the aero stability forwards to enhance flip-in. Secondly, the growth in neighborhood acceleration of the float created through the geometry of the intakes at the ground generates a completely sturdy suction which improves rear downforce. Lastly, the rear spoiler additionally advantages from the extra float coming from the louvres at the rear wing.The very last region of improvement changed into to growth the diffuser's enlargement extent, each withinside the vertical and horizontal aircraft, way to putting in the exhaust pipes in a excessive, important role. The area that changed into freed up centrally ought to consequently be committed to an answer just like a double diffuser. The diffuser in reality lets in the enlargement of the float on wonderful ranges and offers a sturdy connotation to the rear, developing a bridge form that appears to flow withinside the tail's extent. The idea exploits the excessive electricity from the important region of the float to effectively channel the air each outside and inside of the important 'bridge' shape. This way the float that passes out of doors the important channel energises the only inside, boosting the performance of the diffuser as a whole.The Ferrari Daytona SP3 has a wraparound windscreen wherein the glass extends all of the manner to the begin of the detachable difficult pinnacle. A nolder is included into its higher seal to appropriately direct the float over the header rail whilst using with out the difficult pinnacle. The center of the roll hoop region dips to comply with the form of the rear bodywork buttresses and the engine cowl and consequently minimises the opportunity of the wake deflected closer to the rear header rail tumbling lower back into the region among the seats. The airflow on the rear of the facet home windows is channelled through the rear trim at the back of the headrests closer to a centrally recessed slot blanketed through the windstop in order that it's miles vented out of doors the cockpit.The Ferrari Icona collection changed into released in 2018 with the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, which had been stimulated through the opposition barchettas of the Nineteen Fifties that helped earn the marque its mythical repute in motorsport with a string of prestigious victories. The Icona collection celebrates Ferrari records through reinterpreting the undying styling of the marque's maximum iconic automobiles to notably current impact the usage of the maximum progressive substances and technology to be had nowadays.The concept of taking thought from a selected time in records, which lies on the center of the Icona idea, is going a lot in addition than simply reusing styling cues from the beyond. Rather the purpose is to distil the very essence of an generation and the usage of it as a spring board to create new principles that themselves are particular sufficient to come to be icons for destiny generations. The Icona automobiles all boast distinctive answers now no longer visible withinside the relaxation of the variety and are aimed entirely at Ferrari's pinnacle customers and collectors, proud ambassadors for the Prancing Horse marque.Ferrari's remarkable excellent requirements and growing cognizance on purchaser carrier underpin the prolonged seven-yr upkeep programme presented with the Daytona SP3. Available throughout the complete variety, the latter covers all everyday upkeep for the primary seven years of the auto's life. This scheduled upkeep programme for Ferraris is an distinctive carrier that lets in customers the knowledge that their vehicle is being saved at top overall performance and protection over the years. This very unique carrier is likewise to be had to proprietors of pre-owned Ferraris.The major benefits of the Genuine Maintenance programme are everyday scheduled upkeep (at durations of both 20,000 km or as soon as a yr with out a mileage restrictions), unique spares and meticulous tests through workforce skilled at once on the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello the usage of the maximum current diagnostic tools. The carrier is to be had on all markets international and from all Dealerships at the Official Dealership Network.The Genuine Maintenance programme in addition extends the extensive variety of after-income offerings presented through Ferrari to fulfill the desires of customers wishing to maintain the overall performance and excellence which might be the signatures of all automobiles constructed in Maranello.



Type: V12 - 65° Total displacement: 6496 cc Bore and stroke: ninety four mm x seventy eight mm Max. strength output: 618 kW (840 cv) @ 9250 rpm Max. torque: 697 Nm @ 7250 rpm Max. revs: 9500 rpm Compression ratio: 13.6:1 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Length: 4686 mm Width: 2050 mm Height: 1142 mm Wheelbase: 2651 mm Front track: 1692 mm Rear track: 1631 mm Dry weight: 1485 kg Dry weight/strength ratio: 1.seventy seven kg/cv Weight distribution: 44% the front / 56% rear Fuel tank: 86 litres TYRES AND WHEELS Front: 265/30 ZR 20 J9.0 Rear: 345/30 ZR 21 J12.5 BRAKES Front: 398 x 223 x 36 mm Rear: 380 x 253 x 34 mm TRANSMISSION AND GEARBOX F1 dual-snatch gearbox, seven velocity ELECTRONIC VEHICLE CONTROLS ESC; excessive overall performance ABS e/EBD; F1-Trac; e-Diff three.0; SCM-Frs; SSC (Side Slip Control) 6.1 PERFORMANCE Top velocity: >340 km/h 0-one hundred km/h: 2.eighty five s 0-2 hundred km/h: 7.four s