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Morgan Super 3 (2023)

The Morgan Motor Company unveiled Super three, one of the maximum interesting and different motors the agency has ever constructed. Super three has been designed from the floor as much as provide new stages of man or woman, thrill and journey, concepts which have described Morgan's 3-wheeled product for the reason that agency became based 113 years ago.At the very coronary heart of Morgan Super three's character is its using man or woman. Primarily, a 3-wheeled Morgan is a automobile that entices you to get in the back of the wheel, imparting a completely unique mixture of mechanical experience, connection to the surroundings and visible differentiation from some thing else at the street. Few motors will have interaction their occupants like Super three, which inspires proprietors to experience gift withinside the craft of motoring and entices them to embark on excellent adventures. As the agency's maximum configurable version so far, Super three gives an intensive listing of alternatives and add-ons that permit proprietors to tailor their personal enjoy. From journey traveling add-ons to race-stimulated liveries, Super three adopts a couple of personalities to mirror the uniqueness of its owner. Three expressions of those personalities may be visible at the release motors. Like each Morgan, Super three can be constructed in Malvern, Worcestershire, on the agency's Pickersleigh Road factory. Skilled craftsmen and girls were handcrafting automobiles in those hallowed pink brick homes due to the fact 1914, simply 5 years after HFS Morgan invented the primary Morgan, regarded as 'The Runabout'.Design With Super three, Morgan introduces a brand new layout philosophy. In contrast with the outgoing three Wheeler, which became created withinside the fashion of the Twenties V-dual-engined 3-wheelers, Super three's designers and engineers have drawn affects from the mid to past due century.

The jet age became an technology wherein there has been a logical courting among characteristic and shape, because the horizons of creativeness had been broadened. Aerodynamic and mechanical necessities have closely inspired the shape and proportions of Super three. This is maximum high-quality withinside the forged aluminium systems that offer the face of the automobile, brace the engine and manipulate the nook applications, at the same time as additionally directing air into the aspect-installed cooling packs. Two square 'diffuser plates' - called 'sideblades' - intelligently manipulate cooling necessities at the same time as additionally supplying a platform for panniers, bags racks and liveries. Super three is Morgan's first clean-sheet layout for the reason that release of the Aero eight in 2000 and the agency's largest visible departure for the reason that 1962 Plus four Plus. Super three demanding situations the standard perceptions of Morgan layout but stays authentic to the agency's underlying concepts and historical past. The precise positioning of the engine - now automobile-derived and installed in-board - inside Super three is of essential importance. Chosen in element because of its compact nature, the inline 3-cylinder block sits exactly in the back of the the front axle line, turning in top of the line weight distribution and acceptable percentage. The latter is a key precept for Morgan's designers, who decide it essential that the frame of the automobile is visually towed through its the front wheels instead of sat on pinnacle of them. Super three has a routinely difficult the front quit and reveals linear geometry, that is deliberately contrasted towards the trailing aerodynamic passenger compartment. Honesty of layout is one in all Morgan's key concepts, and Super three embodies this anywhere you appearance. Every function - irrespective of how superficial it is able to appear - has an underlying mechanical purpose: the automobile celebrates the wedding of layout and engineering. Examples of this are outstanding in the course of Super three. Features including the metal impressions withinside the footwell aspect panels, which stiffen the floor however are uncovered as a layout function. Everything is honest, with reason. Face Morgan Super three's face portrays acquainted headlights and a horseshoe the front grille, each recognisable factors of Morgan layout. Mounted at the headlight pods are small, machined aluminium turrets. These turrets residence the signs and function lights, pleasurable huge field-of-imaginative and prescient necessities and ensuing withinside the headlights themselves sitting decrease and turning in a low-slung, useful aesthetic. The engine is living below the nostril cone, that is located intentionally to supply each top of the line weight distribution and acceptable percentage. This visible mass sits immediately in the back of the centre line of the the front wheels and is a precept percentage of Super three. Beneath the cowl, the engine is seen thru a mesh with its shifting mechanical additives clean to see. Bracing the engine are structural aluminium castings completed in silver or black. These castings aid the engine and nook applications at the same time as additionally ducting air into the cooling packs. The mechanical necessities of those castings have brought the man or woman of Super three's face and feature grow to be a essential layout detail. All of the factors of Morgan Super three's wishbones, pull-rod suspension and headlight shape were fashioned to help airflow to the radiators in the back of them, and the mechanical complexity is harking back to that of early-century 3-wheeled Morgans. The headlight stalks themselves are structural, performing as an extra brace among the higher and decrease wishbone pick-up factors, at the same time as persevering with to mirror the automobile's trihedral theme. As nicely as presenting an aerodynamic advantage, the pull-rod suspension brings dynamic advantages through decreasing unsprung weight. In parallel with the form of the the front casting, it helps a loose go with the drift of air toward the aspect-installed radiator packs. Visually, the setup reduces muddle and is but some other instance of shape and characteristic being one and the identical. The engine mount approach is precise to Super three. Specifically, the Hartland Strut - named after the Morgan engineer that designed it - is the most mount and crucial to the face of the automobile, at the same time as coping with the torque response of the engine. The the front wheel layout is through Morgan. The wheels' tremendous offset permits for the longest feasible suspension wishbones, with the brakes installed a ways out. This maximises experience nice, dealing with and stability. The internal face of the wheel arches is closed-off, which matches aerodynamically each to lessen wind noise and to assist the go with the drift of cooling air to the radiators in the back of them. To preserve Super three searching proportionally correct, an all-new tyre has been evolved with Avon (see using dynamics, underneath). Sideblades (diffuser plates) One project confronted at some point of the introduction of Morgan Super three became the choice to preserve a small footprint at the same time as additionally enhancing at the turning circle of the outgoing version. Sculpted castings cautiously flank the engine, with square radiators sitting outboard of those castings, and this restricted the gap to be had for the the front wheels. To conquer this project, the radiators were encapsulated in the back of extraordinarily skinny and flat panels. On a jet plane, those panels might be called 'diffuser plates'; on Super three, those 'diffuser plates' are called the 'sideblades'. The sideblades effectively manipulate inbound and exhaustive airflow thru the radiators. Coincidently, this aesthetic displays an extended-status Morgan layout trait of a crucial frame flanked through separate wing paperwork. The sideblades additionally permit severa bags mounting alternatives way to a few uniquely designed familiar fixings, additionally called 'accent rails'. Owners can pick from various panniers and exo racks which can be well constant and secured to the sideblades. The remarks and enjoy of current three Wheeler proprietors has been instrumental in figuring out Super three's journey and traveling credentials. During a decade of Morgan three Wheeler manufacturing, proprietors have taken their motors on street journeys and adventures across the global. These adventures, mixed with journey bike traveling and overland automobile layout, supplied concept to Super three's designers in the course of the mission. Sideblades may be painted to in shape the primary frame shade or completed in a contrasting shade, and that they offer a canvas for the software of decals and livery packs. Tail While the the front quit embodies mechanical honesty, the tail contrasts this with elegant, streamlined simplicity. An uncovered rib paperwork a beltline across the vertical midpoint of the automobile.This function is a nod to standard seam becoming a member of strategies deployed on mid-century plane fuselages, and it's miles regularly obvious in 'stomach tank' racers and early jets. Beneath it lies a completely unique cut-off tailpipe layout, a function that might commonly be not possible however which meets rules because of its positioning inbound of this beltline.

A casting on the rear apex of Super three mirrors the feel and useful prowess of the the front castings. Primarily, the rear casting clamps the 2 aspects of the monocoque shape together. However, it additionally homes the fog and opposite lights, affords a base for the range plate mount and obscures the all-crucial stress remedy venting for the rear wheel nicely. Furthermore, the rear casting integrates a hinge for the rear boot lid and non-compulsory bags rack, and it permits this accent to be lifted independently or in unison with the boot. Underneath the rear clamshell boot is an enclosure sculpted to offer most bags capacity. Interior The indoors of Morgan Super three has - necessarily, given its journey credentials - been designed for resilience. Rated at an permitted ingress safety stage of IP64, any a part of the indoors is absolutely dust-tight and guarded towards water splashing from any direction, even right all the way down to the included USB sockets. The minimalist dashboard capabilities Morgan's conventional centre-installed dials, however for the primary time in a Morgan they're completely digital.Their surrounds - to be had in each anodised black or silver finishes - are shaped from metal, much like any touchpoint withinside the cabin, and are bloodless to the touch, giving a cloth authenticity.The engine begin/prevent button, stimulated through the 'missile launch' button on navy plane, is carried over from the outgoing version. A desire of seat substances consists of vinyl, water resistant leather-based, saddle leather-based with more desirable sturdiness and a technical cloth that mixes a excessive stage of water resistance, UV resistance and simplicity of upkeep and which gives an attractive opportunity to leather-based. Available for the primary time is a footwell heater, making Super three even extra appropriate for journey, at the same time as consolation is in addition more desirable through a attain- and rake-adjustable steerage wheel and a brief-launch adjustable pedal field.A familiar solving - similar to those installed to the automobile sideblades - is installed below the dashboard and permits for a cup holder or Quad Lock telecellsmartphone mount to be geared up.Bungee cords may be suited for the chassis impressions withinside the outer cockpit to offer a brief garage answer for coats, maps and small baggage, at the same time as a discreet lockable underseat compartment permits extra treasured objects to be stored. Jonathan Wells, Head of Design, Morgan Motor Company, said: "Morgan three Wheeler proprietors are man or woman, take pleasure in doing matters of their personal way, and actively are searching for journey. With Super three, we aimed to magnify those features thru layout. Super three stands proud as some thing different.

It seems toward our past, is applicable withinside the gift, and reinstates a organization imaginative and prescient of Morgan's layout destiny. It felt herbal to derive affects for Super three from the succeeding a long time its Twenties stimulated predecessor became paying homage to. During the 'jet age', the stability of shape vs characteristic became equalised. It became inside those a long time that the maximum aerodynamic paperwork had been, now no longer most effective required, however additionally admired. Morgan gives a completely unique concord of layout, engineering and craft in all of its merchandise, and that is particularly obvious inside Super three. No aspect is superfluous. Every element has a characteristic and - in maximum cases - has a couple of purpose. This method has supplied substantial monetary advantages and has allowed us to supply an outstanding excessive nice in the course of. Super three offers you a deep mechanical connection to the automobile and your surroundings. It takes the concept of journey and escapism past only a romantic notion, at the same time as supplying a clean canvas for self-expression. Life is not often extra complex after a force in a Super three." Platform Underpinning the Morgan Super three is a bonded aluminium Superformed monocoque platform. Morgan's information with bonded aluminium structures dates lower back extra than a long time, to the begin of Aero eight manufacturing, and became furthered with the CX-Generation platform used withinside the 2020 Plus Four and 2019 Plus Six. Super three's platform evolves that generation in addition nonetheless. For the primary time in Morgan records, the platform is a real monocoque, with harassed outdoors 'A-surfaces' (instead of a unibody layout observed on maximum current manufacturing automobiles, with bolt-on non-structural panels). Not most effective does this make for a lighter and extra inflexible chassis however additionally affords packaging advantages and offers extra indoors occupant area without a intrusion. Its stress now no longer most effective advantages the automobile's dynamic functionality however additionally complements protection, with Super three assembly the identical exacting M1 and Reg. 12 frontal effect requirements as Morgan's Plus Four and Plus Six four-wheeled automobiles. Super three keeps Morgan's long-status use of Superform generation. The heating of aluminium to a superplastic nation earlier than vacuum forming it permits for difficult outdoors shapes to be created with a decrease cloth pressure than pressing. While Superformed outdoors panels are a confirmed generation in automobile manufacturing, that is the primary time the method has been used to supply a structural automobile platform. Further showing Morgan's use of progressive creation strategies is the uncovered structural the front casting. As nicely as presenting the stress of the automobile and mounting factors for the suspension at the same time as acting a essential protection characteristic, it additionally includes the appealing end required of an A-floor. As a show of the automobile's mechanical honesty, it affords a hyperlink to motorcycles, which use uncovered castings of their frames. Drivetrain In 1933, Morgan delivered the F-Type 3-wheeler, which made the transfer from V-dual energy to a traditional Ford engine, housed below a bonnet. Almost a century later, Ford has once more been selected to deliver the engine, especially its progressive 1.five-litre clearly aspirated 3-cylinder petrol engine. Powerful, green and characterful, it affords a mixture of attributes which make it ideally suited to its software withinside the Morgan Super three. Extensive improvement has long gone into tuning the engine's acoustic content material and improving its herbal and different 3-cylinder man or woman. It is quite compact and has allowed Super three's layout to stay authentic to shape with out compromising passenger area. The engine is coupled to 5-velocity Mazda gearbox, as observed in MX-five and used withinside the outgoing Morgan three Wheeler. Unlike the preceding version, however, no compensator is needed withinside the driveline, consequently minimising complexity and weight. The bevel field has been re-engineered the usage of a custom teeth profile, and it drives thru a carbon fibre-strengthened force belt. The powertrain meets bike Euro 5a, that is in keeping with automobiles, and could meet Euro 5b which incorporates OBD necessities. Driving dynamics Core to any Morgan product is using enjoyment, and way to extra than a century of enjoy, the agency has grow to be a worldwide chief withinside the dynamic behaviour of 3-wheeled motors. Super three isn't anyt any exception. It is essentially stable - carried out thru a willpower to preserving the automobile's mass inside its touch triangle - and feels planted however with an assertive turn-in experience. Pull-rod suspension is prime to this, bringing mass inboard and decreasing unsprung mass at the same time as assisting airflow to the radiators. Morgan has labored in partnership with Avon to increase its personal 20-inch diameter tyre for Super three. Reviving the long-lasting Speedmaster call, the tyre is primarily based totally at the appearance of a historical past bike tyre with 'ballooned' sidewalls however has been engineered especially for Morgan and is in the direction of a automobile tyre in its layout. To make certain final overall performance, the compound and casing layout were thru a couple of iterations of satisfactory tuning. The rear tyre on a 3-wheeler performs a essential position withinside the dealing with and dynamic capabilities. The agency has passed through a rigorous checking out programme to decide the precise tyre desire for the rear of Super three. After substantial real-global checking out and simulation, an Avon all-season tyre became decided on to offer top of the line slip angle. The rear tyre on a 3-wheeler is regularly subjected to the dirtiest, wettest a part of the street, and because the using tyre it need to preserve suitable touch and grip. Extensive improvement has additionally taken area to song the texture of the controls. For instance, the seize is intentionally nicely weighted with a quick travel, to mirror the quick throw of the gearbox. Particular interest has been paid to the pedal spacing, permitting clean heal-and-toe gearchanges and maintaining a playful experience. While mechanical connection became essential, refinement has been more desirable way to a mixture of the stress of the bonded chassis and significant drivetrain improvement. A new bevel field with custom teeth profiles (see drivetrain, above) reduces extra noise, and has been cautiously tuned to make certain it keeps a straight-cut, race-automobile experience however with out an overbearing mechanical noise. Durability The Super three marks Morgan's maximum complete automobile improvement programme but. The agency has hired a brand new stage of competence in CAE (computer-aided engineering) and structural sturdiness simulations. Its engineering practices are in keeping with many OEM whole-automobile programmes and a ways exceed bike requirements. In checking out, Super three has outperformed its targets. Several validation prototype motors were operational at severa proving grounds, present process chronic sturdiness programmes comprising Belgian pavĂ©, torsional ramps and non-stop complete-bore acceleration and braking tests. Further take a look at motors have passed through 'real-global' mileage accumulation in all conditions, exceeding the parameters of any checking out programme operated through the agency so far and making an allowance for significant perception into the lifestyles of the automobile. Particular recognition has been paid to Super three's cooling package. Using a temperature-, stress- and load-managed surroundings, simulations have covered the going for walks of the automobile completely encumbered in a number of the most harsh and maximum difficult environments withinside the global, all of which had been carried out with excessive stages of cooling redundancy. Chris Arthur, Chief Engineer, Morgan Motor Company, said:"The Morgan Super three represents a brand new stage of engineering integrity for Morgan. Superform strategies have allowed us to acquire some thing this is generally out of attain for area of interest manufacturers. The monocoque platform is light, stiff, sturdy and resilient and appears good. Throughout the automobile, the nice of end is akin to that of a good deal large manufacturers, and we experience we've got engineered a automobile that offers loads extra cost to Morgan clients. Super three stays authentic to Morgan's roots due to the fact it is a non-widespread creation and each detail has purpose. We have hired strategies which can be suitable and enhance the nice for the purchaser. It is a current tackle making use of your personal manufacturing strategies to stay precise. I am mainly proud to be part of the crew tasked with turning in Super three. While we've got grown in latest years, we continue to be a small but extremely inventive and gifted group. Super three is a testomony to their skill, understanding and difficult paintings." Customisation Super three is the maximum configurable Morgan so far. The agency has curated an intensive listing of extra than 2 hundred alternatives and add-ons, every one permitting proprietors to tailor their Super three. A key mission intention became to layout and homologate all add-ons and alternatives along the improvement of the primary automobile. This now no longer most effective guarantees that the ones alternatives paintings in overall concord with the automobile however additionally gets rid of the want to retrofit extra alternatives as soon as the automobile has been constructed. Feedback from proprietors of preceding 3-wheeled fashions has been instrumental in defining a number of the important thing accent issues. These issues - 3 of which may be witnessed at the motors verified at release - encompass journey traveling, present day layout and traditional motorsport. Morgan has evolved a lot of its personal alternatives and add-ons and labored with numerous key companions to assist curate the alternatives to be had. These mission companions encompass Malle London, Beeline and Quad Lock. Malle London Malle London creates the best British bike bags and journey add-ons. Morgan has labored in partnership with Malle London to increase the Morgan x Malle variety of automobile and apparel add-ons. The Morgan x Malle pannier is crafted from 18oz waxed black canvas and capabilities precise furnishings at the opposite to connect the pannier to the sideblade. The length of the pannier is precise to Morgan and capabilities a couple of cubicles in addition to a rear-installed cup holder. A Morgan x Malle using jacket has been evolved in a partnership among the 2 companies. Available in black or desolate tract sand, an identical knee defend allows to shield the occupant's legs in unfavorable climate conditions. Beeline Navigation Working in partnership with Beeline, Super three capabilities Morgan's first in-automobile navigational answer. Deliberately easy but powerful in its software, Beeline generation is presently hired in numerous bike applications. A bespoke bracket suits onto the column pinnacle to well mount the Beeline tool. The tool itself is water resistant and shockproof, linking to a phone app imparting global insurance through Google mapping. Quad Lock Making use of accent rails located across the automobile and below the dashboard, a stable phone mounting answer has been evolved in partnership with Quad Lock. Using Quad Lock's familiar fixings, a phone mount works along a Quad Lock case this is to be had for all smartphones. Accessory rails In what has been known because the agency's first patent, a completely unique solving has been designed to permit for myriad possibilities to enhance Super three with extra alternatives. Known as 'accent rails', the fixings are to be had in anodised black or silver and may be carried out to sideblades, below the dashboard, at the the front and rear bulkheads, on wind deflectors, at the rear bags rack and at the rear quit of the difficult shell pannier. Accessory rails permit for the addition of objects including smooth panniers (evolved with Malle London), a difficult shell pannier to be had in frame shade or mohair, an exo aspect rack with non-compulsory bungee cords, an inner cup holder, a Quad Lock telecellsmartphone mount, a helmet mount and digital digicam mounting factors. Accessory rails additionally repair directly to the wind deflectors, which can be to be had in sizes and may be interchanged as desired. A tall wind deflector may be geared up for longer traveling, at the same time as low wind deflectors may be optioned in clean or yellow tint. Each accent rail additionally capabilities a thread for mounting a digital digicam, presenting proprietors with a easy technique to seize their adventures on video. Hard shell pannier Aluminium difficult shell panniers may be optioned as a part of a Super three construct specification. The panniers use accent rails to repair directly to the sideblades and may be secured the usage of a safety fastening mechanism. Available in mohair cloth end - or painted to in shape the required frame shade of the automobile - difficult shell panniers offer a nice and aesthetically captivating bags answer. A cloth-coated indoors and weatherproof outdoors make certain that objects are transported in protection. To the rear of the difficult shell pannier there's an accent rail to permit for an externally installed cup holder. Graphics packs As with the preceding Morgan three Wheeler, images packs play a substantial position withinside the customisation of the Morgan Super three. A desire of 5 complete automobile liveries and 7 man or woman decals may be decided on, with the possibility to mix images and practice a custom 'name signal' or countrywide flag. Inspirations from aviation, technical glitch images and historical past markings have stimulated a few of the decals. Owners can choose a name signal for his or her Super three, in order to upload their 'pilot' call and that of their 'co-pilot' in a motorsport-stimulated software simply underneath the cockpit. Should they wish, proprietors also can pick to feature their countrywide flag, in order to be located subsequent to their name signal. Morgan Super three is all approximately amusing and being different. Each of the liveries and decals has been designed to feature in addition character to the automobile, a nice that has resonated with Morgan proprietors in preceding fashions. Luggage racks An exo-skeleton rear bags rack is sculpted to the rear profile of Super three and may be laid out in black or silver. The rack is connected through a difficult solving factor to the aluminium casting on the rear of the automobile and is designed to open and near alongside the identical axis because the boot, negating the want to put off it whilst establishing and final the boot. When down, the rack latches directly to the roll hoops with a easy solving. It additionally capabilities holes and slits to permit for the attachment of garage netting. Side racks are designed withinside the identical fashion because the rear rack and also are to be had in black or silver with various bungee twine colorations to pick from. The aspect racks permit for the short garage of smooth baggage or apparel. Toby Blythe, Head of Marketing, Morgan Motor Company, said:"Options, add-ons and customisation are essential to the ethos of Super three. We diagnosed numerous key issues amongst proprietors of the preceding Morgan three Wheeler and appeared to make bigger on them. Working with a hand-picked choice of mission companions withinside the top rate lifestyle, outside and generation industries, we were capable of provide Super three proprietors an nearly limitless desire of automobile alternatives that may be unique at order factor or at a later date. The idea of top rate software is some thing that capabilities closely in Super three's alternatives: the concept that you could equip objects which can be costly and nice but nonetheless ruggedised and useful. This idea is well known in merchandise including the Malle London x Morgan smooth panniers, and we're extremely joyful to have labored with such like-minded companies. We are assured that Super three will construct on Morgan's excellent historical past of 3-wheeled motors through imparting some thing to our current clients in addition to attractive to folks who are new to the logo. We can not wait to look at as Super three proprietors embark on excellent adventures all around the global." Super three, the call Morgan has an extended records of the usage of the word 'Super' in its product names, courting lower back to Super Sports 3-wheelers of the Nineteen Thirties and extra currently with four-wheeled automobiles including the Aero SuperSports. In any deployment, the time period has represented an more desirable stage of overall performance and refinement and a shifting ahead of generation. Super three is the embodiment of this. A in addition hyperlink is the prominence of the time period 'super' withinside the American lexicon of the Fifties and 1960s, a duration of subculture at some point of which a number of the early concept for Super three became anchored. Super additionally defines a brand new product own circle of relatives for the agency, becoming a member of the 'Plus' variety and placing a brand new layout language for destiny fashions. History HFS Morgan constructed his first 3-wheeler in 1909, withinside the method founding the eponymous Malvern-primarily based totally manufacturer. Three-wheelers might remain produced till 1952, over that point placing myriad statistics in racing and taking over adventures in a number of the maximum excessive components of the global. In 2011, Morgan might revive the 3-wheeler with a model encapsulating the spirit of the early V-dual-engined automobiles. Notable became the advent of a brand new variation in 1932, the F-Type, which featured an enclosed automobile-derived Ford engine in area of the authentic the front-installed V-dual, itself prophetic of a story that became set to copy 9 a long time later. The authentic want for the F-Type became primarily based totally on purchaser remarks, together with purchaser call for for a 3rd tools in addition to opposite. Ordering Morgan Super three is to be had to reserve from Morgan dealerships withinside the UK, Europe, the united states and choose ROW markets at release. Customers withinside the UK and Europe will acquire their motors first, with USA deliveries following later in 2022. Japan, Australia and choose different ROW markets will observe thereafter. Interested clients are advocated to touch their nearest Morgan dealership for statistics on availability of their marketplace. The fee for Super three begins offevolved at £34,958.33 aside from nearby marketplace taxes. In the UK, that is Morgan's largest marketplace, Super three is £41,995 plus on-the-street costs. Pricing is in keeping with the outgoing version, which completed manufacturing in 2021 with a restricted run of P101 unique editions. A new configurator is stay at release, permitting clients to completely tailor their new Super three. Expressions of the automobile offer a place to begin for customers to start configuration. The configurator is powered through gaming generation and offers customers a 360° view of the automobile. Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO, Morgan Motor Company, said:"Following on from the excellent fulfillment of the outgoing Morgan three Wheeler has been no clean task. When we first determined to reintroduce it lower back in 2011, the agency could not have imagined simply how famous and a success the V-dual version might be. The Morgan three Wheeler represents some thing different, some thing precise and some thing to be celebrated. As we release Super three, I am assured that our modern-day 3-wheeled imparting is as applicable as ever. We have evolved this automobile at a time whilst the industry, and the broader global, has been challenged past comprehension. Yet our engineering and layout teams, together with our mission companions, were capable of supply a becoming new bankruptcy to Morgan's 3-wheeled story. The all-new Super three introduces new stages of engineering integrity to Morgan, a brand new experience of journey to the logo and a brand new layout language that suggests our destiny direction." Technical specification Engine: Ford 1.five-litre, inline 3-cylinder Gearbox: Five-velocity manual Maximum energy: 118 bhp (87 kW) at 6500 rpm Maximum torque: a hundred and ten lb ft (one hundred fifty Nm) at 4500 rpm Acceleration 0-62 (0-100kph): 7 seconds (pending very last certification) Top velocity: a hundred thirty mph (209 kph) Fuel economy (mixed): forty mpg (pending very last certification) CO2 emissions: 130g/km Dry weight: 635kg Length: 3581mm Width: 1850mm Height: 1132mm