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Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 2023

With generation derived immediately from Formula 1, the present day technology of the Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC units new requirements for progressive pressure answers each as a Saloon and as an Estate. Following its top-quality withinside the Mercedes-AMG SL43, the AMG 4-cylinder engine, the sector's first collection-manufacturing unit to characteristic an electric powered exhaust fueloline turbocharger, is now additionally getting used withinside the C-Class.The new shape of turbocharging ensures specially spontaneous reaction throughout the complete rev variety and as a result gives a fair extra dynamic riding experience. The turbocharger is operated through the 48-volt electric machine, which additionally feeds the belt-pushed starter-generator (RSG). In the Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC the unit produces three hundred kW (408 hp) and, in positive riding situations, is ready to name upon a quick extra enhance of 10 kW (14 hp) from the RSG. The widespread rear-axle steerage, the AMG Performance 4MATIC everlasting all-wheel pressure with rear-biased torque distribution, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission with moist start-off grab and the AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension with Adaptive Damping System additionally make contributions to the dynamic riding experience.

In maintaining with this, brand-precise capabilities withinside the gadget and appointments in addition to withinside the outdoors and indoors layout emphasise the overall performance-orientated man or woman of the brand new Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC.
"The C-Class has continually been an absolute fulfillment tale for Mercedes-AMG. With the progressive generation of the electrical exhaust fueloline turbocharger, we're all over again appreciably growing the beauty of this present day technology. The new turbocharging machine and the 48-volt on-board electric machine now no longer most effective make contributions to the amazing riding dynamics of the C43 4MATIC, however additionally enhance its performance. In this way, we're demonstrating the top notch capacity that lies in electrified combustion engines. The widespread all-wheel pressure, the lively rear-axle steerage and the quick-transferring transmission all serve to beautify the Driving Performance this is the hallmark of AMG", says Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.At the coronary heart of the brand new Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC is the AMG 4-cylinder engine, which mixes progressive technology and excessive overall performance with exemplary performance. At the equal time, it stays actual to a subculture ordinary of the brand: now no longer most effective changed into it advanced completely on the company's web website online in Affalterbach, however it's also synthetic there according with the precept of "One Man, One Engine". In this process, Mercedes-AMG combines the craftsmanship of its distinctly certified personnel with the present day manufacturing techniques of Industry and a excessive diploma of digitalisation.The internally named M139l engine (l for longitudinal installation) is the sector's first collection-manufacturing engine to be turbocharged with an electric powered exhaust fueloline turbocharger. The progressive machine is a right away by-product of the generation that the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team has been the usage of so efficaciously withinside the most reliable magnificence of motorsport for decades. The new shape of turbocharging ensures specially spontaneous reaction throughout the complete rev variety. This ends in a fair extra dynamic riding experience, even as on the equal time growing performance.An electric powered motor round 4 centimetres skinny is included immediately at the turbocharger shaft among the turbine wheel at the exhaust aspect and the compressor wheel at the consumption aspect. Electronically managed, this drives the shaft of the turbocharger immediately and as a result hastens the compressor wheel, earlier than the exhaust fueloline go with the float takes over the pressure withinside the traditional way.This appreciably improves the reaction immediately from idle pace and throughout the complete rev variety. The combustion engine responds even extra spontaneously to accelerator pedal input, even as the complete riding experience is appreciably extra dynamic. In addition, the electrification of the turbocharger permits better torque at low revs. This additionally will increase agility and optimises acceleration from a standstill. Even whilst the motive force takes his foot off the accelerator or brakes, the generation is capable of keep enhance stress in any respect instances, so making sure a constantly direct reaction.Powered via way of means of the 48-volt on-board electric machine, the electrical exhaust fueloline turbocharger operates at speeds of as much as 175,000 rpm, which permits a completely excessive air go with the float rate. The turbocharger, electric powered motor and energy electronics are linked to the combustion engine's cooling circuit to create an most suitable temperature surroundings in any respect instances.The closed-deck layout of the M139 - followed from the sector of motorsport - guarantees most stress at the side of low weight and lets in top combustion pressures of as much as one hundred sixty bar. The regions across the cylinders are frequently solid, and the duvet plate is penetrated most effective via way of means of smaller ducts for the coolant and engine oil. Other layout highlights of the engine consist of NANOSLIDE generation, with which the linings are covered that allows you to lessen the friction among piston and cylinder. This offers the linings a mirror-like floor for minimum friction, is two times as difficult as traditional gray solid iron liners and consequently makes them an awful lot extra durable. The coating made its debut withinside the AMG V8 engine M156, has been used to refine different AMG engines for decades and also can be determined withinside the Formula 1™ engine of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team.Another amazing characteristic is the 2-level petrol injection. In the primary level, specially rapid and specific piezo injectors supply the gasoline into the combustion chambers at pressures of as much as 2 hundred bar. The 2d level provides consumption manifold duct injection with solenoid valves, which is wanted to gain the engine's excessive precise energy output.The excessive output additionally necessitates a complicated cooling machine which can cool the cylinder head and crankcase to unique temperature levels. This degree makes it feasible to keep a chilly cylinder head for optimum energy with green ignition timing, along side a heat crankcase to lessen inner engine friction. The cylinder head is cooled via way of means of a mechanical excessive-overall performance water pump; the crankcase is cooled via way of means of a 2d, electrically pushed water pump. After a chilly start, this pump stays passive till the engine has warmed up. In operation it's far regulated via way of means of the engine manipulate unit in order that the crankcase is continually cooled consistent with need.In the 4-cylinder in-line engine, progressive generation allows the Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC to gain a rated output of three hundred kW (408 hp) at 6750 rpm.

The most torque of 500 Nm is to be had at 5000 rpm. Depending at the situation, the machine additionally in brief presents an extra enhance of 10 kW (14 hp) thru the belt-pushed starter generator (RSG). The 2d-technology RSG acts as a slight hybrid, supplying this transient energy enhance in addition to features together with gliding and recovery for optimum performance. At the equal time, the 48-volt generation additionally will increase consolation, because the transitions among the start-forestall characteristic and the gliding mode characteristic are nearly imperceptible.The C43 4MATIC Saloon hastens from a standstill to one hundred km/h in only 4.6 seconds, even as the C43 Estate takes most effective barely longer for the equal exercise, at 4.7 seconds. The pinnacle pace is electronically confined at 250 km/h in each models. By including the elective AMG Driver's Package, it may be raised to 265 km/h in every case. The high-quality performance capacity of the progressive rapid generation is found out via way of means of the blended intake figures consistent with WLTP of 9.1-eight.7 l/one hundred km for the Saloon and 9.2-eight.eight l/one hundred km for the Estate.
Power is transmitted through the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission (MCT = Multi-Clutch Transmission), wherein a moist start-off grab replaces the torque converter. It reduces weight and, way to its decrease inertia, optimises reaction to accelerator pedal input, mainly all through spurts and cargo changes. The elaborately calibrated software program guarantees extraordinarily brief shift instances in addition to rapid a couple of downshifts if required. In addition, the intermediate throttle characteristic withinside the "Sport" and "Sport+" riding modes offers a specially emotionally attractive gearshift experience. There is likewise the RACE START characteristic, which guarantees most suitable acceleration from a standstill. The ECO start/forestall characteristic is mechanically activated withinside the "Comfort" pressure software; the "Glide" characteristic may be activated in "Individual".The AMG Performance 4MATIC everlasting all-wheel pressure capabilities an AMG-precise torque distribution among the the front and rear axles of 31 to sixty nine percent. The rear-biased configuration presents for greater dynamic handling, along with better lateral acceleration and advanced traction whilst accelerating.AMG DYNAMICS widespread factor of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT pressure software choice.

The 5 AMG DYNAMIC SELECT pressure programs "Slippery", "Comfort", "Sport", "Sport +" and "Individual" allow a extensive variety of car traits, from snug to dynamic. The wonderful riding modes provide an man or woman riding experience, exactly tailor-made to unique riding conditions. In the "Sport" and "Sport+" programs, the engine's responsiveness, the transmission's transferring behaviour and the suspension and steerage are tuned to be specially agile.The C43 4MATIC additionally capabilities the included "AMG DYNAMICS" riding dynamic manipulate machine as a factor of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT pressure programs. This complements the stabilising features of the Electronic Stability Program ESP® with interventions to feature agility to the steerage traits and further ESP® features. When cornering at pace, for example, quick braking intervention on the internal rear wheel generates a described yawing second across the vertical axis for responsive and specific flip-in.The quantity and effectiveness of those interventions rely on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT software selected, wherein drivers the usage of "Individual" mode can decide the settings for the AMG DYNAMICS levels "Basic", "Advanced" and "Pro" for themselves. The ESP® may be adjusted in 3 stages. "On" is the usual choice that gives excessive safety, tailored to the sporty man or woman of the general car. "Sport", on the alternative hand, lets in better waft angles, even as "Off" lets in the machine to be switched off absolutely for a specially sporty riding fashion on closed-off race tracks.The AMG RIDE CONTROL steel-spring suspension with Adaptive Damping System, that's widespread at the C43 4MATIC, combines decidedly sporty riding dynamics with the long-distance consolation ordinary of the brand. The foundation for that is furnished via way of means of the the front axle, with particularly advanced steerage knuckles and suspension joints at the spring manipulate arm, and via way of means of the rear axle, which additionally capabilities elastokinematics designed for riding dynamics. Complementing this, the Adaptive Damping System constantly adapts the damping at every man or woman wheel to the modern demand - continually contemplating the preselected suspension stage, the riding fashion and the circumstance of the street floor. In addition to an development in trip first-class and consolation, this leads, above all, to an growth in riding safety. There is a desire of 3 unique damping maps ("Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport+"). Three-level AMG parameter steerage and widespread rear-axle steerage The steerage format of the C43 4MATIC contributes to the development in each dynamics and consolation. The 3-level AMG parameter steerage machine, for example, capabilities a variable steerage geometry ratio that adapts to the chosen pressure software. At excessive speeds, the steerage energy help decreases; at low speeds it's far progressively increased. As a result, relatively little steerage attempt is needed at low speeds, in addition to whilst manoeuvring and parking, even as the excellent feasible manipulate over the car is maintained whilst riding quicker. In the "Sport" and "Sport+" suspension settings, the motive force additionally reviews appreciably extra comments approximately the riding circumstance through the steerage wheel.The new Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC brings rear-axle steerage to the excellent-promoting version collection from Affalterbach as widespread. It operates with a most steerage attitude of 2.five degrees. Up to this point, the rear wheels flip withinside the contrary path to the the front wheels at speeds of as much as one hundred km/h (variable relying at the AMG DYNAMICS setting). This ends in a digital shortening of the wheelbase, which in flip outcomes in appreciably extra agile flip-in, much less steerage attempt and advanced manoeuvrability. For example, the turning circle is surprisingly decreased whilst turning or parking. At speeds above one hundred km/h (variable relying at the AMG DYNAMICS setting), on the alternative hand, the rear wheels flip in parallel to the the front wheels - as much as a most of zero.7 degrees. This digital extension of the wheelbase has a high-quality impact on riding stability, ends in a quicker build-up of lateral pressure whilst converting path and as a result to a extra direct response of the car to steerage commands. The reaction of the rear-axle steerage relies upon on the chosen AMG DYNAMIC SELECT pressure software.The AMG sports activities braking machine with silver-painted brake callipers and black "AMG" lettering ensures amazing deceleration values and finest manipulate. On the C43 4MATIC, internally ventilated and perforated brake discs measuring 370 x 36 millimetres with 4-piston constant callipers are geared up on the the front axle, and discs measuring 320 x 24 millimetres with 1-piston floating callipers on the rear. The AMG exhaust machine with its sporty engine sound presents the ideal acoustic background. Depending at the pressure software selected, the noise stage degrees from balanced and discreet to emotionally sporty. The sound traits are managed through an exhaust fueloline flap, relying on engine pace and cargo. For the occupants, the listening delight may be similarly greater via way of means of the addition of the choice AMG Real Performance Sound. The real engine sound is picked up via way of means of a sensor withinside the exhaust machine and fed into the indoors for a specially emotive sound experience.Outside in addition to inside, severa AMG-precise information underscore each the dynamic and the costly man or woman of the C43 4MATIC. In phrases of outdoors layout, those consist of the AMG-precise radiator grille with vertical struts in chrome, the AMG the front apron with flics, sporty air intakes and chrome-plated trim element, the matching aspect sill panels, the diffuser-appearance rear apron and the 2 spherical twin-tailpipe trim factors.

The C43 4MATIC is geared up with AMG light-alloy wheels and 18-inch tyres as widespread, with 19- and 20-inch tyres to be had as alternatives.In the indoors, such capabilities as AMG seats with a unique upholstery format and seat covers in ARTICO man-made leather-based/MICROCUT microfibre in black with pink contrasting sewing and pink seat belts offer a specially sporty touch. Further alternatives consist of leather-based and nappa leather-based seat covers. Added to that is the AMG Performance steerage wheel in nappa leather-based, with flattened backside section, perforated withinside the grip place and with silver-colored aluminium gearshift paddles.The spherical AMG steerage wheel buttons permit rapid and unerring operation of numerous dynamic riding features and of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT pressure programs.The tool panel and the beltlines are upholstered in ARTICO man-made leather-based with pink topstitching. The sporty-costly ecosystem is rounded off via way of means of AMG sports activities pedals, AMG ground mats and illuminated door sill trims with AMG lettering.The MBUX infotainment machine consists of numerous AMG-precise presentations and features. These consist of unique presentations withinside the tool cluster, withinside the portrait-layout multimedia critical show withinside the centre console and withinside the elective head-up show. Added to that is the shortcut button for the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT pressure programs. AMG TRACK PACE, the information logger to be used at the race track, is likewise included. The software program facts extra than eighty car-precise information together with pace, acceleration, steerage attitude and brake pedal actuation ten instances in line with 2d even as the auto is being riding round a race track. In addition, there's a show of lap and region instances in addition to extra education and evaluation tools.